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on May 7, 2018
After 5 years, swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea, various swimming pools, hits, nicks, sports, air travel, The Great Wall of China, this has been a great watch. The battery ran out after 4 years. I replaced it. Unfortunately, all the items above wore out the inner gasket seal. The band cracked. I replaced the band. I just couldn't find a seal replacement online, or through watch repair. The inner gasket seal was to be that fatal flaw, after one last swimming excursion, the watch ticked it's last digital second.

I gave the watch 5 stars as it's lived up to the G-Shock Hype. I would recommend a G-Shock.
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on December 23, 2011
I have owned this watch for around a year now and have had ZERO problems with it. It has seen water, rain, sunshine, hot showers, dishwater, lots of yard work and done fine. The charge has never dropped below full and it spends much of it's time indoors as it is rotated with a Citizen Eco-Drive and an Invicta 8926 OB. It has performed flawlessly. I love the atomic synchronization feature and it is actually the most accurate time piece in the house. It is an extremely inexpensive entry into atomic timekeeping and anyone who is interested in such technology should invest the few dollars and try it. I looked for a long time a Casio's lineup of watches before settling in on this model. I chose it mainly not for the look of the watch, but rather for the numerous positive reviews on it and the features it has for such a low price. By the way. Wal-Mart is selling this same model now for almost $80.00. Having had it for a year, I love the look, function and feel of it. It is not a thin watch. It is also not heavy by any means. In short, buy this watch if you like accuracy, water resistance to 660 feet, and all at a very reasonable price. You can't go wrong. UPDATE: 6/6/13 After two years of use, I have to say I LOVE G SHOCKS!!! I rotate this watch with two Invicta's and a Citizen Eco Drive so it gets a fair amount of shelf time away from any strong light sources and I have only had the charge drop to medium only once. It is easy to set. Easy to use. Very inexpensive for all the features you get. If you like accurate solar powered watches in a digital format, then this one should be at the top of your list for consideration. If you have any questions the one you should be asking yourself right now is "Why Haven't I Bought This Watch Yet?"
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on January 30, 2013
If you are not familiar with the G Shock line of watches, there simply is no tougher watch in the world for the money. If you are hard on watches, this is the watch line for you. The recessed crystal is hard to scratch and the watch will take lots of abuse.

On top of the usual G-Shock featured toughness, this model has some nice feature design qualities. In the past I owned Casio watches with metallic-colored plastic. The silver wore off and left the watch looking cheap and ugly. Casio fixed that here with a stainless steel bezel. The display is a good size. The time and date are easily visible. I love the auto backlight. It turns on in low light situations when the watch is tipped toward your face to check the time; smart and functional. With the rechargeable battery that runs on light, there's no need to buy a battery for many years to come. Another smart feature is the atomic clock accuracy. Watches need to compete with the accuracy of cell phones these days and this watch does that by setting itself to the correct time every day using the radio signal from Ft. Collins.

If you want a tough digital watch that always has the correct time, is easy to read and will go many years before needing a new battery, it's hard to beat this G-Shock atomic solar watch.
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on October 30, 2012
Just received my brand new G-shock. Very nice looking watch, substantial and sturdy. Not easy to conceal under the sleeve, but that's the point. You should show it off, so that the solar battery has always good juice in it. The atomic clock calibration signal works like a charm, as good as my Casio Men's WVA470DJ-1ACF Waveceptor Solar Atomic Ana-Digi Sport Watch. It has dual timekeeping (with time zone code for 30 cities), good afterglow light (either on demand or automatic by tilting your wrist to check the time), the usual time signal, 4 alarms + snooze alarm, and stopwatch.

It lacks countdown timer, but instead has a time/date memo function, which allows to store the current time and date, up to 30 records. Personally, I found the countdown timer much more useful. I'll be posting updates with longer usage.

I definitively recommend this watch.

Update (05Jul2013):

I have had this watch for over 8 months now. The G-Shock reputation is alive and well with this little sucker. I've been working around a house we moved recently into, and boy let me tell you that it has taken quite a punishment. The slightly receded crystal helps to keep most scratches away. I am yet to see the first.

Regarding the atomic clock calibration feature, it works well for the most part. It calibrates almost nightly, only skipping one or two nights a month. My night table where it usually sits at bedtime is located quite a distance from the window (about 4 meters). I don't have any tall buildings or structures nearby, so I guess that's helpful.

The band is really comfortable and sturdy. It's easy to clean, and it does not keep any offensive odours, something I really appreciate, especially now in the summer time.

