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on October 23, 2014
I LOVE/HAVE LOVED this watch for a long time. I have owned two prior to this one with the exact same look/face (basically the same "model"). While those watches took a beating and always came back for more, the batteries eventually died and needed to be replaced (typically around the 4-5 year mark while using the backlight and stopwatch feature throughout the day, every day) and therein lies the problem. Once the case is opened (even if it's being repaired by a Casio/G-Shock dealer), the pressurized seal is broken and can't be re-pressurized/re-sealed unless it's sent back to Casio for repair. So, I'd get my battery replaced and off I go back into the world. The problem is that, after the battery replacement, when the watch was briefly submerged or even used in the shower, the display became foggy underneath the glass. No worries, a day or so setting it in the sun always dried it out. Welp, the last time it was submerged (again, during some play time in the river), it finally gave up and died and never came back which sucks. It was at this point that I determined that while I will definitely still stick with a G-Shock, I was going solar next time which is how I arrived at this watch. No need to ever open it up to change the battery because it's constantly being charged. Anyway, I've only had the watch less than 24 hours but I love it...same great look (although more of a matte black finish which I much more prefer over my previous shiny black watches), atomic timekeeping which is AWESOME, plenty of alarms (which is an updated feature for me) and a metal clasp on the rubber bracelet (again, an upgrade for me). Since I only got it last night, it has spent the morning outside in the sun soaking up rays and powering it up on juice. I've been without my "bum around/workout" watch for a while now, so I'm so happy to have it back! :)
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on June 8, 2015
I love watches, and it's typical of me to keep over 50 watches in my collection. Some are more expensive than others but no other watch I own is more loved by me, and more revered as a legend than a Casio G-shock. The Casio GW-6900 is a no-nonsense watch that looks super-manly and can take a serious beating. Everyone from Navy SEALs to hip-hop stars wear G-shocks. What's not to love? It's accurate, recharges on solar energy, sets itself automatically (unless you live in an area where that feature doesn't work) and can take a serious wallop. And if you should happen to damage it, and you didn't lose your arm in the process, you can always throw down another meager pile of cash and buy it again. The initial programming, if you even need to use it, is basic as far as these kinds of watches go, and once you understand the simple menu layout, you'll be off and running. I have worn my G-shocks while climbing mountains and they have held up well where other, more expensive watches have failed. And if you enjoy a timepiece that requires little interaction, this one is right on the money. The day it arrived, I laid it in the window sill to charge and by the next morning, it had already sets the time and date on its own. How's that for simplicity? And for a price that generally hovers around 70 dollars, you really can't go wrong. This is an absolute steal.
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on October 11, 2014
I will begin by telling you what I like in a watch. Atomic time, Second counting Eye or some other way to show the seconds ticking other then the normal way you see the numbers increase, Auto EL, NOT a thick or too big of a watch, Dual Time and the display of the time can't be too small. These are the things that I look for in a watch.

The watch was not on High charge when I got it. I left it out every now and then for about an hour or two for a few days and it went to High. IT WILL GO TO HIGH. It never left High since. Just don't think about it and just ware it.

The "RCVD" could be a lot bigger to read but it is not a game changer for me since it receives the signal every night on my wrist. I live on Long Island NY. I keep it on my wrist for two reasons. I have trouble sleeping at night (drinking too much water at night) and when the watch receives the signal than I know that I was sleeping well and wasn't moving my wrist around. The second reason is I love radios and it's great knowing that I can DX while I'm sleeping. Also, makes me feel closer to a relative who lives in Colorado.

Dual Time displays on the same screen.

I hope this helps some of you out there that are thinking about this watch. Price and shipping was great also.
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on April 6, 2011
So, here goes. I have about 20 analog watches. Some are automatic, some kinetic, some solar. Finally realized why I don't wear them. I don't want to damage them, considering I paid well over two hundred bucks apiece for them. I am transplanted white collar to blue collar worker, and I would have to say that this by far is the most durable, easiest to set, and easiest to use watch I have ever owned.

First off, shipping was amazing. I had super saver shipping, free cause I am a cheapskate, and this took all of 3 days to get to me. Placed order on thursday night, about 2 am, had watch in hand on Saturday morning. It came packaged very well, bubble wrap in a huge steel case. The manual was about an inch thick, and the size of three stamps, so I pitched it to the side and gave it a whirl.

The display was blank, so I pushed a button, and wala. I had display. I then set it to my time zone, strapped it to the fence, and it was charged and ready to go.

It has an instant light feature, but you wouldnt believe how many times a day that little light comes on, so I don't use it. The several alarms are great, loud enough to wake me up, but not alarm clock buzzer loud, which wakes up my whole house.

There is no second guessing what time it is, just a one second glance, and you have it. I have smacked this watch around, stepped on it, dropped it, left it outside in two days of rain, and not a scratch on it.

The price was terrific, I saved more than fif tee bucks on it, amazon had it for atey fife after taxes and all, even wally world it was in excess of wunhun dred tirty befor taxes.

I am extremly pleased with this watch, I had ordered the simpler model of this without the atomic and solar feature, but changed my mind just in time to get this. I never have to set it nor change the battery. Well worth the extra few bucks to get this model.

The last thing I can say, two things. This is a LARGE watch. The band has a great design, where it sits in such a way that you dont get stinky watch, air seems to get through very well. Also, the word G shock at the top is not so bright as the photo, it is more of a gray color, which seems to blend in.

