Customer Reviews: G-Shock GWM5610-1 Men's Solar Black Resin Sport Watch
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on March 14, 2013
I spent weeks looking for a watch that wasn't too flashy, too bulky, or uncomfortable. And, I wanted something that will last. Well I found it. This watch is super lightweight, has a very slim profile, and is packed full of features. I have a small wrist, so I needed a watch smaller than the large G-Shocks.

Even being small in size, this watch still stands up to the larger G-Shocks, in strength and features. It is atomic, so you never have to worry about the time being off. Syncs even on my nightstand. This was one of the deciding factors for me because I don't like having to check and see if my watch is correct. Casio claims that this watch won't ever be off more than a second, if it is synced periodically. Oh yeah, and it's solar powered!

Another reason I got this watch is because it doesn't have very many exposed metal pieces. I wash cars for a dealership, and I can't have a metal watch that will scratch cars.

One of the big decisions I had to make while I was searching for a watch was do I want a negative display? And truthfully, I still don't know. This display doesn't disappoint. It is crisp, and easy to read in all light conditions, even dark at night under street lamps. My conclusion, I love it. But, someday I would like to try a negative display.

Overall, this watch beats every other watch I've looked at. It has all the features I was looking for and more. This watch is worth twice what it retails at. It looks great and just works.
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on June 13, 2012
This is a fantastic, durable, and very featured watch. The watch is fantastic for everyday use and is durable enough for heavy stress outdoor activities. I love the fact that it is solar charged, and can set itself from its atomic frequency.

All features listed are incredibly easy to learn and use. The watch allows you to set it once and most likely never do anything with it ever again besides put it on. The watch will set itself charge its own battery and can correct day light savings and understand leap year. It is also fantastic knowing it is a G-Shock and you can trust that it will never become damaged because of wear and tear.

On the note of the G-Shock and its durability. This is my second purchase of the same watch due to my cockiness in showing off its durability to my friends. In an attempt to explain to them that the watch is virtually indestructible, I catapulted it some 15 ft away with my lacrosse stick at a concrete surface and needless to say that was the end of my watch. This watch will never break, if you leave it on your wrist! TAKE MY MISFORTUNE AS A LESSON!
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on December 11, 2012
I admit it - I love casio watches, particularly the square faced ones. I've been trying to get one in this style with the Multi-band 6 for a while now, and am excited to finally have found one at a (very) reasonable price.

I had read some reviews that had concern for the solar battery life, and having worn this for the past 2 months, I can say i've had no battery issues and have had to make no special arrangements to make certain it is charged. It's chilly here, so i'm often wearing a coat outside and a jacket at my desk, but the watch still indicates that the battery charge is "high".

The multiband-6 timekeeping is revolutionary, to me at least. I work in an IT environment, and it's helpful to know that my watch is in sync with all of my servers that use NTP (which distributes atomic level timekeeping over IP networks). I love knowing that even though i haven't had to dial WWV in Colorado (or listen to them on shortwave) to check my watch time, it's perfectly in sync, or reasonably so even if it hasn't synced that morning.

That said, I don't get perfect reception of the signal in my house. It seems to do better in some positions and some rooms better than others. That means that if it lays on its face on my nighstand, or falls on the floor, it might not get the sync signal. You might also have problems in hotel rooms.

The other feature of casio watches that i really appreciate is the World Time reading. I routinely work with teams across the globe, and it's handy to just press 1 button twice on my watch to see the date / time in their zone.

Overall, if you're looking for a casual but feature filled daily-wearer, this is an excellent choice. I have even been known to use it to time my coffee / tea brewing.
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on July 9, 2015
I lost total count of how many G-Shock watches I've ever owned, but this is the third one I currently have. My other two are the GW3000BB-1A that I wear for nicer occasions, and the DW5600E-1V that I wear for work. In planning a month long overseas trip with mixed urban and outdoor activities, I wanted a watch that was good looking watch, and also inexpensive so as to not worry about scratching it, losing it, or replacing it.

I'm usually not a fan of big and bulky watches due to having a small (157 mm circumference) wrist. Complicated-looking watches with features/dials/gauges are just silly, especially if they are features I would never use. After owning the GW3000, I really like the atomic solar feature. There are a few other atomic solar G-Shocks on Amazon that are slightly less expensive, but these are the reasons why I chose the GWM5610-1.