I am very satisfied with this G. I'll be posting updates for reference to people who might be interested on this watch.
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on October 31, 2010
I've had many digital watches over the years because I like the alarms and timers.
I got tired of the dial window on my cheap models scratching because they were made of plastic.

I did some research and learned to avoid the cheap ones made of acrylic (plastic).
I started looking for models made of tougher glass which is easy to do here at amazon.
If you click on a watch for the description and scroll down until you see the blue "Product Description" on the left will be a link that reads "Dial window material type"
if you click on it reads:

The covering of the watch dial. Acrylic, mineral, and sapphire are the three types of crystals commonly used in watches. Acrylic crystal is an inexpensive plastic that allows shallow scratches to be buffed out. Mineral crystal is composed of several elements that are heat-treated to create an unusual hardness that helps resist scratches. Sapphire is the most expensive and durable crystal, approximately three times harder than mineral crystals and 20 times harder than acrylic crystals.

I was unable to find any made of sapphire and figured it very $$$ so I went with one made with a mineral dial window and am very happy. Its recessed and feels like glass and I'm not worried about it scratching.
The band is also made of very durable but comfortable material.

Here is the list of features:
* Quality Japanese-quartz movement
* Tough Solar Power; shock Resistant; auto EL backlight with Afterglow; 4 daily alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm
* Chronograph measures up to 110 seconds
* Time recorder; memory capacity: 30 records (each record contains month, day, hour, minutes, seconds); hourly time signal
* Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)

I often use count down timers with my watch but this particular model replaced the count down timer with a time recorder?
I have no use for this but guess it may be useful for some to record the exact moment 30 times?
Also if they deem this odd feature necessary on this model why not leave the much more popular count down timer?

That being said, it still has multiple alarms which I use and also has the optional hourly beep.

I like the look/style, the slight red with the stainless is a nice/unique look and worth the trade of the countdown timer.

Don't forget the solar power, atomic time keeping and the optional (I like it) auto back light which turns the back light on when you turn your wrist to check the time in the dark, nice!

I hope this was helpful (at least you know there is not a countdown timer)
I'm considering buying a 2nd one of these as a backup, I like it so much!

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on June 7, 2012
Got this watch shipped to Canada in about a week. Even including the shipping and duty it was significantly cheaper than anywhere locally for me.

The watch itself has so far exceeded my expectations. I've owned numerous G-shocks before and some dressy-type analogue watches but I've always hated changing batteries and also time accuracy had been a bit of a problem which is the primary reason for getting this watch. It arrived fully charged and even with no further light exposure it's supposed to hold a charge for 11 months which is great. The charge level hasn't moved from the H (high) position since getting the watch, with minimal light exposure. Also, the watch enters Sleep Mode when left in a dark environment for an extended period of time (such as overnight) to conserve energy. It automatically wakes up when it senses enough light, when you lift and angle the watch towards you or if you press any button. The feature worked flawlessly.

The watch is a lot nicer looking than in the pictures. And while it's a little flashier than my other G-shocks, it's still somewhat conservative looking with some nice polished and brushed metal accents. It's also not as big or as thick as I expected it and it fits without any issues under the sleeve of a dress shirt.

One of its main functions that I really wanted was the atomic time sync. I was concerned that being so far away from the station in Fort Collins (well outside the core 600 mile radius) would pose a problem. Well the watch was shipped and sat for at least four days inside a well packaged multi-layered box, and to my surprise the watch arrived and showed that it had synced successfully while in the box on the morning of delivery. I then left the watch sitting on its side overnight in our kitchen, at least 20 ft away from the nearest window, which isn't the recommended place to put it for syncing, and again I was very pleasantly surprised that it had no problem syncing overnight even from that location and position.

The buttons are well recessed so it's almost impossible to accidentally press any, unlike my last G-shock. But at the same time they're very responsive so it didn't take much effort to press them. The mode cycle is typical Casio so if you're familiar with any of them you'll feel right at home with this one. It has 5 alarms, with an hourly beeper and a stop watch. It also has a world clock allowing you to toggle between cities to show their current times. One of the nice features of this watch is that it can automatically set daylight savings time so you never need to remember when to do it. In all honesty I haven't used or tried the Time Record feature so I don't know how well it works but apparently it can record the time (date, hour, minute, seconds) of 30 events and store them. I'm not sure how useful that feature is but it's there.

The right-most of the three round dials at the top of the face provides a quick-glance view of some settings, such as alarms, hourly beeper, DST, Auto Backlight, etc... The middle dial shows battery charge level and the left dial shows the percentage of the hour that has passed (kind of like looking at the minute hand of an analogue watch) which is neat. The main face shows the time in either 12H or 24H as well as date and the day of the week. It also shows the time zone (e.g. M for Mountain Time Zone).

