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G-Shock G9000-1 Men's Black Resin Sport Watch
Size: No Size|Color: Black/Red|Change
Price:$64.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 3, 2017
This watch is tough as all get out. I bought it because I assumed that a watch designed for the rigors imposed by motocross racers would have a fair chance lasting on my wrist with the kink of work I do. I was not disappointed.

I wore it to work every day through 8 months of intense, bone jarring, rock breaking excavation as an archaeology field tech in Colorado and this watch came out in better condition than me. Day after day of digging through hard earth six-pound Fiskers shovels (great shovels, btw, only managed to break a few) and breaking through cobbles and bedrock with sixteen-pound pry bars, I ended the season with trigger finger in my right hand pinky and carpel tunnel starting in both hands and yet this watch has hardly a scratch on it and still keeps time as accurately as you would expect from any other quartz movement watch. After eight months, I reset the time to an atomic clock because it was off by 30 to 45 seconds... not too shabby considering the serious amount of impact and vibration this watch suffered daily during the field season. I heartily endorse Casio G-Shock watches now for this reason. It also showed no problems operating in temperatures ranging from the mid teens to upper nineties (and greater since it was often in direct sunlight), and I'm sure there are even greater temperature extremes it could withstand. The wristband gave me no grief either; there are no signs of cracking and only the slightest dents and discoloration exist to remind me where I tighten it down to.

As for the operation of the watch and its features, I have no real complaints. The watch is a tad bulky, but not cumbersome or oversized. It is simply larger than the other watches I own (almost exclusively analog, which are normally smaller). The face of the watch is super easy to read in all lighting conditions and the dual illuminator works well in the dark. I like having the time, date, and day all on display on the same screen... its very nice to have that handy when doing paperwork in the midday July heat when calling such information to mind is often difficult. I'll admit that I haven't made much use of the other features with the exception of the stopwatch which I use sparingly. Being used to analog watches, I simply don't feel a need to use alarms or whatnot and so I haven't bothered to try them out. The world time feature would be great if I was traveling between time zones, but all my work this year was local, so maybe next year I'll use it. The buttons are a little tough to use at first, but you'll find that your fingers get sore and then you adjust. Such is the price you pay for a watch that effectively keeps the elements out of its inner workings.

As far as looks go, this is not what I would wear with my suit and tie nor with my regular weekend out-on-the-town attire. That being said, it is a handsome watch as digitals go and looks right at home with rugged outdoor wear. It would also look fine with casual clothes, but I tend to prefer my analogs for that, as I've said.

I would recommend this watch entirely to many people, such as construction workers, the intended motocross and extreme sports enthusiasts, military personnel (24 hour time and mute are just a few button presses away!), fellow archaeologists, Rambo, skin divers (I can't speak to its efficacy for deep dives, but I bet its pretty good), mountaineers, professional athletes, law enforcement, ninjas, and anyone else looking for a really tough, cost-effective watch to strap to their wrist.
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on January 29, 2013
We own a number of G-Shocks - my boys own the following: GD100-MS1, the GLX-5600, G7900-1 Rescue, G2900-1V.

I own the G9300-1 Mudman, and this - the G9000-1V Mudman. Of all the G's we own, this is right up there with my favorites, and I wear it often. It actually sees more wrist time than my G9300 since it is smaller and wears lighter, I like the way it wears.

At first, I was not as satisfied with the function buttons - originally they were difficult to push as some have clearly stated in other reviews. However, I am not sure if they have loosened up over time, but they don't seem to me that they are as hard to push as when the watch was new. I operate the buttons now without thinking about it and without much difficulty now. Like I said, I am not sure if it is because I got used to them, or they have worn in and loosened up - it might be a little of both. Although they are not as easy to push as the other G's I own, it is not that big of a deal.

As far as functions - I bought the G9000 Mudman due to it's reputation of having one of the better G modules out there - and in my opinion it has lived up to that billing. Two stopwatches, a countdown timer, International timezones, four alarms, snooze, a nice bright, easy to push light and more.... Plus, I like the way this reads compared to other G's in normal lighting - it has a bright face, and reads well in all lighting conditions. The letters, date, etc are all easy to read too - even for my old eyes! Many other G-Shocks have certain parts of the face that are not easy to read- like the date on some models, but on this Mucman due to the display brightness, font used, etc I like the way it reads and have no trouble with it.

The only "con" I can think of is the "2" used in military time - it is a little "squashed" due to the way it is displayed.... a minor thing, but it is a lame looking "2".

