Customer Reviews: Casio Men's AQS800WD-1EV Slim Solar Multi-Function Analog-Digital Watch
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on January 10, 2012
Given all its features, this baby is some serious bang for the buck! Key things I searched for prior to purchasing were 1) affordability - I'm pretty rough on watches so I wanted quality without a huge dent in my wallet; 2) solar-powered/rechargeable - my last two watches went the way of the dodo due to dead batteries and the ridiculous cost to change them; 3) multi-alarms; and 4) no tiny wheel nubs to turn that might break off or make setting time, alarms, etc. a pain on the fingertips.

Style-wise I wanted clean and simple-looking; something that reminded me of dad's favorite, yet with a modern cut. Luckily I found this Casio model on Amazon for the steal deal of $42 bucks and change (that's AFTER shipping! well, at the time anyway) but I doubt it will stay that low for long. A pleasant surprise is its nice weight; it's pretty darn light without feeling fragile/cheap, and its slim profile doesn't look or feel like a hockey puck sitting on my wrist (something I'm not fond of with the G-Shock line).

Same day I ordered the watch, I also took a gamble and ordered a Casio Waveceptor Screen Protector direct from Zagg ([...] I say "gamble" because I didn't know the exactly diameter of the dial but thankfully it fit to perfection across the 1-1/4 inch disc window. I applied/installed it in minutes even before sizing the watch band and think the added bullet-proof scratch protection was worth the additional $10 bucks.

If I had any knock? It'd have to be that the alarm volume and duration could be slightly louder and longer (only 10 secs). They can wake the light sleeper, but if you crash out hard, it's probably best to use as backup and keep your trusty air-horn screamer alarm handy. Then again, there are 5 of them, yeah - FIVE - alarms! So I suppose if you wanted you could get creative.

Lastly when removing links for fitting, check out some youtube tutorials first, as it's pretty easy to do yourself with care and patience (a small nail and good needle-nosed pliers did the trick for me). Also, start removing the links off the bottom (south) band first. I have average/thin wrists and took out all but the last removable link of the lower band, while the upper (north) band has 3 additional adjuster links (a 3:1 upper/lower ratio). This keeps the majority of the stiff clasp under your wrist and the upper (north) links curving smoothly around it (as opposed to spacing the adjuster links evenly 2:2 on both upper and lower bands, which causes the clasp to ride up uncomfortably on the outer wrist bone). Hope that makes sense but you'll understand once you wear it.

Anyway, provided I don't lose it, I know I'll enjoy this watch a long time. Now here are the specs as listed in the manual:

Accuracy at normal temperature: +/- 30 seconds a month
Digital Timekeeping: Hour, minutes, seconds, p.m. (P), month, day, day of the week
Time system: Switchable between 12-hour and 24-hour formats
Calendar system: Full Auto-calendar pre-programmed from the year 2000 to 2099
Other: Home city code (can be assigned one of 48 city codes); Daylight Saving Time (summer time)/Standard Time
Analog Timekeeping: Hour, minutes (hand moves every 20 seconds)
World Time: 48 cities (31 timed zones)
Other: Standard Time/Daylight Saving Time (summer time)
Alarms: 5 daily alarms; Hourly Time Signal (on/off option)
Countdown Timer:
Number of timers: 2 (one set)
Setting units: 5 seconds
Range: 99 minutes 55 seconds each timer
Countdown unit: 1 second
Number of repeats: 1 to 10
Other: 5-second time up beeper
Measuring unit: 1/100 second
Measuring capacity: 59' 59.99"
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, two finishes
Illumination: LED (light-emitting diode); Selectable illumination duration
Other: Battery level indicator; Power Saving; Button operation tone on/off; 6 languages for day of the week
Power Supply: Solar cell and a rechargeable battery
Approximate Battery Operating Time
10 months(from full charge to Level 4 when the watch is not exposed to light) under the following conditions:
- Display on 18 hours per day, sleep state 6 hours per day
- 1 illumination operation (1.5 seconds) per day
- 10 seconds of alarm operation per day
Water Resistance: 10BAR (10 Atmospheres)
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on December 30, 2011
I have had this watch for about a month. It is an incredible value at the price, with a great feature set. I only give it four stars because the band is so stiff that it is a little uncomfortable. Also, it's not obvious, but the body of the watch is plastic, even though it looks like stainless steel. It took me over a month to realize that it was not stainless steel.

