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on October 15, 2017
Perfection. If you're looking for a simple G-Shock that's easy to read day or night and doesn't have a lot of features you'll never use, this is the watch. The illumination feature actually works at night. The face is incredibly easy to read at all times. The size is perfect. I find many G-Shocks to be overly large and gaudy, but this watch is understated and will not draw attention. I gave up on models that have both analog and digital displays because the watch hands inevitably block the digital display throughout the day. If simplicity is your primary concern, do yourself a favor and switch to a strictly digital watch instead of compromising. I added a green nylon band from JaysAndKays which makes a world of difference in the appearance.
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on August 30, 2016
Solar and Multiband6 for 82$, a must have for G Shock lovers. Perfect packaging and shipment from Amazon!
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on March 17, 2015
I wanted a G-Shock, but not with an overly gaudy look, and this one fit the bill. I love that the solar cell pretty much guarantees I'll never need a battery change (rated at 9-10 months on a full charge if you leave it in the dark!), and the watch syncs with the atomic clock every night, which took me trying to figure out where in my room is best to leave the watch, but once I did, it worked like a charm. It's nice to know the watch will pretty much never be more than 1 second off at any time. It also helps that it feels like I could drop this off of a tall building and not worry about it breaking. Anyway, if you want a G-Shock but like an understated look (in the G-Shock world), this is definitely the way to go!
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on October 27, 2013
I love this watch. It's comfortable and the face is easy to read. I just got it about a week ago so I can't yet comment on long term reliability but I can update this review at a later point with that info.

I really like the solar power and atomic timekeeping features. When I got the watch out of the packaging it showed as having a full charge and the time did not automatically update the first night. The watch is supposed to update every night between about midnight and 4am. I think the watch needs to be worn for a day or two to get fully charged where it will receive the updates. On the second night and every night since, the watch shows it has received the time update every night at 12:04 AM. I was a little concerned that living in an area with a lot of mountains that the watch wouldn't receive he signal from Fort Collins CO reliably. This has not been a concern. The watch manual suggests placing the watch at a window every night to receive the update, but I just wear the watch to bed and it receives the signal with no issue. It's a great watch. I just think after the watch sits in the packaging for what's likely at least several months before you receive it, it may not function how you want it to right out of the box. I think it just needs to be exposed to light for a day or two. After that it's a flawless watch. I think for the price it can't be beat. Get this watch and you'll never have to touch it again to replace batteries or set the time. A friend of mine has a casio g shock solar that's about 10 years old and it's still going strong (I have heard that at some point even with the solar watches the element will need replacement).
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on December 18, 2016
I bought it for my husband. He says "I have used it a year and I like the watch, but there are some things you should be aware. [Positive] It is sturdy and looks good. [Negative] Atomic time calibration works only now and then for me, I live in central Queens (NYC). It's mid December now and it says it last calibrated successfully during Thanksgiving. I don't know how frequently it successfully calibrates. It keeps good time so there is no practical issue, but I feel that it should do better. The wrist band is a bit narrow for my taste - about 3/4 inch at the buckle. I also own Casio tough solar running watch and its band is almost 7/8 inch at the buckle. Lastly, the display is pretty small so it may not be too easy to read when you are moving around (like running) or you have difficulty reading up close."
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on November 9, 2014
I've only had this watch a week but so far it has been great. Absolutely dead-on with the time since it sets itself every night. That was the main feature I bought this for along with the solar battery charging. I was so tired of having to constantly reset my old watch as it drifted several minutes ahead every time after being set. I've always found setting the time on any digital watch is a pain which becomes worse over time when the pushers get older and clogged up with gunk.

I wish the face (the actual characters of text and numbers) of the watch were bigger, the contrast brighter, and the lighting blindingly bright. As far as the display contrast and brightness, it's just like my circa-1995 Casio (still running) watch I replaced with this new one (that old watch was essentially this new watch without the auto-timekeeping and solar charging). I would think with all the years they've had to fiddle with this technology that they could make a digital watch blindingly bright and easier to read and see! But this one's display is as good as any other and better than many I've seen, so it's OK.

