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on March 1, 2009
The watch was exactly as described. The photo does the watch and injustice. It's a very nice looking watch with a nice weight to it. It feels like the quality watch I expect it to be. Reading the manual is a must. The watch is not one of those guess to set the time watches. With everything this watch can do, you MUST read the manual to learn everything that this little watch is capable of. With that said, I expect this watch to have many adventures starting with Afghanistan in July. I actually got the watch for my brother who is a Sea Bee in the Navy and needed something reliable while he is gone. Yes,I did play with the watch before I gave it to him to make sure it met my standards. It's on his wrist now, so it passed the test. Do not be afraid of not having enough light to keep it charged. It did just fine on the shelf and just fine with me with minimal light for days.
Again, it won't quit when he needs it most. Would I recommend the watch? You bet I would.
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on March 19, 2009
This is a great entry-level atomic/solar watch that is made to withstand a lot of punishment. The watch is pretty self-sufficient once set correctly it will update itself nightly. Wonderfully priced and it shipped from Amazon immediately. Things to consider...1)the hands are a bit small and take some getting use to but should not be a deterrent. 2)The back light is just that...a back light. Its a nice blue color that highlights the dial allowing you to view the contrasting hands. It does not illuminate the digital displays. 3)You have to set your home time, then the hands for the watch to function correctly. The manual makes it sound like you simply set the digital portion and boom, but this is not the case. You set the home time, advance the hands to match the home time...then boom. Once set...your done. The atomic time will update everything, even the hands during DST! 4)Its big which is good and bad. Good that it looks big and tough, but bad when you try to button a shirt or wear a sweater. I don't mind, but someone may.

The instruction say that you have to keep it near a window every night to receive a signal, but I've worn the watch to bed under a pillow and it still found the Ft. Collins tower. Oh yea..5)It only receives one signal from Ft. Collins, Co. You really don't need the other towers/signals unless you're an international man of mystery and hopping the globe.

I'd recommend this watch for someone geared towards the Analog look while wanting some digital functions and durability.

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on January 5, 2010
iv had this watch just about two weeks, its a great looking watch, light, sits high on cuff have some problems taking off work jackets over it but im willing to over look that i just wanted a reliable watch that can take a beating im hoping it will hold up im tough on watches my last watch was an amphibian Vostok that kept stopping just under two years of having it, cant go wrong with this one i ordered a Timex expedition chrono from amazon that came broken so i order this instead of a replacement im very happy so far with it, still haven't fiqured out how to set alarm yet though other wise it was easy to set.
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on April 18, 2008
I purchased my first G-Shock because I was impressed with the Casio Gz-One cell phones. I used to stay away from Casio until my employer issued me the military grade phone. I used to associate Casio with a cheaper grade of electronics. Not anymore. I am very impressed.

Excellent watch looks good, fairly easy to set and operate. Once you set it up, you should never have to set the time again. The face is a bit hard to read at times, especially in low light situations. The LEDs don't light up the watch face all that well. But ironically, I do use the light to find my way around in the dark (it's just bright enough that you wont hit the coffee table in the middle of the night).

The auto light feature comes in handy. At times it can be a distraction. It's easy to turn this feature off with one button.

The only suggestion I have to someone purchasing this watch is to place it in the sunlight for a bit to fully charge the battery. There is no telling how long it's been boxed up and away from its power source (the sun). I work inside in a windowless office and have never had an issue with the watch being solar.

Excellent watch, tough as nails and looks much better in person than I expected. Good buy.
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on April 14, 2009
My review is going to sound like an advertizement so I will begin by saying I have no connection with Casio other than having owned several of their watches over the years.

I switched to Casio watches about 20 years ago when other watches would fail by the rough treatment I gave them in work and sports. Casio G-Shock watches took the abuse and would run until I decided to take advantage of a new model with new features I wanted. The Ana-Digi Solar is for my use the best watch I have ever owned. I can read the analog time without my glasses, the watch is self-setting to the exact time and the battery stays charged just by wearing the watch, just don't let a shirt sleeve cover the sensor for an extended time (several days).

I did find the watch difficult to adjust; trying to follow the instructions, I accidentaly took it out of adjustment, but a call to Casio Customer Service and the technition quickly give me instructions for correcting the settings for perfect functioning.

This watch is, to me amazing, as I watch the hands automatically spin to daylight savings time or a new time zone and stop at the exact time.

This is a watch one can set and have perfect time keeping for years without any futher attention. What is there left to improve in wrist watches design? I cannot imagine.
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on November 24, 2007
Pros: Atomic, analog digital, Solar, tough, etc. I'm a computer technician and I need a tough watch; I have a different model that I need to get the battery changed out it is three years old and still going. This same watch is going for $40 to $70 more at discount retail stores! The light display is cool.

Cons: The hour hand is red. Why??? Would give it a five if hour hand was normal.

Still you can't beat the price for a cheap solid atomic time-keeping and solar powered watch.
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on February 14, 2018
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on March 24, 2008
In general this has been an excellent watch. I particularly like the atomic timekeeping feature, which even works to adjust for daylight savings time.

I have, however, experienced a couple of difficulties. The first is that the solar battery occasionally dies if you've been indoors for a period of days. This can be unnerving as the watch appears to have failed altogether, but putting the watch under a lamp or in the sunlight usually brings it back to life. Second, the hands are not always easy to read. They tend to blend in a bit too well with the background.

On the other hand, I have not found some of the negatives reported by others to be true. For instance, the watch's light works quite well, and those reporting that it is poor just are not telling the truth.

While the calendar dial is very small, it turned out to be much easier to read than I had expected. The watch is also, in my opinion, very stylish, to the extent that I have bought two of them.
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on April 21, 2010
The watch is surprisingly light for it size. It is very accurate. I have worn it while doing yard work including operating a chain saw, and it has not missed a beat. I highly recommend this watch.

I am revising the comment on accuracy. The watch seems to run consistently about eight minutes slow in the analog mode, although the smaller digital clock is right. There does not appear a way to adjust the analog time.
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on December 15, 2007
This is a great little watch. It does exactly what it says it will do.

It charges its battery from indoor light, and it sets its time from the WWVB tranmitter in Ft. Collins, Colorado each night. It has all the other ususal features: Stopwatch, alarm, digital and analog view, date, date of week, etc.

I own 6 other watches and this is a nice addition.
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