Others have complained about the nubs on the back being uncomfortable when wearing the watch for extended periods - I have not noticed that, and I have used it for woodworking and other strenuous tasks. It might depend on how tight you cinch the watch while wearing it, or perhaps on wrist shape - I could see that others could be bothered by it, but it has not bothered me at all. Also, others have complained about the buttons being difficult to push - I have to agree the buttons are not the easiest to push compared to many other G's, BUT like I mention above I don' t mind it or notice it as much, and it seems to have improved as the buttons have become broken in. The buttons on this Mudman will not be for everyone, I am not trying to say they are easy to push - only that I don't mind them, and I realize to make the watch mud proof there has to be some trade off.

Considering I got this watch for much less than the retail price here on Amazon, I could not be happier with its performance after five months of ownership.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a tough, good looking G.
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on January 3, 2017
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my younger nephew who had complained that all his previous watches quit working because of the factory environment where he works, and his outdoor leisure activities such as kayaking and raccoon hunting. My older nephew was issued G-shockby the Army when he was deployed to Afghanistan where he trained 11 B's. He has owned three G-shock watches and swears by their durability. G-shocks are the watches that he will buy. I bought this as a starter G-shock that has some nice features but doesn't have all the bells and whistles for a younger nephew who is in his early twenties and I'm not sure how responsible he will be with it. I made him aware of the other options such as a compass and a moon calendar which is available on another G-shock that costs roughly $128 and told him that he could return the watch that I bought him and upgrade to the other; so far he hasn't and is very pleased with this present. I plan on surprising my older nephew, who already owns this basic Mudman, with the upgraded version.
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on January 29, 2016
I've had G-Shocks several times before and left Casio for more dressy Citizen and Invicta watches. I've accepted the fact that I'm hard on watches and I'm going to stick with Casio. They worked great for me when I was in the Navy, so "If it ain't broke; don't fix it". So far after just a few days, this watch is just right. I might go 5 stars if I had had it longer. If they're good enough for my Navy Seal buddies, they're good enough for me.
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on November 9, 2017
No very happy,had to shipp it back,.the numbers and letters date and day are too small and can not see clearly,I have to put on my glasses.,the hour time numbers are ok,,I wish they make the numbers and letteres bigger . I have to buy a timex ironman.
review image
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on January 16, 2017
Most other reviews I had read on this watch were very helpful. After having the watch for only a little over a week, here's what I have to say: First of all, I don't have a large wrist, so this watch fit me well. Secondly, because it is a Mudman G-Shock the buttons are harder to press. As I read in other reviews, this is to compensate for protecting against something getting inside the watch...so it's a trade off. They definitely ARE harder to push. Thirdly, would there be enough light to see the time in absolute darkness? The light was great… I couldn't have asked for anything better. You just have to get used to finding the button in the dark and pressing VERY hard. It was not the easy press of my old Timex Ironman. And finally the price point was really good, so overall it's a five star so far.
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on January 8, 2014
I've had Casio watches for over 30 years.
I like the watch. Being a scuba diver, it will work when I go diving.
I owned a atomic solar prior to this one, but due to the passage of time it got to where it didn't like the Oregon winters and wouldn't hold a charge. Hence a battery version.
The size of the letters and numbers is smaller than I'm used to, but sufficient.
The fact that it runs on a battery is what I wanted. I'm tired of placing watches in the sunlight to charge, or wearing them to convert energy and movement to time. Even if I get a battery every 1-2 years, it's worth it.
Thus far the time accuracy is good.
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on August 7, 2017
REcently owned Casio G Shock watches have not lasted as long as earlier models. Hopefully this one survives longer. This one is my current work watch and so far so good, but 3 or 4 other G shock watches only lasted 1 or 2 years.
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on December 2, 2014
The best watch in the world. It is difficult to add any comment to a Casio Mudman review. Perfect watch. Strong, manly, beautiful, loyal, sturdy. I won't buy it again because I'm not going to need it. I'm sure it is going to last for the rest of my life.

UPDATE: After wearing it for eight months on a daily basis, it is still like new. Five solid stars
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on March 7, 2009
I own several G-Shocks and love them all. This is a great watch, the features are just what I want & need. My only two nits - and they're minor nits to be sure:

1) The buttons are *very* tough to hit. I was expecting "stiff" buttons, but on my example they require a very (very!) deliberate push to operate. I guess the plus is you don't need to worry about accidentally changing modes with this watch.

2) The tail of the band likes to slip out of the retention strap. I have a big wrist and wear the watch on the 4th set of holes from the end. At that setting, the tail likes to slip out and flail about. Not a big deal, but none of my other G-Shocks does this.

All-in-all a great watch. It's more casual and sporty, but nothing too obnoxious (in my opinion). I also very much like the back light - it's very bright and crisp!
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