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Although the AWG-M100SB-2AJF is a bit more expensive than this model... it is otherwise literally the EXACT same watch as this, except for one very important thing: The hour hand on the 2AJF is white not red. That means both the hour and minute hand on the 2AJF is infinitely more readable in low light! Zero difference between this version and the 2AJF version, other than the hour hand color and the background face color. But that hour hand being readable makes all the difference in the world! This one is a great backup for me if the 2AJF ever fails... but that hour hand was killing me
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on November 10, 2014
I've always been a watch wearer. I'm the type of watch wearer that once I put it on, I will never take it off until it breaks.
From when I was young it was so. I'm also not gentle with them. What I mean is, I don't take note of the watch, it becomes a part of my wrist and it will be knocked against surfaces - like opening doors, showering, washing dishes, playing sports - I don't take it off and I don't try to evade contact because a watch is on my wrist.

Now with that said, I've been wearing this watch for months and it's holding up VERY nicely. I didn't take it off when doing any of the above. I also spent a month helping my dad renovate a store and wore it as I painted, hammered, and sawed wood.The watch is still working perfectly and no scratch on the face of it.

I also have to mention, that due to past issues with me having to get new watches: battery dies, it breaks, or not keep time. I also stopped wearing a watch for 7 years since the last one broke.
When I finally decided I should wear a watch again... I wanted a tough watch, I wanted to make sure not to have those issues again, mostly the battery running out.
So, I picked this watch with that in mind. It has the solar charging, which helps a lot. This also updates time every night so that it'll always keep time, not to mention auto daylight saving adjustment due to that time update feature. Waterproof... well water resistant enough to wash dishes and swim with. My parents do not use the dishwasher.

It is a great watch and Casio will always be my choice from now on. I even bought one (different model and design) for my dad's birthday. This little guy had worked well for me and I hope to wear it for many years to come.
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on April 20, 2017
So I've had this watch for about a week now. I read all the critical reviews about the dial not being easy to read at night, but decided to go for it since it had a free return guarantee. Well, I don't have any problems with this watch; in fact, I love it.

At first the dial was a little smaller than I expected, but I quickly got used to it and grew to like it. The red hour hand, which some people say makes it hard to read the time, adds a lot of class and makes it look like a much more expensive watch, and I have no trouble whatsoever telling time with it. The lack of a second hand here is a good thing, since that might cause visual confusion, and thankfully the seconds are displayed in the bottom LCD display.

Also, there was a lot of griping about the light. Yes, it would have been nice to have the LCDs backlit in blue at the same time the main light illuminates the dial, but what piece of information do you really need at night? The time, not the seconds, date, or day of the week. I find the amber light to be of a very classy color and amply bright to tell the time in the dark. And of course the hands are phosphorescent so in the pitch dark you can tell the time even without the light.

I won't buy anything except atomic solar watches (once you've had a watch that never needs batteries and never needs setting you won't go back), and even with the black resin band this is a very, very classy watch and looks even better IRL than the pictures. I'd have no problem wearing this watch with a suit, but the cool thing is you can wear it anywhere.
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on August 23, 2012
Have had this watch about 2 weeks and it is working perfect. The watch updates every night first time at 12:04 AM. The watch will update 6 times a day if needed. All updates take place from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM. Once it gets a update the watch will not update anymore that day. If the watch does not update, it will try up to 6 times till 5:00 AM. This is how all atomic watches work in the United States. The watch charges either by outside sun or inside lights. The AWGM100 is pretty easy to setup, I even have it set to chime every hour. The watch displays both digital and analog time, the best of both worlds. The watch wears great, and I forget I even have it on. The light seems to work good and I have no problem seeing the time at night with the push of a button. You can even set the light to auto and it will automatically come on with the turn of the wrist. The AWGM100 has 5 alarms and you can set it to see other times around the world. If you travel the updates can be set to receive anywhere in the world to the correct time. Once you set the watch to your time zone you will never have to do any thing to the watch again, it even changes back and forth from daylight savings time automatically. There is only one thing I can say about the AWGM100-1ACR "SWEET".
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on February 20, 2018
This watch has a lot of 5 star reviews and very well may be a good watch, but it and I are incompatible.

First off, I was slightly disappointed the watch came in a paperboard box and not in a tin as pictured. Likely would have just ended up as clutter anyway, but I like the product photos to actually match the product.

