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on May 28, 2016
First off, I have wanted another G-shock for a long time. I have owned several other models, and either the straps broke (one while wading in a swift river) or they were misplaced or stolen. My most recent Casio was an all metal (no more breaking plastic straps) model that looked like a G-shock and was the same size as this model and solar as well. I scratched the face pretty bad and rubbed a lot of color off of the black metal in spots. The one thing I didn't like was there was an extended bezel piece closest to the back of my hand that would jab me whenever I flexed my hand back. The new Casio G-shock are just too huge. I don't need a laptop on my wrist. Huge watches get in the way and I do more damage to them. THIS model is the perfect size. Not too small, so it is masculine, but not super huge. The band's have been improved to where they are curved to fit the wrist better and it looks like they use a better quality resin for the band. I have always swapped out resin bands for hook and loop nylon. They are more comfortable, lighter and you can get them to fit perfect, not too tight or too loose. I've been wearing a Luminox for the last few years daily where the resin band failed within a year. I have better hopes for this new Casio band, but time will tell. The recessed buttons in this model are great, especially since I will never use them. I don't need them poking me in the hand and wrist. The display is crisp and crystal clear, but like others have said, I wish the time portion was a bit larger. The 3 circles are useless and take up valuable real estate. I owned an earlier version of this same watch that had a shiny chrome circular piece on the face that I always found distracting. This watch is very subdued. I even took a Sharpee to the red lettering to black it out. The portion of the watch that has the white lettering looks light gray in the pic, but mine actually looks black and matches the strap/band. Just a great looking watch and the display pops. As stated, I only wish the numbers were bigger. It's comical that some of these 55mm + watches are all beefy and protected but have these little displays. If you want a tough solar watch that looks great but doesn't scream "Johnny Quest", this is for you!
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on March 17, 2016
I bought this Casio GWM530A-1 to replace an old Timex Ironman. This review is based on my first few days of use.

GENERAL: this model uses the Casio 3405 module, which it shares with other G-Shock models. English instructions came with my watch, others have said they needed to download the English instructions, which you can find here: [...]

Key features are solar charging, atomic clock sync, G-Shock build, and 200M/20Bar water resistance (good enough for professional marine activity, surface water sports; not good enough to dive with). This is NOT ISO 6425 certified as a "dive" watch. Some reviews suggest this is not as waterproof as the marketing suggests. To be safe, consider not pressing buttons underwater.

BUILD: solid - built like a tank. It has more heft than the Ironman. My Ironman had a 38mm diameter case, the GWM530A is about 46mm. As G-Shock watches go, this is actually on the smaller side (I looked at another model that had multiband WaveCeptor / Tough Solar and it was a whopping 53mm). This watch is about a centimeter thick - don't expect to slide this under fitted dress-shirt cuffs. This is the largest watch I own, and probably the largest I can pull off without looking ridiculous. For comparison, my daily dress watch is a 42mm automatic on a NATO strap. The case is chunky, dense. I like the aesthetic and the three mini-indicator circles. Not quite as retro as some of the other G-Shock watches. The indicators are, from left to right, a seconds counter, a solar charge indicator, and a multi-purpose indicator with six segments:

1) SIG - tells you if the hourly time signal is on or off
2) ALM - tells you if any of the 4 one-time alarms is currently on
3) SNZ - tells you if the 5th "snooze" alarm is on (an alarm that can be suppressed for 5 minutes at a time)
4) AutoEL - feature to automatically illuminate the face when you tilt the watch face to 40 degrees from level to view it in the dark
5) MUTE - tells you if button press "mute" is on - when off, there's a chirp when you switch modes (bottom left button).
6) DST - tells you if daylight savings time is on / off

The strap is dense, premolded (the watch won't lie flat on a table) and appears to have strong mounts/screws to the lugs. Two slightly-recessed buttons per side that sit just below the edge of the case. I really like that they're recessed by about 1mm - it avoids accidental button-presses, which was a problem I had with my Timex whenever I extended my wrist.

ToughSolar - the watch arrived partially charged. Needs a day in bright sunlight to get to "high", but once there will typically keep the charge. It will charge in cloudy light / incandescent / fluorescent bulb light, but more slowly. Charge can be assessed at a glance by looking at the middle circular indicator, which is divided into 3 zones (high, med, low). The watch has a power saving mode that you can turn on/off. In PS mode, the display will turn off when it's dark and the radio for atomic clock syncing will also turn off. I keep PS turned on, but it's never kicked in since my charge has never fallen below "medium".

