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on May 8, 2015
It's not a very advanced watch, but it looks nice. The case is fairly slim for a cheap watch (about 8mm, including the lens and the bulge in the case back) and it has a simple classy design. It's about the same size as men's watches used to be before everything had to be large and extreme (which I like sometimes, just not always), which also makes it an OK option for women who don't want the super-dainty "women's" watches. Being all plastic, it's super lightweight and you barely know it's there.

This watch pauses the second hand when you set the time, so you can wait for your reference time source to reach the same exact time before you press the crown back in and run. Some cheap watches don't, so you can never synch up exactly. Sure it's going to be off by 30 seconds in a month anyway, but it's nice to have the option.

Casio makes this series with about 10 different face designs, so you can get the style you want. I like this soft yellow face with 24-hour marks.

Not so good is the strap. The buckle is plastic, so it can break if snagged on a door latch for example. "Resin" bands tend to get brittle and split over time.

Another drawback is setting the time. It's the sort of cheap movement which wiggles back and forth a bit, so you might have to try 2 or 3 times to set it perfectly.

There's no date, but any watch close to this price won't adjust for the days-per-month anyway, so I'd rather skip it than fiddle with the date setting at the end of the month. I can look at my phone or computer for the date when I need to. Watches are now mainly for checking the time while you are running about, not running your business.

A slightly more durable option in a small and lightweight watch is the Timex T18581 camper. More of an old style military design. It has a very finely woven nylon band, which lasted me forever, and a metal buckle. The only drawback to that watch is that it, like most basic Timex models, is VERY loud. That brings me back to another good feature of the Casio. It's much quieter than the Timex or a Swatch which is also infamously loud. The Casio is also half the price, and the whole thing can be replaced for only slightly more than the cost of buying a new band for other watches.
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on September 1, 2016
Nice looking watch, but made for a women or smaller mans wrist. I have a larger wrist, although not excessively lrge by any means, and this watch is nice looking, but it is "small", the watch is quite thin, not as large as the ad would make it seem, more of a womans size, or small mans size, and most frustrating is how small the band is. The band is also very thin rubber / plastic, and not very long, allowing fit for only kids, or smaller women or men. I was and for myself, although the watch itself for the price is nice looking, and would make a nice piece for the youngster, and small man or woman. I cannot find much to fault the watch for other than that. It just does not fit me. Another inch of length, or i/2 inch on each side of the band would allow a fit into the first notch of the band, but alas, it is not to be. For basically ten dollars,it is a great value. I will be returning or gifting the watch to someone else, I have not decided yet. I am going to go ahead and spend the 50.00 plus for an Ana-Digital G Shock Watch and get the heft, and size I require, I would have enjoyed the watch for ten dollars had it fit me. The ad / info page on Amazon and free shipping was a great plus added to the ten dollar price, but does not really describe how small the watch really is, and gives the impression of a larger watch. I hope this information helps others looking at possibly buying this model.
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on August 19, 2014
Well, it's functional, keeps accurate time, and didn't cost an arm and a leg or come with a bunch of unwanted features shoehorned in.

I bought this because I figured I would need a decent watch for my emt class.
The seconds hand ticks instead of glides which makes taking a pulse much easier.
The face is a nice pale yellow color that really makes the shiny grey hands standout in poor lighting conditions. You can get the hands to gleam if you tilt it just right.
The fact that it sports military time is also a boon for work shifts I assume.
The watch band is a simple rubber that is easily disinfected from patient to patient.

The only cons I can find to this watch is that its water RESISTANT and not waterproof and the hands are not lighted at all which means that there is a certain level of light that it become unreadable at. Every time I wash my hands I have to first take off the watch so that it does not get ruined.

If they were to add those two features I would buy 6 of them and raise my review to a full five stars.

As it is, I'm very satisfied with my purchase so far.
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on December 17, 2014
I originally was hesitant to buy a men's watch, as I have a tiny wrist. However, this fits fine, with even two holes to spare. It can probably still fit those with a fatter wrist too. I measured the diameter of the loop if I set it on the last hole, and it's about 6cm. However, if you do put it on the last hole, I don't think it'll stay very well as the band can easily slip out, and fall off.

This watch is great for those in the medical field as it is waterproof, and tells military time. I know it's not hard to add 12 for military time, but 12 hour shifts can be tiring, and your mind just feels tired. I personally like the fact that the larger numbers (ie 13-24) is bigger than the smaller numbers (ie your standard 1-12).

