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on July 31, 2014
These watches are great. Although this watch has many features, I like and only use it as a dual time zone watch. I love having an analog watch face rather than digital. Because I live in Asia, I can set the digital time reading for my extended family in the US and know exactly what time it is - which changes twice a year because of daylight saving time.
The battery does last about 10 years as advertized. It is also easy to replace as well. The only draw back is that the band does not last as long as the battery. The first of these was purchased in 2007 and the band needed replacing in 2012. Likewise the second watch has about about 5 years on the band - at daily use - and is in need or replacement. Because of the price, function, and life of these watches I've just purchased a third one which I will start wearing later this year.
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on June 10, 2013
A decent watch for a good price. I wanted a watch without a stem (knob that sticks out for adjusting hands) because my old analog watch had gouged a hole in the back of my wrist when I was in a car accident. This watch meets that requirement. It's comfortable and it's been working well for the week I have owned it. Wore it while fishing in the rain, no problems experienced. I like the analog and digital combined feature, but truthfully it has too many features. Right now, it has somehow gottten itself into international time modes and I do not remember how to get it to back to just displaying the day and date becasue the owner's manual is so huge no one could possibly remember how to use all the features. I mean really? Who is going to store phone numbers in their watch? Like your phone doesn't do that? The true test of a watch is how much I like it in five or ten years. I'll get back to you on that.
In the meantime, yes, it's worth $20.
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on April 7, 2013
OK, I don't use most of the functions, but the one I rely on is the one that changes the analog time. I travel extensively and cross time zones often. It is ok as long as you are going with the sun (West) - the watch changes time zones (clockwise) just fine. Going against the sun - (East) - you have to advance the time in a clockwise manner - sometimes 11 hours forward. It is tedious and time consuming when all they had to do is give you a counter clockwise option. OK, I could keep the watch on a single time zone and use the digital time feature - however when you go to Asia for 30 days at a time, or travel to the middle east for three weeks, the analog watch is my primary watch and change it to current time. It would be better with a counter clockwise function.
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on February 6, 2014
without the book this watch is basically impossible to set up, so if you buy it don't loose the book or the watch is trash.

I bought this watch for my husband to go to the gym, so he has a way of timing his exercise, the display for the stopwatch is so small that you basically can't see it.

He hates it and had it on for two day until he just couldn't take it, he now keeps it in a drawer just in case his other watch breaks.

But if you don't care about the stop watch function, go ahead and get it, it is not a bad looking watch and it is cheap. For us however it was not a good purchase
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on October 26, 2012
I wanted a basic analog watch with a digital stop watch feature. This does it perfectly. A little complex to set it initially, but if you follow the step by step instructions, its set and forget. Has some extra unneccessary features (saving phone number one digit at a time is not something I would consider), but so far its done the job. Strap is a little plain, but functional. Hope the ten year battery works as advertised.
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on March 8, 2013
I needed an inexpensive black watch for work and this fit the bill nicely. The only issue I'd make anyone aware of is that you'll get what you pay for. In this case I didn't pay much and the second day wearing it, the outer plastic bezel got snagged and ripped right off. It's purely a cosmetic thing and does not affect the working of the watch in anyway, and was held on only with a few tiny dabs of super glue (hence the 4 stars). The red illuminating light is great, and plenty bright enough. The nylon band is comfortable although I had to rotate the band keeper wrong side out as the stitching was a bit scratchy. The velcro holds the band on quite well so you could cut off the keeper. All in all I'm happy with this tool as it was exactly what I needed, and inexpensive watch that I could get scratched, dinged and dirty, and not worry about it. I would recommend this to anyone needing a watch for a hands on work environment.
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on May 17, 2011
For this price point -- it's definitely the winner!

Pro:- Lots of functions - stop watch, world time, alarm,... even a 20-slot phonebook!!! It's not too big for my small wrist. The design is perfect - at least to my taste. I set the analog part to show the time, and the digital window to show date. It looks tough and stylish enough for a casual travel watch. And if the battery really lasts 10 years as advertised...I am sure it's going to last pass the watch itself (e.g. you may break the case or the strap will be worn-out before it runs our of juice :) Water-resistance works well, I wear it while washing dishes a couple of times and it's still working fine now.

Con:- It gets scratched very very easily,... I got the first mark the first day it arrived :P (perhaps it's just me) The front is plastic, so... no surprise though. The light employs outdated technology you may find in your first generation G-Shock watch 20 years ago - a yellowish incandescent-like light that is not illuminated all the face, only circling around, and seems not light up bright enough when it is not completely dark. Finally, I am afraid that the Velcro strap may not last long enough... but who cares?!?!? this is only 20 bucks!

Despite some annoyances that I list above, considering this piece of technology with its price... I strongly recommend it!
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on December 6, 2012
It keeps good time (obviously the first requirement for a watch, right?)
It looks good.
The band feels secure and doesnt get caught on stuff.
It's cheap! (dollar wise, not quality wise)

It's smaller than I would've thought. I suppose I should have read the description better, but, I have big hands and this is definitely noticeably smaller than I'm used to.
I don't like cloth bands in general, but this one isn't bad as far as they go. Compared to other cloth or rubber bands, this entire band is velcro, so the entire thing sticks down flat. There's no loose bit at the end that flaps up and catches on stuff. Nice touch... Still, I think I'll be switching the band out for a metal one soon, just personal preference.

Overall, very good product. It's not going to be mistaken for a Rolex anytime soon, but then, that's not why you buy a $20 watch is it?
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on March 22, 2010
I wanted a watch I wouldn't worry about - so something waterproof I could wear in the water and shower, that looked good at the beach or at the office, was comfortable, but I also needed world time since I do some travel to other time zones. I've had the watch for two weeks now, love it for what I need. If I had to dress to impress, this probably won't do. Looking closely, it looks a bit cheap, but it doesn't draw attention to itself and looks good enough to go almost anywhere unnoticed. The band is web nylon and velcro, dries fast enough to put on long sleeve shirt after being in the water, and I have hairy arms so I find it very comfortable (doesn't pull my hair out). My other watch is a Seiko dive watch so this one feels light. I can have the analog hands set on my normal time zone and set an alternate time zone of my choice (major cities in the world) in the digital window, very easy to use. The display cover is plastic, but I've worn it two weeks everywhere (incl salt water) and still looks like new, no scratches. I agree with other posts, the light feature for night viewing is terrible, with the ugly yellow light you're barely able to see the analog hands, but not the digital display at all, so if you're traveling in another time zone you need to turn on a light to see what time it is. Alarm works good. Oh yeah, can't beat the price. If I ever leave it somewhere, no worries, I'd buy another.
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on January 15, 2014
It's a good looking watch with lots of features but you've got to be a computer programmer to set the time and date. You've got to be a rocket scientist if you want to store phone numbers and you've got to be a brain surgeon if you want to set other world time zones. I like the plain and simple watches where you just pull out the stem to set the time. I sold this watch on eBay and got my money back. I don't recommend this watch unless you're really hi-tech and understand this kind of stuff. It was too complicated and frustrating for me.
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