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on April 11, 2016
working great for 3 months now. battery charge level has been at high consistently since about 6 weeks after I started wearing daily. only sun light it's getting is when I drive and about 15-20 of walking outside each day. i do turn off functions that I don't need that saves me some power, such as the sound, daily time sync, and auto light function.
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on January 18, 2016
I've not worn a watch for many years. My wife decided she was not happy that each time I needed to check the time, I pulled my phone out. She got this for me for Christmas. I love it. Keeps accurate time, easy to operate, and nice looking. Rugged as well. The reason I stopped wearing watches was because I consistently broke them. I'm a bit hard on watches for sure. So far it has withstood my abuse.
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on March 5, 2017
The pictures don't do this watch justice. In person this watch looks fantastic, it's styling grows on you everytime you look at it!

The functions and features are basically standard for every mid priced solar/multi band 6 G-Shock.

This is another classic Casio that's been around forever, it's just a good looking watch that can get abused and still function. Overall if you like G-Shocks and want a lower priced yet solid watch, consider this watch or any of Casio's other lower cost G-Shocks. They're all just as durable and built with topnotch materials.
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on July 20, 2015
I don't like how the third eye is pretty much pointless/useless. It's nice that the left two eyes have some use now (compared to DW6900). Like many say, the display is nice and crisp, maybe even more so than the GWM5610 (although the 5610 has slightly larger font). I like that the days of the week are spelled in three large capital letters, instead of two small print lower case (on the GWM5610). Because of the dedicated light button (lower G), the upper right button will actually toggle in timekeeping mode between the current day-date and world time (the GWM5610 can't do this, in fact, to access world time on the 5610, you have to press the mode button too many several times).

This may not seem like a big deal, but the buttons are a lot easier to push than the GWM5610. The GW6900 displays current time in the alarm mode only, which is the only mode it makes sense to me to have the current time handy right away. Most importantly, the GW6900 doesn't have a defective tilt sensor like the three GWM 5610's I have ordered and returned through amazon - Press the 2,8 and 10 oclock button to engage the TLT (tilt) sensor test mode. Regardless of ambient light, you should see 88:88 with a slight tilt. Some say "Oh I don't use auto EL so that doesn't matter", but actually it does in another way - you are supposed to be able to pick up and look at the watch and it should wake out of power saving mode automatically because the tilt sensor gets tripped - a defective gwm5610 won't be able to do this.

I actually prefer the case shape and size of the GWM5610, but there are too many defective units out there, so I went with GW6900 as my main driver.
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on April 10, 2016
My first G-Shock. So far I love the watch. I wanted something simple that was well built and this fit the bill perfect. The watch feels solid and has held up to some bumps and bruises. I have an average size wrist and the watch is not too large, as I was first concerned. I also love the solar feature of the G-Shock. The battery has not moved from high charge. I wear the watch daily and spend most my time indoors. So far very impressed with the watch and would recommend to anyone looking for a nice basic watch that is not too large and can stand up to daily use and abuse.
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on May 29, 2015
I got this recently and I love it! I can't say too much about reliability since I got it a week ago but people seem to say the watch holds up nice.

-The watch is the classic/original gshock with a little bit of variation.
-solar function works perfectly. I also got this so that the watch would last longer. Regular gshocks promise about a 2 year life battery but when you change it, the water resist feature no longer holds up or so a lot of reviews say. So this ensures a longer lifespan without having to open and ruin the watch
-atomic function works well. It took some time to get it right because of reception issues but it finally works and its great! It calibrates your watch to the atomic clock of a few countries.
-has all the basic gshock functions: timer, stopwatch, illumination and alarm. This watch also features different time zones.
-I'm not sure the GW6900 is NASA certified but the DW6900 is which is essentially the same model. So it helps the coolness factor
-its different from the DW6900 model in that for the GW, there are 3 letters for the day instead of 2 (example FRI instead of FR)
- bolder digits than the DW6900
-illumination function works great! You have the option of having it turn on automatically when you look at it while its on your wrist. Also, you can have it last for 1.5 seconds or 3.
-option of a power saving function, which turns off automatically when the watch is off and in the dark and not in use.
-feels very light and reliable. The band is replaceable.
-it's shock and water resistant, which is a given(according to manual, you can wash your hands with this model, go under rain, swim or surf) make sure not to press the buttons while under water!
-it's around $70, which is the lowest price among the solar gshock watches. The price is similar to the mudman but you get the solar function! It's a steel!
-buttons are easy to press unlike other gshocks, and they are situated in a way that helps avoid accidental pressing
-display is not negative so you can actually see the time without having to use the light constantly.
-easy to read
-thickness and size is about the same as a military wenger or a fossil townsman
-it looks cool and tough
-perfect for the gym, for athletes or for people who need fast readability
-great for everyday use if you know you're gonna bang the watch against something.
-the watch looks way nicer in person with its black finish and silver and white accents. I like that there isn't any red.
-for those concerned about the machismo factor... well it certainly won't repel women.

