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on January 3, 2015
this watched looked very good and sturdy via internet photos. However, when I opened the box and grab the watch, I realize that it is very very light watch. probably lightest watch that I have ever owned. LIGHT IS GOOD, but at the same time, I also realized that the quality of the watch is not up to my standard at all. The watch band was too low quality and felt very cheap. the dial was clean and attractive looking, but the digital screen was was too small and very difficult to see. Also, when I pressed the "light" illumination, it was not the "back light". It was a small orange colored bulb light for the small digital screen which did not even light up well.

I am certain that this watch can last few years and work well enough, however, it just felt too cheap. If they had used better plastic for the bad and made the digital screen bit larger with back light, I would have kept it. But I have decided to return this watch.
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on July 22, 2016
The watch comes with a tiny instruction booklet which is thorough but can be challenging to read/follow during the MULTIPLE steps to setup. May want to look for instructions online on a Webpage if available to set up the watch. The light only Illuminates the small LED screen on mine, I thought it would illuminate the entire face of the watch. The Glow effect on indicators, hour/minute hands and markers don't glow very long. I was disappointed with the watch band. It is a very light material, the buckle? Clasp? Fastener seems very light, non metal, really question durability, it may just be a strong lightweight synthetic material but by feel doesn't seem like it will hold up very well over daily wear and the occasional snags that sometimes happen but then I work around and drive Trucks so reaching in tight storage compartments, under tight spaces, squeezing between pallets, reaching over storage racks etc. so may not be an issue for some. Regarding water resistance, it may or may not, I just need it to perform in Med/Heavy rain so time will tell. I do surf, kayak, hike, occasional river or lake fun but I will not be testing this watch. I don't consider it a rugged enough watch for an avid outdoorsman.
I purchased the watch for the SOLAR Charging feature, I'm on the road from time to time and becomes too difficult in a Tractor-Trailer to get to retailers who will replace batterys.
The watch looks good and keeps time. Personally I'm considering it a temporary watch until I find something I feel confident for long term with the Solar Feature.
Ok. For the Price I would say it is a value for casual daily wear but I really question the Solar SPORT name. I would pass on this if you're looking for G-Shock type wearability.
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on October 15, 2016
I bought this as a gift for my father and he loved it! It is affordable and has a great design that makes it appropriate to use for all occasions. It is also very durable!
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on June 25, 2015
My goal was to find an inexpensive sport watch that was simple, rugged looking and analog. Ages ago I owned the original squarish G-shock and loved it. However, most everything I was able to find in the current G-Shock line was either too big, too expensive or had far too many bells and whistles. Plus I am just not a fan of all digital displays. That's just me.

This watch fits almost all of my criteria. It is made of lightweight resin and hits the sweet spot in size for me. It is nice and large but not bordering on ginormous like many G-Shocks. Despite it's size it is super light and I barely notice it.

Some may find the digital functions limited but I like that because it only includes things I will ACTUALLY use. 5 independent alarms, Stopwatch, 2 countdown timers and World Time is all I will ever need out of a watch.

My only knock on it is that the entire face does not illuminate. The light is only for the small digital display at the bottom. It's not a deal breaker but a fully lit face would have made the watch a 10 out of 10 for me.

All in all this is a great watch for the money and would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive, simple sport watch with a nice rugged analog look.
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on June 2, 2017
The controls have never become intuitive to me but it keeps great time me, stays charged easily and looks good as a wear every day to work watch--whether I'm wearing a suit or jeans and a T-shirt, it sort of fits right in.
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on September 15, 2015
Okay, so I've spent thousands of dollars on over dozens of fancy watches over the years that are a pain in the ass because you have to replace the batteries and adjust the time and dates, mostly because I thought if you want something that looked nice, you gotta pay big bucks for it. I've recently become a salesman, and the first thing they told me about my appearance, is you gotta shave the beard, and you gotta lose the fancy shiny expensive looking watches...because it made me look like I was into it for the money (that's a no-no). One of my coworkers who makes over 100k a year said he bought one of these for $40 at a place that rhymes with moles. It looks sporty and less dressy, and if I insisted on wearing a watch, go for something like this. When I saw this watch at the department store, I thought it looked pretty sweet. I knew nothing about what it did, then read the reviews on Amazon and decided for $30, who gives a crap? If I don't like it I'll send it back.

I've had it for an hour, been tinkering around, and all I can say is WOW.

First thing you need to do when you get this watch is adjust it to your time zone. What's awesome about this, is that it KNOWS what time zone you're in, *IF* you know how to adjust it. PRO TIP: Hold down the adjust button for five seconds and the hands will move by themselves to 12:00. Then hold adjust again for 2 seconds and the watch will AUTOMATICALLY set the digital and analog time (yes, the analog will spin clock or counter-clockwise on its in to match the digital) to your time zone on its own for you. *MIND BLOWN* So anytime I get on a plane and fly, all I have to do is repeat this sequence, not even know what time it is or the zone I'm in, and the watch resets the time for me. KICK FRIGGIN ASS!

