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on April 12, 2015
I did a lot of looking around before choosing this watch. This was by far the best deal I found for the quality and features. I've already put it through days of manual labor (digging holes and such) and washed it off making it look like new again. This watch is very tough and will not break with normal use. I like the feature of digital military time as I use this for work. It's very easy to toggle through date, timer, stopwatch and alarms.
The watch is a little bigger than I'm used to but I don't really notice it. The band itself is comfortable on my wrist. The display light feature is very nice; it stays on for two seconds to conserve battery. This is my first solar powered watch so I will be updating this review again.

Update: it's now been over six months since my purchase and I am still very pleased. It still keeps good time. I've worn it everyday, in the shower or swimming and no condensation or fogging of the lens has occurred. If it gets dirty I wash it with soap and water. The band has held up to a lot of abuse and physical labor. No damage shows whatsoever. The lens however now has a couple small marks on it but are hard to see. The battery has remained at full issues there. I have worn it so much that I have a tan line to remind me I'm not wearing it! I STILL strongly recommend.
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on October 24, 2017
Purchased this watch in March of 2016. It worked great and I loved the way it would sync time. Approximately three months ago it started resetting itself to 1/1/2005 and a different time. Each time that I would force it to sync the sync would last a shorter and shorter time. It got to the point that it was resetting daily. I looked online and found that a lot of others were having the same trouble and that Casio had no fix for it. Today it went into the trash. I would highly suggest that you research this watch on other web sites before purchasing.
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on November 26, 2014
Most of the good things about this watch have already been pointed out. I have no complaints with this watch (except may be alarm duration). I will focus on things that one should notice before buying this watch:
1) No second's hand
2) Alarm duration is just 10 seconds (i want it to be at least 20 or 30 sec), no snooze function (so you may want to make use of 5 alarms here)
3) light is for digital LCD only (so if you want to check time at night set the mode to display time before going to sleep, also because of power saving feature it may take extra 1-2 seconds power up LCD to show time. It may get annoying to press button twice to see time especially if you are sleeping)
4) The buckle of wrist band is made of plastic not metal (may be a concern for few).

I heard few people complaining about analog time not matching with digital time and is off by few minutes. Actually there is a provision to fix that too. Press and hold the "adjust" button for 5-6 seconds (you will see "adj" but keep holding). After this both hands will automatically come to 12 and you can align them using "light" and "search" button. After you are done, press "adjust". Watch will come to proper time again. I hope it will help. All the information is given in manual. If you do not have manual, download once from CASIO's website.
Overall a nice watch.
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This is a great travel watch for its ease of having dual time by time zone and awesome when changing between Daylight time and Standard time. I also love that the expected life is about 10 years before needing to change the battery. By then, I would just change the watch. Solar watches by Casio are awesome if you want something that is tough, long lasting, and minimalist on maintenance. I just would not be able to have a watch that I need to recharge like the Apple iwatch or a watch that is less accurate than a quartz movement. The hands and the numbers (12, 9, and 3) also glow in the dark making this quite usable for the outdoors. The stopwatch and countdown timers are a nice bonus.
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on November 27, 2017
That solar battery is great. The instructions make a big deal about long sleeves, but that's all I wear at work, and the thing has remained on high charge the whole time I've had it (month and a half). We'll see how well it keeps up through repeated charges, but so far time keeping has been very reliable.
The main flaw is the resin band and case. Granted, I'm a Do-It-Yourselfer when not at work and that may account for the fact that the lettering on the case has begun to fade out from top to bottom. "Tough Solar" is totally gone, "Adjust" and "Light" are on the way, and like that. Then there are patches on the case and the band that have turned into what appears to be a gray/white powder which doesn't just wash off. I've mean meaning to use a vinyl cleaner on it but am afraid I'll rub off all the remaining tabs before I learn which is which.
Could I have asked for more for the price?
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on April 16, 2015
I have had this watch for more than a month, now. I did not find the watch difficult to set the time, or to use any of the other features. I read the manual one time for how to set the time initially, and the rest of the features I figured out intuitively.