My advice is to buy it, strap it on, and get used to it. I have not gone a day without wearing it and I love it.

""""""@@@@@@update many years is 2015, and this is still going strong. No problems, works great
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on September 26, 2015
This is about as perfect a watch as you can get for actually doing watch is technically supposed to be. It is not too big or heavy. It syncs every night at 12:04 and it is very light and comfortable.
I tend to like analog watched better and have some very good Swiss/ Japanese models. BUT, if I had to take one watch on an expedition to the ends of the earth this would be it. The other g shocks I have are good but many are too big or have functions I really don't need " like temperature" I find that truly silly. I do recommend stealthing the watch "look online" it makes it look better to me. You can't go wrong with this model.
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on January 31, 2017
Purchased this watch brand new from Amazon in 2011. It is now 2017 and I'm wearing this watch right now. The solar charging has always worked flawlessly and I've never had any issues when it comes to syncing with one of the atomic clock signals it's compatible with. Other than that, it's your typical G-Shock. Tough, impervious to normal wear and tear and completely dependable. Even after all these years the rubber outer case and strap are still intact (but maybe a little battered) which is impressive given the fact that it's been worn almost daily. Frankly, for the money, this is the best G-Shock you can buy. If you're on the fence, don't be. Just get it.
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on April 22, 2017
I've had this watch for almost a month now. The convenience of the solar power coupled with radio controlled time keeping makes it virtually worry free.

Looks - I'm over six feet tall, but not very large for my height. This watch fits fine and has a subtle and understated look. I teach high school students, who notice most things, and maybe one student has commented on the new watch. It works with anything I wear for work typically, although I plan to wear a stainless watch when I have to dress up in a suit. Not flashy, but certainly not ugly.

Features - for the price, features are excellent and reasonably simple to use. Multiple alarms, including one "snoozable" alarm, radio time keeping which is updated nightly, solar charged battery, stopwatch precise to hundredths, countdown time, secondary time zone, for when traveling. It's also got a day of the week and month/date display as well. 200 m water resistance, shock resistance, and a backlight display round out the watch's main features.

Experience - extremely positive! The watch has updated the time every night through the radio. It keeps a record of when it was last updated so you can check. The dollar battery indicator was on "mid" when I received it, and stayed that way for a couple of weeks. After a day of yard work and watching a soccer game in the sun it moved to high level charge, where it's been ever since.

Summary - excellent, worry free watch. Keeps accurate time, date, and month with a few other features. Would purchase again and recommend to a friend.
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on April 29, 2015
After having journeyed into the realm of many expensive watch brands, I came back to Casio for a watch that I could wear and beat up. Prior to this I had a Timex Ironman Shock Solar but it ended up not working right. After sending it back for repair the first time it came back and then broke again, I gave up on Timex and sold it.

After using the Casio for a month or two now, I can honestly say that I like this watch better than anything else I own. I wear this more than my Suunto, Rolex, Tag or anything else because of it's durability and ease of use. The watch is also accurate. It syncs up to the Naval clock every evening and I never have to set it.

With the press of a button I can also see the time in Asia and with another button press I can see Europe. I do business on three continents so this feature helps me coordinate calls with my colleagues over seas.

The watch is light and water resistant to 200 meters, so you could scuba dive with it if you wanted. It has a stainless steel back that is stamped Made in Thailand, along with some other information about the watch (water resistance, model, etc).

My main problem with most G-Shocks is that they look like you are going to invade a country as the size is extremely large (think a rubberized Panerai). I have smaller wrists at 7 inches and the watch looks great as it is about 1 and 7/8 inch at it's widest point.

The backlight is super effective at lighting up all the registers and letting you glance at the time. It can be accessed by pressing the big black "G" button on the front of the watch.

With the watch being solar I am not anticipating any problems with battery life. It has remained on full since I had it.

I run and lift with it on about everyday now and it has been to the pool a number of times without any issue. It still looks new.

Buttons are easy for my larger fingers to press and setting the time is a breeze versus my chronometer watches (my Aquaracer is next to impossible for me to wind as the crown hurts my fingers).

There are multiple functions to the watch including world time, multiple alarms, countdown timer, and stopwatch. The display shows the day, month, date, and time.

The band looks like it could easily be changed as there are four screws that hold it on, so I imagine if you wanted to put a NATO strap or something else on, it wouldn't be a problem.

To summarize, this is the best watch I now own and I would say it is my favorite. I have even thought about selling my others, as I am just not wearing them anymore. I am not sure I would pull this off with a suit though. Although, it really doesn't matter what others think, I believe you can pull off anything if you have the confidence to back it up.
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on April 11, 2016
working great for 3 months now. battery charge level has been at high consistently since about 6 weeks after I started wearing daily. only sun light it's getting is when I drive and about 15-20 of walking outside each day. i do turn off functions that I don't need that saves me some power, such as the sound, daily time sync, and auto light function.
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on January 18, 2016
I've not worn a watch for many years. My wife decided she was not happy that each time I needed to check the time, I pulled my phone out. She got this for me for Christmas. I love it. Keeps accurate time, easy to operate, and nice looking. Rugged as well. The reason I stopped wearing watches was because I consistently broke them. I'm a bit hard on watches for sure. So far it has withstood my abuse.
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