Overall this is a great watch. I've been needing something like this for everyday use. It's casual, not too flashy, easy to use and simple. I would say don't use this as a dress watch. I just go back to my swiss analog leather watch for formal occasions. The GW6900 looks like it'll hold up nice and so far I love it and would recommend it!

As a side note, I'd probably go for a timex ironman next time, maybe the shock models just because the digits are much larger and readable. This isn't really a con for the gshock unless they're compared or you have poor eyesight. But I'm happy I went with the gshock for now.

One thing Im not too keen on are the three dials on the display. I know they each have a function, but they're not necessary. Casio could have used the space in a more wise manner and made the digits larger. This isn't a deal breaker but it would have made this watch perfect.

For those who want to know what the dials are for:
The left one is to tell you the battery power level and if the power save function is on/off
The middle is to tell you if the key tone, alarm, etc is on/off
The right dial tells you the seconds in a 10 sec interval

The manual for this watch is nuts in that its so detailed that there's 80pgs worth of info. But it helps.
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on December 29, 2015
This thing has been shark diving, trekking through SE Asia, exposed to the heat of the Mojave and the cold of the Sierra Nevadas, banged it all up to hell and its held up perfectly. I swapped out the wristband for a maratac zulu 3 ring with adapters and its bulletproof.
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on July 25, 2017
This is a relacement for a similar model I purchased in 2002. I've worn a G-Shock all over the world working in oilfield services and in varying climates. They're durable, reliable and have great functionality. I have several but this will be the primary tough duty/work watch so we'll see how it holds up. It gets the 5 stars based on my overall experience with the products and my first impression of the one I received.
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on January 16, 2017
I have had this watch about a week. I have another G Shock (GW3500-A1) Aviator and so I am very familiar with the functions so I won't repeat what others have said about them. But the aviator is a little more fancy and is analog AND digital. I wanted a digital only for everyday. The digital readout on the 3500 is light on dark and is much harder to read (this watch is dark on light). Also the hands on the 3500 block the digital readout whenever either of them is between the 4 & 8.

This watch is ideal for everyday. But be careful because you are going to fall in love with atomic accurate time that sets itself automatically every night combined with never worrying about a battery. You will get spoiled. And then there is the fact that I am "accurate time" obsessed. And unless you lose or destroy a G Shock Atomic of any style you are going to have fanatical accuracy.

I saw a review on one of the atomic watches that lowered the rating because they couldn't set it 3-4 minutes fast. Presumably to help them get someplace on time. Can't do is with these. You have to be happy with the exact time. I am.

Also, unlike others, mine came fully charged or nearly so.
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on November 1, 2016
I don't write reviews but I thought I'd write a quick one on this product. I've had it well over a year now and I really like it. I've never had any issues with the watch and it's tough solar as it takes and holds a charge really well. I'm an office guy and don't get out in the sun much but I don't ever remember seeing the battery charge indicator as anything other than "High". It is very tough and take a bump/hit very well and still looks good. I also like that it syncs time and I don't have to manually adjust it. I have had other G-Shocks but like this one the most. I'd definitely repurchase this watch and recommend it to a friend as well.
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