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on May 13, 2014
I love everything about this watch. This is my 4th Casio watch. My first G-shock was purchased in 2004, it was a regular G-shock (non-solar, non-atomic) and it came with a 8-year battery life. I'm happy to report that it is still going strong (even after 11 years). I dropped that watch on cement pavement, banged it against the door and even took a dip into the pool a couple of times... and my g-shock handled all that without breaking a sweat. So after discovering the toughness of these watches, I bought few more casio g-shock and pathfinder watches and I absolutely love them all. I find these to be a perfect balance of technology, product build quality and price. They are a very nicely engineered timepieces. Also, I like the general style of these rather large and sometimes gaudy casio watches. Although, I might never understand the value of a $1500 MT-G but I will gladly pay $350 for an atomic, solar, titanum, 200m water resistant awesome looking watch. As for this particular watch here, I like that its black so I can wear it to work everyday. The bright orange highlights near the edges of the crown/strap make it stand out without looking gaudy. The numbers and other detail inside the dial is very pretty. The metal body of the watch (underneath the rubber face) is not exactly black (more like grayish-greenish tinge) and it looks really good. The rubber strap felt slightly thin at first but feels absolutely perfect now. If it would have been any thicker, it wouldn't be as comfortable on the wrist. Upon receiving the watch, setting up the time was not intuitive but I watched a video on youtube and figured it out. I don't care about any of its outdoor features and will never use them. I'm just glad that this watch will last me a lifetime and since its solar, it will never have to be taken into a watch repair shop for changing batteries and stuff. I don't know about you but I could never look at my watch the same way once its been to the repair shop.
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on July 18, 2014
I bought this watch as an everyday wear because I was beating up my GWA-1000 too much. I love it! It doesn't have all of the advanced features of the GWA, but it still has the important stuff, atomic timekeeping, tough movement, solar powered, alarm, and stopwatch. These atomic GShocks are the most accurate watches I've ever seen! They are more accurate than the time on your cellphone which is pretty cool. This model is perfect size, not too tall, and feels very comfortable on the wrist. I haven't taken it off in over three months for any reason and I don't even know its there when I'm wearing it. I have ridden motorcycles, fished, swam in pools and the ocean, showered, climbed trees, shot guns, snorkeled, blasted off tons of fireworks, cooked, cleaned, built a fence, fixed my roof, wrestled a bear, worked on my car, built a rocket and flown to the moon, arm wrestled Arnold Scwharzenegger (and won), knitted a quilt, and slayed at least ten vampires all while knowing EXACTLY what time it was. You too can be as awesome as me if you wear this watch.
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on April 27, 2016
Great watch. Difficult to setup, but once you get through that it's fine. I do recommend the YouTube videos that are listed in this review section (they were helpful). I have different watches for different purposes. For example, if I'm working outside and don't want to get my nice Citizen Skyhawks banged up. I always wear my G-Shock. I never worry about damaging this watch. You'd have to really try to do that and no one really ever would do that for normal use. I set this watch by the window at night and it has always captured the exact atomic time signal wherever I am; and I travel a lot. Sometimes I like a basic analog watch with big numbers that are easy to read. This watch in addition to being tough, looks great! I love the orange accents.

I would give it five stars except for the difficulty in setting up and lack of a night light. The hands do illuminate, however with they're night coating.
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on January 27, 2014
This is my first Casio watch. My other is a Citizen Eco-Drive and this watch replaces my defunct 14 year old Luminox. I LOVE the idea of no more batteries as it's solar powered. Also that it's water proof for anything I do and it's also great looking per comments I have received. Plus the orange accents make it easy to read at a glance. It's also atomic which is supposed to correct the time automatically, but I have yet to have that happen.

But the programming is SO difficult and confusing, I still do not have it correct. The manual is horribly confusing and unclear. There is a video on that is worth watching and is extremely helpful. The subdials and sub dial printing on the watch face is super tiny. I need a very bright light above it to be able to read it.

I've had the watch about a week now and am still learning all about it. But I think once I'm sure it's programmed correctly, I won't touch it and just let it run. The computer inside it is supposed to keep correct time thru 2099.

But I do love the looks, and it glows all night which is great and will be especially appreciated when I'm camping. Not having to take it off to shower, swim, kayak, etc is great. The endurance and durability is well known and I expect years of trouble free operation.

I just wish it was easier to program. Maybe some sort of Near Field or wireless to wirelessdevice app on my Android phone to the watch or who knows? But something like that would be awesome and pain free. Also, Casio or someone should make a LARGER manual in PDF format that can be printed larger or just viewed on the screen with some helpful suggestions. It would make using it much easier.

I do suggest this watch. You'll love the looks and performance. Just give yourself time to learn and remember how to program and use the sub features as it doesn't come quick.
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on March 21, 2014
I spent a great deal of time debating internally which watch I should select. I tend to be rather frugal in terms of watches (bad experience with the first moderately expensive watch I purchased), but decided that the convenience of never having to worry about the battery (solar), or changing the time (DST) or date (thanks to atomic syncing), made it worth it. I was concerned that the 51mm case would be too big on my wrists (6.8"), but it fits perfectly. The watch looks better than I thought it would. Additional functions are nice to have, and are usable, although if that is a major purpose for the purchase, this might not be the best option.
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on August 31, 2012
I love this watch. It is, as the other reviews say, difficult to setup the 1st time (watch a couple youtube videos on how to set up after reading manual) but once you get it set it works flawlessly. I really like the large face, night floresence, spot on time keeping, UTC/zulu time and its ruggedness. I am a swimmer, pilot, mtn biker and this works well for all plus I honestly enjoy putting it on my wrist every day.
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on September 22, 2013
This is a very nice watch. Feels "Masculine" on your wrist, gets quite a few "lookers", easy to read. This is a very useful watch.
Updated on Jan 2014, After using the watch for a while, still love it except.. you cannot see the hands at night. The luminous is junk. If you put the watch in the sun all day, it still does not glow at night. The only way it glows/lights is to hold an LED flashlight on it for a minute, then it will glow for an hour. The watch is so nice, but seeing it at night is a no go.. Lot's of disappointment in this..
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on December 6, 2012
I like the sporty look of the watch, it feels good on my wrist. This is my first G Shock atomic and I was downright confused as far as the setup. Instructions could be a lot simpler but the watch itself stands out in a good way. There are some decent videos on the internet demonstrating initial setup. I find that it's within +/- 2 seconds compared to the NIST clock. I've gotten a few compliments already and a few "where'd you get that?"s.
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on February 18, 2014
When I got this watch, first look I love it. After that I try to read manual and not understand how to set up this watch. I have to learn from Youtube for a couple times. I know that it qiut easy to set if you are in the right mode. This watch has 29 cities time zone it's good for a traveler or anyone. Recomended this watch
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on December 16, 2013
I was hesitant to buy a Casio that cost this much. I purchased this watch to replace my 5-year old G-Shock (which still works). I was looking for something I can wear everyday and still looks good. This watch is it! It is a nice size, the detail is amazing. Be sure your read the entire manual because all the hands do different things. I get so many compliments and questions about this watch. Well worth the purchase!
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