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Although the AWG-M100SB-2AJF is a bit more expensive than this model... it is otherwise literally the EXACT same watch as this, except for one very important thing: The hour hand on the 2AJF is white not red. That means both the hour and minute hand on the 2AJF is infinitely more readable in low light! Zero difference between this version and the 2AJF version, other than the hour hand color and the background face color. But that hour hand being readable makes all the difference in the world! This one is a great backup for me if the 2AJF ever fails... but that hour hand was killing me
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on August 19, 2017
-I really like the color contrast between the hands and between the strap and the watch housing. It doesn't stand out too much like other G-Shocks around this price tag or be too plain like other color variants of this model.
-Since it has both a digital display and analog display I am able to both quickly see the time and roughly measure lengths of time left before I have to do something.
-A good walk on a sunny day will charge it fully.

-It is sometimes hard to sync to an atomic clock if you live in a city. One sync a month or maybe a year will do anyways since it's a quartz watch and you can always manually adjust for daylight savings time.
-The hands sometimes block out the displays as expected. A bit annoying if you need date or day of the week.
-Useless glow in the dark(or brite light as they say) hands. They glow for a good amount of time if the environment around you suddenly goes dark. But you do need the LED light if you wish to see the time after you stay in the dark for quite a while. The displays are hard to read with the LED light. I don't mind this since I don't need a watch that much in the dark.
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on October 14, 2015
Great watch with very useful features, but there is a deal-buster for me: Indoors in low light and outdoors at twilight, the red hour hand fades into the black background. At night, turning on the internal light only makes the hour hand visible if it is at the bottom of the dial ---- but I could have lived with that, since the luminescence on the hands lasts all night if you hit it with some bright light before bedtime. Of course the digital windows are not visible at all when using the internal light, but I can live with that, too. All the features work perfectly, including the atomic and solar, but the red hour hand's invisibility, especially indoors and at twilight outdoors, resulted in my returning the watch. I ordered the version that has the bright green hour hand. For whatever reason, that one works for me. By the way, my eyes check out as perfectly normal for acuity and color perception. I suppose someone else may see this red hour hand perfectly well, but it's something to be aware of.
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on July 20, 2017
Yet another brilliant Gshock! I own a couple digital solar atomic Gs and was hesitant at exploring the ana-digital line as they can be too stylized and large for my taste. This however is none of those things, this is a little rugged analog reader with alot under the hood. Fully lumed hands (ok just the tips of the hands) and markers, lcd windows tell you the date, day of the week and month and manage to not block analog functions. Still offers the typical array of digital functions (stopwatch, timer, alarms). Great watch in person; very little lettering on the dial, combination of black resin and steel buttons and inner ring feels solid. This watch would be perfect if the lcds were lit up in any way. The only illumination (aside from the dial lume) is an led that casts light on the hands; it's adequate to read the analog time but you cannot see the digital windows. Far too much love for this watch for that to bother me, after all, I wanted an analog, and this juggles the analog/digital balance just right.
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on March 28, 2017
Just received this watch and it came in the official package with all the warranties,etc. This watch is exactly what I wanted: a watch for travelling. I never have to worry about damaging it and it has many cool features to it. The atomic time keeping is awesome and it's even more amazing that it adjusts automatically to cities around the world (perfect when travelling). I have very small wrists and was slightly afraid that it would look obnoxious on my wrist (like some kid's toy), but it looks perfect! It doesn't stick out too much and the diameter is amazing. I highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a daily watch that is super sturdy with many functions and still looks good. I am very impressed with all the abilities for the price. And the fact that it is solar powered is the cherry on top. No maintenance on the watch is required ever. Highly recommended!
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on October 1, 2017
I bought this for my 10-year old son to replace his old watch which is about to stop working. The old watch is digital and has stopwatch, timer, alarm functions which he likes to play with. I myself have a Casio Pathfinder which has tough solar, atomic clock sync among other things in it which I love a lot. The fact that you don't have to ever set your clock or worry about replacing battery is something that I love tremendously.

I was looking for the same features but smaller watch face diameter for kid his size. I was unable to find one for a while till my wife stumbled into this one. She was mainly looking for a smaller watch face diameter not caring too much about the tough solar or atomic clock sync features. When I showed this to my son he immediately loved it. He initially liked the black one (yes this watch has 4 color selections) but I told him that the black has dark digital screen background which would make it somewhat harder to see so he decided to get this one.
Now as far as my son, he loves this watch so much that he read the manual from end-to-end to learn about all the features and how to use it. For sure he likes the world-time feature, something new to him.
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on March 16, 2016
Great price on Amazon for a good watch.

I wanted a rugged analog watch. This watch is rugged and not bad looking. The manual is small so I downloaded the PDF from the Casio site for easier reading. I live in eastern Washington, and leaving the watch on a windowsill has resulted in it syncing with the clock in Denver every night. It also automatically adjusted for DST, which just happened. The small windows are very easy to read, except at night as they aren't illuminated very well by the light. Easy to set, and once you learn the processes, the functions are easy to access and use. The resin/rubber bumpers extend above the height of the crystal which should reduce bangs and scratches a bit.

If you are looking for a rugged analog watch with some other cool features like multi alarms, easy to change time zones, etc., this is worth a look.
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on July 7, 2014
My new favorite watch! Bought for a weekend beater, but I really like it.

Along with being light, it's not a large as some G-Shocks. With the crystal set below the stainless which is set below the resin case/bezel, brushing against things can't touch the crystal.

As others have mentioned, the digital subdials are unreadable in the dark as the light does not illuminate them at all. In my case, that's OK. In others, I'm sure it's a deal breaker.

The solar and atomic features are absolutely unnecessary, but I'm a gadget guy, so they were worth paying extra. Otherwise, a lesser model would have been a better choice for me.

Considering I was looking at some very expensive watches, and could not justify them, this is a great, cheap substitute... and a nice addition to my other 7 watches.
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on August 6, 2016
Too early to say how durable, but overall, a nice watch.

- Nice looking, reasonably compact
- Lots of features for the price
- User interface is enhanced by taking advantage of the three digital displays to show modes and settings
- Wave-ceptor is a great feature. The time is always accurate.
- Solar also great. No need to hassle with battery replacement and compromise water resistance.

- Digital displays too small for my old eyes.
- No second hand. I knew, but hoped digital was readable. Will be difficult to use for taking vital signs.
- Difficult to see minute hand in the dark.

I have had several Casio Wave-ceptor/ solar watches. They have lasted well beyond the warranty period, but they don't last forever. Hoping the G-shock is more durable.
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on February 10, 2015
Got the watch few days ago and is already my everyday watch. Easy to set up, easy to read and feels tough.
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