Compared to the DW5600, this GWM5610 costs more than twice as much, but I think the GWM5610 is indeed twice as good. As long as you have atomic clock signal reception, you never have to set the time. You can set a second time zone for the world clock. It is not half the weight, nor is twice as durable, but these might be the only areas that the watch is not twice as good as the DW5600.

Setting its time zone was far easier than with the GW3000 due to having a digital display and not having arms which are used to indicate settings and times. With regards to DST selection, this watch allows you to choose between automatic/on/off. Therefore, if you live in Arizona where half the year we are with Mountain Standard and the rest with Pacific Standard, you will have no problems with the GWM5610. Contrary, The GW3000 does not allow you to choose the DST mode, and it automatically selects the DST mode based on the time zone you select. Thus, with the GW3000, I have to change the time zone between LAX and DEN twice a year. Annoyance.

I have not attempted, and I may end up not trying, but because the bezel of this GWM5610 appears identical to the DW5600's, I believe the bezel can be removed and "stealthed." I will probably wear it for a few days and decide if I like it the way it is, or go ahead and stealth it. I think the different colors on the face of the watch complement each other well, and it might look better as is.

Eventually, I may replace the DW5600 with this watch as my work watch. Working in an occupation that requires accurate time for record keeping, the atomic feature would be nice to have. At the moment, readjusting the time on the DW5600 once every other month or so is not a big issue. Perhaps, when the DW5600 breaks (if it ever would), I would replace it with another GWM5610.

There is one issue, and it may be a big issue for you. This watch has an automatic backlight feature that turns the backlight on when in a dark room and when the watch face is tilted from a horizontal position to a minimum of 40 degrees upward (as if you're bringing the watch to your face). The feature is called Auto EL, and it can be turned on and off.

Apparently, many GWM5610 come with defective Auto EL from the factory. You probably saw many reviewers and product question stating this. Many have returned their watch to Amazon only to get another defective watch. These defective units are sold at retailers other than Amazon as well.

My watch is indeed defective. I confirmed this by making sure the watch was charged, and then putting the watch in the tilt sensor test mode (by pressing the A, B, and C buttons simultaneously), and noting that the watch did not sense me tilting it. It will display "8888" if it senses that there is tilting occurring.

I wasn't planning on using the Auto EL feature. I believe I had an old watch decades ago that had this feature, and I didn't find it particularly useful. If the feature was working, I may find it useful at work at night when I'm unable to touch my watch with my fingers. Considering that the watch is solar, battery life is not a concern either. It's pretty cool, again, if it was working.

I don't think I will be asking for a replacement. I am cutting it close to my trip, and may not have enough time to receive a replacement from Amazon. Seeing how many people have received defective watches from recent purchases dating back a few years, I feel that I might get a defective replacement anyway.

Because I'm not horribly heartbroken that the Auto EL does not work, I'm only deducting one star from the review. Again, you may feel that this is a deal breaker.

My review for the GW3000BB-1A:
Amazon's GW3000BB-1A product page:
Amazon's DW5600E-1V product page:

Update on 2015/07/17 at 18:39 Arizona Standard Time

Star rating changed from 4 stars to 3 due to receiving three defective watches. I won't be asking for another replacement. I guess I wasn't meant to have Auto EL.
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on February 1, 2016
The direct descendent of the original Casio G-Shock that was released in 1983 is the GW-5000, which is available as an import from Japan. This GW-M5610 is a first cousin of that pricier watch and it carries on the tradition of tough square G-Shocks. What you lose from the GW-5000 is the stainless steel case with a screwed-down back whereas the GW-M5610 has a resin case with a stainless steel back plate held down with four screws. Both watches have identical features including solar charging, atomic time synchronization, World Time, four daily alarms with snooze function, a countdown timer, a stopwatch, and electroluminescent illumination that can be automatically engaged with the movement of your wrist in a dark environment. The GW-M5610 gets a red surround and white, blue, and yellow writing on the face which makes it a little busier aesthetically than more monochromatic versions of the 5000 and 5600 series.

