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on March 10, 2015
I have had many Casio's over the years, usually much cheaper than this one. But I wanted something a little nicer to wear at work while still having the capabilities of a digital watch, and this definitely fit the bill. It has the appearance of a nice dress watch while still giving me all the functions that I like on the digital watches, such as alarms, countdown timer, world time, etc. Unlike a lot of my other Casios with metal bands, this one has stainless throughout instead of some plastic made to look like stainless, which inevitably gets scratched and starts to lose it stainless look. The watch functions are well thought out. I like the fact that I can check to see when it last synced with the atomic clock. It goes into a sleep mode and night and then catches up with the exact time in the morning. So far I have worn the watch under my sleeve and the battery, while not always full, is still at the "mid" charge stage, so it looks like I won't have to go out of my way to keep the solar battery charged.

My only complaint has to do with the band. It is an unusual band in that it can be sized without taking out links. It is easy to do, but it does this by sliding the excess band under the other part of the band. If you have relatively small wrists, as I do, there is a fairly large section of links underneath, so the band does not fit flat like other bands. If you have a large wrist it may not be an issue, but I didn't like it. I took a metal band off one of my other Casio watches and used that instead, and it was fine, even though it was slightly narrower than the one that came with the watch. I would have preferred that they use the regular band with the removable links. They are usually easy enough to adjust, and you typically are only doing that once. The band sits much better without that large section tucked underneath.

But even if I had to go out and buy a different band this watch is still a great buy, and I am very happy with it.
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on September 16, 2015
I had an earlier version of Casio ceptor wave with solar charging and it was a good watch. But the rubber wrist band only lasted a couple years. So when it broke instead of going for another $10 band, I bought this new model. The metal band is so much better and has a method of using the clip to adjust the length of the band that is quite clever. No more removing links! The LCD display is larger and easy to read. An improvement that is so nice is the LED light for night reading of the dial is bright and works very well. The luminescent dials generally don't need the LED but it is there. Over all a very nice watch. The lens is elevated above the case which is risky for scratches. After a couple weeks no scratches though. Not sure of the lens material so I have ordered (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BUJ350C/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_10) lens cover. It is the 32 mm size and It is not here yet so I don't know if it is perfect fit but if not, I will post additional info. If you want a functional watch that is easy to read and accurate, with no maintenance issues go for it.
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on June 10, 2016
This watch is great, it has all features that I need: Solar and atomic time keeping via radio signal. It has the looks so that it can double as both a casual every day and dress/going out watch. If you have used the G-Shock Solar - Atomic watches, the learning curve on this one is similiar but not that difficult. But to get it just right, the manual helps out a lot; [...]. I will say it did take a day or two for the watch to get the signal once it was set to its home city and as long as it is by a window on a night stand, for example. The feature set is similiar to the Casio MTGM900DA-8 minus the G-Shock portion, which is a really good watch as well.
Overall, it looks great, works great and it keeps time very accurately. If my other two atomic watches from Casio are any indication, this watch will last awhile.
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on April 26, 2016
Ordering this watch(about I month ago) with two day delivery was a breeze and tracking was good. Packaging was fine and it arrived in perfect, brand-new condition. Had it charged in less than 1 1/2 hrs. It synched automatically with WWV/Ft. Collins on the second try that night and has not missed a second since.

I liked the Casio LCW-M170TD so much that I wanted a very similar, but less expensive watch for everyday use. I have to admit that using a watch that is deadly accurate, reasonably sized, has a perpetual calendar and never needs a battery, sort of grows on U(or on me, at least). Having a dark blue dial, the WVA-M360 may even be a bit more attractive. Comparing dimensions, U might think it is larger, but, because of subtle differences in the case, ie., having the control buttons molded into the case, there is no detectable difference when worn. This one is almost 1mm thicker, but I cannot tell the difference. It has the same three button 5161 module, so, dumb me did not have to spend any time learning how to synch it to the New York(NYC) time zone and converting to English in the digital window. (Speaking of which, the large, digital windows on these two Casios are the best of the many watches I own.)

Yes, it is metal and, after reading some reviews of similar bands, was able to make sense out of the small, separate instruction sheet in Japanese--the secret is in the middle diagram. I successfully got it adjusted to my small wrist. However, the arrangement of the clasp mechanism and excess 4 link overlap inside the band and clasp extends 3 layers of metal 1/2 way up the outside of my wrist. It is heavy, thick, dangles and is downright uncomfortable. Needless to say, I have ordered a different band. I gave the 5 Star rating to the watch, not the bracelet band. I would rate it about (-)1 Stars.

Admittedly, the bottom portion of the M360 case is plastic(not titanium), which U cannot detect without very close examination and the crystal is not non-glare sapphire, but, if you want to save about $150 and have a handsome, comfortable sized, super accurate watch, this one is for U.

Addendum: After using for about 6 weeks-this may be the best watch buy on Amazon
Addendum: After nearly 3 months, this has become my day-to-day watch. During that period, it has failed to synch with Ft.Collins only twice. Needless to say, I'm very pleased.
Addendum: Happy to report that watch looks great and is functioning perfectly at one year.
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on April 5, 2015
Best watch ever! I've had a slightly older WVA-470 model Wave Ceptor for about 5 years now - A+ on that one as well. But Casio has made a few changes in this 630 model that I like better:

1) The 3-button design vs. the 4-button is simpler & more intuitive. It's easier to remember how to do all the things your watch can do. With the 470 Wave Ceptor, I found myself having to look back at the manual on occasion. The 630 digital design & menu structure is simpler & easier to understand & remember.