I do want to briefly mention the Auto EL which is a feature that's off by default. When activated, when you twist your wrist (the arm motion when you want to look at your watch), the back-lighting turns on for 1 second. Unlike my previous G-shocks with Auto EL, the nice thing about this feature on this particular model is that it determines how much ambient light there is so that when it's bright enough to see without the backlighting it doesn't turn on, to preserve battery life. I presume this auto-light-detection feature is unique to the Solar powered G-shocks as I'm assuming it's using the solar panel's photo cells to measure ambient light. In practice, the feature worked exactly as advertised in that it never came on when there was enough light but I found the wrist motion wasn't always detected consistently which is both good and bad. Good in that accidental motions never registered, bad in that sometimes it didn't light up when you wanted it to. I found controlled and deliberate twisting of the wrist yielded the most consistent results.

The strap on this watch is great. Its outer surface is textured, not only making it look sharp but also seems as though it would show less scratches and marks. I found the watch on the whole very comfortable, especially after a few days when the strap started to form to my arm.

All in all, the only one negative I can say about this watch is the tiny manual which isn't all that easy to read or follow. Casio, in their wisdom, bundled the same manual for 3 different watches with three different displays, albeit sharing the same features, making it a little tricky to figure out what a specific feature would look like on this watch. Personally I found downloading the manual online from Casio and viewing it on my 24" display a lot easier than the tiny included book. Having said that, if the time-sync feature and solar power continue to work as advertised then this watch is a definite keeper for the long term. It's highly recommended.
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on December 15, 2013
I don't like digital watches. I'm a chronograph guy. James Bond never wore a digital. American astrononauts don't wear digitalis. But after 30 years of wearing chronograph watches (even very expensive ones) I decided that I needed a watch that wouldn't crap out on me after swimming a few a months worth of laps in the local YMCA pool.
I don't EVER take my watches off. EVER! Not in the pool, not in the hot tub, not in the shower, not at work as a machine technichian, not huntining, not sleeping, not EVER! (the one exception being when I work out on my heavy bag. A watch just won't fit under the wraps.)
My point is, a watch for me has to be there for me 24/7. I've spent thousands of dollars on certified dive watches (even ones designed for NAVY SEALS (don't waste your money.) and none of them. NONE of them have held up like this watch has.
I wanted to own this watch for at least a year before I gave it a review. I have. So here it is in pro vs. con format.

It may be bulletproof. (I haven't shot a bullet at it yet but this is one tough mother%^<>£€ watch.)
I've had it a year and it looks like I just took it out of the box. (not a single scratch or ding to the crystal.)
The functions were easy to learn even for a non digital user.
I guess it's a pretty watch if you like digital type watches (it's just functional as far as I'm concerned.)
The time and date are large (black on gray) and easy to read even for the near sighted.
The function buttons are both a pro and a con. They're large enough and require enough tension to easily depress underwater yet at the same time are impossible to operate with heavy winter mittens on.
The auto light is also a pro and con. It does work. It's just VERY particular in how you hold your arm and tilt your hand and for how long. But it does work. (either way you can shut it off with the touch of a button)
I like the clip at the end of the wristband. It keeps the band from coming loose during more strenuous activities. (not a big deal but I like it.)
Speaking of bands, I'm not sure what this one is made of but it's tough. It's not not like a regular watch band that can be replaced with one from any Wal-Mart. This is integrated into the watch.
It always radio/auto/atomic updates. The signal is broadcast from ft.Collins,Co. I'm in S MN. I work from home from midnight til noon. My office is in the basement of our home and my watch has never once missed an update signal.


She's thick! Twice as thick as a good dive watch. It get's hung up on shirts and jackets and such. Really not a big deal.
As I said above, impossible to operate the function buttons with gloves on.
Also, as I said above, the auto light can be particular.

But let's get down to the ONLY reason I didn't give this watch 5 stars.