The first thing I noticed about the watch is how much smaller, thinner, and lighter it is compared to round G-Shock versions I own. It is an excellent choice to wear under long sleeves and jackets because it easily fits underneath them with minimal interference. I will be using this watch in the winter months for daily wear due to its sleek profile. The second thing of note is the crisp clarity of the numbers in the positive LCD screen. It surpasses my Casio Pro-Trek PRW-3500 in regards to off-axis legibility even though the Pro-Trek’s digits are 50% larger than the GW-M5610’s. I am really impressed with how good this watch’s display is.

I find the strap fits comfortably on my 7-1/2 inch wrist. The light weight makes me forget that I am even wearing a watch at all. Contrary to the dozens of complaints from previous owners here on Amazon, my auto backlight function works perfectly fine even though I leave it shut off in order to conserve power. My watch was manufactured on January 8, 2015 so maybe Casio has finally fixed the issue with faulty backlight switches. There are several one star reviews of this watch here because of this issue and I honestly cannot understand how one can downgrade the rating of the entire watch due to one feature that most G-Shock users end up turning off anyway. The auto backlight duration unfortunately is not adjustable like my Pro-Trek and Gulfmaster. I would prefer the ability to lengthen it from 1 second to 3, but this is a minor nit.

The function buttons are all recessed into a protective niche on the side of the case so pressing them only works for me when I use the tip of a fingernail. Action is positive and appropriate for the pressing force I apply. The World Time, stop watch, and timer functions all work like other Casio digital watches and are intuitively accessed with mode button. The one complaint I do have is that the volume of the alarm signal is very weak and probably would not wake a person from a deep sleep. If Amazon’s star rating system would allow it, I would subtract a half star for this and would suggest not relying on this watch for important wake-ups and instead using the alarm from dedicated alarm clock or smart phone. Note that this isn’t any different than the other Casio solar-charged watches, so it may be a function of reduced battery capacity.

My watch arrived from Amazon with the power reserve showing at the Medium level. I put it out in the sun for about 30 minutes and the reading went to High. I set my home city, clicked Daylight Savings Time to the automatic setting, and synched the watch to the atomic clock signal in Ft. Collins without any trouble. Each evening just after midnight it synchs automatically so the watch always has an accurate time reading. I’ve had no issues with not receiving the signal but then again I live in a state bordering Colorado and all my atomic watches synch each day without fail.

This watch is a great heir to the spirit of the original G-Shock. It wears small and comfortably on the wrist, is tough as nails, cost about one-third of what the GW-5000 does, has the accuracy of atomic synching, should run for a decade or more on the original solar battery (note that all solar watches will need to have the rechargeable battery replaced as some time in their lives), and has a very clear and legible display.

As a long-time G-Shock owner, I have previously been drawn to only the round case models. I find it remarkable that after finally taking the plunge with this square case GW-M5610 that I have been absolutely delighted by this watch. It’s certainly not very flashy and has a nerdy charm of its own. No one in going to compliment you on it, but that’s all part of the fun of being a G-Shock fan. I now regret taking so long to come around to the Square Side and can recommend this watch most highly.
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on October 10, 2015
I just received this watch recently, so here are my initial impressions.

The things I like:

The watch is small for a G-shock, so if you are looking for something small and light, this is it.
The functionality is great. Solar powered, Automatic time, stop watch, count down timer, multiple alarms and a second time zone - perfect.

The illumination actually works on this watch. Very easy to see in the dark as the entire face lights. It is also water resistant to 600 feet - so you could scuba dive with this thing if you wanted. The solar power is great, because every time you have to open up the back of the case to replace the battery, you are compromising the water resistance and allowing contaminants inside. With this watch, you should never have to open the back.

I have had no problems with the automatic (EL) light tilt feature, (that has been a problem with so many others) so maybe Casio finally fixed this issue. I'm not sure I'll use it much, as it is too easy to tilt your watch and turn on the light when you don't need it, therefore wearing the battery down unnecessarily , but it's a nice feature just the same. My only complaint with the lighting is it isn't on long enough. (Only 1.5 seconds and you can't adjust the length of time) I have also seen that the auto EL feature requires you to twist your watch up at a very precise angle. Sometimes it is a bit fussy about turning on.

I like having the day, date and time visible on the front of the screen at a glance. The watch also has a power saving feature which turns off the LCD display when you aren't using it at night. This helps preserve your battery when not using the watch. The watch also has the battery level indicator right on the face which I like. Mine came with a Medium charge but I quickly was able to get it up to High by having it out in the sunlight for a couple of hours.