The features include:

* Analog/digital display with hour and minute hands, but no second hand.
* Light-powered. It's a little bit of an exaggeration for Casio to say that the watch never needs batteries. The watch has a rechargeable battery that is charged by light. However, the rechargeable battery should last a good long time, so that you don't have to change the battery every two or three years.
* Digital display can be lit with the light button.
* Luminescent hands. They will glow for several hours after a good charge. I can read the time in the dark for at least seven hours after a good charge from a bright light.
* Time zone aware. When you set up the watch, you choose your time zone and whether daylight saving time is in effect or not. The watch can then calculate the current UTC time. You can then switch to any other time zone and the time changes automatically.
* Dual time zones. You set the home time zone and an alternate time zone. You can display the time in the alternate time zone in the digital display. If you are traveling, you can switch the alternate and home time zones, then switch back when you return home. Choose from among 48 cities in 31 time zones.
* The analog and digital displays are synchronized. When you change the digital time, the hands move to match the new time.
* The position of the hands relative to the digital time can be tweaked if they do not match exactly.
* Power-saving modes that save battery power. Most notable is that the digital display shuts down if it is dark for more than about 70 minutes between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am. The display comes back on when light is detected or a button is pressed.
* Five alarms.
* Optional hourly chime.
* Stopwatch.
* Two countdown timers.
* Four main options for the digital display: (1) month, date, and seconds, (2) day, day of week, and seconds, (3) hour, minute, and seconds, (4) hour and minute in alternate time zone.

* Light-powered. Probably won't need a new rechargeable battery during its useful life.
* Both lighted display and luminescent hands for operation in the dark.
* Alternate time zone support -- great for traveling to other time zones.
* Can display month, day, and day of week, seconds, or time in alternate time zone in the digital display (but not all at the same time).
* Synchronized digital display and hands.
* Alarm, stopwatch, and timer features.

* Stainless steel band is very stiff. I had to remove four links because my wrist is pretty skinny. With the links removed, the band does not do a good job of fitting my wrist. It just barely works for me.
* Body is plastic, not stainless steel as it appears. The bezel is plastic.
* The digital display will not show the day of the month and the day of week at the same time. Apparently, because there is no second hand, the designers decided that all the time display modes (except alternate time zone) must include the seconds. You can get both pieces of information, but not at the same time. I would happily give up the seconds to get the day of the month and the day of the week on the same display, but that is not an option.
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on December 22, 2011
A good-looking combination of bells, whistles and retro-tech styling in a 21st century size. The case is medium-large at about 42mm (44mm including the pushers) but, at a slender 10.5mm, is not crazy thick like a lot of Casio analog-digitals or the G-Shock line. The dial seems designed for easy reading in all light conditions, with plenty of contrast between the dark, slightly shiny slate-color dial and off-white, partly skeletonized hands, and very little dial clutter such as lettering or logos. Luminous material on the hands and markers around the dial is generous, and maintains a visible, if dim, glow all night. The small digital readout will be hard for older gents to see without specs, but the digital functions are great and include a battery-charge indicator, two countdown timers that can be linked to function in sequence, and the usual "time in 31 cities around the world" feature found on many Casios. The watch hands set themselves when the digital time is set, and there is a separate function that allows fine-tuning of the analog time that results in very accurate setting of the hands. And while the minute hand partially obscures the digital readout for about 5 minutes per hour, the hour hand is short enough not to block the view of the digital window. In short, Casio designers seem to have put some real thought into this watch's design. Major bad stuff? Yes, the steel bracelet is cheap, folded metal you'd expect on a watch in this price range, and can be difficult to size if you haven't had experience with this type of bracelet before, but once sized, it is not totally uncomfortable and not too bad about hair-pulling, is actually fairly good-looking and visually well-matched to the watch. And the "lighted dial" is in reality a dim, sepia-color LED that illuminates only the front surface of the digital screen, not the whole watch dial. I give this Casio five stars because the buyer gets a cool, stylishly designed, highly functional watch for not much money. In this case, the price-quality trade-off common with low-end watches seems to work in the buyer's favor.
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on September 19, 2011
I have had this watch for three days now and I really like it. To my surprise, it was extremely light, especially when I compare it with my other Casio watches. For me it has all the options that I need (Solar powered, Month, day, year, stopwatch, countdown timer, world time, 5 alarms, and 100m water resistant).