WaveCeptor - Casio's name for atomic clock time syncing. There are 6 atomic clock signals across the world that this will sync with. These clocks are accurate to within 1 second every million years. So, you know, probably good enough for whatever you're doing. The one for US / North America is in Fort Collins, Colorado. There's one in China, two in Japan, one in Germany, one in the UK. As long as you're within 1500km (about 900 miles) from the European or Asian clocks, or within 3000km (about 1900 miles) from the US clock, it should sync. I am in the mid-atlantic / Delaware Valley on the east cost of the US, and it will sync fine when I put the watch by the window overnight. The watch shows the strength of the signal (L1 = weak, L2 = med, L3 = strong). I get L3 if I position it just right. You can either set the time manually or have it automatically fetch from the atomic clock. You can also manually fetch the atomic time (like, when you first get the watch). It will automatically poll the atomic clock up to 5 times at night, until its successful. The scheduled times for N. America are between 12am and 5am. Lots of reviews indicate people have issues with syncing, but Casio is very clear about why syncing works better in some circumstances than others. All I can recommend is that, if you're having trouble, you systematically go through the steps in the manual.

EL and AutoEL - the "G" button at the bottom of the face turns on the electroluminescent backlight for either 1 or 3 seconds (you choose the duration). In addition, there's an autoEL mode where, when it's dark, the gesture of moving the watch face from level to tilted by 40 degrees (basically, the gesture of tilting your wrist to see the face) will turn on the backlight. This is a very intuitive and useful feature!

Timekeeping Mode - it's a watch with AM/PM, h/m/s, month, date, and day indicator. Because of the atomic clock function, it automatically deals with leap year as well as daylight savings time (which you can also manually override). First step when you get the watch is to specify your home time zone. Also recall that the time syncs to atomic clocks between midnight and 5am. That means if the set time is way off when you get the watch, it won't sync (it will poll the atomic clock at the wrong times of day, when signal is weakest). That means you may have to manually set the time when you first get the watch, just to get it to poll the atomic clock correctly. Pressing the bottom right button toggles between either showing the date/day or a secondary time zone (world time) at the bottom of the display. Left circular indicator is a seconds indicator with 10 segments. The circle counts up 10 seconds then counts down 10 seconds. So it's a relatively easy way to visually divide a minute in multiples of 10 or 20 seconds. That being said, I don't use this indicator much.

World Time Mode - great feature. With one button press, you can switch to world time mode. The right 2 buttons move you from timezone to timezone. Up is westward, down is eastward. You can also manually set/override daylight savings time in world time mode.

Alarm Mode - individually set up to 5 alarms per day: four one-time alarms, and one "snooze" alarm. The alarm isn't super loud - don't count on this to wake you from a deep sleep.

Stopwatch mode - standard stopwatch with start, stop, split, restart, and clear.

Timer / Countdown - set a countdown timer in hours/ minutes up to 24hrs. You can't set a timer for less than a minute, in case that's an important feature you need.

This is my first G-Shock. I got this for less than $90, about twice what I paid for my Timex Ironman. But it's an amazing value - you never have to change the battery (eventually, you might have to replace the rechargeable battery), you never have to set the time/date/DST, you don't even have to press a button to view the time in the dark. Very high quality build and feels more solid/hefty than the Ironman. I think it's at the sweet spot for size at 46mm diameter - totally useable as a daily beater, not too flashy, looks dressy enough for work. If you're looking for a full-featured, shockproof, waterproof watch with solar charging / atomic syncing, consider this one.
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on July 27, 2016
I bought this G-shock after I broke my other one while trying to change the battery. What sucks is I didn't even buy the right battery! Anyways, screw battery changing. That's why I bought this solar-powered version. I also love atomic watches, and all of my Casio's have been on point with my computer time. This one always seems to get a pretty good signal, too, unlike the last one I had. It was even able to get a signal in the prison I used to work at. That being said, I've had this watch a few years now, and it's been through my correctional officer days, all through nursing school, and now as a RN. I'm not sure I could recommend a better watch for the price. It's probably even better than my $400 Seiko. $90 may seem like a lot for a watch for many people (I think I got it for $60 here on Amazon), but I have put this watch through a beating and have never had anything that has held up like this has.
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on April 22, 2017
I received this in the mail today from Amazon
I have the gwm 500a-1 gshock. But l wanted the gwm530a-1 gshock. I Love both of these watches. The watch is perfect for anyone who Love's to ride bikes work out, swimming or Diving .l know a lot of people in the Military wear this watch. Be the watch is very durable and perfect size. I am a big gshock collector. I have 35 gshock watches. 5 Protrek watches. The Rangeman gw9400-1cr gshock is one of my favorite watches. That is if you want a watch that has Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. I purchase that from Amazon a little over a year ago. I have 4 Mudman gshocks 2 Gulfman gshocks. I have the King GXW56-1BJF gshock. I have the Aviation GA 1000-1a gshock. I have the gwm5610-1 gshock and the gw5000-1jf gshock Made in Japan. I have way to many more to mention. l have 4 Protreks which l Love to. I Love all gshocks Big or small. This is a great watch for $90.00. I have a 7 inch wrist size. The watch fits perfect. This is a great watch for any size wrist. I Have been collecting Gshocks for almost 34 years since the first one came out in 1983. So have a lot of experience in Casio gshock watches. So if you want a good looking Solar power Atomic Watch that won't break the bank. Then this watch is for you. Thanks and good luck on any Gshock watch you buy. Remember the best watch is the one on your Wrist.
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on September 30, 2016
It's a really nice watch overall. The band is comfortable, the backlight works well (it's a green color), the solar panel charged up the battery right away, and it updates the time with the atomic clock nearly every night.

