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on June 13, 2015
I have had this watch for a few years. it has a major flaw. as a G shock rated for 200m, i expected alot more from this watch. it has condensation on the crystal when the temperature changes. I mean when I go outside from an air conditioned room, it fogs. I ride my bike on a summer day and it fogs. take a shower, it fogs. it fogged up so much it stopped working (ruined capacitor) and I had it repaired at the local shop. still fogs after the repair. the instruction manual included with the watch mentions that minor condensation will occur, and the solution is to wait for the temp to adjust. no such statement is on the instructions published online. "minor" is a loose term, because it looks like "major" fogging. does casio really market this a G shock? and for this price I would expect the watch to maintain a basic function- a clear view of the dial. consumer research indicates many casio g shock analogs will fog! I would not recommend any analog G shock
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on June 17, 2010
I'm a huge fan of G-Shock products and the look & design of this watch made it an irresistible addition to my collection. Since the case is entirely comprised of resin & the steel buttons along with the mineral crystal lens are all well recessed within the watch, I don't worry about anything denting or scratching anything off of this watch. There is good attention to detail & build quality from what I have observed. The orange colored features against the black face of this watch make it very readable in daylight. As far as the band, I find resin bands to be more comfortable, durable and less susceptible to failure since there are no parts to bend or wear out. I really enjoy the look & overall character of this watch. Some might consider it to be 'oversized' but it doesn't seem to be huge on my wrist.

Atomic timekeeping & solar power (or equivalent) have become basic requirements for all of my timepiece purchases. The biggest weakness of any "waterproof" or water resistant watch is the rear bezel seal. If you never have to tamper with that seal, you reduce the risk of compromising that seal and allowing water to enter the watch. This watch charges it's internal battery using sunlight which is incredibly convenient.

Any potential purchaser should be forewarned that operating this watch will require a careful review of the owner's manual and about an hour to familiarize yourself with the watch & it's functions. When I first unboxed this watch it instantly either awoke from sleep mode or programmed itself to my local timezone. It was accurate down to the second right out of the box as I compared it side by side with another atomic-timekeeping G-Shock watch. That is until I started pressing buttons according to the "quick start guide". Soon after pressing just a few buttons the watch was completely out of sync in every possible way, from the time to the day & date. I made the mistake of attempting to explore the watch's functions thinking that it would be intuitive like other G-Shock watches I've owned, but I was very mistaken. That being said I spent an hour tinkering with the watch & reading the entire instruction manual. I now know my way around this watch very well and have zero concerns about it being complicated to operate but I didn't reach that point without spending at least an hour of my time to figure things out.

This high precision timepiece offers some nice features, however I was disappointed that it completely lacks lighting capability. There is absolutely no backlight, or LED for momentary lighting of the watch face. The hands, numbers & like markings on the watch face glow in the dark for approximately 7 minutes after being exposed to light. You will not be able to read time precisely with this timepiece in the dark, but you'll be able to estimate within 4 minutes at the very most.

The other disappointing discovery I encountered is that the stopwatch function on this timepiece only counts up to 23m 59s elapsed. I was quite surprised that a G-Shock would not chrono over 24 minutes and I feel that this makes the stopwatch only marginally acceptable. I must admit that I don't use this feature very often, but I don't like the idea of limiting my timing to less than 24 minutes.

A feature that I do use regularly is dual zone timekeeping which this watch does flawlessly, and with DST independently enabled or disabled. A handy integrated 'zone swap' function to allow you to switch the time displayed on the watch's primary face easily & quickly between 'home' and 'away' time zones. Secondary 'away time' is tracked on the small dial between the center & #3 on the watch face. It should be noted that the secondary time is displayed in 24hr format on a very small area of the watch face which could be difficult to read for some.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase & will keep this G-Shock because of it's great looks, rugged G-Shock toughness, atomic timekeeping & solar powered rechargeable battery. World time is a bonus, but again I feel the stopwatch is somewhat limited for a G-Shock. I wish there was some sort of backlight or LED to charge up the glowing hands, markings & numbers too. Overall, this is one of my favorite watches & I would not part with it over the aforementioned disappointments.