Now, if this one will run for 20 years like the last one I'll be very happy!
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on August 5, 2013
This watch was given to me as a gift to replace a Timex watch that had failed on me twice in less than a year. I have been interested in the G-Shock watches for a while but was hesitant to spend more than 20-40 dollars that I was used to. I know believe you get MUCH more watch for really not to much more money.

Upon receiving the watch I have been very pleased. The packaging was great, very secure in the box and in foam in the manufactures packaging on top of that. I was unsure about the atomic setting and solar battery. Out of the box the watch had "mid" charge and was within a second of my iPhone for timekeeping. I was surprised by this. After only a few days the watch had a "high" charge and has maintained that for several weeks. It is my understanding that the watch will operate for several months with NO light with this level of a charge.

The watch receives the atomic signal every night at midnight (and again at 1am -5am until the time is received for that day), updating the time to be extremely accurate. I had to find a good signal in my house with the "manual receive" function in order to find a location with a strong enough signal. The watch will tell you the date and time of the last signal received. If for some reason your area doesn't have a strong enough signal you can set manually.

As far a features go I was not looking for anything specific, just basic watch functions, however the countdown timer will not countdown from anything less than 1 minute, which could be an issue depending on your uses for this function. This is not a big enough deal for me to give the watch anything less than 5 stars.

This watch has power saving option. When turned on the watch will go into a "sleep" mode, after about an hour of no light, were the screen goes blank until a button is pushed or the solar panels are exposed to light. I mention this because when I opened the watch from the packaging it had entered this sleep mode and I was initially concerned it had a problem until I read about it in the owner's manual.

Lastly I wanted to let readers know that the watch is a good size for the average sized male, I am 5'10" about 160 lb. and wear a medium everything. The watch is a good size not huge, but big enough you don't feel like your wearing something for a teenage girl.

I would highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for quality and accuracy in a watch.
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on April 20, 2013
I spend over half of the year camping and needed a watch that could hold up in rough environments. I wanted a watch that kept accurate time without "winding" or frequent battery replacement. I also wanted certain basic functions like an alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer.
After considerable research, I decided to buy this Casio model. After a week, I could not be happier. Right out of the box, this timepiece was fully charged and accurate to within a few seconds of the "Atomic Clock". Instruction booklet looked formidable, but I was quickly able to establish the basic settings and run through all of the "functions". After a little practice, the button functions seemed pretty "intuitive". I was able to "synch" with the Atomic Clock signal without any problem.
Although this a good looking timepiece, it is big...and thick...but not at all uncomfortable.
Overall...an excellent timepiece that performs as well or better than advertised.
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on February 10, 2016
I have a very small wrist -> my dad measured my wrist at 6.5 inches around. The watch fits great, I wear the watch with the silver lock thing on the 5th to last hole on the watch band. Atomic time keeping works great. Its battery is solar charged. The manual states it will last 9 months before completely dying. Just sit the watch on your window sill on a sunny day and it will charge in maybe 3 or 4 hours. Great quality for only about 85 dollars.
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on August 16, 2015
I bought this watch for adventure vacations. It supports two time zones, including the oddball ones, like Newfoundland and India. It is solar powered, so I don't think I need to worry about the battery for years to come. Right after I bought the watch, I went on a scuba vacation. When I got to my destination, I realized I forgot to pack my scuba watch. Since this watch is rated for 20 atmospheres, I figured, what the heck? I will use it for a dive watch. If it works, I can save the inflated destination price of a real dive watch.

The owner's manual clearly states that this watch should not be used for scuba or any other water sport involving the use of air in tanks. I do not recommend using it in this manner, as it voids the warranty. The manual also recommends that the user not push buttons while under water. This recommendation I followed, starting the timer right before entering the water, and stopping the timer after coming to the surface. For me, this watch was adequate as a dive watch in open water. The case got a lot of abuse from banging against equipment and rocks, and still looks new.

I would give this watch 5 stars, except I find myself have to really work at the buttons to use some of the functions. Overall, though, if you are looking for a tough watch that delivers good value, this watch would be hard to beat.
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