Customer Reviews: Casio Men's GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch
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on March 5, 2008
This is my first review on the Amazon facility so, be kind to me. I have had my GW9000 for about 4 weeks now and I'm very happy with it. The solar and atomic features perform as advertised. I love a watch that keeps near perfect time and requires nothing from me except to place it near a window at night. Mine even syncs when I am wearing it. The solar feature works very well also Again, not much for me to do except get it in the sun from time-to-time.

The solar/atomic Mudman is also quite comfortable. The strap is much softer and pliable than that on my old DW6900. Instead of having the stainless steel case back resting directly on the wrist, the Mudman has some little rubber nubs that rest on the wrist. This allows air to pass between the watch back and the wrist making for a cooler more comfortable experience.

The watches timekeeping features are the usual array of date, time, alarms, etc. All in all, a good rugged watch.
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on May 24, 2010
The GW9000 Is the same Feel and look as the Original G9000 Mudman - Band, Case, Bezels with Gshock Looks. You Lose features that made the Mudman Great and Gain Solar and Atomic Time Correction which are Wonderful Features. Atomic keeps to the Second - Here in NJ, Atomic sync works even away from a window in the early morning hours.

What you LOSE from the Original Mudman is A-LOT of nice features.
Lose - Dual Stopwatches 1 and 2 Up to 999hrs each with Indicators in Timekeeping mode Red-Green bars top and bottom of LCD area, 0-60min each.
Lose - Flash alarm or alert. When any Alarm or Signal sounds, the Backlight Flashes with it.
Lose - The Very Bright and Crisp DUAL Lum-backlight which lights up the LCD and the Bezel Wording all at once with up to 5seconds of lamp time. Very nice looking.
Lose - 24hr countdown timer with Repeat functions.
Lose - Setting Of Alarms to a Month or Date.
Lose - Day of week and Date all at one shot on one screen. No button pressing from one to the other.
Lose - Viewing the Time while in other functions.
Other Little things on the GW9000 All the - - - - - - - MARKS?
The Little Check boxes next to your indicators is also Cheap/wimpy. Why not make them a Letter "Battery Charge L M H" instead of - - - next to inked LMH. Kinda Cheap feeling there for a 150.00 retail Mudman.
The Atomic Eye Stamps/Markers at the top tells you if your watched sync-ed up the night before is Very Odd. Most are just a Single Marker like on a Pathfinder. Why they Have Five EYEs is kinda pointless.
Sorry GW9000 Mudman, I do still own you.. And love the Solar/Atomics Pathfinders and Gshocks, The Mudman G9000 is a better buy feature wise 50-60 bucks. Battery 18-36 months @ 4bucks a battery.
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on June 12, 2008
Casio Men's G-Shock Waveceptor Atomic Solar Mudman Watch #GW9000A-1 is one of the best versatile watches I've ever owned.

I was tired of looking up the time standard since my aesthetically pleasing, expensive dress ETA 2892 Swiss watch wasn't as accurate as I sometimes needed. I'll love it to the grave :-), but I needed some digital to balance out the analog in life.

Mudman's is a gem to own:
-cost 25 times LESS with more functions and less fuss
-200m water resist so I can shower in it
-it's a G-shock, so I don't have to baby it (love its looks, it is no beater)
-atomic sync solar = no batteries or shaking or winding + super accurate perpetual calendar/timekeeper
-5 alarms to carry the day (would have like to be able to change the day though)
-auto backlight - like having a firefly to lume your display
-countdown timer for those 2 min GtD tasks

Casio designers have done a great job; keep up the excellent work.
Amazon great quick shipment, happy times!
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on September 21, 2007
Well I've only had this watch a couple of days but so far it's awesome. It is replacing another Atomic G-Shock that served me well. I'm a firefighter/paramedic and it's nice to be able to put on a watch and forget about it and just know that it will be working just fine when I need it. This is solar powered, so no worries about a battery ever dying. One new feature compared to my old G-Shock is the multi-band time sync. Not only does it pick up a signal from Colorado, but if you find yourself in the UK, most of Europe, or Japan it will sync in those locations as well. A count down timer is featured on this watch, which was missing from my old one. One useless (to me) feature of my old watch was the time logger. As far as I can tell, Casio has dropped this pointless option with this new Mudman. Like all G-Shocks, it's built like a tank. G-Shocks are just too tough for me to see myself ever wearing anything else. One word on the price...I was able to find it noticeably cheaper on another look around.
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on May 8, 2008
This is watch is virtually indestructable.

It is rather large and attractive but not gawdy. Unlike the picture from Amazon, the case does have a metal ring around it (see pictures that I uploaded).

The modes include world time, stopwatch, count down timer, and 5 daily alarms (one with a snooze feature, very nice!).

It is solar and has atomic time keeping feature.

The buttons are covered with a rubber lining to keep dirt from entering. This is very useful if you're in mud a lot but it also makes the buttons harder to push and the rubber can cause a callous on your finger.