This watch works for me for four reasons A) It has analog and digital display. B) It is solar powered. C) It has a stainless steal band. D) It is not expensive.

I think it is a smart investment (I do not have to worry about buying batteries ever again, or worry about the watch not being water resistant after the battery has been replaced). With all these options, and price, I think Casio found a market niche.

Extra information: Goes 10 months when fully charged without further light exposure (as per the catalog - again, I've only had it for three days). I think the window is plastic, but it does not scratch easily - no scratches so far at least.
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on February 9, 2012
Things I like about this watch:

- It's solar powered. That was a huge draw for me as my last two Timex Expeditions both died during battery changes. That shouldn't be an issue anymore.

- It's less than $40. Really? That's cheaper than it would have been to buy yet another of those Timex Expeditions I'd been wearing for years.

- It has five alarms. I've only used two so far (and probably won't need more than that, really) but that second one will come in handy frequently. Again, it beats the Timex.

- The countdown timer "done" chirp is different from the alarm chirp. So you know exactly why your watch is making noise.

- The hands glow in the dark and are easy to read at night.

- It's a decent looking watch. I liked the Timex better, but this will do.

- I found it easy to set and learn the many features. When I set the digital clock to the correct time, the analog hands automatically adjusted themselves to match the digital! Setting my Timex (when I traveled to a new time zone, for example) was far more complicated.

Things I don't like about this watch:

- The band will occasionally grab my arm hairs. That hurts. I'm likely to switch bands.

- The band was complicated to adjust size-wise. It took a while (hour or two) and some tools to pull enough links from the band so I could wear it. But that's a one-time operation and it's fine now.

- It doesn't have a sweep second hand. I used that on my Timex occasionally. This watch is nice, though, in that the seconds tick off on all three time/date/day modes of the digital watch, which should make up for the lack of a sweep hand on the analog.

Things the jury is still out on:

- When I do switch bands, the watch will be quite light. Most of the weight on my wrist is in the stainless steel band. I'm not sure how that will feel. And that may not matter to anyone else.

- Keeping the battery charged could possibly be challenging. The manual is filled with advice about keeping the full face of the watch exposed to light as much as possible. Even partially covering the face, it says, can dramatically reduce its ability to hold a charge. The watch did come in a box it had to have been in for several days with no exposure to light at all. The battery was fully charged upon arrival. I've been wearing it practically on my wrist bone, very close to my hand, outside of my long shirt sleeve so it is exposed to light at all times. When I switch bands, it will probably sit in the more traditional spot farther up my arm and be covered during the work day. It'll be interesting to see if this causes battery problems. It may take a few weeks for them to manifest if it does. I'll update this review if I notice a problem.

- I'm ambivalent about the light. It's definitely not as bright as the Indiglo on the Timex, but that's essentially a tiny flashlight - far brighter than truly necessary to illuminate the watch face. This light shines on the digital portion only, but the analog hands glow so it shouldn't be an issue.

