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on October 16, 2017
This attractive watch has no second hand. I thought that it did when I ordered it. It also has no stem for adjusting the hands. So, I highly recommend keeping the user's manual in a place you won't forget. I initially ruled out any watch without a stem, but in the reviews no one complained, so I rethought it. Also, the price of just under $33 was good, especially for a solar powered watch. (My best watch is an Eco-Drive solar powered Citizen dress watch and I very much like it.) I think solar power is ... the best. I like the olive drab color, better than black, perhaps partly just as a change.
This watch is actually 50mm wide / diameter when including the push buttons. Any larger a watch would be a deal breaker for me, but it fits the rugged image. Considering its size, it is light. With the Japanese movement, I think you can set and forget this watch for months at a time. I'm glad I bought it, I have no regrets.
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on September 12, 2015
4 stars, ONLY because the included instructions should be easier to understand to *fine tune* the time. All it does is instruct how to set the time per time zone, not location. Otherwise, the watch itself is terrific!

This was a gift for my husband, who wore it while overseas in the Middle East, serving in the military. VERY hot and VERY full of desert sand. This watch lived beyond expectations. No moisture ever gathered under the watch face. No sand got into the dials or into the watch. It kept time well. Stopwatch program works well. LED light with afterglow was a nice perk! Nice 24 hour display function.

Extremely sturdy, made from good materials and feels tough. IF this ever breaks, we will definitely get another.
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on May 8, 2013
I still own an older, cheaper Casio from 1994 and it'd been through the wringer. 130' of depth and banging onto a shipwreck couldn't even kill it Paint splashes and scratches to the face have made the dial harder to read but it still works. Even the battery change every 4 years is simple and cheap and in short, I CANNOT KILL THIS FREAKIN' WATCH.

While the old watch still works, it's a little dated. Thus I looked into a newer, updated model of Casio watch for the next decade or so. This model caught my eye with a simple analog interface (Hate Digital watches), but still offered features such as an alarm, Stop-Watch, Timer, Alarm and even charged via Solar to eliminate even the battery replacement.

I love this new watch. Good looks with a easy to read Analog face in dual colors (White for minutes, blaze orange for hours) and even glows in the dark. The controls are simple enough and I use both the Stopwatch and Timer on a near daily basis. Probably the sole drawback is the size of the digital readout. It could be a little larger, but maybe that's age creeping up on me. Altogether a darn good everyday watch that has decent looks, practicality and should last quite a long time.
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on December 15, 2012
This watch is exactly what I wanted, but I am a little bit disappointed also. I have been wearing the silver-metal bracelet Tough Solar version of this watch for about 8 months. I gave it a good review. One thing that really impressed me is the lume. There is a large indice all around,(5 and 6 are smaller due to the display), and 2 at 12:00. It charges easy and is bright for all night,almost as good as my Seiko.
I ordered this version beceause I wanted something bigger, more sporty, a little ugly,"manly" watch with a rubber band.. I got exactly that. In the description and picture I thought the lume would include the 3 numbers and all the big white indices around. The lume is only on the 12,3,9, and the smaller 6 indice, It does not seem to charge as easy or glow as bright as the other Tough Solar. It is not enough to want to return it, I am getting use to it.
It is very easy to read at a glance, somthing that is important to me. The band is comfortable. The band keeper stays put.It is a nice,slightly ugly, army, olive-drab color. I like it.
The digital display is just big enough. It does not distract from the hands. I might use the alarm once in a while(camping). I will probably never use the stopwatch or the timer. If you want a perpetual calendar with a analog watch it usually steps-up the price quite a bit. This way you get the calendar you dont have to mess with,sans big bucks increase. The best of both worlds I think.
There is one other thing that puts me off a little. The buckle is plastic. I guess I will have to wait and see how durable it is.
I gave it 4 stars beceause of the plastic buckle and the lesser quality lume.Still a very good value for $38.00
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on August 9, 2017
Walmart had these types of watches for sale but they never had the green one which I love with being in the military I go through watches like crazy these watches are absolutely amazing

The sun charges them easy to use yes the green lumme doesn't last long but none of them do on any watches.
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on January 19, 2014
With this watch, I wanted to dip my tow into the Casio G-shock/tough solar market to see if it was for me. Thanks to this watch, it was. Great waterproof solar watch for under $40, and that G-shock look is the icing on the cake (even though it doesn't say "G-shock"). The main colours are a dark military green and orange highlights, for those of you who somehow mistook the colours. I took it snorkeling in Aruba, and it handled the sand and submersion no problem. Pretty good lume on the hands and numbers. The light only lights up the digital display, but I don't use either of them very often. Shifting between world times is pretty cool. I don't really use many of the other functions. I originally thought, if I liked this watch, I might move up to one of the higher-end solar G-shocks, but I might just stay with this one. It's a great little watch that you don't really mind if you beat up. It runs about four seconds fast per week; not bad for this price point.
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on August 22, 2012
Love the way it looks. Can see the time very easily at a glance. Have several Casio watches and they are the best. No problem keeping it charged.
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on November 7, 2014
This watch should not be called ILLUMINATOR . The light is only in the small digital display box and it's very dim. Luminus hands are bright if exposed to bright light for a few seconds. Other than that it is as expected for an inexpensive watch.
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on August 5, 2017
Once I figured out how to set it up I like it. Instruction were so small I had to go on line and down load them in PDF so I could read them.
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on July 9, 2014
I was looking for a new GShock after my last one died an untimely death. After searching for weeks, I couldn't justify the cash for a new one now that I know they are not indestructible. Saw this watch and for less than half of a GShock with solar power I made the purchase. My only fear was it going to be big enough (I like big beefy watches). When it arrived I was very happy to see that the face is quite large and even larger than some of the GShocks out there for twice the price. While not real thick, after lugging around my GShock for 6+ years I like how lite it is and it actually fits under my uniform. After you do your research, you will see this watch is a great value. Oh by the way when I sent my old GShock in to be repaired, they wanted to charge me $60 to fix and ship my watch back to me, as all Casio watches only have a 1 yr warranty. For that price I could have bought two of these watches.
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