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on April 26, 2015
I came across this watch after muddling through hundreds of watches online, looking for just the perfect one for the clinical classes I'm about to start in nursing school this coming summer. I needed a watch that was comfortable, cheaply priced (I'm a broke college student), easily replaceable, with a secondhand and for personal tastes, one that looked simple and sweet. This watch has fit all of my expectations, plus it's comfortable. It's so light, and I can't even feel the band pulling or tugging or irritating my skin or anything like that so I'm pretty happy because I hadn't even thought of the comfort myself before previously buying it. Moving on, I saw a review on here that gave it a bad rating because they thought it was difficult to set the time, and honestly, I would say ignore that review! It's literally so easy to set the time, and it even has the manual telling you how in one sentence. But, basically all that you do is pull out the little silver crown on the side (which by the way don't be afraid to pull, I was hesitant to pull it to roughly at first also) until you hear or feel a little click, and then simply rotate it to the time you want, push the crown back in, and tada! All done. I was so fearful because of the one review I saw but I was surprised to see how it easy it was. Anyways as to durability, water resistance, and all that, I'm not sure yet because I've only had it for a an hour in a half but even if it's not that great, I don't think I'll be upset because the price tag is so low that I can tatter it up in clinical classes, and easily get a new one without feeling so down and out about the money being spent. But that being said, I do plan to check back in for you guys at the end of summer and let you know how It fairs after all the hand washing, and heavy use. I'd also like to mention that I'm a woman and that if you're thrown of by the title because it says "Men's," don't be! This watch looks equally as good on women, it's not to big, it's in just the right spot to be what I consider unisex. I'd even lean on the side of saying that it's kind of small as many reviewers have mentioned. But I think that people with medium sized wrist can get away with it, I'm not 100% sure because I personally have small wrists. Adding to this, If it's of any help to anyone, I wear mine on the 7th hole as someone with small wrists, so I think that for people with medium wrists there's still plenty of room on the band. Overall, I think that if you're thinking of going for this watch you should! It's a great value for a simple and classyish-looking every day watch.
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This is actually my second time purchasing this exact watch. And there's a reason why I'm buying it again.

I bought this watch 2 1/2 years ago when I was looking for a cheap analog watch that could also be stylish. And as you can see, this watch is one of the better designed watches out there for less than $10. It looks professional and I've actually worn this to interviews as well as weddings. I've also wore this watch to basketball, running, and other sweat producing occasions. And I don't feel guilty about doing it because it's less than $10! Not only that but it's also very easy to clean as the band is rubber so all you need to do is to rinse it with water. It tells time very accurately as well. I've only ever had to change the time whenever daylight savings happened. Other than that, it's been keeping track of the time with absolutely no problem. The battery life is phenomenal too. Because it's so simple (no date, day, stopwatch), battery life lasts for a long time. The first one I purchased had its band ripped (I did everything with it so I was surprised it lasted that long) and so it's been sitting on top of my shelf for awhile but even after 2 1/2 years, the watch is still going strong with the accurate timing.

I guess the only negative thing that I would have to say is that it's simple. There no way to tell which day or date today is. So if you're looking for a more multi-functional watch, you probably want to move along. But if you're looking for a simple watch that's cheap, sturdy, stylish, and tells time accurately, I'll highly recommend this watch to you. I've gotten many compliments over the watch and they're all surprised to find that it's only $10. Even if my current one dies or the band rips, I'd gladly purchase this watch again.
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on September 7, 2017
I can't speak to the longevity of this watch, as I've only had it for 3 days.

But, I will say I like it a lot. It is so light weight you forget you are wearing it. It is easy to read. It looks classy but of course, still has a slightly cheap look (black and white is not in style)

It's small, which is what i wanted. I play guitar, drums, shoot video, work in the yard...i needed something that would be out of the way.

