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on January 6, 2017
I am writing this review after using this watch for 5 months of usage. I have number of features of this product and found really worth the money you are spending. Lets begin with what i liked most and in the later half i will go with what I did not like

- Great price
- Great design, highly legible and similar to the G shock aviator watches which cost $200-$300 or more
- Solar watch means no battery to replace
- Perfectly sized for medium or large wrists
- Subjective, but the "Tough Solar Illuminator" printed on the bezel cheapens the look of the watch significantly. This is easily fixed by carefully sanding it off using a fine grit sanding sponge available from Home Depot or Lowes. The words come off fairly easily and without leaving any noticeable scratching.
- No second hand
- Digital display doesn't have a day/date display option. It offers Hours/Min/Sec, Day/Sec, and Month/Day/Sec. None of these are ideal as it's easy to mix up H/M/S and M/D/S. Ideally it would have Day/Date on the display and a second hand. Also, the seconds bar graph is not very useful. Why not give us 2 more digits so we could see Day/Date/Sec?
- The band is adequate, but feels cheap. Since it uses 16mm lugs in the non standard casio recessed style it is not easily replaced like a watch that uses standard 18/20 mm lugs with more exposed pins.

Overall it's a great watch for the money.
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This is a great travel watch for its ease of having dual time by time zone and awesome when changing between Daylight time and Standard time. I also love that the expected life is about 10 years before needing to change the battery. By then, I would just change the watch. Solar watches by Casio are awesome if you want something that is tough, long lasting, and minimalist on maintenance. I just would not be able to have a watch that I need to recharge like the Apple iwatch or a watch that is less accurate than a quartz movement. The hands and the numbers (12, 9, and 3) also glow in the dark making this quite usable for the outdoors. The stopwatch and countdown timers are a nice bonus.
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on April 21, 2017
After trying many different big faced, multi functional,
microwave size wrist watches, this is the watch for me!
Simple and easy to use. Looks great and is solar powered.
Big hands and numbers. Small lighted digital screen for date, day, stop watch.
Watched an easy youtube video to set the time & date. No problem.
After many searches, this is exactly what I wanted and is way less than the price of a G Shock.
Excellent watch!
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on November 26, 2014
Most of the good things about this watch have already been pointed out. I have no complaints with this watch (except may be alarm duration). I will focus on things that one should notice before buying this watch:
1) No second's hand
2) Alarm duration is just 10 seconds (i want it to be at least 20 or 30 sec), no snooze function (so you may want to make use of 5 alarms here)
3) light is for digital LCD only (so if you want to check time at night set the mode to display time before going to sleep, also because of power saving feature it may take extra 1-2 seconds power up LCD to show time. It may get annoying to press button twice to see time especially if you are sleeping)
4) The buckle of wrist band is made of plastic not metal (may be a concern for few).

I heard few people complaining about analog time not matching with digital time and is off by few minutes. Actually there is a provision to fix that too. Press and hold the "adjust" button for 5-6 seconds (you will see "adj" but keep holding). After this both hands will automatically come to 12 and you can align them using "light" and "search" button. After you are done, press "adjust". Watch will come to proper time again. I hope it will help. All the information is given in manual. If you do not have manual, download once from CASIO's website.
Overall a nice watch.
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on October 24, 2017
Purchased this watch in March of 2016. It worked great and I loved the way it would sync time. Approximately three months ago it started resetting itself to 1/1/2005 and a different time. Each time that I would force it to sync the sync would last a shorter and shorter time. It got to the point that it was resetting daily. I looked online and found that a lot of others were having the same trouble and that Casio had no fix for it. Today it went into the trash. I would highly suggest that you research this watch on other web sites before purchasing.
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on October 1, 2016
 The watch is accurate and stylish and I am fond of the additional electronic features such as the alarms, battery indicator and time zones. The price was decent and worth every penny. The digital display illuminates yellow and the analog hands produce a fluorescent green. The watch beeps whenever a button is depressed and the hands rotate automatically once the time is set. The band adjusts easily and is composed of soft rubber. I highly recommend this wrist watch!
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on April 5, 2017
I wanted a manly looking analog watch whose battery would last a while before having to replace, and this fit my needs perfectly. The cost of this watch also gives you good value for your money. No quite as large as the typical G shock, but hefty looking just the same...
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on November 20, 2015
I really wanted to love this watch! It has a big face that you can see clearly, with easy to see and locate side function buttons. It’s very comfortable, lightweight, and the profile is not so large that it gets hung up on cuffs of shirts. It’s really easy to wear. The solar powering aspect is genius, what a great thing to integrate into a watch - especially one that gets a lot of outdoor use. All at a great price.

Unfortunately, here’s the one big drawback that forced me to return it after wearing it for a day. The light ONLY illuminates a tiny rectangular, digital display in the middle of the watch that shows, in a 3 or 4 point font, the time (or alarm, timer, stopwatch, etc.). Without a magnifying glass, it’s virtually unreadable. Without some external light source, you simply can’t see the hands of the watch in the dark. The hands do glow in the dark for a short time after being exposed to light, but it quickly fades.

More to that, when you use this watch's other functions - stopwatch, timer, alarms, etc., even in daylight, all them are displayed through this tiny digital display, which almost makes it impractical to use for those things. It’s almost comical how small this display is.

Anyway, if you can look past the lighting issue and the small digital display, then this would be a really great watch.
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on August 22, 2017
Great price for a sturdy & capable watch. No battery to replace, the face is a solar cell and the watch goes to sleep if stored in a dark area. Bring it into the light and it recovers immediately. I really like the world time feature, tap the top two buttons and it jumps to the time zone. In other words, a quick pinch of the watch as I exit the plane and I'm on local time and the same on the return trip. Brilliant.

One drawback - the light is only for the digital window, not the whole face. Not a big deal since the hands glow in the dark but it might irritate you if you need or expect the full face to be lit.

I like it so much I replaced it like for like the same day I broke my first one (the break was my fault, given what I unintentionally did to it there's no way I can blame the watch).

Watch the reviews on Youtube and then buy this watch.
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on December 8, 2017
I've had one for several years (since June, 2013), and been very satisfied. I travel for business, and the world time feature means I can easily toggle between East and West coast times. The main time dial is easy to read without my reading glasses. (The little "details" window less so! :-). I've never done anything special to keep it charged, and never had any problems with the battery, except when I left it in a drawer for a couple of months... when I took it out the hands were "parked" at noon/midnight, and when I put it in the sun for a couple of minutes it "woke up" and automatically set itself to the correct local time. Amazing, it had actually mostly shut down, but kept the local time going in the background, so it could reset itself automatically! Very cool.
The weakest part of this watch has been the strap, which started cracking right at the part that "kinks" at the buckle, after about 3 years. During that time I was engaged in a full house restoration, so it also had seen a good share of hard wear. I ordered a replacement strap, which came with new pins, and since then I've made a point of not tightening it too hard, so less tension on the bend at the buckle.
I just saw this watch on a special for $20, so have ordered a replacement, even though my original is still going strong, albeit with numerous "scars" and the lettering all worn off. I'll use the new one for work/travel, and keep the old one for outdoors/weekend/DIY use.
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