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on July 9, 2015
I really like this watch. It's light-weight, comfortable to wear, and rather easy to setup. I noticed that one customer didn't like the blue face and thought it would be black. But I love the blue face. I have many watches with black faces and this one is a pleasant departure from those. My only complaint is that the Alarm and Hourly Chime don't work, OR the volume is so low that I can't hear it. Either way, it's useless in that regard. Digital watches hit the scene 30-40 years ago and when they beeped EVERYONE heard them! But today's watches just do not beep loud enough to be of any value.

I also can't figure out the Stop Watch feature. It has Split and Lap and I started it, stopped it, but don't know how to Reset it. I should read the instructions I guess.

I own 35 watches (most need a new battery) and this one is a favorite. I would recommend it to anyone.
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on January 6, 2017
I am writing this review after using this watch for 5 months of usage. I have number of features of this product and found really worth the money you are spending. Lets begin with what i liked most and in the later half i will go with what I did not like

- Great price
- Great design, highly legible and similar to the G shock aviator watches which cost $200-$300 or more
- Solar watch means no battery to replace
- Perfectly sized for medium or large wrists
- Subjective, but the "Tough Solar Illuminator" printed on the bezel cheapens the look of the watch significantly. This is easily fixed by carefully sanding it off using a fine grit sanding sponge available from Home Depot or Lowes. The words come off fairly easily and without leaving any noticeable scratching.
- No second hand
- Digital display doesn't have a day/date display option. It offers Hours/Min/Sec, Day/Sec, and Month/Day/Sec. None of these are ideal as it's easy to mix up H/M/S and M/D/S. Ideally it would have Day/Date on the display and a second hand. Also, the seconds bar graph is not very useful. Why not give us 2 more digits so we could see Day/Date/Sec?
- The band is adequate, but feels cheap. Since it uses 16mm lugs in the non standard casio recessed style it is not easily replaced like a watch that uses standard 18/20 mm lugs with more exposed pins.

Overall it's a great watch for the money.
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on December 5, 2016
awesome watch for the value. i really wanted the G-shock atomic solar watch (for SHTF, survival, etc) but when i saw there was a $70 difference between that and this, i quickly realized i could deal with not have atomic timing. I've had it for a few months and it's been keeping perfect time. i received it with a half solar charge so when i wore it out i would make sure to keep it open to the sun and after a week or so it was fully charged. i didn't have any issues with the digital not 100% syncing up with the analog like some have stated, it just adjusted and was done. i honestly don't have any complaints except for maybe i wish the clasp hardware was metal instead of plastic. i can foresee that breaking with hard use or snagging it the right way on something, and then i'll have to be on the hunt for a replacement. but that doesn't merit a knock down in stars. $30 or so for a solar watch is great.
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on September 30, 2013
I've had this watch a few weeks now. Solar battery feature seems to work well, and I have yet to see the battery level drop below "HI." Left it in a dark bedroom for awhile and the digital screen turned off, but it woke up upon a key press. Lots of good functions for a watch that costs so little. Multiple alarms, multiple time zones, stopwatch and timer, several other features. Like someone else mentioned, there is not a crown on this watch. You set the time on the digital screen, then the hands spin to where they should be. My only complaint: the face scratches easily. It is sunken in, which should protect it from some scratches, but mine already has several. Overall, though, I am pleased. I love the look of the watch and I would buy it again.
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on March 17, 2015
I purchased this watch on January 9, 2014. For months it seemed to work fine, other than failing to properly adjust the time for daylight savings time, but on today's date it began to show evidence of a water leak. The face of the watch had a thin film of vapor on the inside of the crystal and I know once a watch begins to show signs of moisture behind the face it is only a matter of time until it stop working completely. I called Casio to see about getting a replacement.