The watch is very easy to navigate and is very logically laid out. The printed instructions are very small so I suggest downloading the PDF file to enlarge the text. The instructions are very well written.

The Atomic synchronization with the Colorado WWVB time broadcast works great. I live in Florida and had no problem manually syncing the time during daylight hours while outside! It really surprised me that I was picking up a Level 3 signal on the East side of central Florida at 1:00 in the afternoon. This tells me the receiver in this watch is quite sensitive.

At night it synced the second attempt at 1:00am in less than 4 minutes. This is a great feature as I am always resetting my watches to the atomic clock anyway. This one does it for you each day, so you will always have nearly perfect time and will never have to change the date or time, unless you move. This is a great feature for a watch.

Being a HAM radio operator, let me tell you how this atomic clock signal works. First of all, it is a 60 kilohertz frequency, so you aren't going to get as reliable signal during daylight hours. The signal uses ground wave propagation and is usually easier to pick up at night as long wave signals work best after dark. The signal should be pretty strong just about everywhere during the early morning hours. (It's actually broadcast with 70,000 watts of power. Most Ham radio operators use 100 - 1000 watts to transmit around the world.) That's why the watch is programmed to start receiving at midnight. Place your watch near a window and you should pick it up pretty much anywhere in the USA. The only exception might be if you live in a large city near big buildings and heavy urban density which causes a lot of interference with the broadcast signal. Or you might live in a home with that has a lot of metal and electrical interference which some have reported in previous reviews. (I have actually had very good success picking up the signal outside during the day in manual mode (East Coast of Florida) and I live a long ways from the transmitter in Ft. Collins Colorado.

The watch is very rugged and I doubt I will ever wear it out the way I use it. I tend to like standard analog faced watches better, but this one is a great "kick around" watch that I can wear when I don't want to worry about being tough on my more expensive watches. The watch was reasonably priced compared to other G-Shocks while having both the Solar and Atomic syncing features. I really don't have a need for a barometer or altimeter, but I must admit, the compass and sunrise/sunset features would be nice. (Maybe on my next G-shock purchase?) But, you will end up with a much larger and bulkier watch as a trade-off for these extra features.

OK - so the watch is almost perfect - so why only 4 stars? Well, I'm sorry to say I don't like the resin band very much.

First of all, the band is too short. I have a medium wrist and it doesn't have a lot of slack. I usually have it on the forth hole.
Second, the band is not very comfortable to wear. I find it a bit stiff and it just doesn't conform to my wrist very well. I can live with it, but I'm going to try to replace it with another Casio band. I ordered one from the DW6900 to see if it is longer and more comfortable.

(Update 10-12-2015, just got the DW6900 band and it isn't any longer or any more supple - so back it goes)

I have also read that the GW5000 band is softer and more comfortable, (possibly made with a softer resin material) but is the same length and is expensive, so I'm not sure that's a better option. I could put adapters on it and wear a NATO type nylon strap, but I think it takes away from the watch's rugged looks.

If Casio had put a longer and more comfortable band on this it would be just about the perfect "knock around" watch. I'm very impressed with it so far and can live with the less than ideal band. I think the watch is a nice compromise between features, size and price.

I highly recommend it to others looking for a tough watch with a smaller profile (than other G-shocks) with a lot of advanced features.

Update Oct 15, 2015

Based on the reviews for the Casio DW5000 band, I ordered and received it. I don't know what it is, but the stock band is just not very comfortable and irritates my skin. Hopefully the replacement band will be more comfortable.

The Sync with the Atomic clock has worked perfectly each and every night, except one. You will find some nights where the radio propagation just isn't as strong for some reasons. Even if it misses a day or two, you aren't likely to be off more than a second as the quartz clock in this watch is very accurate.

I have a bit of buyer's remorse thinking I should have bought the Rangefinder 9400, since it has more toys. (Barometer, Altimeter, Compass, etc.), but I'm just not sure I would like the size of it. I don't camp or hunt so I really don't need those features. It's just the "toy" factor I am interested in. The 5610 is really nice for it's simplicity, reasonable price and smaller size. It does everything I need very well.

