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on July 13, 2014
Battery report:

Battery started showing end-of-life at 3 years 7 months. This was with frequent wear but very little use of backlight or alarm.
As an experiment, after the battery started showing weakness (when the backlight was activated, the display would fade) did not replace it right away. Wanted to see how long it would go on with a very low battery.
One month later, watch still keeping time with legible display except when backlight activated. Even though the display will completely blank out now, it continues to maintain time. This is good to know if you're on a trip or something and you start getting low-battery fadeout that it won't stop working that quickly.
Casio website rates battery at 2 years, but that's with more frequent use of backlight and alarm than I did.

Update: Complete battery failure mid-August. So, total battery life in this case was 3 years 9 months, with 2 months of "warning" from earliest noticed low-power to complete failure.
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on January 21, 2014
I purchased this watch over a year ago and now I think it's a permanent extension of me. I've worn it everyday since it came in the mail. It's sturdy, fits nice, and can take a beating! Even after strenuous activity and lots of sweat, the band never smells. I wear it in the shower with me too because it dries quickly. I only take it off to sleep! I can see me wearing this watch for a LONG time. It's not flashy. Just a well-built, functional watch. If you're a student (which I am), military (which I was), or just a practical guy that doesn't mind having one watch in his watch collection, this will be your "go-to watch" for years to come! Confession: I do own one other watch that is a bit more fancy that I wear for special occasions and dates. But don't tell my G-Shock that!
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on March 24, 2014
There is nothing I don't like about this watch. Great classic style. Easy to read interface which is easy on the eyes. No distractions or extra fluff to make the face unnecessarily busy. One simple feature I find very thoughtful is when you are using the stopwatch or the chronograph the counter appears in the larger space where the time is typically found. However, the time doesn't disappear it is displayed in the field where the date is normally displayed. That way you never have to cycle out of those modes if you need to know the time.
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on August 1, 2014
Even though this is my least expensive watch, it is by far the one I wear the most. It does everything I want from a watch:
1) Easily glance down and see what time it is
2) It is very comfortable on my wrist- no pinching, sits nice, looks appropriate for a man (I'm in my 30's)
3) I like that I can easily see the day of the week and the date

This the watch for people that don't care about impressing others with a ridiculously expensive timepiece, want a durable watch that can go with you out in the elements, and don't want to struggle to tell the time.
Bonus- I like the almost digital-retro style of this watch. I find it pretty awesome.
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on August 11, 2014
Incredibly durable and accurate, with all the time keeping features you'd want. Certified by NASA for use on the International Space Shuttle, I'm told. Battery life is excellent. It's a quartz timepiece, so it keeps time an order of magnitude better than a $10,000 Swiss mechanical.
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on July 19, 2015
I order the Casio DW5600E-1v model watch. I received it in approx. 5 days - very fast delivery. Watch was nicely packed and arrived in new condition.
Now the bad part - I cannot figure out how to set the damn thing. I currently have my 19 yr old Son working on it - he likes digital watches - this is my 1st digital.
If this doesn't work, I will take it to a local Casio AD and PAY them to set the damn thing.

All previously written applies. I like the watch (I am wearing it as I type this) however - It is damned hard to set the time and , so far, impossible, for me to use the extra features - lap timer, stopwatch (maybe they are the same thing?), etc.
Very durable and accurate. Light weight.
I wish it had a deployment clasp type band rather than the simple 'in-in-the-hole' type strap. It is hard for me to easily put it on.
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on December 27, 2013
I've been wearing this watch for a few years now. It has taken a
real beating as I drive for a living and am always clunking it around.
Only thing that is irritating about it is you have to almost look square
into the face to see the numbers. They are very clear, but if viewing
the watch for a quick time check, one finds that the numbers are
not very visible. Yes you just have to turn your wrist a little, but it
is annoying and distracting.

