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on December 31, 2013
I've had this watch 3 months now, purchased after a long search. I didn't want to rate it too early.

1. If your eyesight isn't sharp up close, this watch is a bit hard to read. I should have realized that my daily need for reading glasses also means I can't read the numbers on this watch even though they are printed crisply.
2. The text on the face at 9:00 and 3:00 can fool you into thinking it's always 9:15. Again, this may be due to my eyesight problems, but in fact the text has about the same weight and color as the hands on the watch. It takes some getting used to.
3. The glow-in-the-dark hands are not very bright in the dark, and fade quickly.
4. Keep the manual handy if you want to synchronize both the analog and digital clocks in this watch - it's not easy to do.

1. Good timepiece. If you live in an area that changes between Daylight and Standard time twice a year, you don't need a watch that's accurate to a second every million years. However, this watch is always perfectly matched to the correct time. Much better than my ancient digital watch which was always speeding up.
2. Very lightweight. You don't even know it's on your arm - not a block of metal like other watches.
3. Very low profile. Slips easily through shirtsleeves and coats without hanging up, and without button snags.
4. Timed nightlight. The nightlight goes out after about 2 seconds - just long enough to read it - and without beeping when the button is pressed.
5. Attractive, modern look. Quite subjective, of course, but I really like the clean look of this watch compared to the busy look of more expensive watches.
6. Value. Given its low price, it's a pretty good watch.
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on July 24, 2017
It is a great looking watch, I Like the hand movement and the digital display; It is also very light weight. This being said I won't wear it much because for my use the face is just to small. I'm unable to read the time when I don't have my glasses on which is most of the time when I'm out in he field. I've also found that the light only lights the watch face I've been unable to get the digital part to light up.
However I still like the look and for that reason I giving it 4 stars.
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on February 1, 2016
Solid watch. Good price. Lightweight so it sits very comfortably on wrist. For those who wear office shirts or shirts with sleeves that one needs to button, the overall thin nature of this Casio watch makes it sit nicely under the cuff. Everyone who has worn a more bulky sport-like watch knows what I am talking about here. So far this resin black strap has not succumbed to the cheap rubber rot that cracks so many Casio, Timex and such watch wristbands. That's a plus. Because often replacing the band is another $10 or so with the cost of the band, tax, and shipping. Last tip: For those who dislike watch buttons which pinch into one's wrist, this is a nice feature. The flat buttons are responsive but don't protrude like so many watches. So wear comfort for this watch is near optimal.
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on November 14, 2014
I really do like this watch. It has what I would consider a mid size face, is very lightweight, and will be perfect for both casual and business wear. The band is some kind of rubberized plastic, not bad looking at all, and doesn't feel cheap.
The watch has several useful features that are accessed through it's digital display. A stop watch, alarm, timer, world clock, and others.
I leave the digital display showing the day and date, which is really all I need it to show.
The watch is somewhat difficult to set. I usually don't need to read instruction to set up electronic equipment but I definitely did with this watch. I even needed to use my magnifying glass because the instructions were printed in very small print. But once I got through it the watch works very well, and I'm extremely pleased that I was able to buy such a nice looking watch at a great price.
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on March 26, 2014
This is my second one of this model. I don't exactly remember when I bought my first one yet it was about 6 years ago or so. Overall I wear this watch all the time at work and also when I run. Looks very professional. Works very well. Although almost obsolete now with cell phones, the data bank function is nice and can be used to store passwords (coded of course) as well as phone numbers if you desire. My first one actually died New Years Eve 2013, and I debated about replacing the battery (at a cost of $6-8) vs. just getting a new one for $19. Broke down and did the battery and it worked for about 2 months until it died after I did an especially sweaty run. I did not get 10 years out of the battery obviously, yet I continuously used the count down timer through my work day so that consumes a lot of battery. Still 6 years isn't bad. Crystal can scratch if rubbed too hard against a wall or other surface, yet watch held up pretty well. Would be perfect if it had a seconds hand. If you buy it realizing it is not your forever watch it is great value. I do recommend it.
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on July 1, 2013
UPDATE TO PRIOR REVIEW: Battery just went out on this product. Had it 7 months, so I guess we're short of the 10-year battery by 9 years and 5 months. Cost to send back and get work done is not even worth it. I'll buy a watch at a Big Box. When you spend less than $20 on a watch, you get what you paid for.


