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on May 4, 2013
I've worn a watch 24/7 for the better part of 35 years, literally never taking them off. I've owned Luminox watches, G-Shocks, Citizens Eco-Drives, Timex brand watches and Pro Treks. I'm a bit obsessed with my watch being completely accurate so over the years I have gravitated toward the atomic watches. Over the past 10 years, I have picked up a variety of G-Shocks and Pro Treks and this Mudman was the first atomic piece I purchased. Since then I spent money purchasing watches with all kinds of other features (compass, barometer, etc.) but I find myself coming back to this one. It's a simple watch, easy to use, and the auto sync and solar charging work flawlessly. It's ridiculously tough, has been through 2+ years of hell, yet still looks good enough to wear with a suit--and believe me, I'm brutal on these things. Given all that's out there, I highly recommend this watch. At this price point, to get atomic time keeping and solar power in a watch that's tough as nails yet very attractive, is all you can ask for. I prefer it over my PAW-1300 ($300 MSRP), GW7900B-1 ($150 MSRP), GW6900-1 ($130 MSRP), and PRW2500-1 ($300 MSRP). It lacks the features of some of the Pro Trek line, but it's ease of operation and toughness more than make up for it.
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on February 20, 2014
In whole these watch were pleasant.
Has received these watch with level of charge of the accumulator M. Has put on window sill. In some hours level became H.
Excellent radio synchronization has surprised. At night, in automatic mode, it is synchronized with UK (distance 2700км) and GER (distance 2000км). Thus I do not put them on window sill as it is written to instructions, and I put nearby on bedside table about bed. I focus the antenna on the direction of received signal.
It is sometimes difficult to consider time on the display - their top part at unsuccessful lighting is closed by decorative circles of synchronization.
Very hard buttons, but I think it more plus, than minus.
Bezel has high and sharp edge. Plus - is less probability to scratch glass. The minus - edge is quickly scratched since it has upper cut. I think that the edge has to have flat edge, as on G(GW)6900.

1 . The good price, has bought for $95.
2 . Excellent radio synchronization.
3 . G-Shock technology.
4 . Touch solar.
1 . It is sometimes difficult to sort time on the display - depends on the lighting direction.
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on August 25, 2013
Lets start off by saying this is easily the best G-Shock under $100. I used to own a Casio solar runners watch which lasted for a year and seven months. My problem with the Casio, was that band broke after a 10 months. So I got a replacement band at Wal-Mart which was a piece of crap. The face of the watch got so scratched up that I couldn't really read what was on it. So after a couple of months I decided to get a new watch. The features I was looking for was a watch that was solar and water resistant. So at first I just wanted to get a cheaper Gshock that had those functions. But after research I decided to get a Master of G watch. I almost got the Gshock Riesman but I wasn't willing to spend the extra $50 bucks. So I decided to get the Gshock Mudman 9000a. When I got the watch in the mail I was surprised to see it was so small. But after wearing the watch for a couple of days I came to the conclusion its the perfect size. So right out of the box the watch was set to the right time and date. The watch was at a medium charge. I was worried about the bumps underneath the watch rubbing on my wrist. But if you wear the watch no so tight its not a problem. I wore the watch swimming multiple times and had no problems. I also had no problem setting up the watch and going through all the features. I suggest going on YouTube and watching videos if you cant figure out how to use the watch. The watch is a beast. So in conclusion if you're looking for a good Gshock get this one!

200m water resistant
Atomic time keeping
Looks and feels good

Countdown timer wont let you go to seconds, only minutes
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on March 4, 2011
I just want to say that I looked long and hard at this watch before I decided to purchase it. I compared it with the pathfinders and the Suuntu's. However, this watch won out and I'll tell you why. It's tough and It's functional. Not too much, but not missing any "daily use" features that would detract from it. On top of it all, you can get it for around $100.00

After using the watch for over a week or two now this is what I've found. Keep in mind I have read many other reviews so I'll highlight what I wish someone would have told me before I bought it.

1. The buttons are not THAT hard to push. Their not as easy as a Timex for instance, but a Timex doesn't boast the ability to keep out dirt and grime. Don't be scared off by people saying the buttons are hard to push.

2. The 5 "optional" daily alarms are nice. I say optional because you can turn them on or off. Some watches only boast one daily alarm. It's nice for twice a day, but I use 24hr time.

3. The count down timer is very useful and I utilize that all the time. It only goes up to 60 minutes however. If you need more time than that, set an alarm. The Stopwatch is standard, but with a nifty 5 second countdown timer that you can use if you want.

4. The watch is atomic (Syncs up wirelessly every day to keep very accurate time). It's a nice feature, but I would never buy a watch soley because it was atomic. My life won't grind to a halt because my watch is 5 seconds off. While it is nice, I have seen some issues where mine doesn't always want to sync. However, I can't imagine that it loses a lot of time over the course of 3-4 days. I will say this, it does sync better at night than during the day, even if you are on top of a parking garage or in the middle of the street on a sunny day at noon. the manual is right...

5. The solar feature is cool, but pretty basic. It's like a plant. Give it light once in a while.

6. The watch also boasts world time and a few other nice features such as the ability to go to 200 meters underwater. snooze on the alarms and auto illumination (the light automatically turns on the back light (green) when you turn the watch to a 40 degree angle towards you. It can be turned on or off.

Just a few things I don't like. The back light only stays on for 2 seconds (not an exaggeration). I feel like they could have extended it to 4 or 5 seconds. Secondly, the atomic clock doesn't always want to sync even at night sometimes. Lastly, the alarm is a bit soft. It won't wake you up if your anything but a very light sleeper.