- It's a G-Shock! A virtually indestructible watch!
- Solar powered means you don't have to hassle with replacing a battery or compromising case seals which could let water in & brick the watch.
- Atomic timekeeping so you have extremely accurate time which calibrates daily in most areas and you also don't have to hassle with setting the day & date.
- Good looking watch with high visibility color scheme & detailed markings.
- Precise "tough" movement accurate while surpassing 12 G-forces.
- Dual time with integrated world timezone designations is great for traveling.

- Initially difficult to use & set.
- Chrono/Stopwatch only tracks up to 23m59s of time elapsed.
- No backlight or auto EL feature found standard on most G-Shock watches.
- Small features could be difficult to read for some people.
- Only the primary watch hands and time markings glow in the dark for a limited amount of time before going completely dark. Day, date, 24hr secondary world time dials are not visible in the dark.
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on April 25, 2012
I just received this watch in the mail yesterday, so bear that in mind when reading this review... One, it is fairly expensive for a "sport" watch and that is why I knocked it down a star. However, I was a aware of the price when I bought it and I guess if I paid the money for it I thought it was worth it. I really like the "aviator-style" in the design and the fact that it is entirely analog. Prior to purchase I read some reviews talking about how difficult it was to program and was worried it was going to be a problem. This was not the case at all! After glancing at the manual (used the online version so I could read it in a larger font) for a few minutes, I was able to find the sections on setting the timezone and DST and have my watch operating correctly in a matter of minutes. I bought this because it was the coolest atomic watch I could find and I do not expect to using the other features much, if at all. Having said that, I do wish the 24HR dial was used for something else. One review suggested an altimeter or thermometer; which I think would be more useful. If you want a nice looking atomic analog watch, this could be the watch for you... Granted, it is a little more expensive, but the thing looks good on the wrist!
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on January 15, 2015
This is the least reliable watch I've ever owned. It's my first G-shock, and I was really proud of it initially. Then I went to Alaska to work for salmon season and it stopped receiving the radio calibration signal. I thought it was no big deal. I was after all surrounded by mountains. So I set the time manually and it kept on ticking. Fast forward two months to when I came home. I changed the time zone setting for eastern standard time. The watch was fully charged. No signal calibration after repeated attempts. I manually set the time according to the instructions (which is overly complicated operation and not at all user friendly, by the way). The watch started dying on me all the time. The hands stopped auto-correcting. The radio receiver inside the watch module stopped receiving. I sent the watch to Casio in New Jersey. They diagnosed the problem as being an issue with the module and fixed it under warranty. It's been two months and the watch now shows the same problems it did before. It doesn't calibrate and the solar powered battery dies all the time, despite charging the watch. Buyer beware, this watch is not worth the trouble.
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on March 25, 2015
I'm loving this watch!! I have a small collection of G-Shocks. I also have this exact watch with the blue-green dial...Casio makes a fantastic watch and I've had them for years. I would recommend them to anyone!!
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on May 24, 2011
Right off the bat you need to know I like this watch ..... I won't dwell on it's features or specs as they are available on Amazon or the Casio website ..... I will address those questions and concerns that I had prior to purchasing this particular model .....

1. The orange color is not overly bright or tacky .... It is more of a burnt shade .... Goes very well with the black ....
2. The resin band is thick and sturdy ... And light ..... Do I think I need the SS band as I typically get? ..... Nope .....
3. The small dial labels are difficult to see as I'm not a youngster any longer ... But .... After using that magnifying glass for the first time to read those labels, it is very easy to distinguish where those dials are pointing at a glance afterwards ....
4. Don't get hung up on the numbers at the end of the model number ... A GW3000b-1acr is the same as a GW3000b-xxxx .... The last four numbers only indicate the distribution region ..... The 'b' will change if you decide to get the SS band model ....
5. Nice raised lip around a unique domed crystal .......
6. The current time is ridiculously easy to set right out of the box ..... As soon as it sees light, it 'wakes up' and corrects the time to the currently set home city ...... It does this immediately without your assistance .... If the current home city is not yours, all you have to do is change it ..... The watch does the rest and corrects the time to the new home city .... You will also need to adjust DST .... If not, the correct time will always be an hour off ..... A previous reviewer was complaining that the time was always an hour off .... Voila ......
7. It's a big watch .... Make sure you have the wrist for it or it will look a bit strange ......
8. All the hands and dials are dead on accurate in respect to each other ..... Never owned a chrono that didn't have one of the dial needles a bit off .....
9. Thinking about buying the yellow GW3500 instead? .... the 3000 has a less busy and cluttered face ..... And looks much, much better than the 3500 ..... the bright yellow of the 3500 is kind of cheap looking ...... The 3000 does not have a back light ..... But
unless you absolutey need to see the dials, the glow of the main hands on the 3000 will take you through the night .....
10. This is the nicest of the analog specific g-shocks hands down ..... If you must have a 3500, at least wait until the new aqua or white color schemes come down in price .... In the mean time, buy this 3000 .....

