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on October 6, 2016
My new favorite watch....just the right look, heft, feel & function perfectly merged.

The tough bracelet has just the right tension on my wrist. Stays tight even during vigorous workouts.

(I did have to remove 3 links to size it right, not too hard & tutorials on YouTube guided me...)

This watch neatly divides between 'dress watch' and 'sport watch' - it's both, really. So if you have to have just one watch to fulfill both dressy and sporty occasions, this won't be out of place in either case.

The blue face color contrasts nicely with the medium silver case, and speaking of that, the case & bracelet quality screams 'nice, expensive', yet it's just $20 - amazing.

The accuracy of the movement is stellar - spot on after 3 months of use. And with a 10 year battery, and no possible 'battery overuse' gizmos like watch light, etc, it should live up to the 10 year billing.

Confession: I hate scratches on watch crystals !

Worthy of note, the face is protected by a tough mineral crystal, that is recessed a couple mm so the surrounding rim is higher, and thus it's protected from scratches.

Case in point: I have worn this watch now going on 3 months daily, for my daily work, to church, to business meetings, casual affairs, yard work, car work, everything - not a single scratch yet - bravo, Casio.

I bought another Casio Sport watch here that gets a new scratch every other wearing - as it's crystal is soft & vulnerable - raised so it's the first point of contact. Bad Design !

I also love the simplicity of this watch. After super multi-function digital gee-wow watches, this one is a breath of fresh air in it's beautiful simplicty: It just displays the exact time & date, period !

(We have our smartphones for more advanced stuff, right ?)

How Casio can make & sell a watch of this style, materials & function, for $20, is beyond me.

Now, what's not to like ? A couple of minor gripes - and areas for improvement, if Casio is listening:

The watch hands can be hard to make out in **some** lighting conditions - having some outlining paint on them should help them stand out more. (and no, they're not luminecent)

A 'diopter - magnifier' on the crystal face, over the date, to enlarge the date appearance, (would help those of us over 50 years !)

Maybe also offer it in different face colors - gold, burgundy, etc.

But these are the only areas to improve that would be fairly easy to implement & not detract at all from the already excellent style or appearance, just improve function slightly.

So, Casio, please keep making this watch !
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on July 29, 2015
I usually don't take time to write reviews ordinarily, but this watch DEMANDS IT! I have had my watch now for 6 years and to be honest it is one GREAT BUY!..It is no piece of junk!..The stainless band is VERY high quality steel, with a secure snap-lock when put on, The 10 year battery saves throwing this watch in a drawer after a year or so like the usual brands end up. The crystal has never been scratched yet, and I use this watch for both hard-construction work, and dress! I am an ex- military officer that expects accuracy in a watch. THIS WATCH IS THE BEST WATCH I HAVE EVER OWNED FOR ACCURACY! I paid about 26 dollars for it on another site, but 6 years later, I find that it can be purchased here on Amazon for even less!!
The most complaints I have read about this watch is the generous size of the band. Well, I happen to be a larger person and it fits me, with a little of the band in excess, but not enough that needs shortening..
I would 'stack' the quality of this watch up against any brand of watches costing hundreds of dollars more, and I still would pick this watch, ANYTIME!!
If you seek decor, accuracy, and longevity in a watch, look no further!! You have found it here!!
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on December 2, 2015
I like to get a new, inexpensive watch every now and then, just to have something new and different to wear. So, over the years I have owned quite a few wrist watches. For what I paid for it, this Casio is about the best yet--it is very attractive (in my opinion) and if it is not closely scrutinized, it looks to be a lot more expensive than it is. The watch itself is excellent. Now.....about the band. The band is really big. Your wrist would have to be about the size of your ankle to match the size of the band. Okay, so the band needs to be adjusted. So what? So this--the band is fiendishly difficult to work with! Remember, I said I have owned lots of different watches and none of them, not ONE of them, was nearly, not-anywhere-close to being as hard to deal with as this one. I found a brief video on YouTube that gave me enough info to get started, but by the time I was done improvising, my desk was covered with tools of all sorts, including, mind you, a hammer. Wrapping this up, let me say that I finally accomplished the chore, the band fits well, and I am very pleased with my new Casio. If you aren't somewhat skilled in the used of small hand tools, and don't know someone who is, it is possible that you will have to take this to a jewelry/watch store for help. And there goes your savings. I cannot understand how a company that makes as many watches as Casio can justify using such crazy-ridiculous bands as these. User-friendly they ain't. User-unfriendly for sure.
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on October 27, 2015
Battery powered quartz watch by CASIO.......The most DEPENDABLE and longest lasting watches I have used since I was a youngster. Now at 57
I still think CASIO as the most dependable watch made.......Not a fancy gold nighttime watch....but the MOST DEPENDABLE........Stainless Steel housing and band, will keep perfect time for 10 years PLUS... on a single battery!........Medium blue face, date window.........Terrific watch for all occasions when your black digital work or various colored workout CASIOS just isn't right......
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on March 21, 2014
I buy many watches from functional for work to casual to dress. From $15-$500...The things I look for are (in order) 1) keep good time
2) easy to read 3) don't look cheesy, despite the price. 4) must have at least the date on them.