One drawback is circles on the face, which are minimally useful, and can cast a small shadow on the time digits depending on the angle. This can be an issue when combined with the design of the digits; the "7" digit has a very short top line and it can run into the shadow. Let me be clear, this is not a major problem, and I can't think of many situations when you'd confuse 7:00 with 1:00, but it's still not optimal in my opinion.

Overall though it's a quality watch!
review image
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on January 4, 2017
I have one of the early Casio solar atomic watches - have had it for probably 10 years - and it's still going strong! I just can't kill it. It is, however, showing its age..... scattered scratches, the dial colors have faded and I've had to replace the band once. When my wife asked what I wanted for Christmas - a new Casio solar atomic timepiece was near the top of my list. After much self debate - I settled on this model. It is about as classy as a plastic digital watch can get - sleek and unobtrusive. The solar charging and the daily automatic atomic clock calibration are features that Casio seems to do better than any other brand. The dial face has shrunk a bit compared to my old model and the lettering on the face is a bit harder to read for these old eyes - so I docked it 1-star. I'll still use my old Casio as my "work" watch - and reserve this pretty new one for nights out on the town and such.
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on January 9, 2017
Nice looking watch. Love the solar power function. I simply set the watch in window for an afternoon and the watch went to "high". Received the watch unbelievably fast, and it was already charged to medium and was set to my city. Great service Amazon!
Have not yet figured out how to set correct mode to receive an atomic setting. Oh well.
One issue is the 3 small displays at top of watch face are incredibly difficult to see
EDIT: 1/19/17 I had set the watch to auto receive the atomic time. Just checked it this evening, and found that it had auto updated today. It was the first time I had checked to determine if auto reception worked. I was both delighted and surprised that it had worked. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, so I didn't expect that function to work. It was just setting on my bed all night, not even in a window, and it was a cloudy night. Cool Beans!
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on November 4, 2015
I have been a loyal G-shock fan for over 15-years now so I am pretty biased towards them but they have never failed me.

Now that solar/atomic watches are affordable for the mainstream masses, this is one of the best contenders.

Firstly, this watch looks so much better in person. The dull gray in pictures is actually a metallic gunmetal sheen. The solar function works phenomenally. The best part is that you don't know it's even there. Not once have I ever seen the power indicator move from "HIGH" despite working the night shift at work. Although I do continually keep it on Power Saver mode and I do live in sunny San Diego.

Now to the cons. The end of the strap without the clasp has a lip to it to keep the loop in place. Unfortunately, this lip isn't nearly large enough as it comes off every once in a while - more often than I'd like. This is its biggest downfall.

Other minor cons to this watch are very minor. The watch updates atomically about once or twice a week for me, sometimes longer - it's supposed to do it every night. However, this is very minor as the watch is very accurate to begin with so having it perfectly synced every day of the year is nice but not necessary.

Lastly, this is more of a lack of user knowledge but I was under the impression that the watch would adjust itself automatically when you jump from time zone to time zone. This is not the case.
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on June 4, 2014
Was skeptical on spending more than $20 on a watch. I've always used cheap ones because they would get beat up when working. I finally decided to get something built to last. I looked at local stores like academy and the Mall. They had this watch for $130!!! I decided to check amazon and sure enough it was reasonably priced. The stores would not do price matching. I chose this watch due to the features it had:

-Solar powered (never needs a battery)
-Atomic time kept (exact time)
-Digital (digital duh)
-Black. (Dark chrome and flat black)

I really liked this design, it's not extra large or huge like other G-Shock watches, This watch is a decent size. What I noticed right away was the clarity of the LCD display. It's clear compared to the other watches I've owned. It was easy to follow the instructions to change the watch settings. The neat feature is when you tilt you arm 40 degrees from being parallel to the ground, the indigo light automatically turns on. So far I've had it for a few days and seems to work great. This watch seems well built and meant to last. I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for a nice affordable G-shock that has neat features.
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on July 20, 2016
I bought this watch because I was going camping and I wanted a watch to add to my collection that was rugged and I wouldn't have to baby. To that end there are a few things that make this watch great for someone who wants a nice looking watch that can take a beating:

- The screen is set into the face of the watch about an eighth of an inch. All this means is that if you drop it or bump into something it's extremely unlikely that the screen was hit because it has a high rim to take the beating.

-The plastic/metal elements are dark and don't show all the dings you've put on it.

-It's waterproof to ~640 feet. I've only gone swimming in a pool with it, but it handled that well.

Besides this, the screen is large so reading it is easy even underwater with goggles, the backlight button is easy to hit even with gloves on,
and it charges when in sunlight.

If you were debating on a watch to get that could bridge fashion and utility, I'm not sure this is it, but it does look smart.
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