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on September 13, 2015
This watch is based on the original DW-6900 model, G-Shock's best-selling case design. However, unlike the DW-6900, it is solar powered with multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping.

I bought this watch for its great all around functionality and durability. You just cannot beat it for the price. With that being said, and if price is not so much of a concern to you, and you want a thicker watch with some additional features such as a thermometer and a compass, you might want to look at the G-Shock Mudman models. However, while all Mudmans are solar powered, not all of them feature multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping like this one.

Do not get frustrated if at first you receive this watch and the Battery Power Indicator will not go to high while indoors and exposed to light. That is what happened to me the first 2 or 3 days trying to raise the charge from medium to high near an indoor window. My advice is to keep a positive attitude about it. There is nothing wrong with the solar battery. Simply get the watch into outdoor sunlight for a few hours. I finally wisened up and did that on the third day, and the Battery Power Indicator went to high. That was 34 days ago, and it has been on high ever since.

This watch is extremely simple to operate. It has no unnecessary thermometer or compass which, to the average person, are not worth the hassle of setting up, especially since the accuracy of those features is always in question.

I like the front button for illumination of the light. Many G-Shock models have no front button instead utilizing the upper right side button for light illumination.

Further, I like the ability to scroll both east and west through the 48 city codes this watch offers. Not all G-Shocks can scroll in both directions. Sometimes they are limited to eastward scrolling due to configuration of the module with the style. But the capability of both east and west scrolling is far less clumsy.

If you want to further check out operation, I suggest researching the online Operation Guide where you will find very clear and concise product information.

Important Tip: The times displayed in the Timekeeping Mode and World Time Mode are linked. Because of this, be sure you select a Home City (the city where you normally will use the watch) BEFORE you set the time and the date. Sometimes people do not read the Operation Guide and initially get hung up on operation not realizing this.

on Stainless Steel Back

Also on the stainless steel back is an alphanumeric inscription or stamp which I believe to be a serial number.

on Watchband Clasp

The watch is programmed to automatically adjust the date of the month for the varying lengths of months as well as leap years to the year 2099.

This watch has a MINERAL crystal which is one of 3 crystal types commonly used in watches. For comparison of those types, I have described each of them below:

1. Acrylic crystal is an inexpensive plastic that allows shallow scratches to be buffed out.

2. MINERAL crystal (this watch) is composed of several elements that are heat-treated to create an unusual hardness that helps resist scratches.

3. Sapphire is the most expensive and durable crystal, approximately 3 times harder than mineral crystals and 20 times harder than acrylic crystals.

The 5 photos included with this review are not mine.
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on October 15, 2017
Perfection. If you're looking for a simple G-Shock that's easy to read day or night and doesn't have a lot of features you'll never use, this is the watch. The illumination feature actually works at night. The face is incredibly easy to read at all times. The size is perfect. I find many G-Shocks to be overly large and gaudy, but this watch is understated and will not draw attention. I gave up on models that have both analog and digital displays because the watch hands inevitably block the digital display throughout the day. If simplicity is your primary concern, do yourself a favor and switch to a strictly digital watch instead of compromising. I added a green nylon band from JaysAndKays which makes a world of difference in the appearance.
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on September 10, 2017
I thought I would let everyone know how how long the battery on this solar watch lasts, considering it is a solar watch. I was curious when I bought it so if anyone else is curious here is a real world review. First of all, I'm writing this not because the watch stopped working, THE BATTERY IS STILL GOOD. I'm writing it because just got curious and looked into my Amazon Orders to see when I bought it. I bought the watch in 2010 and it's 2017 now. So AT LEAST 7 years, because the watch still works fine. I will say though, while I did wear the watch when I first bought it (for about 6 months) I then bought another watch that I started to wear and have rarely worn this watch since. I still like the watch but for whatever reason have not been actively wearing it. So the next big question is:
I figured it would be better for the battery if the watch stayed fully charged. So for the past 6+ years it has ALWAYS been near a light source. Never in direct sunlight though. I've always had the face pointed towards a window somewhere between 4-10 feet with lots of light light.
I'm really curious how long it will last now. In the future I will try and remember to post updates if I remember. I'll also try to remember when to post when it eventually dies out.
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on February 17, 2018
hey everyone. just checking in here. it's February of 2018. I purchased my watch in 2013! 5 years and still running as good as new. it has been a daily wear item and has held up to mountain bike crashes, swimming in the ocean and daily baths. I have never had an issue with it. it is beat up, scared and scratched. it's been my trustworthy adventure buddy for so long I had forgot when I purchased it. if I lost this watch, I would replace it with the same model without hesitation.
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on April 22, 2017
I've had this watch for almost a month now. The convenience of the solar power coupled with radio controlled time keeping makes it virtually worry free.

Looks - I'm over six feet tall, but not very large for my height. This watch fits fine and has a subtle and understated look. I teach high school students, who notice most things, and maybe one student has commented on the new watch. It works with anything I wear for work typically, although I plan to wear a stainless watch when I have to dress up in a suit. Not flashy, but certainly not ugly.

Features - for the price, features are excellent and reasonably simple to use. Multiple alarms, including one "snoozable" alarm, radio time keeping which is updated nightly, solar charged battery, stopwatch precise to hundredths, countdown time, secondary time zone, for when traveling. It's also got a day of the week and month/date display as well. 200 m water resistance, shock resistance, and a backlight display round out the watch's main features.

