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on November 20, 2014
I’m comparing this to a more expensive Casio (about $60 retail). So I’m trying not to be bias taking the price into consideration.

I’ve been wearing a similar Casio watch for about 10 years now. The problem is, the band eventually wears near the case and bends/breaks. I was fine purchasing a new one every 3 years or so online for about $30 ($60 retail). I can no longer find that model, so I gave this one a try.

I really like the UI of Casio watches. I use the countdown timer all the time. It’s a must-have for me. The stopwatch is also used often.

The light is a little weak on this one, just barely enough to make out the digital part. My previous Casio would actually throw light a good 10” in front of the watch. Of course I don’t need that much but it made reading the time much easier.

I’ve only been wearing this one for about 3 hours and the plastic front already has a big scratch. Not sure how that even happened so I can tell this one won’t last long. My previous watch was slammed against concrete walls so many times I can’t count to the point it took paint off the wall onto the glass. Never a scratch!

The band on this is also very cheap feeling, but not horrible. It’s a lot lighter than my other Casio watches.

Overall, it’s decent for the $19 price tag...but no more. 3.5 stars if I could.
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on November 25, 2013
I bought this [bargain] watch for work, as I work out of a truck all day and my watches get banged up pretty good. I wanted a cheap watch that I would get upset about if I broke it, but I wanted it to still look somewhat decent. I've had good luck with store bought casio watches in the past (mainly because I can look at them in person first), but I honestly never would have bought this thing if I had seen it first hand before purchasing. This watch looked nice in the photo, unfortunately it is very cheap looking and very cheap feeling. I realize this is only a ~$20 watch, but I've owned better quality watches in this price range before (including other Casio watches).

About the build/material quality; The description/specs state that it has a stainless steel case and a stainless steel band. Unfortunately the case is 100% plastic. The front of the case is made to look like metal, but is clearly plastic up close, and is easily verified if scratched. The back of the case is just a plain grey plastic (which is the same plastic as the front of the case if the coating gets scratched off). The battery cover that screws onto the back is however metal, and says "stainless steel back" on it, so I'll give them that one. The dial has a grey plastic ring around it (yep, you guessed it, the same grey plastic that's all over his thing). The dial itself, which is described as "mineral" (and when clicked, it is further described as "mineral crystal") which Amazon states "is composed of several elements that are heat-treated to create an unusual hardness that helps resist scratches. I wish that were true, but this thing scratches if I look at it the wrong way! I have not hit the watch against anything [yet], but it somehow has lots of scratches all over it after only a week of wearing it. The band itself is all metal, but is so lightweight that it feels (and looks) like aluminum. It looks as if the outer edges of each link are aluminum and the folded center parts is either aluminum as well, or a low grade stainless steel.

About the functionality; After reading that you must think I hate this watch!... but I don't. I like the analog + digital display, and the digital part has some cool features. The TeleMemo30 is a neat feature that lets you store up to 30 name+number entries. While tedious to program, it is actually a very useful feature for storing important phone numbers (which could be a lifesaver if you lose or break your phone). I have 2 gripes with it; first it only lets you store a number in the second field of each entry (I wish it would allow alphanumeric in both fields which would allow non-numeric passwords to be stored as something other than the title of the entry). My other gripe is that while the watch has a 2-line display, it only uses the top line for the TeleMemo, and you have to press a button to switch back and forth between the first and second fields in each entry (why doesn't it display them both at the same time? one on top of the other?). It has some other features that are nice, but I'll probably never use, like world time, alarm, stopwatch, and countdown timer.

It seems to keeps time just fine (although I haven't owned it long enough to really verify it's accuracy. The analog and digital time is programmed separately, and could be programmed to display two different times if for some reason you wished it to do that. You can also switch between 12 hour and 24 hour digital time, which I personally find quite useful as we use military time at work so I always keep it on the 24 hour setting.

Bottom Line; This watch looks cheap, and feels cheap, but it functions well and will do the job it's meant to do just fine. I would still buy another Casio watch, because i like the features, but I will spend a little more next time for a model that is made with better materials. Hope this helps..
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on July 24, 2016
I really like this watch. It reminds me of my all time favorite watch. If the "glass" face of the watch were made out of glass or even a harder plastic that would make it much better. Still a great deal for the cost, but the face is easily scratched. I probably won't be able to read the time because of the scratches before the battery wears out. I would have been willing to pay more for the same watch with a better less easily scratched face.
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on January 31, 2017
Nice looking watch, nice that has digital and analog(ue) display. Reason I didn't give it five stars was due to no manual, had to go online and look up on Casio website, not the major problem, had to bend on the watch band, to get the pin to come out to adjust it, kind of close, still loose, will do for now, mostly as a back up until I get the other watch, also Casio, I ordered, that is more like the one I have/had, but can't find, overall nice, doesn't have as many alarms, will take some getting used to. Better than nothing.
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on August 28, 2016
Bad news first: the background is not as black/dark as it looks in the picture. It's a bit purple-ish.