I reduced a star because the yellowish-beige background can look kind of dirty from a distance. In comparison to the regular
Casio Men's MQ24-7B2 Analog Watch, which has a pure white background. I wish there was a white background option for this watch's face, too.
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on March 6, 2016
Okay, here's my take. First off, it keeps excellent time, and is a pleasant looking watch. Yes, I wish the watch were about 5mm larger. That being said, I still like it, and, yes, as a Navy Diver I have several large, heavy wathces. Sometimes I like riding my V-twin, other times I like hopping on my Burgman 400 scooter, if you get what I mean. This watch is one of a few analog watches with military time. Though small, it does not look like a girls watch as some have stated. There is no way you can look at the military time, and think it looks like a girls watch. I don't find the band to be cheap, though it is thin and flexible, which may be confused with cheap, as some have also stated. The face is easily scratched, and I already did, though in my line of work I have also marred glass faces before as well. The measurements are deceiving, whether intentional or not. Stated case size = 37.5 mm. Outside case= 34mm (36mm if you include the crown, which I'm sure they do). Actual Face=29mm, measured with a Starrett Micrometer. The bottom line: It's a light, and comfortable watch. If you can live with the size, it's an excellent choice for the price. Because of the military (24 hr) time, I would buy it again. I actually did purchase another one for my grandson to learn military time, as his Dad is in the Coast Guard. It also has the 12 hr time markings on the inside of the 24 hr markings, albeit a little smaller. This makes it a perfect watch for someone to learn Military time.
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on August 3, 2017
Product case was good. No scratches. The face of the watch was smaller than anticipated but it fits the ratio and my small wrists so I got lucky there. A downside of this watch is no glow in the dark feature which some people might not like either. It can be washed easily for medical employees. Do not shower with it since it is only water resistant instead of waterproof. Great watch for the value would buy again.
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on March 20, 2017
Casio is a great brand to begin with. So it's a great time keeping watch already, it's comfortable, stylish and the price is ridiculously modest. I bought it because I like to watch European soccer (Chelsea!) and the games are scheduled on 24 hour time. The face with overlaid 12 and 24 hour settings is perfect for at-a-glance reading of both at once: telling me when to tune in here in the U.S. It needs one thing to make it PERFECT: a light up button, or fluorescent face for night and darkness.
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on December 9, 2015
100% My favorite purchase on amazon this year. This is little cheap watch looks amazing, keeps time incredibly well and is more eye catching than you think. It was so inexpensive that I have bought more watches from Casio. Casio is coming back strong, no more of that g-shock. This is the new wave.
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on August 10, 2013
Works ok, looks ok, but came just wrapped in a piece of clear celluloid like material, and was running. In past, when I've bought these kinda cheapie, but reliable Casio's, they were often in some kind of box with a display thing...and did not run until activated by pulling some strip or pushing button. Wondering if this was a customer return or just to shave on shipping. Seemed odd. These things are good for throwaways, casual use, etc....they are cheap, but good....but those button cell batts cost a bit these days now, and one might as well just rebuy whole watch when batts go dead.(Usually, batt life is kind of long in LCD type watches, but these, if good, new etc may push a year....buy the way, I do NOT think they are anti magnetic, since anytime I use these near my PC, the time is off somewhat....otherwise, no problem. So, and really, I'd llke to know, are these just now wrapped in a small piece of clear thin celluloid like plastic as S.O.P. or did I get a recycled one. Please advise

PS: as an edit, or follow up....I noticed some user/s received item with dead battery. Now, the watch is in the $10 range, and is truly great for the money...but if the battery is bad, it may indicate one or more of following: could be a customer return or refurbished, was subjected to excessive heat before getting to you, maybe stayed long time in storage areas. Around my way, these batts go between $2 to over $5 in stores. You can of course order on line for less maybe, but add shipping or min order amn't or must buy multi packs. (You need one.) Careful if you change battery yourself...Easy to do, but it can be tough to avoid ruining or breaking the gasket which makes it water resistant. The latter feature not only for swimming, but routine "stuff" like washing dishes, whatever. These batts have gone up in price, are getting harder to find, fresh. (Competition is timekeeping ability from cell phones.) But if a button cell batt is gonna cost a third to half of a new watch, and I may risk ruining water resistant gasket, I just may store it for spare parts, and buy another watch for ten dollars.

This is why I brought up packaging issue...if it is packed differently, and is running when you receive it, where has it been? Stored? Used? What? If you get one and must spend 4-5 bucks for a battery, if you can find (and be warned that dollar store generics may already be corroding, and physical size tends to be iffy, usually heightwise I notice)..so, are you getting a bargain? When item is bought or arrives, be aware of these things. Oh, if you've changed the batt, and were successful, still be careful of water...you may have altered position or have broken water resistant gasket in the process, unknowingly sometimes. I've used these watches for years, ..decent no frills watch. But, batts can be a problem nowadays, and that gasket is a bit delicate. Often, and sadly perhaps, I consider this type watch a throwaway item. Would like it to work a year though on battery cell supplied already installed.
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on June 23, 2017
I like this watch a lot. I always use 24 hour time, but I prefer analog watches. This watch is perfect for that. It keeps great time and is water resistant.

I do wish that the 24 on the face was a 00, but that's just personal preference and in no way changes the value of this watch.
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