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on August 13, 2013
First off this watch looks awesome. That was what initially drew my attention to it. I love the black and orange color scheme and I think it contrasts well. The recessed dials are awesome it really does look like it came out of the cockpit of a jet the way it's set up. Even the hands on all the dials look like they belong on gauges in an airplane.

The price is a little expensive but the quality and fit/finish of this watch is perfect. Everything lines up perfectly, nothing about this watch feels "cheap". Also it has features like automatic hand positioning every hour from five minutes before the hour to five minutes after the hour. If your hands are ever off the tick marks (if you jar it hard enough to somehow do that) it automatically corrects for this to align them perfectly. So every time your second hand moves for example, it will always align dead on with the corresponding tick mark. Also the solar feature and automatic atomic time keeping are great. You never have to worry about changing a battery and compromising the seal on the back of the watch. Also every night from midnight to 6am it attempts to receive a radio signal to reset the watch time to the correct atomic time. All you have to do is set it near a window and it will do the rest.

The stopwatch feature is a little lacking since it only goes up to 24 minutes but without a digital screen they did the best they could with the analog hands. Plus it's kinda cool to watch an analog watch go through a stopwatch mode. The watch does not have a backlight but it does have luminous hands and numbers/ticks. Alot of people complained about the lack of glow but it seemed adequate for me. It is by no means bright but once your eyes adjust to the darkness you can read the faint glow of the watch just fine.

The watch is NOT hard to set up. That was the second big complaint from everybody. If you have any pateince at all, have even a little understanding of watches, and about 10 - 15 minutes then this watch is a breeze to set up. Just read the instructions and it all goes fine.

The strap is nice and thick and the watch face is large but not overly large that it looks ridiculous on smaller wrists. Overall I am 100% satisfied with the watch and it operates with such precision it's kind of amazing. Trust me it's not a $30 Timex.
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on May 24, 2011
Right off the bat you need to know I like this watch ..... I won't dwell on it's features or specs as they are available on Amazon or the Casio website ..... I will address those questions and concerns that I had prior to purchasing this particular model .....

1. The orange color is not overly bright or tacky .... It is more of a burnt shade .... Goes very well with the black ....
2. The resin band is thick and sturdy ... And light ..... Do I think I need the SS band as I typically get? ..... Nope .....
3. The small dial labels are difficult to see as I'm not a youngster any longer ... But .... After using that magnifying glass for the first time to read those labels, it is very easy to distinguish where those dials are pointing at a glance afterwards ....
4. Don't get hung up on the numbers at the end of the model number ... A GW3000b-1acr is the same as a GW3000b-xxxx .... The last four numbers only indicate the distribution region ..... The 'b' will change if you decide to get the SS band model ....
5. Nice raised lip around a unique domed crystal .......
6. The current time is ridiculously easy to set right out of the box ..... As soon as it sees light, it 'wakes up' and corrects the time to the currently set home city ...... It does this immediately without your assistance .... If the current home city is not yours, all you have to do is change it ..... The watch does the rest and corrects the time to the new home city .... You will also need to adjust DST .... If not, the correct time will always be an hour off ..... A previous reviewer was complaining that the time was always an hour off .... Voila ......
7. It's a big watch .... Make sure you have the wrist for it or it will look a bit strange ......
8. All the hands and dials are dead on accurate in respect to each other ..... Never owned a chrono that didn't have one of the dial needles a bit off .....
9. Thinking about buying the yellow GW3500 instead? .... the 3000 has a less busy and cluttered face ..... And looks much, much better than the 3500 ..... the bright yellow of the 3500 is kind of cheap looking ...... The 3000 does not have a back light ..... But
unless you absolutey need to see the dials, the glow of the main hands on the 3000 will take you through the night .....
10. This is the nicest of the analog specific g-shocks hands down ..... If you must have a 3500, at least wait until the new aqua or white color schemes come down in price .... In the mean time, buy this 3000 .....

16 Mar 2012 update .... Thought I'd just drop in and leave a current status .... I couldn't be happier with this watch .... It is a daily wear and it looks as good today as it did when I purchased it ....
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on July 16, 2013
I have been looking at this watch for many months now, I finally broke down and bought it a few weeks ago. It is a fantastic watch.
I was a bit weary on set up as many people had stated it was a bit time consuming and confusing to do. To be honest I had no difficulty what so ever in setting this watch up, both for regular time and world time.

