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on March 20, 2016
I'm happy with my purchase. My main concern was how the rose gold finish might look cheap in person but the quality of the material doesn't look or feel cheap at all. I also have the cheap black Casio watch I got for $10 but the light is so cheap I can't read the time with it at all so I was worried that the backlight would light up the screen poorly but it doesn't. The beep sounds pleasant. Overall it's a great product for its price (so thank you!) I would definitely recommend :)
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on July 21, 2017
I've only had this watch for about two weeks and while I was putting it on this morning it broke. I'm very disappointed. It's such a beautiful watch but I expected it to be better quality.
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on October 4, 2015
Pretty color, light weight, comfortable. Easy controls to manipulate. Clap is adjustable to fit your wrist. Quick delivery, received in 1 week. Highly recommend.
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on November 5, 2016
lightweight, easy to read, understated and yet stylish. I got this for my wife. She is a dentist and has been wearing my casio GWM5600-1 which is the ultimate beater watch. I have owned the GWM5600-1 for the past 8 years and I went scuba diving, rock climbing, swimming and played all sorts of sports that would ruin a watch. After going through 3 bands, the watch is still going strong as ever! Anyways let me focus, my wife needs a watch that has multiple functions like my GWM, such as timer, stop watch, alarm for her job (timing pouring casts in dental stone, waiting time after numbing a patient up, alarm for her big procedures and allow her to keep on schedule) and of course look girly. This is a home run. Everything about this watch is made with function in mind first and foremost. The display is clear with time (24hr display optional, yes we are navy proud), date and day. The buttons are standard casio with timer, stopwatch and alarms. Gold would be too flashy for her but the rose gold / copper is perfect. Strong buy!
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on November 22, 2012
The "B640W" series is not too well known, perhaps b/c they are relatively new. It's a line of retro-esque Casio watches added to the collection around March 2012. There are different colors available (google "Casio B640" and you'll see the lineup) and not all colors are available in all regions of the world. I have the black on black version w/ negative display (it looks amazing btw) and the official model name is "B640WB-1BJF" (tho the back plate just says B640W), which is the Japanese model name (I got it in Japan) but the same watch in Europe is "B640WB-1BEF"... notice the difference in the "J" and "E" in the model name to denote region.

The description of this particular model, B640WC-5A, says "Men's Bronze Rose Digital Retro Stainless Steel Watch"... I question the "Men's" part (I'm a dude) b/c I don't think I would personally wear this colored watch but I can see hipsters sporting it. It's really a beautiful color not seen in other Casio watches and the description of bronze/rose is correct. I think this watch would be more popular among the female fashionista crowd... and I will say, when my stylistic female friends saw pictures of this, they fell in love with the color. With their backing, I was confident enough to pick up 2 of the bronze/rose ones for my sisters as Christmas gifts. Unlike the black version, this color IS available in the US. I paid around $35, which is about half the price of what I paid for the black/black one in Japan. It's not as cheap as the ever-popular A158/A168/A178 silver versions but the price is right in line with the gold A168 (which used to be readily avail for less than $25, then climbed up to $35, and now north of $50...sigh...)and since I think the bronze/rose color is a "special" color, I think $35 is justified. Actually it's not a bad price. Also, unlike A158/A168/A178, it looks and feels more expensive and you certainly won't be finding them at your local Walmart/Target like you do with A158/A168. B640W is also available in the standard silver version (B640WD-1A) but IMO, looks rather bland and doesn't differentiate itself enough from A158/A168. Definitely stick with the special colored versions if you can find them.

As with many other retro Casio watches, the band is stainless steel (good) but the watch housing is plastic (bad). Oh well, I don't think we'll be seeing all stainless retro watches of the vintage 80s originals anytime soon.

Word is that the watch functionality itself is exactly the same as the venerable and iconic G-Shock DW-5600. I like that while in stopwatch and timer mode, you can actually see the time of day in the top right corner. What is missing that I would have liked is dual time. A178 has it and I love it. Wish all watches had world time or at least dual time. One thing I noticed was that the watch face and the housing's plastic is easy to scratch. I have A168 and A178 and the watch face remains scratchless. I now have 2 small scratches on the B640W watch face and I don't know where they came from. Hmmmm....

If you're interested in the B640W, go ahead and pick one up now. I'm not sure whether this is a permanent collection or a limited release. I would guess the latter.

[Update] There seems to be some questions about the size of this watch. If you're are guy and used to "guy's" watches, it may feel small at first. This watch is about the same size as other retro-styled, long-running, Casio watches such as A158 and A168.

[Update2, 4/2013] As suspected, looks like B640W is sadly no longer avail for sale in the US. A browse thru the Casio US webpage no longer displays the watch.

[Update3, 7/1/2015] If you search for this watch on Amazon, the model that you'll see is B640WC-5AEF. I think this is the model intended for Europe. Unfortunately, the one for the US market, B640WC-5A, is no longer available and it seems Casio does not officially sell this watch for the US market anymore. When I ordered the B640WC-5A before, it came in a nice hard plastic case with a clear front cover. When I ordered B640WC-5AEF from an Amazon reseller, although I got the same watch, the watch was delivered as just the watch with an instruction booklet (no box!), which was disappointing b/c it makes it difficult, if not impossible to give it as a gift. I had a spare paper Casio box from my other purchases (I've bought many retro Casios in the past) so I used the box on that and gave it away as a gift. Just be warned.
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on January 12, 2015
This watch is very nice. The only probably I have that iris too big. I will have to take some links out.
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on December 19, 2015
Super pretty watch!!!! It's simple, but fancy and cute.
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on December 9, 2013
I am a nurse and am very picky about my watch. My laundry list of musts: waterproof/ resistant, durable, sanitizable, have the day of the week, month and day, show seconds, have a light, 24 hour clock ("military time") and affordable. And cute would be nice too but definitely an afterthought. This watch is all of that! Perfection! I have gotten so many compliments too thanks to the retro styling and the unique rose gold tone. Only had it for a month so I will need to update but so far, so good and my previous Casio watch was the most durable watch I have ever owned.

I have bought multiple timex watches in my 3 yr nursing career and have had so many issues. The metal band ones that were "water resistant" both got water in them and stopped working. The sporty-rubbery ones (all three) the band eventually snapped at the point of the fastener due to frequent bending and the styles now (with the band and watch face all one piece) don't allow for band replacement. The Velcro-type styles and leather cannot be sanitized with alcohol- gross! And none of them were as cute as my new Casio.
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on October 9, 2017
This is my second time purchasing a rose gold Casio!!! I’m so obsessed with this watch. The first one I bought having for almost 2 years was finally fading a little due to the fact I was using it every single day and I work at a vet so due to cleaning/sterilizing sprays, I figured it was the reason for it fading a little. I’ve gotten so much compliments with this watch and been asked where I got it from.
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on December 7, 2016
Very uncomfortable, pulled at the hairs on my arms- and I'm not even a hairy person! Customer service was awesome to deal with though! Returned with no problems.
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