Other than that it's tough as nails and has a nice aqua blue backlight
when a button is pressed. One could a whole lot worse in choosing
a rugged watch.
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on April 15, 2014
I've been a loyal Casio watch wearer since I was given my first one for high school graduation in 1981. I've always loved how they function, and reliability - that's why I've stayed with them all these years, replacing countless bands until the watch was so beat up from me banging them around, I had to retire them.

I've had this version for a year and a half now. What I do like is:

1. The classic, yet rugged style
2. Count down alarm (wouldn't buy one without it - great for parking meters!)
3. Illuminator (sooo much better in darkness than the old Micro Light)
4. Uncluttered dial with large easy to read numbers
5. Heavy duty construction without being huge and easy to catch on a doorway

What I don't care for:

1. Repeat function on count down alarm takes getting used to - seems unnecessary and gets accidentally activated
2. Seems to gain time slowly - never had an accuracy problem with Casios until now
3. LCD is going - Really? I've only had it a year and a half, and the segments on the seconds portion of the main display are
burning out! I guess when Casio started making these in China, quality went with them. This wasn't an expensive watch as
far as G-Shock models go, but it was not a super cheapo basic watch either. Thought G-Shock would stand for a more reliable
version of a watch from a great company, but I guessed wrong. I MAY try another G-Shock model, but if this is a trend, my 32
year loyalty to Casio will be sadly over :-(.


I guess the battery ran out, at least I'm hoping - I tried to turn on the light and the whole display turned off. Usually, Casio OEM batteries last a LITTLE longer,
but can't say I'm surprised. Going to replace the battery and see what happens.

*Update of Update* Yes, it WAS the battery, so now the Illuminator works again! However, it just came down with a fatal problem that none of the cheaper Casio watches I've owned in the last 35 years have had before - the LCD display segments are burning out, making the watch unreadable :-((. Started with the seconds, and now the minute digits. Casio says the entire unit must be replaced for $35, almost the cost of a new watch. C'mon, Casio! This may not be the most expensive G-Shock they make, but it's a lot more than the lower end models I've always owned that NEVER had these problems...loses a minute of time every couple months, and the LCD segments are burning out. Made in China on the back bezel says it all.
review image
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on September 19, 2014
I really liked this watch when I had it. I got mine around 1994. I had it for about ten years, and the mineral glass screen was amazing. This is the same watch that Keanu Reeves is wearing in the movie Speed. That's appropriate because this watch can take a beating. There was not one scratch on the glass after ten years of daily use and abuse. I'm relatively clumsy with my hands and frequently crack my wrist against furniture when walking by. The rubber bezel was a bit worn looking, but not too bad. Now here's the reason I don't still own this watch: the watch bands.
The watch bands don't last forever and are near impossible to replace. The spring pins were very hard to get to with the factory band. I even had a jeweler where I bought the band try for quite a while before being able to replace it. After the third band broke, I lost some love for this watch. It was time to move on. After it was clear that no one wanted to fool with replacing the band, I actually threw it away, still keeping great time on its original "7-year" battery. I now own a different model of G-shock watch, and it looks like the band style has been updated to make it easier to replace.
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on August 6, 2014
I should point out right up front that there is nothing particularly sexy about this watch. I really can't recommend it for wear on a first date. That said, it may help you weed out girls you probably shouldn't be dating anyway? But I digress. Every time I strap this old friend on, it brings back memories of distant lands (and deep sea dives) it's seen me safely to and back again, and I smile. The Casio G-Shock does what it says it does, and keeps on doing it... nothing more, nothing less.

Douglas Adams is rolling over in his grave as I type this (see the first page of his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to understand why) but I LOVE this digital watch! It has literally traveled around the world many times, often well more than 100 feet below the ocean's surface, and keeps on ticking. I was sure all the SCUBA trips and salt water would eventually kill it, but nope, it keeps on ticking. Some of my friends wish they could say that about their expensive dive watches.

As hard as I've indirectly tried to kill this bad boy, I can't. I've considered buying a shiny new one here on Amazon, but why? The caveats I made above about wearing this watch on a first date aside, I HIGHLY recommend this watch.
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