Casio said the warranty was for only 1-year and it had now been 14 months, so they would not repair the watch under warranty. I took very good care of this watch, as I care for all of my belongings. The watch was a diving watch, but I never used it for diving. Other than an occasional trip into the shower, the watch hardly ever saw water. I explained this to the rep, but she did not care. She told me I could pay postage to send it to one of their repair locations and they would estimate the cost of repair. Since the watch only cost $30 to begin with, I saw no point in that and I told her I'd toss the watch in the garbage and write a negative review on Amazon. She recommended I do just that. Disappointing. Very disappointing that so few manufacturers take any pride in the workmanship and reliability of their product these days.

I would steer clear of this watch and buy something from someone who will stand behind the craftsmanship of their product, unlike Casio.
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on April 12, 2015
I did a lot of looking around before choosing this watch. This was by far the best deal I found for the quality and features. I've already put it through days of manual labor (digging holes and such) and washed it off making it look like new again. This watch is very tough and will not break with normal use. I like the feature of digital military time as I use this for work. It's very easy to toggle through date, timer, stopwatch and alarms.
The watch is a little bigger than I'm used to but I don't really notice it. The band itself is comfortable on my wrist. The display light feature is very nice; it stays on for two seconds to conserve battery. This is my first solar powered watch so I will be updating this review again.

Update: it's now been over six months since my purchase and I am still very pleased. It still keeps good time. I've worn it everyday, in the shower or swimming and no condensation or fogging of the lens has occurred. If it gets dirty I wash it with soap and water. The band has held up to a lot of abuse and physical labor. No damage shows whatsoever. The lens however now has a couple small marks on it but are hard to see. The battery has remained at full issues there. I have worn it so much that I have a tan line to remind me I'm not wearing it! I STILL strongly recommend.
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on November 11, 2015
Have had the watch for 2 months now. It had been working just fine untill the glass started to fog inside from working with water from a hose, not even from jumping in the water. This is a piece of crap watch. Not watertight at all
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on November 26, 2014
Most of the good things about this watch have already been pointed out. I have no complaints with this watch (except may be alarm duration). I will focus on things that one should notice before buying this watch:
1) No second's hand
2) Alarm duration is just 10 seconds (i want it to be at least 20 or 30 sec), no snooze function (so you may want to make use of 5 alarms here)
3) light is for digital LCD only (so if you want to check time at night set the mode to display time before going to sleep, also because of power saving feature it may take extra 1-2 seconds power up LCD to show time. It may get annoying to press button twice to see time especially if you are sleeping)
4) The buckle of wrist band is made of plastic not metal (may be a concern for few).

I heard few people complaining about analog time not matching with digital time and is off by few minutes. Actually there is a provision to fix that too. Press and hold the "adjust" button for 5-6 seconds (you will see "adj" but keep holding). After this both hands will automatically come to 12 and you can align them using "light" and "search" button. After you are done, press "adjust". Watch will come to proper time again. I hope it will help. All the information is given in manual. If you do not have manual, download once from CASIO's website.
Overall a nice watch.
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on December 13, 2016
This is an amazing product for people who love the look of G-Shock watches. This watch is exactly like the G-Shock except it is powered by a small solar panel in the watch. It is just as rugged and hardy as the G-Shocks are.
For people wondering about the battery like I did, don't worry about it. It does not take very long to charge the watch in direct sunlight (about 15 minutes maybe). I have never had to actively charge it though because when I drive my watch faces the sun, and it has been on 'High' battery for months. The battery is very good, and even if you only go out of your house once a week you'll have no problem keeping the watch charged.
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on July 11, 2014
The watch stopped working after two months use. It steamed up while I was on the tennis court. Casio refused to honor the warranty, claiming that "The watch had been opened." Right, like I'm going to buy a miniature jewelers' screwdriver to open the watch two months after buying it, if it was working OK.. Then they wanted $45 to repair & ship it to me. I told them that I'd bought it on Amazon for less than that, and their repair cost made no sense. No satisfaction.
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