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on October 29, 2014
Amazing to use every day! Very light! However it is very small!
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on April 26, 2015
I came across this watch after muddling through hundreds of watches online, looking for just the perfect one for the clinical classes I'm about to start in nursing school this coming summer. I needed a watch that was comfortable, cheaply priced (I'm a broke college student), easily replaceable, with a secondhand and for personal tastes, one that looked simple and sweet. This watch has fit all of my expectations, plus it's comfortable. It's so light, and I can't even feel the band pulling or tugging or irritating my skin or anything like that so I'm pretty happy because I hadn't even thought of the comfort myself before previously buying it. Moving on, I saw a review on here that gave it a bad rating because they thought it was difficult to set the time, and honestly, I would say ignore that review! It's literally so easy to set the time, and it even has the manual telling you how in one sentence. But, basically all that you do is pull out the little silver crown on the side (which by the way don't be afraid to pull, I was hesitant to pull it to roughly at first also) until you hear or feel a little click, and then simply rotate it to the time you want, push the crown back in, and tada! All done. I was so fearful because of the one review I saw but I was surprised to see how it easy it was. Anyways as to durability, water resistance, and all that, I'm not sure yet because I've only had it for a an hour in a half but even if it's not that great, I don't think I'll be upset because the price tag is so low that I can tatter it up in clinical classes, and easily get a new one without feeling so down and out about the money being spent. But that being said, I do plan to check back in for you guys at the end of summer and let you know how It fairs after all the hand washing, and heavy use. I'd also like to mention that I'm a woman and that if you're thrown of by the title because it says "Men's," don't be! This watch looks equally as good on women, it's not to big, it's in just the right spot to be what I consider unisex. I'd even lean on the side of saying that it's kind of small as many reviewers have mentioned. But I think that people with medium sized wrist can get away with it, I'm not 100% sure because I personally have small wrists. Adding to this, If it's of any help to anyone, I wear mine on the 7th hole as someone with small wrists, so I think that for people with medium wrists there's still plenty of room on the band. Overall, I think that if you're thinking of going for this watch you should! It's a great value for a simple and classyish-looking every day watch.
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on March 11, 2016
I've been wearing this type of Casio watch for about 5 years now, and it's become my favorite. Never paid more than $10 for one, each one last about 2 years before battery or band needs replacing, and unless it's pitch black out the watch is the easiest to read that I've found. I basically never take it off, even in the shower or swimming, until the battery finally dies. The crystal does get scratched up with time, but the watch still remains easy to read. I especially like the fact that it's not huge and has no extra features, because once the time is set that's all you have to do. In this day and age where every device has to be "Smart", I'm glad this great little watch is out there for those of us who just want to know what time it is, and don't need to impress others with our bling.
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on February 19, 2015
Great watch for nursing clinicals! Low profile and easy to use. Sized a tad small, even for my thin (6") wrists and no light, but for the price, it's exactly what I need and earns the 5 stars I've given it! Would purchase again!
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on April 29, 2014
This is my favorite watch, my only compliant is that there isn't a date indicator. The watch will out last the band, but just buy another watch when this happens.
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on July 18, 2016
This watch just works. It's a simple no-frills watch that I like using at work when I know my hands will get dirty, sweaty, or encounter some weird lotion/product I wouldn't want to get on my fancier watches. And even when I do get it a little dirty, its water resistant properties allow me to quickly rinse it under water, and it looks as clean as ever. The resin watch band also feels pretty light and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

As for the watch face itself, again, it’s a very simple classic analog design with an hour, minute, and second hands. Each hour position has a single “notch”, with the 12-o-clock position having a double notch. You don’t need explicit numbers at each location as the watch hands generally tell you what time it is at a quick glance, unlike some other fancy watches that make you strain your eyes to tell the time. There are also smaller minute hash marks between, so you can get more detail if you want. I like the black hands on the white face as the contrast again helps to tell time very quickly. The crown is easy enough to pull out, adjust, and push back in.

Despite the price of this watch, it still provides a very clean look. I've gotten similar compliments on this timepiece compared to watches 10x its price. You can't go wrong with this purchase, and it’s certainly a versatile watch that can complement any outfit you throw at it.
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on February 16, 2016
This is actually my second time purchasing this exact watch. And there's a reason why I'm buying it again.

I bought this watch 2 1/2 years ago when I was looking for a cheap analog watch that could also be stylish. And as you can see, this watch is one of the better designed watches out there for less than $10. It looks professional and I've actually worn this to interviews as well as weddings. I've also wore this watch to basketball, running, and other sweat producing occasions. And I don't feel guilty about doing it because it's less than $10! Not only that but it's also very easy to clean as the band is rubber so all you need to do is to rinse it with water. It tells time very accurately as well. I've only ever had to change the time whenever daylight savings happened. Other than that, it's been keeping track of the time with absolutely no problem. The battery life is phenomenal too. Because it's so simple (no date, day, stopwatch), battery life lasts for a long time. The first one I purchased had its band ripped (I did everything with it so I was surprised it lasted that long) and so it's been sitting on top of my shelf for awhile but even after 2 1/2 years, the watch is still going strong with the accurate timing.