I just bought this and I really like this watch, but to have this as an Alarm or adjusting it is laborious. Just look at the Owners Manual and you have to click 4x here to get 5 adjustments there....a pain, but for $20 and to see a plastic banded watch that looks like a good business watch and can be used for casual events, I really like it. I just want to see how long this battery lasts as most expensive watches have a disappointing 1-2 year life and I'd really love to see this last more than 2 years. Heck, I bought a watch at a cheap department store 7 years ago and that watch still is ticking.....
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on January 13, 2013
I think this will be my last Casio watch purchase. I bought this because I wanted an analog watch with month, date and day. This is my third Casio combo watch and I think it will be my last. Casio's watches are far too complicated and fussy to set bot analog and digital time. I own a Casio (supposed) "atomic clock set" watch but it never has worked and when I fly wearing it, even when it the same time zone (NY to PA and back to NY), the time changes on the watch. It didn't come with an instruction booklet, I had to get it as a pdf online and the print is so tiny, it is hard to read. Rather than having to deal with resetting the watch for DLST, I decided to buy a second inexpensive watch and keep the Casio Atomic for when the time changes. I first bought a Timex a month or so ago and it is terrific and easy to set, but it only provides the date, not the day. Since it was quite inexpensive, I decided to buy this Casio 10-year battery watch, only to find it is a total pain to set. It really is a very decent looking watch, but like the Casio Atomic and a previous Casio, it is a major production to set. Since this is my third Casio with combination analog and digital display and all three are troublesome to set, it must be the trend with Casio watches. I've not had the watch long enough to see how accurate the time keeping is, but I know one thing, I do not want another watch that takes a half hour of fussing to set the analog and digital settings.
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on June 27, 2014
I bought my first watch here about 3 years ago and the battery went dead a few weeks ago, far short of the 10 year claim. I wasted time checking with Amazon to learn who was the guarantor of the 10 yr battery and they referred me to the manufacturer. Rather than waste more time with the manufacturer, I wasted time going to a local department store to ask how much a battery replacement would cost. The answer was around $10 or more depending on the labor to remove it and install it. OK, for $7 bucks more I have a new watch and new battery I thought - done deal. The old watch goes into the yard sale box. Don't waste your time like I did when the battery goes dead. Enjoy the watch, and at least some of the functions. I have never mastered all the things that this can do but then I only wanted it to tell time, not make me coffee. 'Nuff said.
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on February 17, 2011
I basically agree with other reviewers, this is a good watch, good functionality & quality for the price.
I've had it a year and a half now and just had to change the battery - not exactly 10 years as advertised...
After you change the CR2025 battery, you'll need to reset it (first watch I've had that needs this). There's a little label inside that tells you about it but I couldn't quite figure out what to do. So I googled the label wording, and this is the "critical step" that needed done:
Perform a reset by touching the AC contact with one part of the tweezers and the back of the battery with the other part. Hold for a few seconds. Lift the watch carefully and look up at the front to make sure the watch is working. Do not turn the watch over. (in the absence of very sharp tweezers, I used an unbent paper clip instead)
This is actually my now 8-year old son's watch, and he still loves it. It looks huge on him but he likes having a "real" watch with a stop watch and timer, and we - the parents - likes that it has hands so he learned how to read an analog watch. Plus, it's water proof which is a must for a kids watch.
I'd buy it again anytime.
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on February 19, 2015
I had this watch for about 1.5 years. I wore it occasionally (~1x/week) during that time. Pro: It is inexpensive. Cons: 1) The analog dial is silver and the hands are silver making very difficult to read. I did not notice the lack of contrast on Amazon due to the incredibly sharp images posted. 2) Changing the analog time is a PAIN, esp if you need to go back an hour as when changing time zones. 3) The TeleMemo is useless because entering the info is painfully difficult. 4) The night light is so poor. Even with it on it is difficult to read the watch.
I have since replaced the watch with a Timex that has Indiglo (much better) and good contrast on the dial.
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