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on July 14, 2013
I'm very happy with my Casio GWX5600C-7. The fit and finish is very good. I was attracted to this watch because of the 'negative' display (light colored characters against a black background.) The black display stands out against the bright white glossy case and band for a unique look. Be aware that this type of display is not that great in low light situations. This watch is at its best outside in daylight. There is the option to press the illumination button, but the instructions warn that repeated illuminations will drain the battery. This is a solar-charged watch and it requires a bit more involvement on the users part to maintain an adequate power reserve. I put the watch out in the sun whenever possible. So far the power indicator has not dropped below 'high'. I don't want to make it sound like keeping the watch charged is a lot of trouble. I have three solar watches, two G-Shocks and a Citizen Eco-Drive. I wear all three on a rotating basis and leave them in the sun for an hour or two whenever it's convienient. So far none of them have shown any signs of running down.
To get the most out of the GWX5600C-7, you need to read the manual. Casio refers to their watch movements as 'modules'. This watch uses Module 3222, and the included manual is very detailed and well written. My favorite features of this module are the negative display, moon phase graphic, MultiBand-6 radio controlled timekeeping, and the ability to set four different alarms.
The negative display shows the part of the moon that is illuminated in a light color, which more accurately represents its actual appearance in the sky.
The radio-controlled timekeeping function on my watch works well. I performed a manual receive operation when it arrived without difficulty. The watch displays the signal strength of the time broadcast and the time and date of the last successful receive operation. Automatic reception has been successful every night .
I like having four alarms available. Setting is not difficult. There is also a cascading countdown timer that alternates between two user defined intervals. It can be set to repeat up to ten times. It's a neat feature, but so far I can't think of anything to use it for. There is of course the usual stopwatch function as well.
If you are considering this watch, I recommend that you download the manual from the Casio website and read it first. There are quite a few features that I have not mentioned. I can say that everything that I have tried to do on the watch has worked exactly as described in the instructions.
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on February 17, 2014
I love the watch! Has all of the features that I wanted. Its slim, fits under sleeves and the tide feature is really usefull for surfing. Its easy to read when its bright or really dark, but when its cloudy or indoor fim lighting you need to have it at a good angle to read it.
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on November 27, 2013
Great versatile watch! I use this in the ED and it works well with the negative display given the lighting. I wear it all the time, even in the shower or pool, and it hasn't failed me yet. The moon and tidal charts are neat features too because I occasionally go on boardwalks or rent a canoe so it's good to know. Plus you can try to correlate all the weird cases coming in with high tides or full moons. As a side note, it won't sync properly if you have the daylight savings time (took me a day to figure that out) - so make sure to fix your daylight savings time settings if you watch isn't syncing properly!
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on August 17, 2015
Was debating between this Casio Men's GWX5600C-7 and the GW-M5610BC-1JF. I was looking for the all black look and thought I'm going to change the case and band later. Since I surf I decided to go for the GWX5600C-7 with the G-Glide feature.
I had to return it and get the GW-M5610BC-1JF and here is why:
- Buttons on the side are hard to press and not very responsive
- The automatically light on feature in the dark did not work
- Display was more difficult to read that I expected
- The bracelet band of the GW-M5610BC-1JF makes the watch feel so much better.
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on May 1, 2014
I bought the GWM5610-1 for myself and absolutely love it. However I bought the GWX5600c-7 with the reverse display for my wife who is a nurse and under most conditions the display is almost unreadable. I am going to give it away and buy her a Casio with a normal display.
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on September 9, 2014
i am happy with casio for making this retro g-shock watch in white. i love my red version so much, i eneded up buying this white version also. what makes it more awsome is its updated with atomic solar! this watch looks real slick. on the glass face, its black in the center with a blue border. the white is smooth and shiny. whenever i wear this watch, it draws a lot of attention just like my red version does. i love this watch!
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on May 29, 2014
I love Casio G-Shocks and own quite a few. But the one thing that Casio cannot figure out is how to make a readable reverse display. The standard black on white displays are quite legible, although Casio appears to be making the digit size smaller and smaller on each new generation of watches. The white on black displays are terrible, and this watch is no exception. It is simply too dull to read in daylight, and even in dimmer light, not that clear. You can use the backlight, but the backlight doesn't stay on that long (and drains battery quickly), so if you need to perform a function, e.g., setting the timer, you'll have to constantly engage the backlight.

I own a Suunto Ambit, and its reverse display is perfectly legible in both bright and dim light. Other than the display, some might not find the shiny white band to their liking. It appears that it will wear over time. Otherwise, a very fashionable and reliable timepiece.
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on March 27, 2014
Great looking watch, loaded with features. Syncing to the atomic clock works well (better than on other watches I have) - it manages to sync practically every night. The green backlight looks amazing -- however I wish the display was easier to read in daylight (hence the 4 stars but think of it as 4+). I would absolutely recommend this watch to anyone.
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on March 9, 2015
I think it is a great watch with just a few shortcomings. First, the manual as well as generally accepted opinions online, despite the product description, it is not guaranteed to be suitable for scuba diving and maintain its warranty, for this it must be rated by the ISO as a Diver's 150m or Diver's 200m. In older versions of the manual it was rated for scuba diving, and many people suspect this was removed when testing requirements increased. See "macspite's" comment in: Secondly, I followed the directions perfectly, turned on the auto illuminate, paying very close attention to lighting, and the angle in both axis of importance, but I still cannot get the auto illuminate to function. Otherwise this watch is really cool. Great glossy appearance, as long as you don't shower with it a lot, or so I've read.
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on December 19, 2015
My second of the GW series (DW5600E) - great Outdoors watch, and the inverse display works perfectly in the sunshine. I was really attracted to the solar power concept, and coupled with the design,was the main driver of the purchase decision. I didn't prefer the Tide display, as I'm not a surfer/fishing type. Ashamed the later Solar versions (with NO Tide display) were released a month after buying this in Jan 2015. Predominantly for weekend use, or when travelling to developing countries.
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