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4.3 out of 5 stars
Price:$58.33 - $116.68
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on April 1, 2017
I actually have three versions of this G100 watch. The reason is I love the simplicity and the design. The size is perfect for a small or large wrist. Like I said it is a simple watch with simple features. Analog and digital display, one alarm, stop watch, dual time, day/date. Would give it 5 stars except for two things. One is setting the time in analog is tedious as you have to hold in the adjust button while the minute hand moves around only clockwise. So if you go past the time you have to circle around twelve hours to try again. Same thing with the digital setting. You can only advance the time, not go backwards. The other thing that bugged me was the stop watch reset. You have to hold down the start/stop button to reset. once you get past those minor issues you will really love this watch. Like I said, I liked it so much I bought all three.
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on July 25, 2014
It lives up to its name as a G-Shock. It physically withstands whatever I do whether it be working or just day-to-day wear. That alone makes the watch worth its price. Anyone looking for a watch in this price range ($50-$60) should certainly consider this one. The reason I give this watch 3 stars is because I do have some major issues with it.

First, the watch band. The hole I currently have it fastened in makes it so loose that it can almost slide completely around my wrist. However, if I shorten it one hole tighter it becomes too tight on my wrist and will not sit comfortably. The watch band is also to the point where the rubber slider that holds the excess watch band tight to keep it from unfastening slides right off the excess band, allowing it to unfasten itself.

Second, every time I hit the "Mode" button on the bottom left it beeps. To my knowledge, there is no way to turn this off. Setting the time is also a hassle as the button used to set the time is difficult to hold down for someone with larger fingers.

Third, the only issue is the digital clock is that it is partially covered when one of the hands are between 5 and 7.

There are some pros to go with this watch as well. Aside from looking nice it somehow appears more clean than my other G-Shock watches. It still looks brand new. One this I am VERY pleased with it the light feature. On most G-Shock watches the light is a little bulb at the bottom of the watch face. It will slightly illuminate the watch with a yellow glow that barely helps to see the hands of the watch and is pretty much useless in terms of seeing the digital display. For this watch the light illuminates the digital clock with a very well lit green glow. I have used this watch while working at night and it is perfect. Overall this watch is nice and worth the money. It only receives a 3 star from me because those issues I listed prior are too much for it to be considered great. My personal favorite G-Shock is the GA100SD-8A. If you are looking for just one watch that would be the type to go for.
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on April 3, 2017
Brilliant watch. Nice and simple, very rugged. 2nd go at this model, the last one did 10 years of constant swimming and surfing. Hopeful that this one will too!
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on February 22, 2014
I dislike this watch. Not having a second hand is ridiculous and the small face is impossible to see at night. It pulls the hairs out on my wrist and I cannot find a setting where the watch band is comfortable. Poor design all around. Shame on Casio for making such a watch.
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on October 26, 2015
Its a nice G Shock--been collecting G Shocks since the 80's or so--had all different kinds. I have several different types of Casio ana-digis--mostly the less expensive ones. I also have many larger G Shocks and a number of Pathfinders. I actually had this watch--in a different color a number of years ago--but wound up selling it. The newer ana-digi Gs are easier to set than this one and have many more functions--however, this is a simple but quite adequate G. Yes, it is smaller than many other Gs but it fits fine on my 8" wrist w/o a problem. Some guys say it is too small but I am not into the really big "Invicta" type watches. The digital time is easy to set--so is the analogue--it is just not as convenient as the newer models--you have to hold in a button until the hands match the digital time--can be a little tiring and "tricky" to get it just right--but it is not a big problem. The watch hands--when exposed to light--can be read for several hours. The digital time has a separate light that makes it easy to read in darkness--the digital readout usually shows either the time or day/date. It has the usual stopwatch function--one alarm--and a dual time zone feature. All-in-all a nice watch--if you want a smaller G not loaded with too many excess features that you might not need/use.
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on February 8, 2014
I've been experimenting with visibility of watch faces, both digital and analog, as my 60+ year-old eyes aren't perfect in low-light situations. So far, this G-Shock has impressed me the most, with its light-on-dark analog hands and markings. The hour and minute hands are luminescent, as are the hour numerals and tick marks. As with all such treatments, you can't expect them to glow brightly hours after their last exposure to light, but then my eyes have also adjusted to the dark, allowing me to make out the time even in the predawn hours. Making the hour hand red, in contrast with the white minute hand, also makes it easier to read at a glance. The digital display is readable (for me) in good light, and the electroluminescence ("EL") really makes the readout "pop" in the dark, and IMO is more effective than dark numerals with backlighting. Many reviewers complain about the analog hands blocking the digital display between certain hours, but this is pretty universal with "ana-digi" watches from most manufacturers, so I'm determined to live with that minor flaw. SETTING: Not too difficult, once you catch on to the fact that the buttons at 2 and 8 o'clock adjust the digital readout. I should also point out that while the owner's manual states the calendar is self-adjusting through the year 2039, I discovered that it is actually set to function through 2099 (not that I'll be in a position to take advantage of that!) The analog hands are controlled by the button at 10:00, and the digital display light by the 5:00 button. Re-setting the analog hands back from daylight savings will be a little tedious, because the hands only move forward. It would be nice if the digital and analog times were linked, as with some other Casio watches (e.g. the Tough Solar line), but for the price of this watch, it's toughness and water resistance to 200 meters, it's hard to complain. The only other missing function is the countdown timer, which can be pretty handy. It's not clear why this was omitted, but because this G-shock works so well for me in almost all lighting conditions, it's become my daily watch choice over others that I own, and gets a 5 star rating in my book!
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on February 13, 2017
Terrific watch; its size, features, durability, long battery life and accuracy, and overall performance suit my needs, and I like the way it looks. I've had two of these watched in the past 15 years and have purchased and given this model to family members and friends as gifts. The only issue I have with this watch is that the method of setting/changing the time (for example from daylight savings to standard time each year) is awkward and time consuming. Other than that, I highly recommend this product.
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on February 16, 2016
I like it for it's simplicity, but it doesn't have a ton of features like other G-shock watches. The analog clock is set separately from the digital time and in order to set it you have to use the H-Set button which only spins the hands one way. I overshot the time I wanted so I had to go around another 12 hours to get back to the time I wanted. A little annoying, but worth mentioning. Also the backlight is only on the digital section of the watch, but it is bright green. It is a lot more visible than Indiglo letters because the whole section lights up green. The watch band works for me, but I'm using the 3rd to last hole. I guess I have a slightly larger wrist than most, but I guess the fact this is a unisex watch means the band is a little shorter than most "men's" watches. Overall I like it and think it will hold up for several years.
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on February 16, 2017
Excellent size watch (not too big) - works well - easy to see hands at night.
Purchased as a present for young man - who is very happy with the purchase.
Outdoor sports - sailing - swimming - running - perfectly suited.
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on June 9, 2015
Only had it a few days. Feels good. Easy to read. Not difficult to set.
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