On a side note, using a watch really helps me connect in a more "real" way to the passage of time than my phone. I've been using my phone to see the time for almost a decade, and switching to a watch has really made me feel more connected. It's hard to explain. You can see the hands ticking, moving through space, the same way time itself is moving. It makes sense, it feels authentic, and helps you keep your phone put away. I also just ordered the Timex weekender for something larger and more stylish, but i'll keep this one and use it for yard work or, just when I want a smaller black watch.
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on August 18, 2016
This watch is amazing.

I've always preferred an analog watch to the cold, hard precision of digital time keeping devices. For me, an analog unit not only gives the precise time, but also an overall bird's eye view of the time in general. To be able to see the exact time in relation to the overall 12 hour span of time is what makes analog special.

About the watch, yes, again, it's amazing. It has one job: tell time. It does that job to perfection. It's so lightweight and unobtrusive, I sometimes forget I have it on my wrist. It's so stylish and countercultural, it feels like it's from another era. It's so affordable, I have no fear of losing it, banging it up, or destroying it ... I'll simply buy another one.

Cell phones may have killed watches, but don't tell that to this Casio MQ24-7B2!
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on December 2, 2014
A classic and simple watch for all occasions. If you are looking for budget/inexpensive water resistant watch yet stylish, then consider this Casio model.
1. It looks much like Swatch Original (but w/o the date function), but not the cost. Swatch costs apprx. $56.00.
2. Ticking is very silent, while Swatch is loud.
3. Resin band is thinner than I thought.
4. Watch is very light.
5. Numbers are clear to read, but not at nights - no glow in the dark hands or numbers.

All in all, I am happy with the purchase. Again, if you are looking for a watch under $10 that is not a digital watch, this is a great choice! Highly recommended!
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on June 14, 2017
Reasonable price, doesn't pinch (like metal) and looks OK--a good buy.
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on February 21, 2015
Cheap, light, accurate, Can you ask for more?
I'm still relying on a hand watch for telling time as my phone is not always next to me, and time-keeping is important for my work.
Until a couple of years ago I used to wear big, bulky watches (esthetic preference), but they started bothering me, and since I switched to a macbook, the band and clasp used to snag on the laptop's border, so I tried living without a watch for a while. Couldn't.
This one fits the bill, I can work on my macbook with no issues whatsoever since the band is thin and rubbery and the clasp somehow does not snag. I'm saved! I'm never removing it as it does not bother me at all.
The only thing I'm missing is a date display, but for that price, it's astounding value for the money. I love it.
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on June 20, 2017
I have been buying these for years, as an Electrician you don't want to strap a conductive material around your wrist and don't want the hassle of digging a mobile phone out of a holster.
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on August 7, 2014
When I was young and foolish I owned a Rolex GMT Master because that's what 007 wore. It cost a princely sum, and once I got it I learned that watches like these come with a required maintenance regimen that not only adds up to the cost of the watch in very short order, but left me 'watchless' for a couple months whenever I bothered to send it in. On top of that, mechanical watches aren't all that accurate compared to today's electric timepieces. So after a number of years pretending I worked for MI6, I came to my senses and switched to this $9 plastic Casio. Violá, a watch that keeps better time, with a face that's easier to read and isn't cluttered with day/date windows and extra 24-hour hands. In other words a watch that does what I want a watch to do. I don't even have to worry about batteries. At this price it's cheaper to buy a new watch than try to find batteries. No more worries about banging the watch against a wall and scratching the crystal, or the strap breaking, and having to ship the watch halfway across the country to get it repaired. If you want to impress your neighbors, the wife or girlfriend (or both), stick with an expensive chronograph. But if you want to know what time it is, get this Casio.
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on June 27, 2016
As many have said, you can't beat this watch for the price. It keeps excellent time. I owned my first one for about 3 years and can't remember having to reset it because of lost or gained time. Plus, it never needed a battery replacement. I had to buy another one because I lost the first one. The second one lasted a couple of years and I was able to replace the battery and move on. Ultimately, I broke the stem on that one and just purchased my third one.

What attracted me to this watch in the first place was its simplicity. It reminded me of the clocks that were in my school classrooms growing up. No frills. Just a white face with black numbers and hands. And a second hand to boot.
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