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on March 4, 2015
I purchased this watch to replace a cheap Casio digital watch. I chose this watch for the following reasons: (1) It is a Casio. I had a Casio digital watch which I kept well over 10 years with no problems whatsoever. The battery finally died and I had local jeweler replace it for $20. Subsequently, water got inside the watch and it was ruined. There is a reason Casio recommends letting them replace the battery. I replaced it with the cheap watch and the band broke. Therefore, I wanted to upgrade to a better, more durable watch (2) It has an analog display which I prefer for telling time. And it also has the digital functions. (3) It is stainless steel, a material which is very attractive and should be tough and durable. (4) It is solar powered which means no more battery replacements. I plan to keep this watch a long time. (5) It is radio controlled. I love having a watch that always has the correct time. The only night it failed to reset was when I placed it on my night stand beside a metal lamp with the case open (which is not recommended). Now at nighttime I keep the watch in its case (closed) in a dresser drawer. It has never failed to reset. So, find a spot that works and you should never have a problem. (6) It is a beautiful watch which I am proud to wear.

This watch has met all my expectations. I absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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on May 15, 2016
Any watch I was going to get after being wristwatch-less for more than a decade had to balance these qualities:

1. Look decent in any clothes and conditions
2. Never need maintenance
3. Be accurate

Casio's offers in the Wave Ceptor line were attractive to me due to their synchronization with atomic clocks and solar powered functionality, but every model I found available domestically didn't look quite right, and had reported build problems. Happily on this site, you're also offered the option of buying imports; these can be better built, and appear nicer sometimes than their USA equivalents. This particular model looks classy and understated, has an analog dial with Arabic numerals which is my preference, and subtle digital readouts. Once you familiarize yourself with the downloadable English instructions, you'll see that operating the watch and getting it to synch is extremely simple. Two things you can do easily once you get this, if you read how, are switch to English on the watch, and disable the annoying beep tones when buttons are pressed.

My only nitpicks about it so far, and these are not enough to deduct any stars, are:

1. The cutout digital portion makes the 5 6 and 7 numbers on the dial gone or truncated; this is not something I care about very much but I can't understand why Casio didn't move the readout up a bit more centrally.

2. The orange illumination light for use in the dark of the digital functions isn't very bright and you can't use any other buttons for operation while pressing it. I don't have to use this function much if at all, so also not a big bother. I like the glow-in-the-dark hands, which I didn't realize when ordering it had and are probably a very standard feature nowadays.

Standard digital watch features like alarms, countdown timers, and stopwatch are also included, but in the age of the smartphone I wouldn't use these much if at all. But it is nice to not have to rely on the phone for timekeeping anymore. The water-resistance is supposedly good enough for a sink or standard-depth pool, but I wouldn't try to test this myself.

So the watch looks good, is solidly built with some stainless steel components, and is as far as I can tell accurate to the second. It does need a very clear line of sight to get its atomic synch signal at night, but I have a feeling it could stand to not need this each and every night and you always have the option of removing the watch from your wrist and doing the synch manually as well, which can take up to 16 minutes depending on conditions.

I wanted a wristwatch that could potentially last for the rest of my life, short of upgrading, losing or breaking the thing outright. I think I may have found it, at last, and at a reasonable price.
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on May 1, 2016
I had a different model of Waveceptor for a number of years. I was looking for one that had the Arabic numerals similar to the old one. The only issue with that one was changing batteries and the buttons eventually sticking and failing, especially the ones that would get activated when my wrist was bent.

This watch has the features I was looking for: Arabic numerals, solar powered and the buttons have some guarding from accidental pushes due to the contours of the case. The display is a little larger than my old one (which is fine), the numbers are a little more gray-ish than they appear in the photos. It is pretty dressy looking,

It was fairly straightforward to set the language to English and the correct time zone. I left it overnight and the next day the DST had also been taken into effect (auto DST was enabled).

As others have noted, the watch band is pretty easy to set. The metal strip that goes into the latching portion of the clasp with the release buttons is hinged at the latch and can easily be flipped outward (away from your wrist if you are wearing it). I don't have any issue with the few extra links being on the inside of the strap, and it hasn't slid. According to the picture instructions you should be able to see a link joint in a small window on the side of the latch when you lock in your adjustment. This has moved slightly, less than half a link, but is not enough to get real loose or real tight.

I like having the world time as well, on a recent trip I left the analog face in my home time zone and set the world time to where I was traveling and displayed that instead of my normal preference of day/date.

I know many people use their phones as their clock, and I use my phone for alarms, but to just keep track of time accurately without needing all of the other smartwatch features, this watch is perfect.
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on April 10, 2016
This is a very nice watch. The style of the watch face is conservative and (relatively) elegant, and the metal housing and watchband is very durable. The watchband is easily adjustable (see below), with a mechanism that does not require removal of watchband segments. This is a little odd at first, but works actually quite well. The watch is a solar-powered Wave Ceptor model which means that it literally doesn't require ANY maintenance other than setting the time zone (I know this from personal experience with another Wave Ceptor solar watch from Casio).