- I'm also ambivalent about the volume level of the alarms. They're quieter than the Timex, but so far that hasn't been a problem for me. If you're a heavy sleeper and rely on your watch to wake you, you might have cause for concern.

- It's too soon to tell how tough the crystal face will be. While I don't beat on my watches, there were a few occasions over the years where I was surprised my Timex didn't get scratched. The face of this watch says "tough solar" on it, below the Casio brand, so I'm hopeful. I'll update this review if I notice a scratch.

In general, I'm thrilled so far. A solar powered watch for less than $40. Wow.

UPDATE March 25, 2012

I've been wearing this watch for just over six weeks now and wanted to give a status update: I love it more than I did when I first got it.

- I've wanged it around a couple of times and thought, "That'll leave a mark." But the face is fine. If I *really* look (up close, at the right angle), I can see a small scratch; nothing that interferes with the function in any way.

- Despite concerns about the battery, this has been a non-issue. The instructions, as I mention above, contain all sorts of dire warnings about what can happen if the face of the watch is even partially obscured by anything that will block the light. Long-sleeve shirts could be a problem under this scenario. They haven't been so far. I use the features of the watch frequently and scroll past the battery level indicator more than 2-3 times per day. Not once has it been below "hi".

- When I went to set it for daylight saving time, all I needed to do was push a couple of buttons to turn the DST mode on. This changed the hour on the digital watch for me and moved the hands on the analog to the new time practically instantly.

UPDATE July 25, 2013

I've been meaning to add to this for a while but didn't think it made sense because for the last five weeks the watch has been sitting, unworn, on my night stand. Breaking a wrist (and badly scraping up the other one) reduces the ability to wear a wrist watch. After five weeks it's back on and it hasn't skipped a beat. So here's where we are:

- Face has a couple more scratches than in March 2012, including one that doesn't require squinching around to actually see. But still nothing that impacts my ability to read it.

- My night stand is not the most well-lit spot in the house. I gets no actual sunlight and unless I had my bedside lamp on (maybe 30 minutes at the longest), the watch did not receive enough light to actually have the digital portion turn on. But when I picked it up this morning, it was working just fine. The battery indicator still reads "hi" and it is nice to have it back.

I still consider this a very sound investment.

UPDATE May 11, 2015

It's been over three years and I can find few flaws in this watch. Last summer I had it on when I rolled a canoe and took a dip. It never missed a beat. There are now two permanent white scuff marks on the clear face but they are quite small and don't interfere in any way with the function or my use of it. I've no idea how or when they got there. When I hold the face at enough of an angle and squint just right I can see a number of scratches. Not in any way an issue.

In short, if you're at all on the fence about this timepiece, just get it. It's a bargain at twice the price.
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on June 17, 2015
After using this watch for about a year without much problems except for the glass scratches... My watch got moisture inside the glass, isn't supposed to be water resistant?? Today after a little rain i see this... Disappointed!
review image review image
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on April 15, 2013
I recently purchased this watch to replace my purely analog watch, and so far I am very satisfied with this watch. I was looking for a watch that is easy to set and is solar but still looks good, and I think this watch fits the bill well.

- It has both an analog and digital time display, so you get the elegance of an analog watch with a digital display, which I think makes it easy to see the precise time.
- It's solar, so you shouldn't have to worry about replacing the battery for a long time (it has a rechargeable battery to store power for low-light situations). I've seen other Casio watches that say they have a "10-year battery", so perhaps the rechargeable battery in this watch has a similar lifespan. Also, they say the battery can power the watch for 10 months on a full charge, so it'll last a while in the dark.
- Impressive list of features: In addition to the features already mentioned, this watch features date display, 5 alarm settings, 2 timers, a stopwatch, display of time in different time zones around the world, and 100-meter water resistance. It also has a light that lights up the digital display and glow-in-the-dark coating on the analog hands and dial markers.
- It's easy to set the time. The time is set like a digital watch, and the analog hands synchronize with the digital clock, so you don't have to worry about getting the analog hands positioned precisely.
- It has a metal band, which should last much longer than a plastic band. There's also a version of this watch with a plastic band for those who prefer that.
- It looks nice (this is subjective though)

- The beep used for the alarm, timers, etc. isn't very loud.