I guess the only negative thing that I would have to say is that it's simple. There no way to tell which day or date today is. So if you're looking for a more multi-functional watch, you probably want to move along. But if you're looking for a simple watch that's cheap, sturdy, stylish, and tells time accurately, I'll highly recommend this watch to you. I've gotten many compliments over the watch and they're all surprised to find that it's only $10. Even if my current one dies or the band rips, I'd gladly purchase this watch again.
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on March 10, 2016
Let's be honest here, this is a cheap watch. I'm not going to be reviewing this as though I spent a lot of money on it, because I didn't. I've had this product for 5 months and have only one complaint: the crystal has a few nicks in it. No surprise there, really. I work an outdoors manual labor job and something like this is bound to happen. That's the whole reason I bought this watch anyway: to be a cheap punching bag that I can wear at work. It's been through hours of rain and quite a few beatings and still works great. It's not uncomfortable and it hasn't lost time to any noticeable degree. It's not anything fancy, but I certainly like the style of it and I've even gotten a few compliments on it, which I found odd considering it's just a couple rubber straps attached to plastic. Overall there's really nothing I can complain about. It's easy to set, easy to read, fairly tough, very dependable, comfortable, and not the eyesore that cheap watches often are.
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on February 6, 2016
I read a lot of reviews for this watch before buying it. In fact I purchased this over the other casio watch Casio Men's MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch because those reviewers complained about the watch having too small of a face and band. Well, this watch I found has the same issue for me. I am an average guy; 5'8", 190lbs, do a lot of physical work but not buff. I do not have "cankles" for wrists (or would you call them "wrankles"?). Anyway, point is, just an average male. I bought this watch because honestly, "watch stink" from keeping my watch on my wrist 24/7 literally ruined my favorite watch (no replacement bands available for the unique design of the watch face). I had to go through two of these expensive watches to learn what the heck "watch stink" even was. But I was not going to throw down a lot of money on yet another of these watches. However being watchless was driving me absolutely crazy! My watch was more important that even having my iPhone on me! So I just caved in and ordered this guy. It was a couple bucks cheaper than the casio black analogue sister watch (link above). I love/hate this watch.

In short I do not like this watch for the following reasons: the watch face is slightly small (just a tad), the band is not long enough and is veryyy thin. But I KNEW this before purchasing - I'm only saying it again for emphasize to guys out there. I also do not like paper thin watch bands. I like that thick rubber or nylon feeling. The thin resin strap is cost-effective and does its job, but it's so thin and flimsy I am always tempted to rip it off my wrist at least once a day. The length of the strap is not very long either. So the buckle ends up being almost on the side of my wrist instead of under it, like it should be. I'm at the 3rd/4th to last hole. The watch in person does not look professional.

But the resin strap is really the only thing that reallllly bugs me. Aside from that I appreciate that Casio made this watch practical and useful despite its price. There are a lot of junk watches out there at the same price range. These watches will have their finishes peel off, scratch easily and will not be water resistant. They will perform as cheaply as they are made. This watch surprisingly differs in that regard. It's accurate with time, simple simple simple (love that part). And is water resistant up to 50M (just make sure the screw dial pin is pushed all the way in!). The watch face is simple, sleek, and easy to read. No funky numbers, small numbers or other distractions on the face. As much as I want to call this the perfect "beater watch," when I think of beater watch I think of something that's extremely durable under abuse and will last- not so much the other line of thought "I'll just toss it if it breaks and not cry over spilt milk." I don't like throwing things away or using things that are prone to being disposed of early on. So while I want to use this watch for my dirty tasks like work around the house, while working on my car, working with animals, etc. I do not get the feeling that this watch will stand to much abuse. I will test it out though and confirm in an update when/if this watch breaks.

If there was a $20 version of this watch - one that had a longer, thicker strap, slightly bigger watch face, and the inclusion of a small date window - I would buy it in a heartbeat! For about $8 though, if you are skinny/have really narrow wrists this is perfect! Also want to mention this is not a gender-specific watch. It's truly universal. Just because it fits on narrow wrists, don't let that fool you. Both guys and gals have thin and thick wrists. This watch is ideal for the narrow-wristed folks out there. Enjoy!
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on April 9, 2009
I love it! I had ~5 watches in my life. Primary reason is for surfing. I need to know when it's time to go to work, or when the parking meter will expire. This is the cheapest watch I ever owned, and also the best (ironic!). "water resist" isn't very clear... but I been surfing with it and no problems yet (couple weeks now). Originally I thought I needed 200m rating (30,50,100m are all inadequate) for surfing (water sports) based on my research on water resistance ratings. But that is FALSE!!! This watch works in the water (ocean!). The watch is light (not cumbersome) and the large face and numbers make it easy to tell the time (without squinting or looking closely). Has no light, but I don't need it. The white face makes for plenty visibility. I am so glad I didn't waste another $60 on another G-shock watch... $8.50 for this watch. Also another great thing: only 1 button. I hate many buttons (confusing/complicated watches). Also, no Alarm or StopWatch/Timer modes... just one mode: it tells me the time!!! I love it. Simplicity at its finest. Last thing: its quite slim, and light. The size/weight is perfect, in my opinion. Very un-obtrusive.
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