Good news: It's a rock! Mine has suffered a lot and the screen has minor scratches but everything most can be wiped off and the screen is still clear. I don't use many of the functions but the alarm, timer and stopwatch work as expected.

This watch is a great price/value offer I recommend.
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on July 7, 2010
Note that this watch, unlike many popular Casio watches, is not "atomic" -- that is, it does not rely on a precise time signal such as those broadcast from WWV or WWVH. It is simply an analog/digital wrist watch with (they say) a 10-year battery and quartz accuracy. The one I received gains about a second a day, which is quite acceptable.

Positive quality: It has a metal band that is highly adjustable for various wrist sizes (if you have good vision and some patience, you can easily adjust it yourself, although if you have a very small wrist you may need to have a jeweler remove a link). Unlike the synthetic bands you find on many Casio watches, this one should last at least ten years. The watch is also easy to read, and the latching mechanism on the watchband is a new sort of closure that's not merely the old-fashioned pressure fit; it should also last a long time.

Negative quality: The watch I received had its analog and digital displays out of synchronization. After you first set the correct time zone, you may then need to synchronize the analog time with the digital time. The directions provided are not as clear as they should be, and the process may require more than one or two attempts. (This is aggravating, because each such attempt may require a 15 minute wait while the analog hands "catch up" with the digital display.) But I finally got it done. Be sure to read the directions carefully and follow them literally throughout the process should you encounter this problem.

It's a handsome watch and extremely inexpensive for what you get. I am very glad I purchased it.
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on August 21, 2011
This is a very nice looking watch and very affordable. It is great to have the looks of the analog watch with the features of a digital. However, there are just a few drawbacks:

1) The light is awful. Pressing the button provides light around the perimeter, but it barely penetrates into the center. In a dark room you have to look closely to see the time. It doesn't light up the LED portion at all, so forget about setting an alarm or checking the date or a timer. In a dark room the LED display is unavailable.

2) It should be a good thing that it has this memo feature, but I would have liked to have thought it would be out of the way if not used. As it is, it is one of the things you cycle through.

3) The base is plastic. The band and top of the water are metal, but the base, including where the watch band pins go into, are plastic. This is OK, although I did manage to pull one of the pins out when I hit the watch on a doorknob by accident. I needed some epoxy and a small drill to fix, but it was, again, my fault.

4) The band is a little hard to resize. See others who gave instructins. I bent a pin when putting it back together but, fortunately could use one from part I had removed.

5) Slightly convex crystal, so a little easier to scratch than ideal (more often, with me, is getting white streaks from brushing up against the wall.)

I don't mean to say it is a bad watch, just to point out a few small things that might be important to people. Again, it is inexpesnive, good looking, and keeps time well, so very good.
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on September 20, 2017
Best durable watch in the world. Inexpensive!!! Never have to worry about battery. Hard to set the time (video on youtube) but who care for this price. Great for diving (water) though the bevel timer is only decorative. If it is stolen, who cares at this price. Best dependable travel watch. Black face is easier to read than white. Both Analog and digital reads for time. Metal band is great if you are in the tropics, where leather falls apart, plastic breaks with the harsh environment and sun.
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on May 24, 2015
After just two years, it seems that there is a problem with the LCD display going blank. I'm not sure that it's a battery issue, as time is still kept as far as I can tell, but every so often the LCD just goes blank. Either way, one would expect it to last a little longer than a year and nine months.

The light is also insufficient to read the LCD at night, and is just good enough for seeing the hands.
I love how light-weight the watch is, but I wish it would have lasted longer.
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on September 13, 2017
I've been wanting an analog watch with a digital date keeper and held back because as a lifelong Timex man, I refrained from looking at other brands. I am very pleased with this watch and the dwarfish instruction book is very well-written and easy to understand. I feels a bit weighty on the wrist but I got used to it. The clasp is secure. I'm considering buying a second one in case I damage this one. You just can't beat the price.
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