Other thoughts:
- The case is slightly larger than I prefer (I'm comparing to my Seiko SNAA30, which I think is a perfect size for me). This isn't a big deal though, since this watch still isn't terribly huge, like some other watches I've seen (including ones made by Casio).
- When this watch arrived in the mail, it said the battery charge level was "Mid". The first couple days I had this watch, I left it in a window when I was home during the day (during overcast/slightly sunny weather) and under a bright compact fluorescent light bulb for a couple hours in the evenings, and the battery was able to reach a "High" charge level.
- The set of features in this watch makes it a very good value for the price (I got it for around $34.50 from Amazon).
- I'm somewhat surprised Casio didn't use their Illuminator backlight for the digital display on this watch. The light used in this watch does the job well enough though.
- One of its features is that you can have it sync the analog hands with one of the other world times, which is nice if you travel
- This watch has a feature that lets you toggle daylight savings time (DST) on & off to set the hour ahead or back. I'm not sure why they included this as a feature - I think it's just as easy to simply advance the hour ahead or back. But the "proper" way to do it on this watch is to use the DST feature.

Overall, I think this is a great watch and a great value for the money. I also appreciate a watch that looks great, and I think this watch definitely looks great. I also think there is a certain coolness factor about a watch that is solar and still has the functionality that this watch has. I used to be very loyal to Timex and then bought a Seiko watch, but I must admit, I've always thought Casio has some fairly nice watches with innovative features and good looks.
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on September 28, 2012
Got the watch on time (thats allways good) everything looks and feels ok. My only complain could be the fact that the case is made out of plastic (dont like plastic cause it rots). Besides that, all is fine. Cant comment on quality yet. Ill try to post in the future something about this. Woul recomend? YES

26/12/2012 As spected the plastic case BROKE. So as you can provably guess im NOT to happy with the quality department. For the average person im guessing it should be ok, but i work on a farm, so its not sturdy enough for me.
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on March 12, 2012
I bought this to replace a worn down old watch that I had. The previous watch was also analog and digital, so I sought out one just like it. Here's a breakdown of Pros and Cons:

-Light. Sometimes you won't even feel it.
-5 Alarms.
-Times for many cities.
-Solar battery, so you don't have to replace it (ideally).
-Nice, stylish design.
-Analog and digital part sync with each other.
-(Orange) Back light for LCD display.
-Hands glow in the dark.

-No second hand.
-No other battery, purely solar. I thought it had a regular chemical battery with the solar battery as a backup. Unfortunately, solar is the sole power source, so if it goes without light for too long, it will shut off.
-It's NOT intuitive to operate (set the initial time, change settings). It came with a thick manual, that you must never lose.

BOTTOM LINE: I recommend it. Unless you live in a cave, the solar issue shouldn't be a problem, and how often do people count seconds with the hand (the LCD displays seconds with both numbers and a bars)?
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on January 6, 2012
I have been using this watch for the past 2 weeks or so and am quite pleased with it. I had primarily selected it for a few reasons:
1. Tough solar means never to have to bother about the battery. This means that there is no need to open the watch case and hence no question of affecting its water-proof abilities
2. Aluminium alloy strap means that I do not have to change the strap after every 2-3 years
So, this watch should be relatively maintenance free. Plus, it has all the features that I need - world time, stopwatch, multiple daily alarms, countdown/ count-up timers, etc. That is all that I really needed.
The luminescent dial is visible even after several hours of being in the darkness, so no need for having to press a button to see the time, as you would have to, in an LCD watch. If I had to change anything, I would have wished for a slightly larger LCD.

Overall therefore, am quite happy with it and would recommend to anyone looking for an accurate watch with reasonable features with some of the above qualities.
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