16 Mar 2012 update .... Thought I'd just drop in and leave a current status .... I couldn't be happier with this watch .... It is a daily wear and it looks as good today as it did when I purchased it ....
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on April 21, 2014
I bought this watch and have had it drop about ten minutes so it reads the wrong time making me late. when I called Casio customer service they didn't have anybody that could figure it out. I then tried to return it and waited on hold for forty five minutes and still didn't get anybody on the phone. it doesn't keep accurate time
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on November 13, 2015
Its so complicated to set the time, instructions are not in English and even though you can download them online, to set the watch is ridiculous complicated. Still the watch is pretty cool
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on March 8, 2012
I was taken with this watch as soon as I opened the box, and I was very pleased that I took a chance and ordered it sight unseen.

Radio time calibration is just awesome, if you haven't had a watch that has this feature before, then you are in for a treat. Solar- no batteries to replace for a long, long time. Awesome!
Two time zones always visible- I travel a lot for work; this going to be great! Preprogrammed calendar with date and DAY OF THE WEEK display!! You'd be surprised how often one can loose track of what the hell day it is when your on the road and not keeping a 9-5 or M-F schedule. The luminous treatment is great- just as good, especially on the hands, as my Seiko chrono. The indices are less bright, but the orange glows green!! So cool. Different shades of black/finishes are awesome, and the dial has depth that is noticeable even in the dark (when the lume is charged). It is a large watch for sure, but personally, when I travel, I like having substantial things from home with me (plus a stopwatch to play with if I get bored on the plane- I can clock the time it takes for the kids behind me to start kicking my seat!). However, as other reviewers have noted, you have to take some time and read the instructions in order to understand it's operation. Although playing with it and discovering how it works is part of the fun if you are into gadgets. Just remember, this is essentially a digital watch with an analogue display. The logic in its operation is very similar to that of a standard LCD G-shock. But with this model, the visual cues all come from the movement and placement of the various hands on the dial- as opposed to blinking numbers. The instructions basically tell you what buttons to push and how to push them, then what to look for on the dial. Once you figure it, you may want to keep playing with it, as I have found myself doing all day.

Overall, I am very pleased with this watch, much more so than many of the expensive mechanical watches that I have had over the years. For the price, it is definitely a good deal; especially given its accuracy, features and near indestructibility. I recommend this watch to frequent travelers, or really anyone who likes the features of digital watch, but prefers the aesthetic of an analogue display. Thanks for reading and have great day!
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on June 1, 2011
I don't want to repeat too much what was already written and the reviews were a huge factor in purchasing this watch. Thanks to those who took the time and wrote something.

I wanted an all analog watch that I never have to set or have the need for a new battery. Coupled with that, anti-magnetic, self-correcting hands if knocked out of alignment made this watch a slam dunk.

The watch is very light, sits very well on the wrist and doesn't dominate your arm. Sliding it under a cuff would be very hard, but why would you need to? The only things to be aware of are: the writing on the bezels is very small. Setting up the watch is tricky in the sense that you need to pay attention to the timing of how long to hold the buttons. Two seconds shows the result of the last sync while 5 will start a new one, etc.

I would recommend this watch to anyone, it's unique that few places carry it and the orange dial is perfectly noticeable without being gaudy.
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