I find the watch to fit me very comfortably. I do not have large wrists. There are 11 sizing holes on the wristband, and I wear it on the 5th smallest one. I am 6'0" and about 190lbs. The plastic band does not get hot or cold like a metal band does. I probably tend to sweat under the plastic band more than I would a metal band, but it is also much lighter.

I find the backlight to be more than adequate in low/no light situations. When the hands have been in the light, they glow brightly.

As I received my watch, it has read HI for the battery life. I wear it all day at work, usually with long-sleeved dress shirts. Sometimes my sleeve covers the watch, sometimes it doesn't. Point is: it rarely sits in direct light, but gets light intermittently most of the day. Then it sits in the dark overnight. The battery still has always read HI every time I check.

I find the watch to have a rugged appearance. Looks like something you would expect to see in the military. Personally, I like the look a lot.

It's a fairly big watch. The screen/lens is at least 50% bigger than an American $0.25 quarter.

I can't speak to how durable it is, really. What I can say, however, is that I have smacked my wrist quite hard into filing cabinets or other large metal objects. When these times have happened, I thought to myself, "Uh oh, I bet I just cracked the screen or the bezel." Each time so far, the watch has endured flawlessly. As I inspect the watch closely, I can see very minor scuff marks. From a glance, you would never see them. I had to look with the intent of finding scratches to see mine.

Overall, for ~$35 or so, I highly recommend this watch.
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on April 5, 2017
I wanted a manly looking analog watch whose battery would last a while before having to replace, and this fit my needs perfectly. The cost of this watch also gives you good value for your money. No quite as large as the typical G shock, but hefty looking just the same...
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on September 7, 2017
I kept the watch near a light source for a few days while I read the instructions. When I finally attempted to set the watch there was no power and the digital display was blank. I am sending it back through the convenient return process. Maybe the watch was broken before being sent or maybe it was loaded next to a crate of magnets during the shipping. Either way, it was a dud when I got the watch. I am giving two stars because the return process seems well thought out. .
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on May 25, 2018
I needed a watch I could wear ANYWHERE and know it wouldn't die if it got wet. Not only am I really tough on watches, but I tend to get them wet forgetting it's there when I jump into the waves at the beach, jump into the pools at waterfalls (TONS near me!), or when I just do yard work.
This watch is said to be "Water-resistant to 100 'm'/330 'ft'. Ok, this would be a good one right?? NOPE!!! While the website says it's safe to get wet, ALL of the paperwork found with the watch says in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that even getting the watch exposed to 'normal' levels of SWEAT might cause it to stop working! WTF?? I bought it believing I could at least WASH MY HANDS while wearing it!

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Top Contributor: Watcheson September 14, 2015
I would give it 3.5 stars if I could. It is nowhere near a G Shock in terms of build quality. While the strap is wide, it is not very thick. The buckle is plastic. I highly doubt the band will last very long; daily wear will bend it to the point of cracking in a short time. For some reason the past three Casio watches I have purchased recently also have these thin, flimsy straps.

In terms of function, it seems to perform as advertised. Setting it was not too difficult. I really wish it had a second hand though. As for the solar charging function, I think it is charged as I left it facing direct sunlight for several hours. The little power level gauge window doesn't stay fixed on any particular level; it moves from empty to full/empty to full/empty to full...I wish it would stay in one spot so I could tell if the battery is fully charged or not without having to access another function.

The face seems plastic to me, not "mineral" as advertised. Luckily it is recessed, so I hope it won't scratch too easily.

My feeling about this watch is that it will probably last a few months before the band cracks/breaks, so I doubt I will ever know how long the solar charged function will truly last.

If Casio decides to make a G Shock version of this watch with a better band, better materials and a second hand I would give it a five star rating.
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