2) The LED light illuminates the whole face, not just the digital window.

3) The 630 has a countdown timer that the 470 didn't. I find the countdown timer very useful when you have a pizza in the oven that you don't want to forget about & burn, or clothes in the dryer that you don't want to sit too long & wrinkle.

4) The band has a standard lug size & connection to the watch. The black resin band on my 470 has held up well for 5 years, but it always bothered me that, if I ever needed a replacement, I would have to special order a band specifically for that Casio watch. With this 630, any standard/generic 20 mm watch band will work, if/when the time comes for a new band.

5) But I'm not complaining about the 630's band. It has a clamping/locking mechanism that allows you to quickly adjust the size - and you can make very minor loosening/tightening tweaks, too. No more getting the mini screw driver set or taking out links. In less that 10 seconds, you can take the watch off, loosen or tighten the fit, & have it back on your wrist. For me, this feature is wonderful. I like my watch to fit just right. My wrist swells or contracts depending on if I'm hot or cold, or if I'm exercising. Now I can quick adjust my watch fit perfectly at any time, on the fly, with no tools.

Other than those differences, my new 630 has all the great features & benefits of my older 470 Wave Ceptor - the reasons I got a Wave Ceptor in the first place. Atomic time keeping, solar power, & all the digital features is a beautiful, elegant, yet simple analog watch.

I have heard complaints about picking up the radio signal from Fort Collins, Colorado, complaints which I think are partially warranted - depending on your location, obstructions, & the time of day. But I'm in central Florida, & I got in the habit of placing my watch in a window sill on the northwest side of my house at night (in the general direction of Fort Collins). I have never had trouble picking up the nightly automatic receive/update signal. I have tried a manual update, outside with no obstructions, during the middle of the day - it failed, so the time of day does matter for the low frequency signal.

In summary: In my opinion, you can't go wrong with this WVA-M630D-2AJF Wave Ceptor. The features are an improvement over the older WVA-470. I was partial to the dark blue face, but I have seen another model with a black face, & another with a white face. If you get one, like me, I think you will rest assured, knowing that you have one of the most complex, yet simple & beautiful (not gaudy), time pieces on your wrist as you face the challenges of your day.
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on April 28, 2017
I had trouble getting the watch set for my time zone, but after looking at the Japanese manual's pictures I figured it out and even stumbled onto correct settings' I'm kind of stubborn about reading directions. Now it's synced beautifully with my other Casio wave ceptor. I just leave it on the stand in my west-facing bedroom and no problem. After letting it sit in the sunshine for a few hours it seems to hold the HIGH setting just fine.
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on October 17, 2015
This is an excellent time piece. Neatly manufacturer packed. It needs a little patience to setup / do adjustment because it comes with Japanese Kanji characters instruction manual. This did not let me down, I went to CASIO.com and click the country (North America - USA). Click "watches", manuals, enter the number indicated at the back of the watch (in my case 5161). Download the manual in PDF format. On the manual there is no instruction on adjusting the band. Unroll one of the included papers and you will find an instruction to adjust the length of the band. It is not in English, but the diagrams are not hard to follow. It works properly the morning following the overnight auto adjustment of the time after it connects with WWV transmitter in Fort Collins Colorado. This watch meets my main purpose, faithfully showing correct time and day date. The look is good to represent the user. I highly recommend this watch to those who prefer functionality over expensive brand names.
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on October 14, 2015
I have owned an older version of this watch for a long time. I some how lost my old friend ( I think the band finally broke). This is an upgraded version that performs very well for me. Clear , easy to read dial. The functions I wanted like Solar power ( has always worked beautifully) also the Atomic auto set is a must. Well constructed, nice features and accurate - the band is different from the old one but is much easier to shorten or lengthen and the increased " bulk" of the remaining links are not a problem. From my past experience with this watch it is the best !! You won't go wrong with this one !
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on August 14, 2017
I REALLY like this watch. I was looking for something with a classy, analog look but with digital features including BOTH timer and alarms, and this is one of the few I found at any price that met those criteria. The fact that it's solar powered and automatically syncs to a standard clock is just an added bonus. I puzzled over how to adjust the band for quite a while. I searched the web and found lots of instructions that were not appropriate for this band. The trick is that the spring-loaded bar that you squeeze to release the clasp is the starting point for adjusting the band. Use a tool to squeeze the bar extra far; then lift the bar out. At that point, you're able to move things around. I bought this watch to replace a geeky-looking 15-year-old Casio (which amazingly, still works), and so far, this one exceeds expectations.
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on October 28, 2016
I love these watches. I own three of the Casio Japanese models, a white one, a blue one, and a black one. I don't care for the one size fits all band that it comes with so I replaced it with a Nato band. The space between the springbar and the body is really narrow so I don't switch out the Nato bands, but instead consider it a permanent band. A ballistics rip stop Nato band probably would be too thick, but mine is an inexpensive band. My everyday watch is a Grovana automatic, but I wear my three Casios when my wife or I travel abroad (set alternate time zone in the widow). With the different colored faces and Nato bands you can coordinate with a lot of different colors and styles, all for about $350. In the end, while the features are great, it's still pretty lightweight watch (I do wish a finer watchmaker would make an ana-digi, solar, atomic). All in all however, great job and great value Casio!
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