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on April 24, 2013
I've been wearing this every day for a week. It is my 5th G-Shock. Here are my first impressions. I will update this review later, as I notice more things. (although I already notice a lot, as I'm a watch collector)

+ Bracelet doesn't pull arm hairs. Center links are folded, outer edges are solid; I'm not sure how Casio does this!
+ Bracelet doesn't have a "tail" that comes untucked, like most G-Shocks
+ Solar/Atomic
+ Big main display
+ Useless Time Memo function is replaced by a useful Countdown Timer on this latest model
+ Nice bold, contrasty LCD segments
+ Prominent "radar dish" display at the bottom, to show that the watch radio-sync'd with the atomic clock the previous night.
+ Light button is convenient and serves only that purpose; it is never mixed up with any other button.
+ Bracelet and silver/gray color them dresses up this G-Shock to the point that it can be worn with business casual dress. Finally, I can wear a G-Shock to work, without feeling like some punk kid. ;)
+ Bracelet links are held in place with small spring bars, not friction pins like on most bracelets. This is very nice, as they will never accidentally loosen over time, and all that is needed to size the bracelet is a push pin or a small flat head jeweler's screwdriver. (just take care to trap the open end, so you don't fire it across the room or into your eye)

- Time of day is only displayed on the home screen and alarm screen. It should also be displayed in the bottom of the display for World Time, Stopwatch, and Timer screens, IMO.
- Champaign-colored parts that connect the watch head to the bracelet don't match either part. This is weird, but not a deal-killer for me.
- 'ADJUST' button requires a VERY hard, continued push to work.
- I would like to see the 'return to home' functionality re-introduced into Casio's modern digital watches. The old one, such as the CA53W calculator watch, and the 5600C G-Shock had this feature. How it works is that if one makes a change or uses one of the sub-features (for example, starting the stopwatch) then the next press of the MODE button takes me back to the home screen. This saves a lot of button-pushing! Casio should update the firmware to implement this and the time-of-day feature in future production.
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on December 12, 2014
I love this watch. I've had this watch for almost 9 years. I wear my watches everywhere except the shower or swimming. Otherwise, it never leaves my wrist. I've never had to change a strap or battery in the past 9 years. Overtime the paint has worn, and its started to crack at the plastic, and some of the buttons have become difficult to press, but I think I've gotten my moneys worth out of it. So much so to replace it, I bought the same exact model! I did a side by side of the 9 year old and the new one for comparison. The new one feels ever so slightly lighter, but according to my postage scale they weigh nearly the same.
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on August 19, 2015
The first one I received was completely dead and would not charge, although Amazon was of course fantastic at immediately replacing it. Unfortunately, the replacement - while having a Medium battery charge, would not charge at all (and never got to High). I've probably owned 15 G-Shocks over the years, and have loved them all - but this is the first time a solar watch has not charged, and from the other comments, it appears to be a problem with this model. So, I'm sticking with the other solar/atomic G-Shocks that Casio offers.
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on April 18, 2017
As a kid i would always wear a watch and think it was the coolest thing, i had the casio "Osama bin Laden" one, a complete classic with back light and all the simple stuff you really need, i was surprise to see they still sell it for $10 bucks brand new!.
It's been a long time since i bought a watch but with my new job, one would come in handy so i went with the mtg 900 mainly because of its features (atomic/solar/anti-shock/water resistant).
Let me tell you that so far i have been very pleased with it, when it arrived i checked the last time it had sync with a radio signal which was 9 months before it arrived and to my surprised it was just 15 seconds behind.
I tried to manually sync it with the radio signal but didn't work, i was worried i had faulty piece but it finally did yesterday in the middle of the night, i left the watch by the window with the 12 o'clock facing outside and it worked.
Now the only thing to see is how long it will last but so far i can't ask for anything else, it does what i need it to do and i dont have to worry about batteries or setting its time. Highly recommend it.
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on February 27, 2016
Great watch, love that it puts itself in battery saver mode when I'm not wearing it. Only complaint is when you receive the watch plan on getting links taken out of it. I had Walmart take the links out for me for free, which I regret because now there is a pin in one of the links that keeps working its way out of the link and I gotta keep pushing it back in place. TAKE IT TO A JEWELER TO GET LINKS OUT IF NEEDED! Other than that, its a beautiful watch
Update 3/25/16: Went to jeweler and had that pin that keeps working its way out fixed. So with that fixed and 6 links removed (I'm a skinny guy if you couldn't tell, lol), and now I'm 100% in love with this watch!!
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on December 24, 2015

- Build quality is excellent for price point, feels very well made, mineral crystal, stainless steel

- This 46 MM bezel is the PERFECT Size, this watch is not obtrusive in anyway. NO HOCKEY PUCK ON YOUR WRIST

- The three fold clasp design, use the edge release buttons to open and close clasp, Do Not Push into place with pin snap.Will prolong clasp life

- Side buttons require a little more effort to push, don't know if a purpose Casio engineers opted for.