More importantly, and the reason I am returning the watch, is it is useless in the dark. I work overnights outside, a watch I can read at night is important. The combination of the red hour hand, the dark background, tiny digital display and dim light makes it impossible to read the time at night.

The watch itself is nice looking and a good size for my thin wrist. I found the band cheap looking and was unable to find a comfortable size position. The 4th hole is too tight, the 5th hole too loose.

I really wanted to like the watch, but couldn't bring myself to it.
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on March 13, 2015
I have always had expensive watches. I own several Rolex's and others. This has become my main watch that I use everyday. Actually my favorite watch was a Swiss Army that my kids gave me for fathers day many years ago. But its battery runs out and I got tired of taking it yearly into a watch shop and having the battery replaced for 30 or 40 bucks.

My wrist is small, so I prefer smaller watches. I am not really into the giant watch syndrome. This watch is medium in size. Fits my wrist perfectly, and does not appear ostentatious at all. The Solar/Atomic aspect of this watch makes it a no worry tool that always runs and is on time with no input from me at all after it is initially set up. Meets my criteria that I have finally come to after many many years to a T. (I am over 65 years old) As long as it runs, I will not buy another watch. Maybe wear the Rolex once or twice a year for a more fancy setting.
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on May 30, 2017
My husband initially liked it, then didn't, then he did and basically because of the feature-set and price point- impossible to dismiss and can't be found anywhere. What Casio should have done--hope you're reading this Casio Corp--is maintain the analog G-Shocks with medium-sized dials and make them thinner (shorter) with a brighter LED that covers most of the dial at least. Here, the backlight is rather dim but not completely useless. In any case, solar, radio sync, and G-Shock properties in an analog package with a decent amber backlight at less than $100 is a great deal. If you like G-Shock and want a smaller version of their usual watches, this may be for you.
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on June 5, 2018
I like this watch. I like how it is "Water Resistant" up to 330 feet and truly shock resistant. I know about how tough this watch is due to it being obviously handled poorly as the watch was loose in the box, the box had been torn open, the booklets were loose in the box and obviously read (smudges on the pages and torn pages), and the plastic mount it came on was broken. I think I got someone else's return!!

One thing...It NEVER charges beyond "M" no matter how long it's exposed to DIRECT, STRONG light. Also, it's much, much smaller than I thought it was going to be, so trying to see the tiny digital windows leaves the date unreadable.

It works though and was easy to set to my time zone. I was wanting a watch I could wear while I worked outside, so this one will suffice. Plus, with "Amazon's" new return policy where they disable a person's account after too many returns, I'm scared to return this watch for a truly NEW one. I know this is someone's "return" since I found a 'Review' discussing the EXACT SAME problems I have with the watch. Oh well. I want to keep my Amazon account, so I will keep this not-so-wonderful watch (someone else's garbage is now MY problem!)
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on July 12, 2017
A tough nice watch. I like the atomic time setting feature and the solar charging. It worked well for my vacation in Greece.I also use it as a standard to set all my other watches time. It charges easily in the sun. The band is comfortable, too! When I am not wearing it, I put it on my windowsill and from this location it can update every night and get sufficient sunlight to keep it charged. I have three criticisms of the watch: The instruction manual is a thick tiny little book with tiny type that is not convenient to have around when settings need to be changed or easy to read. I ended up downloading a copy to my tablet so I could magnify the type and have easier access to the instructions This is crucial because changing settings can be complicated given the number of functions and the presence of only 4 buttons to program it. Finally the light to illuminate the dial at night is a joke. It is not bright enough and does not persist long enough.
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on March 21, 2018
I would have made it 4 and 1/2 stars, but I can't pick that option. The reduction is only because of what others have already mentioned in other reviews: the face back-light isn't that great (but I can still read it).

I live in N.E. GA and so far the watch has updated automatically every night. I started off placing it on the window sill as recommended in the manual. However, now I just leave it on the chest of drawers in my upstairs bedroom with my keys, wallet, etc. at night, and it still gets the signal. It also updated one night when I left it downstairs in the family room.

I like the looks of my other three watches better. However, this will probably be my primary watch because it's a 200M G-shock watch that should easily handle any environment (wet or dry) that I'm in. And, I shouldn't ever have replace the battery, or adjust the month/date/day, or mess with Daylight Saving Time. All of this (and a bunch of other features) while maintaining the time to the second. In other words, just put it on and wear it anywhere.
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