That reason is the three sub dials. I don 't know what the Casio engineers in Japan were smoking the day they designed this watch but they screwed the pooch on These! The largest subdial isn't even covered in the user manual. I had to go online to find out what it does and what it does is useless. The middle subdial shows the watches charge and the last and smallest (tiny) dial shows all of the vital functions of the watch. (four different alarm settings, snooze,DST,signal,split times) and more. These readouts are the most important readouts of the watch and they're tiny! My eyes are fine and I can't read them.
I almost sent it back just because of the subdials but I just use it for time and date and this watch hasn't let me down.
Her Majesy's Secret Service And NASA can afford to equip their agents with new cool expensive watches after every mission, but I'm just a middle class guy and this watch has performed in everything from -28F to 108F. From 30m below sea level to 22,000 ft above sea level. Through countless laps, thousands of hours of work and a lot of showers. (probably not enough for my wife and her friends.) it's been more than a year and this watch rocks the house!!!
If you want a good reliable bullet proof watch this is the one. (if you you live up North this way, ya may have to throw it under a light every once in a while in the winter when the sun don't come out.)
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on February 18, 2016
The watch is amazingly accurate although somewhat difficult to use. The little circular dials that tell you the settings are so small you need a magnifying glass to read them. One drawback to the solar power system is that especially in winter, the watch may not get enough light exposure to keep it charged, especially when worn with long sleeves that may cover it. So I keep a more conventional watch to fill in during these periods. In this case it goes blank and into hibernation, but will resume operation without losing time when exposed to light. Since it is waterproof I can wear it in the pool and while kayaking with no problem.
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on October 6, 2012
I've owned Casio watches for years and in fact I don't buy anything else. This by far the most elegant and functional one I've owned. The clock seems accurate. The belt seems well made and strong. I am a person who wears this 24hrs/365 days in the shower as well as playing Tennis. I have a feeling Casio will have to re-design this soon specially the electronics display. I'd maximize to see letters bit better. Comments are based on 2 months of ownership and expect to use this for another 120 months.

***Added later.
I had originally given it 5 stars. Functionality of this watch is excellent as long as it is exposed to Sun.
When the winter comes in, I wear long sleeve, work inside most of the day and watch hardly get to see the sun.
So, I had to buy a spare watch one while it is being charged. If you don't have a problem with that, get it.
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on May 16, 2010
The strap for the G Shock was very stiff at the joints. There's no way you can lay it down as per the instructions to receive the WWVB atomic clock signal because of how the strap was designed. However, it will synchronize properly if you lay it on its side or even with the face down on a table.

I had a lot of difficulty getting the G Shock to sync when I first bought it. After a lot of experimentation, I gave up. Luckily, the G Shock was able to sync automatically while it was laid down on its side overnight. I manually synced it as well during this time. There's no rhyme or reason as to how you orient the watch. I followed the instructions and even elevated the watch so the 12 o clock position faced Ft Collins but no dice. I just threw it on a table with my Fossil watch and it synchronized properly but only in the early morning (0200-0600). A cheap $20 wall clock that I have easily syncs during the day, mainly because of its larger antenna. I can keep it next to a Blackberry and it still syncs fine. I would recommend placing it near a window facing in the general direction of Fort Collins, CO just to be on the safe side. It hasn't failed to sync on a daily basis, so I am very satisfied. It usually takes 3-5 minutes to synchronize every hour after midnight. It's been very reliable for 0400 hours, but I've only had it automatically sync at 0500 a few times out of the week.

The GW500A-1V is also somewhat intelligent. It will shut off the LCD display at night to conserve power unless you expose it to light. It also defaults to turning on the backlight when you try to look at the watch. It will detect the angle of your wrist and detects the ambient light. However, you may opt to turn off this feature if it is a security issue (night patrols or other activities).

The instruction manual print type/font is extremely small and there's a lot of information to process. It's by no means a thin book, it's almost like an owner's manual for a car. The solar charging did work properly, and the watch was very easy to use. I like the multiple time zones because I frequently have to travel. My Fossil watch looks great with a suit and tie, but in the field it falls flat for usability. The G Shock is more rugged and puts more info within plain view.

Pros: Easy to use, rugged design, solar charging capability, atomic time syncing, very intelligent and almost entire self-sufficient. It's the Nuclear Submarine of digital watches.

Cons: Wave Receptor doesn't work well for me, even though a cheap $20 atomic wall clock works fine in the house, will drift by 1-2 seconds if it doesn't sync within a few days.

Overall: 4/5 stars

UPDATE: I've been really warming up to the watch. The atomic time sync feature makes it a set and forget watch which I really like. It's rugged, tough, but comfortable to wear. However, we had rain storms the past several nights and the watch was unable to sync with WWVB. I noticed it has drifted (fast) by a few seconds.

UPDATE 7-1-2010:
I used this watch in Hawaii and the time zone settings were a HUGE benefit while flying into different time zones and for getting used to the time zone in Hawaii. I didn't have to adjust the watch, I just had to scroll to the right zone and it would figure out Daylight Savings automatically! The only negative aspect is that since the watch was so far away from Ft Collins that it wouldn't sync up the entire time I was there - but it's not a big deal since the drift is minimal. I thought about bringing my Fossil analog instead, but the G-Shock made more sense due to its rugged design and outstanding features. If you fly around the world a lot, the G Shock is HIGHLY recommended.
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