The watch draws a lot of attention and comments, to the good I may add. It has one of the brightest lumes I have ever seen, almost flashlight bright at times.

The size of the watch is not overpowering I have a 7 inch wrist and the strap has plenty of room the display itself fits my wrist perfectly.

I would highly recommend that if you have been thinking about getting this watch do yourself a favor and go get it.
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on July 6, 2013
I have been wearing Casio watches for a long time. I'm not a huge fan of designer and high-end watches and until recently, I didn't even know that Casio made watches that cost more than about $100. I never see these higher end models in the retail outlets in my area. When I got the face on my current Casio scratched up to the point where I'm no longer happy with it, I decided to have a look at the Casio website to see what they have available. I was amazed at what I found, and I found the perfect watch for me. I like the G-Shock line because of its durability. That is important to me because I tend to wear the same watch all the time. This watch has two features that I look for in the Casio line all the time... Solar Power and the automatic time setting features. I love never having to worry about batteries or setting my watch. This one was a no-brainer for me and I hope to wear this watch for a long time!
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on September 11, 2013
I mainly got this watch because I love my coworkers G-Shocks, and wanted one of my own. I got this one because I liked the color schyme and it was solar powered. This was my first new watch in 11 years. I have a fossil that I wore for 11 years and the only issue was that I needed to get new batteries. Well I solved that issue with this watch. Now the watch has very deep controls and you will have to read the manual to figure them out.

One of the first things you need to do when you get the watch is set your home city so that way it can lock in on the time zone. its also atomic so it will set the time itself. You can also manual set the time on it as well.

Even though it dropped in price like a week after I got it, its an awesome watch for the money.
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on March 8, 2012
I was taken with this watch as soon as I opened the box, and I was very pleased that I took a chance and ordered it sight unseen.

Radio time calibration is just awesome, if you haven't had a watch that has this feature before, then you are in for a treat. Solar- no batteries to replace for a long, long time. Awesome!
Two time zones always visible- I travel a lot for work; this going to be great! Preprogrammed calendar with date and DAY OF THE WEEK display!! You'd be surprised how often one can loose track of what the hell day it is when your on the road and not keeping a 9-5 or M-F schedule. The luminous treatment is great- just as good, especially on the hands, as my Seiko chrono. The indices are less bright, but the orange glows green!! So cool. Different shades of black/finishes are awesome, and the dial has depth that is noticeable even in the dark (when the lume is charged). It is a large watch for sure, but personally, when I travel, I like having substantial things from home with me (plus a stopwatch to play with if I get bored on the plane- I can clock the time it takes for the kids behind me to start kicking my seat!). However, as other reviewers have noted, you have to take some time and read the instructions in order to understand it's operation. Although playing with it and discovering how it works is part of the fun if you are into gadgets. Just remember, this is essentially a digital watch with an analogue display. The logic in its operation is very similar to that of a standard LCD G-shock. But with this model, the visual cues all come from the movement and placement of the various hands on the dial- as opposed to blinking numbers. The instructions basically tell you what buttons to push and how to push them, then what to look for on the dial. Once you figure it, you may want to keep playing with it, as I have found myself doing all day.

Overall, I am very pleased with this watch, much more so than many of the expensive mechanical watches that I have had over the years. For the price, it is definitely a good deal; especially given its accuracy, features and near indestructibility. I recommend this watch to frequent travelers, or really anyone who likes the features of digital watch, but prefers the aesthetic of an analogue display. Thanks for reading and have great day!
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on February 20, 2014
Although it's a large watch it is NOT obnoxiously large. It is extremely light. Setup was a snap but you will need to read the manual or download it to your mobile device until you get used to it. Mine actually set itself to the correct time when I pulled it out of the box and all I had to do was set the date.
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on December 29, 2013
I've owned many G-shocks, use them in my work as a trainer, and love the look and function. This one I bought because...I fricken fell in love with it. People stop me to look at it when they spy a glimpse. It's badass. But...

Admittedly I don't do well with complicated instructions for anything. I'm a creative, not a techie (and I know there are some lucky few out there with both qualities. Good for them.). But neither the Casio manual nor the YouTube how-to videos, nor even my wife's smart aleck advice, could help me set the time on this watch - not atomic time nor manual time. Impossible.