Other than that, I would highly recommend this watch. As I said, there are others Suuntu Core was one I looked at as well. However, I couldn't see spending 300$ on a watch for a barometer, altimeter, ect. I don't use it that much. The Mudman takes a beating and has features I use every day. It's like my new Visa, I don't leave home without it.
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on March 9, 2014
If you've ever owned a Casio you know that you have to keep the instruction manual somewhere nearby all the time because there's nothing intuitive about using the four command buttons. I still haven't figured out how to display the date. The buttons don't depress easily either. But I've become hooked on radio-controlled timepieces that are always this accurate, so I have one on my wrist, one by the bed, and one on the wall at my workplace. I bought this watch when the backlight went out on my last Casio which was more expensive than this one. The repair costs would have been about the same price as this model, so I would suggest to anyone buying a Casio that you keep that in mind. Stick in this price range because Casio's repair and customer service are poor.

UPDATE: The price of this watch has more than doubled since I bought mine. I guess that with fewer people wearing watches, they've decided to price them like luxury items. Dumb. I wouldn't pay $395 for this.
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on January 14, 2014
Absolutely amazing! I work at a coffee shop and have spilled hot drinks and sticky syrups on it daily. I think my hand will fall of before my watch stops working! The atomic syncing and solar powered battery mean I can basically forget about the watch until I need to know the time. Aside from running soap and water on it to clean off the syrup, there is no maintenance required. Would absolutely recommend!

My brother, a Marine, has the same watch too. He wore it through MCT and his MOS training. Now he wears it daily and there isn't a scratch on it. Phenomenal watch!
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on August 24, 2013
Received this watch well in advance of the stated shipping date, within 5 business days. It was fully charged. The Amazon service representative was very helpful when I inquired as to the status of the order. The watch arrived in perfect condition and functions as advertised. Time is accurate for my needs, fine aesthetically, black matte and is Tough. This G-Shock works great with the manual RC time retrieval as well as automatically. The watch is robust, well made and held together by reinforcing screws that are inconspicuous. I appreciate the dual buckle and the Mudman inscription on the back plate is a great touch.The fact that this G-Shock incorporates Atomic (RC), Solar Powered for this price point and has an extensive Time Zone feature is excellent. On the Con side a 24 hour timer, adjustable luminance (brightness and duration) and significantly louder alarm would be welcomed features. Overall, a unique G-Shock (Mudman), informal nickname 5-eyed monster in some circles. Great Purchase.
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on January 10, 2010
After extensive research, I bought this watch for my fiance for Christmas. He is in the Army (Infantry) and was deployed to Iraq for the second time this January. I wanted to get him something that would be useful, but would also stand up to the wear and tear of the Army and the Iraq desert! This watch met everything that I was looking for, and he LOVED it. He made tons of comments about how cool it was, but how it was so tough at the same time. His favorite feature is the Auto EL, which can be easily turned off and on, which is perfect for the military. The watch is on the larger side, and I was worried that it wouldn't fit well on his small wrist, but it looks great on him and he says it is very comfortable.
Several people have complained about the small raises "nubs" on the watch. They rubbed his wrist for a day or two, but nothing unbearable, and after he got it adjusted to where he likes it, he loves that it is slightly raised off his wrist. As for those who say that the buttons are two hard to push - that is one of the features that make this watch tough so it will last! It just takes a little extra effort, that's all, and if you don't like the buttons, then I don't really think that you have any need for a watch this tough.
I will edit the review after a few months of him being in the desert to report how it is holding up!
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on October 15, 2009
I've gone back to digital after a using a stainless Luminox for the last 8 years-It's not keeping time well, the date doesn't work and I need band #3--so back to Casio where my first (and I think the original) G-Shock I used in college served me faithfully for many years.

I wanted a watch with lots of features, but I stopped to think how many times in my life I cared about the barometric pressure and the answer was "never". So, I looked to find a simple watch that wouldn't look too obnoxious in a business casual setting. I really like the model that was black metal, but was afraid the black would scuff off and look bad.

So far I'm very happy with this watch. I don't take it off at night and it still syncs every night (Cincinnati). The solar charging seems to work fine too, although I guess it still to early to tell.

I gave it four instead of 5 stars because (IMHO) the buttons are a little tough to operate. I think the 5 big circles are a waste of space, larger digits would be better with another screen to tell you what country you're in just in case you are so confused that you are unsure of what continent you're standing on.

6 Year Update, 9-6-2015
Well it took 6 years of abuse to show a flaw-- the face of the lower right hand button seems to have left. Looked down to stop the stopwatch and it was a hollow button now; I'm not sure if this effects the operation or water-proof properties, we'll see. I am just bummed, really like this watch! It does not look like they make it any longer. I think I might try the gw9400 or g9300-1 if this one stops working.
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on February 11, 2013
I'm a first-time Casio G-shock customer. And I must say I am really impressed.

I play competitive paintball so I wanted a watch that I would wash off mud, dirt and paint with no problems. And this definitely fits that need. The atomic calibration seems to work with no real issues. I noticed that the watch didn't sync for two nights (but that may have been because of the horrible winter storm that hit most of the country.) The solar charging function seems to work great.

The watch is big, but light and comfortable. I used to have to interchange watches between my dressy one and my more rugged one. With this watch, I won't have to do that anymore. It's rugged but still professional looking.

My biggest gripe is that the countdown timer for this model only lets you set minutes and not seconds. Other models lets you set the seconds too. But that's relatively minor..

I would definitely recommend this watch!
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