- Silver battery strength "loop" looks a little distracting, it is better to see than next model down, with a micro silver circle, I think an easy toggle mode to show battery charge, But in fairness, the "loop" is better then former model with a distracting 4-6 o'clock edge tab.

- Former same models have stainless steel clasp latch, this model Casio saves money by spray painting silver.

Lastly, this is a great overall watch, no it will never be a slimline Movado but that is reason Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMS buy these watches.

I would NOT attempt to remove links unless you like scratching or damaging your watch, It took a local jeweler, about 15 minutes and $3 total cost to ensure it was a great fit, a good patient jeweler will have you try it on after removing ONE link at a time. Shop around to make sure you don't spend $12-20 for link(s) removal.
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on January 3, 2013
This is a brand new watch from Casio in their G-Shock line. It's an upgrade to the MTG900DA-8v. The biggest differences are the "Time Memo" function in the older version is replaced with a much more functional and desirable "Countdown Timer," and this new version sports a 6-band receiver in place of the older single band receiver. This means the watch can receive signals from all over the world rather than just in the US making this version the best choice from world travelers.

As a note to those reading some of the negative, battery related reviews on the old version, PLEASE READ the manual. It has plenty of relevant and useful info related to how the battery is charged, how it's drained, how long it takes to charge under various types of light, etc. Turning on every possible function will, of course, drain the battery faster. Then putting in under a shirt or coat sleeve will not allow it to charge. Even partially covered, some or all of the solar cells may be blocked. The dark areas around the face are actually 6 solar cells; 2each at the top/bottom and one each on the sides. They are all required to properly charge the battery.

When I received this watch, it was fully charged and last sync was on 12/24. I got it on Jan. 2 and it was about 2 seconds fast. That means it gained about 2 seconds/week which is less than the tolerance of 15 seconds/month if not synced for that long. It attempts to sync up to 6 times/day in all but China where it will try 5 times/day. In any case, once it successfully syncs for the day, it will not do it again until the next day. I followed the clear instructions to manually sync it rather than wait for the next cycle and it got it to within a fraction of a second. The sync cycle can take 2 to 7 minutes and syncs both time and date data, if available from the sync source. In the USA, both are provided.

The band is the standard folder clasp style and comes large enough to fit most guys. I removed 3 links to fit my wrist. There's a clasp adjustment within a half link for variations is weather and swelling/contraction of the wrist. Nice feature. The clasp overall seems secure and requires depressing buttons on either side so it's not likely to just come undone during normal activities.

Some people have complained about some plastic parts on the case. The base structure is metal and the plastic is there. However, it appears that the plastic is strategically placed so as to help protect the case and face from shock or other bumps/bruises. Also, the crystal is recessed significantly so it would be protected from the typical brushing against anything that might scratch it. This is an important point considering it's got solar collection cells in there that must not be obstructed.

The warranty is one year. I'd hoped it would be longer for a watch of this price. However, my experience with Casio products has been good enough for me to buy without worrying too much.

Overall, I'm really pleased and hope to have this watch for many years. My old Timex broke awhile back and I've been searching for something worthy of my time and money. I think I found it.
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on May 31, 2017
This is the first metallic Casio I have ever owned. I have owned and sworn by their solar digitals for years and I need the multi alarm. Casio has always fit the bill. This time, I ran into the not unexpected task of removing four links before it would fit correctly. After the ARDUOUS task of removing (Consider buying a tool if they make one) the links, I was happy that I removed the correct number because it's hard to tell how many you need to remove.

The band fits perfectly and is more comfortable than my plastic ones were although this watch is considerably heavier than the plastic ones. You set it the same way as the plastic ones too. Ant it looks really nice!
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on September 11, 2017
This watch was ordered to replace a previous version that I had purchased from Amazon and reviewed some years ago. I gave it a 5 star rating that time. This watch however failed to perform a time sync with National Bureau of Standards time signal after several nights of trying, so I returned it to Amazon and received a prompt refund.
Not sure but the problem may be solar or atmospheric conditions and not the fault of the watch. (I live in South Carolina, about 1500 miles from Fort Collins, CO.) Nevertheless if the watch can't do a time sync then it fails one of its prime functions.
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on July 27, 2015
Overall, I am very pleased with the watch. It has all of the main features I needed, plus the solar recharge and "atomic" (i.e. WWV) time update functions. Two nit-picky complaints: 1. If you use one of the secondary functions like stopwatch or countdown timer, my old G-Shock would go straight back to normal time display with one press of the mode button. This one requires you to cycle time/alarm/stopwatch/countdown and won't shortcut back if you used the stopwatch. 2. My old G-Shock would display the current time of day in the small digits under the main display when you were in the countdown timer mode. This one puts the countdown start value there. Petty complaints. The solar recharge seems to work well with a couple of hours outdoors. We'll see what happens in the winter when I'm inside all of the time. The automatic time update is a bit hit or miss but I'm used to the WWV signals being fairly weak so as long as it updates once a week or so, it'll still be the most accurate watch I've owned. I like that the bezel extends up above the crystal...should keep it from getting scratched or cracked.
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