Update October 19 2015
Just received the GW5000 band. It is more rubbery, thinner and has more flex to it. In my opinion it is a bit more comfortable than the stock band that comes with this watch which has more of a hard plastic feel to it. The band I received was manufactured in Japan so I'm guessing it is more expensive to make. I'm very happy with the GW5000 band on this watch and had Casio put it on as stock, this watch would have gotten a 5 star rating from me.
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on December 9, 2014
The watch does every it's supposed to do and looks much nicer in person.
I would recommend this watch to anyone
that likes classic G's. I've read a couple of reviews about the auto EL backlight no working, (it only works in the dark) as it did for me. I tried first in a light room nothing then turned out light and bingo hope this helps
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on April 12, 2015
I've been using this watch for two month and so far I love it. I wanted a watch to wear all the time and it last more than usual watches.Moreover, it doesn't die when I go scuba diving or swimming.
I've had other Casio models like Edifice but I was not happy with any of them! They were bulky, heavy, and they've been pulling my wrist hair all the time, which was very annoying!
This one is the thinnest and smallest G-shock model and very comfortable! The display is very clean and easy to read for any age and at any angle and significantly easier to read in comparison with black-display models. The back light is amazing and there is no way you cant read the display at night!
So far after 2 months of use I have not found anything about it that bothers me!
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on June 16, 2015
I used to own the less expensive Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V, but when I lost the watch while traveling I decided to upgrade to this radio-time, solar-powered model. I was pleasantly surprised when opening the watch. The watch shipped in a quality collector's tin with manual and proof of purchase / warranty card. When I inspected the watch, I found that it was actually higher quality than my old G-Shock. Though the profile of the watch is almost identical, the caseback of the solar-powered model is a higher quality milled stainless steel rather than the flimsier, thinner, stamped stainless steel of the cheaper model. Overall, it seems like a higher quality build that the cheaper G-Shock.

The watch is not in constant communication with the atomic clock, but rather it is set to automatically update its time once per day via radio signals overnight in the middle of the night. When you wake up, you can tell if the watch updated during the previous night because it displays a "REC'D" message on the face of the watch for the next 24 hours. You can also manually command the watch to update its time via radio, turn off automatic updating, or manually change the time yourself.

My biggest disappointment is that the watch does not get adequate reception for the time to automatically reset like it is supposed to. I live in an urban area in the Northeast and keep the watch on my windowsill at night. Only very sporadically does the watch actually show "REC'D" the next morning. Sometimes, enough time passes between updates that the watch time drifts a couple of seconds off. The watch documentation explains that the nearest radio tower is in the middle of the country, so I imagine that it has to do with my distance from the transmitter and the interference found in an urban environment. I have found that when I travel to other parts of the country or to more rural areas with the watch, the time does reset with no problem each night.

There is a H/M/L battery charge indicator on the face of the watch, and in the year that I have owned it, the watch has never sunk beneath H -- and I don't make any special effort to keep it in the sun or anything.

Overall, this is a high quality watch that has served me well for nearly a year, even though I am disappointed in the radio reception issue.
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on November 19, 2012
Casio G-Shocks are simply the best watches in our Universe, specially this one! Classic G-Shock look, 20bar water resistant, shock-proof, SOLAR POWERED and RADIO CONTROLLED!
Once you set your home town (which determines the correct frequency on which the signal wil be received!), the watch starts searching for a signal! You might want to do that next to a window and during evening/night time as that is the time of the day when radio transmissions experience the least interferences by industry or traffic - unless you live next door to an transmitter then it doesn't matter.

The watch has all the function you will need sooner or later! 24-hour stop watch, count down timer, 5 alarms and a hourly chime that you can actually hear, auto DST (daylight savings time) feature for areas where the one-hour switch is performed or not, world time to let you know what time it is at your overseas business partner, the EL-backlight is bright and it has an automatic feature where you only have to tilt your arm by 90 degrees and the light come on automatically and that works only in darkness - and if it comes on unintentionally you don't have to worry as the solar cells will keep the battery charged. Oh, there is a power saving feature too where it temporarily shuts off the LCD display over night which is useful when you are living in an cold area of this world, wearing long sleeves which are partially covering the solar cells. Dont worry about eventually running out of juice, the display tells you the charge status!

Important: If you want to understand all the functions and how to use them - take your time and READ THE MANUAL which comes with the watch!
I love solar watches and this is my 3rd Casio Solar watch (my last one was stolen out of my beach bag!); living in southern California with plenty of sunshine, my solar powered watches have never ever failed on me!!!
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