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on November 11, 2015
For what I needed and wanted, this watch was perfect. Inexpensive, durable, waterproof, easy to read time and date, alarm, hourly time signal, timer, and stopwatch.

I also own a Casio GA-150, so for people who also own Casio watches that are similar, here are some differences:
-This watch, the DW-6900, doesn't have a world clock

-It only has 1 alarm, whereas my other Casio has 5

-When changing something, like setting the time or setting an alarm or timer, there is no "reverse button". So with my other Casio, if I'm changing an alarm from 6:30 to 6:15 I can hit the reverse button and go backwards. With this watch, I have to hit forward and go past the :59 minute mark to start back at :00 again, and then keep pressing it up to :15.

-When the alarm goes off, this watch beeps 20 times, and my other watch beeps 10 times. However, when the timer goes off it beeps 10 times.

-When you switch modes, you don't have to cycle through all of the modes to get back to the default timekeeping mode. So for example, if I switch modes from timekeeping to the alarm, and adjust settings in alarm mode, then push the mode button again after I'm done setting the alarm, it will jump back to timekeeping and skip the other modes that come after alarm like timer and stopwatch. But if I press the mode button fairly quickly then it will take me to each mode. My other watch doesn't do this, but it's a feature I like.

-I'm not sure if this differs from other Casio watches, but you cannot use the light while adjust settings, so setting an alarm in the dark can be difficult. I've found I have to remember what the current alarm is set for, and then hit the adjust button and set the alarm by counting, and when I'm done hit the light button again to see if I did it correctly. This is a bit disappointing. Also, pressing any button will turn off the light instantly. However, you can use the light while in stopwatch mode, but pressing start or stop turns off the light early.

-The watch band clasp is plastic, and not metal like my other Casio. I'd prefer metal but I have not had a single issue.

-Lastly, I've noticed this watch is a bit smaller than the analog watches that Casio makes.

This isn't an elegant watch and it isn't really attractive, but you'll never worry about breaking it or scratching it at all.

Update: As of 7/6/17 the watch still works perfectly and it has survived a few mountains, lakes, and the ocean.
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on March 30, 2017
Another classic G-Shock from Casio. The DW-6600 was the watch that started the G-shock craze in the early 1990's. I remember how popular the 6600 was back in the day, in the mid 90's Casio updated the 6600 to the current DW-6900 changing the face of the watch along with a few other changes to the watches functions. On the surface this watch has a look thats aged very well. Its a design that's over 20 years old but you would never know that. The watch wears well on the wrist and is noticeably larger then the DW-5600. This is a basic G-Shock which means its a no frills watch that can take a serious beating and not show any signs of abuse for years. The display is easy to read and the buttons are easy to find and press. The watches EL back light is super bright and makes telling time at night a breeze. The stock photo of this watch should really be updated since the watches color scheme doesn't look like that at all. There's plenty of photo's from other reviewers and online with accurate representations of this watch. Amazon should really update the photo.

Overall if your in the market for a basic G-Shock that's a good fit between large and small then try this watch out or its higher end brother the GW-6900. Both are great time peaces.
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on April 8, 2017
A man's watch: incredible, inexpensive, and durable. It's a waterproof masterpiece. It doesn't have too many extra features, which makes it that much more alluring. This simple wristwatch has been worn by military, divers, law enforcement, and civilians with good taste. It is simple, rugged, and looks good on the wrist. The wristwatch pictured now seems to reflect the correct colors. The watch is large, but not as large as other G-Shocks. Do not worry, this watch is a man's watch, and is well made. I have only had this watch a few days, but I am purchasing another to have as a back up. I would wear this with a tuxedo or suit, because a man that wears a G-Shock is usually the type of guy that cares less about social normalties. The clasp is black plastic, and this actually made me hesitate before buying it, but be assured, this watch is a tank. Lightweight, large, and masculine. The backlight alone is worth the money, with an electric teal coloring. As of this moment, I can't imagine it coming off of my wrist except for showering, so I can wash my wrist. Good luck finding another watch like this for under $50. It's a millionaire's watch. It’s the best value ever.
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I wanted a watch that looked decent, was easy to read and could take a beating. This is it. There are of course a list of functions it doesn't have that higher end G-Shocks have like multiple timers, atomic time keeping, thermometers, barometers, butlers and robot builders but that's exactly why I love this watch; it tells the time and date, has a stop watch and a timer. It's water proof to a depth greater than that which I can swim, looks good and is tougher than grandma's feet (she's a professional fire walker). If you want a watch that does the basic job of a watch, has the good looks of a young Brat Pack member doing it and does it with the ruggedness of that guy from the Dr Pepper 10 commercials, than this is that watch. Just buy it already, stop reading reviews and watching videos of this watch (who does that anyway) and hit the purchase button. You can thank me later.
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on March 19, 2018
I was looking for a watch to bring on vacation that I wouldn't need to worry about taking off to hit the beach or pool. My old, first-gen G-Shock, which was over a decade old at this point, was on its last legs. I picked this up off Amazon and am thrilled with the purchase. I really enjoy the updated styling from my original model. It's slightly bulky -- the watch head is somewhere between a quarter to a half an inch in height, which definitely is raised off your wrist. But, this is a G-Shock, you know (and are probably looking for!) that chunky style. I will say, the watch band is extremely comfortable -- much better than my older model -- and the watch itself is so light that you forget that you're wearing it. It looks great too. I picked it up for $40, at that price it's a veritable steal. Assuming it's as indestructible and impervious to the elements as my last G Shock, I expect to be loving this watch for years to come. There are other G Shock models available for more money, but why would you spend more?
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Top Contributor: Campingon September 13, 2015
This is the very watch that started the G Shock craze some 25 years ago for me. I first bought it when stationed at Ft. Bragg NC Home of the 82nd Airborne Division in 1990. This watch easily survived all of the field duty, airborne operations, and even an extended stay in Saudi Arabia & Iraq late fall of 90' through the Spring of 91'. It performed like a charm.