I had to call Casio Tech and have them walk me through it. It took 15 minutes because the technician found, as I did, that the hands and buttons did not immediately act as described when activated. So she kept having to refer to her instructions and walk me through trouble-shooting.

Now it keeps atomic time, looks fricken rad, and takes my punishment. I'm a happy camper.
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on April 9, 2014
The Casio G-Shock line is definitely a great design and marketable concept. They're rugged, good time pieces, able to meet water & temperature variables as good or better than a Rolex - and they offer an unbelievable number of watches with multiple variables that should meet your wildest preferences.
I bought a 'digital' LCD readout G-Shock way back when but I have resolved that the 'analog' format of hour / minute / second hand is the best for me. I see the minute hand 15 minutes away from the top of the hour - and somehow I can associate how much time I have left better in analog than in the digital LCD format. That said, if you're like me in this then you'll be looking at Casio's G-Shock offerings in analog. They have a lot to offer.
The things I look for going forward in analog is how does it look [preference], what digital features does it offer that enhance the analog hand design [digital date / alternate time zones / 24 hour time / etc] and back lighting. Ideal back lighting would be this super-glow affect that lasts all night long or a LED light that you can punch when you need to know. This 'neo-glow' is just standard luminous hands that bleed off as the night goes on. I don't know what to tell you here except that if you make a concerted effort you can still see the time in the dark - even after 8 hours; it's just not going to glow like you would see in an advertisement.
The adjustments aren't hard AFTER YOU FIGURE THEM OUT. I wish I could have you call me if you were having difficulty - because once you get it figured out - they are super easy after that. I got the watch in the orange hands because it looked cool in the pictures - and it is still a great look; I just went through a time of questioning wondering if I should have gotten a white hand color. Takes a week or so - but the orange is a great and better choice.
It will auto adjust to atomic time so the accuracy is spot on. It is odd to be looking at it when it adjusts itself because everything starts moving all at once - then the hands stabilize. Once you're used to it - it is a cool reminder that this watch is hyper-accurate.
Like the watch . . . and it's good looking and accurate. Unbeatable combo.
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on February 5, 2012
First things first: This is a stylish watch, no question. Casio set out to make a watch that looked like the cockpit of an airplane- and they succeeded marvelously.
I won't rehash what everyone else has already said about the fantastic styling, etc- instead I'll focus on some the of the things I was concerned about before I purchased.

1) Size.
Yea, its a big watch, and I have fairly average (maybe on the smaller side) wrists, so I was concerned it would look out of place/overwhelming. No worries- it looks just fine on my wrist- don't worry about that. However, it does sit VERY high on the wrist, so it may look strange under a long-sleeve shirt with tighter sleeves.

2) Lume.
I'll be frank: It sucks. If you walk into a dark room you'll be fine- it shines very bright for a few minutes. Don't expect to be able to read it after a few hours (ie first thing in the morning)- it simply doesn't hold that long. For me this isn't a problem- but if you spend a lot of time in the dark and need to be able to read your watch, you might want to look elsewhere.

3) Stopwatch.
It's nifty, and it looks really cool, but isn't worth much else once the novelty of watching the dials spin around wears off. If you just need a rough idea of how long something took it will be just fine, but don't expect to be able to time something down to the second (or better) using the stopwatch- the subdial is just too small to read accurately.

4) Solar power.
No complaints, no problems, works great.

5) Atomic Sync.
I was a little worried about this, since I live on the wrong side of the Appalachian mountains (Southwest VA) from Colorado- but it works flawlessly, albeit only in the middle of the night. I wear my watch at night (so I don't put it in the window or otherwise make it easier for it to find the signal), and it syncs itself automagically between midnight and 3 am without fail. Good stuff.

TL;DR version: Beautiful watch with some minor (but understandable) drawbacks. I didn't take anything off the rating for the stopwatch, because frankly this is an analog watch, and I don't think you should even expect a stopwatch function in it. I took off one star for the lackluster lume- it should be better for a watch with no backlight functionality. Overall I would HIGHLY recommend it, so long as you expect an analog watch, with some spiffy (but not overly useful) digital features.
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