Overall, this is a high quality watch that will take a beating. I love it.
review image review image review image
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on August 16, 2008
I am a female student naval aviator for the Marine Corps and I wear this watch around the clock. Works well in salt water/oceanic environments as well as Chlorine. If residue builds up around the face, it is easy to clean and overall it requires very little maintenance. I don't find the watch to hinder any physical activities, including wrist and forearm weight-intensive or load-bearing exercises. Light weight fit and split time features are great for running, and band does not chafe the skin when sweating. Face illumination button is difficult to push, but the watch features allow for automatic illumination when arm is raised parallel to ground and rotated towards you (I find that raising the arm parallel and then twisting the watch towards myself with my free hand works best). It's no Breitling Emergency, but this watch works great for me.
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on January 10, 2010
After extensive research, I bought this watch for my fiance for Christmas. He is in the Army (Infantry) and was deployed to Iraq for the second time this January. I wanted to get him something that would be useful, but would also stand up to the wear and tear of the Army and the Iraq desert! This watch met everything that I was looking for, and he LOVED it. He made tons of comments about how cool it was, but how it was so tough at the same time. His favorite feature is the Auto EL, which can be easily turned off and on, which is perfect for the military. The watch is on the larger side, and I was worried that it wouldn't fit well on his small wrist, but it looks great on him and he says it is very comfortable.
Several people have complained about the small raises "nubs" on the watch. They rubbed his wrist for a day or two, but nothing unbearable, and after he got it adjusted to where he likes it, he loves that it is slightly raised off his wrist. As for those who say that the buttons are two hard to push - that is one of the features that make this watch tough so it will last! It just takes a little extra effort, that's all, and if you don't like the buttons, then I don't really think that you have any need for a watch this tough.
I will edit the review after a few months of him being in the desert to report how it is holding up!
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on October 15, 2009
I've gone back to digital after a using a stainless Luminox for the last 8 years-It's not keeping time well, the date doesn't work and I need band #3--so back to Casio where my first (and I think the original) G-Shock I used in college served me faithfully for many years.

I wanted a watch with lots of features, but I stopped to think how many times in my life I cared about the barometric pressure and the answer was "never". So, I looked to find a simple watch that wouldn't look too obnoxious in a business casual setting. I really like the model that was black metal, but was afraid the black would scuff off and look bad.

So far I'm very happy with this watch. I don't take it off at night and it still syncs every night (Cincinnati). The solar charging seems to work fine too, although I guess it still to early to tell.

I gave it four instead of 5 stars because (IMHO) the buttons are a little tough to operate. I think the 5 big circles are a waste of space, larger digits would be better with another screen to tell you what country you're in just in case you are so confused that you are unsure of what continent you're standing on.

6 Year Update, 9-6-2015
Well it took 6 years of abuse to show a flaw-- the face of the lower right hand button seems to have left. Looked down to stop the stopwatch and it was a hollow button now; I'm not sure if this effects the operation or water-proof properties, we'll see. I am just bummed, really like this watch! It does not look like they make it any longer. I think I might try the gw9400 or g9300-1 if this one stops working.
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on March 9, 2009
I needed to replace an older G-Shock watch that was starting to pretty beat up, and would probably soon need a new battery. The Mudman fit the bill.

- Nice design, and very attractive. My old G-Shock (DW9052-1V) had some bright red lettering on it. The Mudman is all black and gray, plastic and steel, and very low profile. The old G-Shock had four metal pins around the outside that had a bad habit of popping out (only two of mine are left). The Mudman lacks these, and is held together with screws. Nice design.
- The atomic watch feature works great. The first night I had the watch I followed the directions exactly, placing it against a window, with the "12-o'clock" position pointing upward. I've since found that leaving it face down on the counter in my windowless bathroom works just as well.

- The countdown timer can be set for a maximum of one hour. Really, Casio? You couldn't find an extra 5 bits of memory to extend that to 24 hours?
- I've owned Casio digital watches for nearly 30 years. They're rugged, accurate, and great quality. But they tend to make poor use of screen real estate. Here's what I want to see on the front of my watch: time, day of the month (numeral AND name) and month. The DW9052 managed to get all of these in, despite wasting screen space on a couple of superfluous seconds indicators. But on the Mudman, I have to press a button to see the name of the day. Casio could easily have done away with the enormous display at top that indicates whether my watch was synced to Japanese, UK, US, or German time. Chances are I'm going to know what country I'm in. A little dash in the corner, next to the indicator for the battery or alarm setting, showing me that the watch has been reset in the past 24 hours would be just fine, and all that screen real estate at top could be used to show me the day's name.

The pros far outweigh the cons (I'm subtracting only one star), though. The number of features for the price is absolutely excellent. Give me a $90 Casio over a thousands-of-dollars analog watch any day.
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on August 12, 2008
It's a good watch and does everything Casio says it does. Solid and dependable. One defect: the alarm sound is so tiny as to be useless.
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