Not to mention it has a second time zone so you could know what time it is in Bangladesh (useless for me but cool nonetheless), 5 alarms, a stopwatch, military or standard time, the date, the day of the week, and probably a bunch of other features I'll learn about eventually but will probably never use. Then it's got a light for the digital that you can program for the amount of seconds you want it to light up! SCHA-WING! It's also solar which means I'll never have to pay for a battery because I'm outside in the sun for atleast an hour every day. Waterproof, lightweight, feels durable on my wrist. The glass over the watch feels cheap, but to be honest, who cares it's a work watch. And if the glass happens to break, woe is me, it's going to be another thirty bucks. Boo Hoo.

The manual is a beast and after 20 minutes of reading, I gave up and went to Google, and found my answers. Why rifle through a manual with the internet on your side? When you ask a question just include Casio Module 5208 and many of my questions were answered.

Never thought I'd come upon such a great watch that looks so good while being so cheap, and has so many features, for such a great price tag. 100% satisfied off the bat, everything else is icing on the cake. If you're on the fence, GET THIS WATCH you will NOT regret it!
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on April 25, 2016
I had quit wearing watches for a couple of years because I hated replacing them every couple of years when the battery died. I have replaced batteries a few times but, after that, they always would fail because water would get in afterwards. I had a Lumenox watch and called the manufacturer to order new seal and they wouldn't sell it to me. They said I had to send them my watch and THEY would replace it. That's not going to happen so I quit wearing a watch altogether. Then, I saw this watch for a great price and though I'd take a chance. I really like it. The numbers are big enough and the luminescent parts seem to hold light for quite a while. Time will tell if the solar battery will last but, for now, I'm happy with it. If I had to complain about one thing, it would be that the last two digits of the digital display are "seconds" in every mode. I like to display the day of the week and, I would prefer to see the day of the month with it instead of the seconds. It's not a big deal and, I'm still giving it 5 stars but, that keeps it from being "perfect" in my opinion. I would recommend it to anyone.
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on March 24, 2015
Very pleased with this watch. I have a Casio G shock watch that I've had for many years with no problems and was drawn to this watch by the analog display and low price,as well as previous experience with the brand.Some reviews regarding set-up were of concern to me but others reported no difficulties.I'm sure glad I went ahead and ordered it.I had no problems reading the manual,which is small and followed the directions for set-up in order,which is the key for success.It went relatively smoothly and the only time there was a problem was when I didn't follow the sequence in the manual.Having a number of more expensive watches,I'm surprised that this Casino is currently my favorite.It is accurate,easy to read,very light and comfortable on the wrist.Once set,the calendar does not need to be adjusted for differing days in the months,DST,or year until the year 3000.Solar charged battery,water proof,shock resistant,perpetual calendar with multiple alarms and stop watch as well as other functions;I am very pleased,and the price can't be beat!
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on July 21, 2015
-This watch is tough. I've only had it a week or so, so durability is still up in the air, but this thing looks and feels like it can take a beating, and it already has a few times. I think this watch will last me a while. Speaking of which..
-Solar Power. So this thing runs on solar energy; no batteries, no cranks, just sun. As somebody who never remembers to replace watch batteries, or really any batteries at all, having a watch that never needs a battery is awesome. As long as the parts inside still work, all this watch needs is some exposure to sunlight and its back and kicking. It charged up to full for me from mid within a day or so of wear, and I was outside only a few hours that day; I doubt I'll have to worry about it going out as long as I'm using it. As long as I'm not stuck in a cavern for years or lost in deep space, this watch will keep charging and keep working. That's important to me.
-Digital watch display under the analog display. It's the only part that gets lit up by the 'illuminator' which, despite being rather dissapointing, makes for a nice dim way to read the time.

-The band feels uncomfortable at times, I'm not sure if it's the ridged design or the material, but it never fits on perfectly, and gets uncomfortable to wear after a while.
-I don't know why some watch companies insist on plastering stuff like 'TOUGH SOLAR' and 'ILLUMINATOR' in big bold print, it's like self-advertising that can't be removed. I'm thinking about finding a marker of the same color as the watch and marking over all the words.
-This thing is terrible to program. It's not the most difficult thing, especially if all you want to do is set the time/date, but jeez, the system for the menu is about as far from intuitive as possible. I have to re-remember which button does what each time I reprogram something. At least watching the watch hands spin around after a time change is entertaining. Woo.
-Might as well not use the analog hands for precise time keeping; the digital part is where the magic happens, the analog hands are just controlled by the digital clock, and not perfectly I might add.

Bottom Line: So yeah, there are a lot of little flaws, but hey, this thing won't quit, and it's only like $30 right now. If it breaks down within the next 5 years then it won't be worth it though, this thing's value is in it's lasting power.
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on March 5, 2015
I normally only purchase a watch about once every 20 to 25 years. Therefore I try to select a watch that functions flawlessly and will last almost forever like the pocket watch my grandfather gave me that he bought for use while working for the B & O Railroad back in 1907. It still works perfectly by the way. I am not sure the Casio I bought will have that degree of durability but it definitely functions superbly. Solar powered means never having the deal with replacing a battery. It is programed to automatically know the days in each month through 2050 so I never have to adjust it for days in the month etc. It is water resistant to 100 meters allowing for me to essentially wear it continuously with no regard to my activities. The watch is very light with some sort of composit band that not only looks good and compliments the watch but also fits perfectly even on my small wrist. All in all a great watch for very little cost. Not too complicated but has every feature necessary for a dependable timepiece.
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