This watch is a great casual watch. Surprisingly well built and solid feeling watch for the money. Can wear as casual or even for dress, if one desires. Very nice band that doesn't pinch with a good mechanism. Great every day casual watch. It replaced a Citizen watch of the same design that I wore for about 15 years. I was going to fix the Citizen (and still may) but this watch looks just as nice and its cost new was less than it would take to fix the Citizen.
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on August 22, 2010
I have one of this three years ago and I am very happy with it. The bracelet maintains its color. I bought on Oct. 2008

Here again (15-abr-13)
I am still happy with my watch, five years ago that I bought it and it is working like the first day!

I have almost seven years with this watch, and It's working fine, using the original battery.

22 Jan 2016
After almost 8 years of use, the battery died, the watch says 10 years. In summary I think it is a good product and I recomend it.
review image
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on December 21, 2015
Great watch! Price is great and the look with the silver and blue is fantastic. The only qualm I have is that the built in 'calendar' treats all months as having 31 days so manual adjustment is required after a 30 day month to get the day count correct again. That issue though is probably common to even more expensive versions of this watch.

The band is large so some adjustment is probably required, but again that's something you'll encounter with almost any other watch and it's an expense worth incurring to get the right fit.
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on August 14, 2013
has arrived on time, fast and secure in its case. NO suffered strokes.

  It works perfectly, is a classic clock: its blue dial, makes it very striking .. my brothers and my father loved it: I think I bought and the price is excellent.

     I hope the battery has the duration of 10 years jejejejeje

  It is a real watch, very good and happens to be classic for any occasion, it fits perfect wrist.

Honestly, I recommend NOT regret.
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on October 10, 2017
Nice watch albeit a bit difficult to size the band. Some time and a small eyeglass screwdriver and I had it sized in about half an hour. Other than that small glitch, the watch is very nice for the money. Looks good, keeps good time and seems solid enough without being a brick on your arm. Very happy.
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on April 20, 2012
3.5 stars
In my mind this watch resembles a Seiko, but at $25 I can wear it for work (which is its intended purpose).

The details are a little cheap-looking, but I was not expecting much... knocked it down a star for a few unnecessary details that I would like see eliminated (e.g., "10 yr. battery" written on face, and faux rivets on edge). From a distance it looks nice though.

I have about a 7" wrist, and this is the smallest face/band that I would want to wear. I prefer I larger face and band which is why I knocked it down another 1/2 star.

The watch claims a ten years battery. If the battery lasts 2 years I will be happy with this purchase.

Sep. 09, 2013 - still working.

March 2014 - takes a lick in' keeps on tick in'. Still working well. Would recommend. Bumped up half star for reliability.

Dec. 2014- abused daily at work. Still going!

April 2015:
Watch still running strong, but pin on band just broke and band fell off wrist. not bad for $25 watch, but time to replace now.
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