I have purchased plenty of different G Shock models over the years for myself and loved ones, and never experienced any displeasure with a purchase. This great watch still maintains great build quality, comfortable wrist feel, and a handsome timeless design. I expect it to last for years to come.

**I did notice that the clasp is now a light plastic instead of the metal one of old. Also, the wrist band is much more narrow than the one on the original version of this watch as well.

If you ever thought of owning a G Shock watch, then this classic G is the one that I would purchase if I were you. There is not a lot of unnecessary fluff around this watch just dependable ruggedness and performance dependability.

I recommend this product.
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on May 15, 2018
Things I like -
The size is right, not too big and not too small.
Great price on Amazon ($44.95), Casio's website and other retailers list this watch at $79.95.
This is an authentic Casio G-Shock; many of the negative reviewers on this watch claim they received fakes.
Comfortable to wear; I can leave the strap a little loose on my wrist and the watch stays in place, doesn't slide up/down or around.
Functions are easy to use; the manual that comes with the watch contains good descriptions of how to set and use the functions.
The display is easy to read.
I like the appearance of the watch.

What I don't like -
The ADJUST button is flush with the case and is difficult to activate, but it can be done with a fingernail (unless you bite them down to the nubs).

One other thing - I registered my watch on the Casio website and received an extra year of warranty. Since I bought this watch directly from and not a third party seller through Amazon, it came with Casio's 1-yr warranty, so now it has a 2-yr factory warranty.
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on March 30, 2017
This is the watch to get. I just returned the GD100 due to poor visibility of the digital numerals (although I really liked the way the piece looked overall). The slight drawback here with this DW6900 is that its smaller in size but its far more visible in terms of the numbers on the screen. I was reading various reviews and options on all these different G' Shock models etc etc and what I realized is that ultimately I just needed a basic, visible, functioning digital watch and this is what this is. This is a nice looking watch to along with the classic casio rivetted band. The glow-light is perfect. One feature that is really sweet is that when you have the 'stop watch' going the regular time is still displayed right above it...
The alarm is standard. I recommend this watch to anybody that wants a tough, basic, reliable watch. This is the Toyota Tacoma of digital watches.
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on July 17, 2017
This watch is exactly as described online and shown in the photos. It is true black, not gray or blue or some other color. I love the way it looks. I also really like the indigo light, that is very easy to operate (though the duration of the light after you press the button is next to nothing unless you just keep your finger on the button). It is a simple, straightforward watch built to go everywhere. I have small wrists for a guy, but the watch doesn't look like I am wearing a clock on my wrist! (like some other watches out there) I love it! It is too casual for me to where to work, but I will enjoy wearing it on the weekends!
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on November 21, 2014
I came across the G-Shock watches in the 1990's. The main reason I like them is that they keep time well (time offset is about 2 seconds a month), has a mineral crystal, and the rugged case is raised above the crystal to prevent it from smashing into things -- like when playing sports or moving around heavy equipment. The water resistance is good and I have swam around in the ocean with these watches to no ill effect.

Eventually they wear out on me after about 5 to 7 years -- mostly the case (a rubber like material) starts to fall apart. This is an everyday watch when I'm not dressing up, so it gets a lot of use.

Some G-Shock watches have a lot of nonsense in the digital display. This watch seems to have the least nonsense and that's why I bought this particular G-Shock.
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