Experience - extremely positive! The watch has updated the time every night through the radio. It keeps a record of when it was last updated so you can check. The solar battery indicator was on "mid" when I received it, and stayed that way for a couple of weeks. After a day of yard work and watching a soccer game in the sun it moved to high level charge, where it's been ever since.

Summary - excellent, worry free watch. Keeps accurate time, date, and month with a few other features. Would purchase again and recommend to a friend.
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on August 18, 2015
For the most part, it's rare that I ever rate anything 5/5, but this watch deserves it. In my opinion, it's one of the more unattractive G-Shocks, but it's been growing on me the more I look at it. As with most watches, it definitely looks better in person than what the product picture suggests. This product fits me better than any of the 9 watches in my collection, which includes 2 other G-Shocks. Before purchasing this, I was in the market for an EDC watch with a certain feature set, and this fit the bill almost perfectly. Said features include local time, world time(UTC), alarm, stopwatch, timer, 200m/20bar water resistance, solar charging, and atomic timekeeping, which receives a signal after midnight, everyday. To my understanding, this watch and other G-Shocks with solar cells, are capable of 'sleep mode' which turns the LCD off when the watch has remained in the darkness for a set period of time, untouched, and turns back on instantly when picked up. So far, the only feature wish that this watch had is a digital compass. The Rangeman has most, if not all of the features I mentioned before, plus a digital compass, however, it's about $100-120 more than the GW6900.
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on July 20, 2015
I don't like how the third eye is pretty much pointless/useless. It's nice that the left two eyes have some use now (compared to DW6900). Like many say, the display is nice and crisp, maybe even more so than the GWM5610 (although the 5610 has slightly larger font). I like that the days of the week are spelled in three large capital letters, instead of two small print lower case (on the GWM5610). Because of the dedicated light button (lower G), the upper right button will actually toggle in timekeeping mode between the current day-date and world time (the GWM5610 can't do this, in fact, to access world time on the 5610, you have to press the mode button too many several times).

This may not seem like a big deal, but the buttons are a lot easier to push than the GWM5610. The GW6900 displays current time in the alarm mode only, which is the only mode it makes sense to me to have the current time handy right away. Most importantly, the GW6900 doesn't have a defective tilt sensor like the three GWM 5610's I have ordered and returned through amazon - Press the 2,8 and 10 oclock button to engage the TLT (tilt) sensor test mode. Regardless of ambient light, you should see 88:88 with a slight tilt. Some say "Oh I don't use auto EL so that doesn't matter", but actually it does in another way - you are supposed to be able to pick up and look at the watch and it should wake out of power saving mode automatically because the tilt sensor gets tripped - a defective gwm5610 won't be able to do this.

I actually prefer the case shape and size of the GWM5610, but there are too many defective units out there, so I went with GW6900 as my main driver.
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on May 10, 2018
I needed a replacement for a Timex Expedition that had lost some functionality (light/chimes). After reading the reviews I has a little hesitation since many talked about the battery never reaching a "high" charge. I've had it for about two weeks and after letting it sit in the sun for about 4hrs at work it's never left the "high" charge. The display is easy to read from any angle and even when wearing polarized sunglasses. The only con is that the alarms are not very loud and do not last very long; only about 10 seconds but I don' use them very often so it's not enough of a concern to drop to 4 stars. The watch has a good weight which I'm hoping lends to it's legendary G-Shock durability.
It keeps excellent time and is even in sync down to the second with the atomic clocks at work. The first manual sync failed but I just waited a minute or two, tried again and it worked. I like that you can also check the last update to see if it worked or not but the auto update just after midnight has been flawless.
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on May 8, 2015
Bought as a gift for my 11-year-old. He really likes it, but there are two problems. First, it was very difficult to get the watch to do a "manual receive" of the atomic clock time. We finally got it to work by holding in a button for about 15 seconds, whereas the instructions say 2 seconds. You'd think of all things, a watch could figure out how long you've held down a button. The second problem is with our "home city" We live in the Phoenix area and the nearest cities are Denver and Los Angeles. Phoenix is in the same time zone as Denver, but does not have daylight saving time. If you set the home city to Denver and turn off DST, the watch will turn DST back on every night when it automatically receives the atomic clock signal, so it's off an hour in the summertime. The only other option is to set the home city to Los Angeles in the summer and Denver in the winter, but the whole reason he wanted this watch was to set it and forget it and the time would always be correct.
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I love watches, and it's typical of me to keep over 50 watches in my collection. Some are more expensive than others but no other watch I own is more loved by me, and more revered as a legend than a Casio G-shock. The Casio GW-6900 is a no-nonsense watch that looks super-manly and can take a serious beating. Everyone from Navy SEALs to hip-hop stars wear G-shocks. What's not to love? It's accurate, recharges on solar energy, sets itself automatically (unless you live in an area where that feature doesn't work) and can take a serious wallop. And if you should happen to damage it, and you didn't lose your arm in the process, you can always throw down another meager pile of cash and buy it again. The initial programming, if you even need to use it, is basic as far as these kinds of watches go, and once you understand the simple menu layout, you'll be off and running. I have worn my G-shocks while climbing mountains and they have held up well where other, more expensive watches have failed. And if you enjoy a timepiece that requires little interaction, this one is right on the money. The day it arrived, I laid it in the window sill to charge and by the next morning, it had already sets the time and date on its own. How's that for simplicity? And for a price that generally hovers around 70 dollars, you really can't go wrong. This is an absolute steal.
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