The most important feature of this watch is that the time is easily read, without distracting dials or other display elements. All time and date display functions are similar to other Casio watches, as are the stopwatch functions. The countdown timer is rudimentary, as one can adjust it only in 1-minute increments (it is, for instance, not possible to countdown from 1:30 minutes!). The watch has a generous 5 different alarms whose time can be separately set. My other Wave Ceptor watch has one useful 'snooze' alarm timer which beeps in ten minute intervals until it is disabled. This feature is not found on the current watch. In daily use, stopwatch, countdown timer and alarm functions are not really very important, however. This watch fulfills expectations where it counts, that is, displaying the accurate time, always.

The watch is imported from Japan, and comes with Japanese instructions only. Even if you don't understand Japanese, the picture instructions are helpful when trying to figure out how to adjust the watchband. For the watch module itself, however, it is useful to download the English instruction manual ( Among many other instructions, this includes the steps to change the display language to English.
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on February 19, 2015
As long as you understand what you are buying, this is a great watch at a bargain price. Understand, however, you are buying a gray market item not intended for distribution in the U.S. and not warranted by the manufacturer.

What does this mean? The documentation that comes with the watch is printed in Japanese only and you will have to download the English manual PDF file from Casio's website. If you choose the day and date option to display in the digital window, the month will be represented by a Japanese character and the date will be and Arabic numeral until you change the settings in the setup menu. I have no reason to think that the warranty offered by the importer or distributor is inadequate in any way. And, I am not too concerned about needing service during the warranty period on a Casio watch. It appears to me the price on this gray market item is $60 less than the comparable Casio through the regular distribution channel.

This is at least my third Casio watch and the previous ones have been excellent. The buttons on this one are much easier to press and the menu system seems friendlier and easier to use. It may have fewer superfluous functions. This watch also syncs to the atomic clock MUCH more reliably. I live right on the east coast and it syncs first time every night just lying on the dresser. It syncs even when an atomic Seiko desk clock sitting on the dresser fails to do so, as it sometimes does because of atmospheric conditions
In short, I am pleased with the watch and tickled with my purchase and recommend this Casio watch!.
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on October 27, 2015
Excellent watch. I had previously purchased the same watch with a slightly different style face (no numbers), and I liked it so much I bought another one for more "casual" wear so I don't scratch up the one I use for work. No problem syncing with the time signal, although it doesn't get it every night. But I keep it on a dresser on an inside wall, so I'm sure if I had it closer to a window it would even do better. But it rarely goes more than 2 or 3 days without syncing, and in that time it might gain 2 or 3 seconds, which is corrects the next time it syncs. The better is able to top itself off with just normal wear in the office and at home, so battery life is never going to be a problem. I make a lot of use of the countdown timer, and a lot of digital watches don't have that now. The settings do work a little differently than some of my other Casio watches because it only has 3 buttons instead of 4, but its easy enough to master. My only complaint is with the band, which I do not like at all and had to change. A lot of people like it because it adjusts without having to take off any links, but the downside to that is that the links you don't need just slide inside the outer layer of the band, which makes it thicker in that area. I have small wrists, so I have 5 or 6 links going underneath. I find it uncomfortable. Lucky for me I have purchased Casio watches for many years, and I had some old metal bands that fit my hand better and, while slightly narrower than this band, is close enough for me to use. But that is my only negative comments. The watch looks great, keeps great time, and has all the functions I need plus the dressier look of an analog watch. Highly recommended.
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on June 22, 2014
The watch does what it says in its description. It is very light. It is not easy to set up without manual, however once you locate online English instructions you will have to do it just once. If it does not break, it should last for many years showing perfect time without need to adjust anything (e.g. perpetual calendar). Luminous hands plus LED light add to its versatility.
This is an inexpensive, practical and accurate watch for daily use.
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on July 15, 2015
This Wave Ceptor is a big improvement over the Wave Septor that I bought 7-8 years ago--and that was a formidable watch that I wanted to replace only because it was starting to show its age. Significant improvements: the easy-to-adjust band; the cleaner face with real numerals; the larger face without having a larger case; solar powered vs. battery powered; more intuitive controls; a better stopwatch display; and better overall looks. Of all of the thousands of men's watches on Amazon, this was the only one that I found that had a easy-to-read digital stopwatch on an analog watch face. It looks more mature than those watches with three little dials all contained within the main watch dial. The time synchronization seems to work better than the older model also. The fact that this model was made for sale in Japan is a big "so what?". It's easy to download the English manual, and changing the language on the day-of-the-week indicator is a snap. After doing so, however, I find that I seldom have the day/date display showing anyway. I usually have the stopwatch function selected, so the digital readout just shows 00:00 unless I am timing something. I have several watches, and most of them cost more than this Casio, but I've worn only this watch since I received it. It's that good.
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on April 5, 2017
Don't care for the adjustable band so replaced it with a NATO strap. The retaining bars are tight on a NATO strap so you won't be able to change them out easily but if you're comfortable with one strap it works great. I have three of these Japanese waveceptors in blue, white, and black. I use them when travelling because they can show me my home time zone on the face and if you lose them they don't cost too much to replace.
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on August 6, 2016
This is the third Wave Cepor I've owned. They are great watches. I am very hard on watches and these hold up well. Their biggest weak point for me is the bands. That's why I order the watches with metal bands now. They last. Even on the watches I've owned that had the plastic bands the watch never quit, just the bands.
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