Customer Reviews: Casio Men's AE1000W-1B
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on November 9, 2010
I'm a backpacker trekking the globe several times a year. I wanted to get an economically priced sports watch that would help me with a few things:

Alarm - so I don't miss flights in foreign countries
Local time - for whichever country I'm in
Multiple global time zones - for when hopping from one country to another
Water resistance - for those lazy, or sporty, days in tropical waters
Low price point - so if I get mugged as I did in Bogota, it wouldn't totally ruin my day.

I did the usual searches on Amazon: sports watch, travel watch, etc. Did not see this watch, and almost bought another watch that I did not quite like. And then this one appeared under a "People who looked at this, also looked at these" suggestion.

Bam. Exactly what I wanted. Now that I've received the watch, I tried doing a search for this watch to help other readers in their searches.

If you do:
Watches > Sport Watches > Casio > Prime Eligible > Under $50
It'll appear as #73 (today) ! And that's just looking at Casios. Forget about if you were looking at the entire database of sports watches under $50.

It does all the things laid out in my objectives. The alarm can be a daily alarm or a one-time alarm. I like that, since the one time alarm will disable itself.

Cool features:

1. You can set the LOCAL time for your country/city (or wherever you happen to be) under T-1.
Then you can choose to store 3 other cities/countries, and it will automatically show the time for those selections saved under T-2, T-3 and T-4.

The watch can show the current time in 48 cities (31 time zones) around the world, and you can easily scroll through all the zones and set any city as T1, T2, T3, T4.

For example, I live in California and will be traveling to Asia in a few days, and have currently set LA as my T-1. I have chosen Hongkong, Bangkok, and Delhi as my T2-4, and it automatically shows me the time for those cities by pressing a button. Time zones are calculated on the UTC format - Universal Time Coordinated - so you'll always have the right world time anywhere.

Time Swapping: When I get to HongKong, I'll make it my T1 because I want to be on local time (simply by first selecting T2 which is my current HongKong setting, and then pressing 2 buttons simultaneously to convert HongKong to T1. It then makes LA my T2. You get the drift). Similarly, when I'm in Thailand, I'll make BKK (Bangkok time zone) my T1.

The map is cool, as it shades the time zone you are viewing.

2. The digital display shows you the time, day and date. The analog display (circle) shows the time as if in an analog watch.

3. It has the usual sports watch features: stopwatch, countdown timer.

I would have given the watch 5 stars if:

1. It had looked even cooler: they should have made the face (or base background) white instead of gray. Then things would have stood out more, and the watch would have looked classier as well. The picture makes the face look bright and almost bluish white. Far from it! It's a dull, boring gray. When in a room with the shades shut during the day, it can be hard to read the time since the black digits are hard to see against the dark background. Casio, please stop photoshopping your product images.

2. The analog hands in the little analog cirlce were not black. They are and they blend in with the '+' sign that delineates the quadrants, when at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. They should have made the hands red or something. Go for broke...colors should pop.

Overall, a cool, and light, traveler's watch for only $24, but with a gray face color. Or go with some nice ones in the $40-60 range.
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on July 30, 2010
An excellent watch for people who do sports or who travel. As it can resist up to 10 atmospheres and 100 meters (about 330 feet) water resistance. You can wear this watch during rain, windsurfing, swimming and other instances.

I personally like this watch, because it looks great (especially with this world map). Plus there is also an analog dial screen for those who like analog screens. The watch has 5 alarms, stopwatch, and world time (which is an excellent tool for travelers or people who have relatives or friends in other countries). An the last, this watch is very light weight, so after some time you will not even notice if it is on your arm.

Overall, this is a great watch, I give it an A+.
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on March 29, 2011
Great deal on this watch. $20 is great! I was looking for a cheapo watch with a stopwatch that I could use at the gym when I'm running on the treadmill. I saw another Casio and was going to go for that but I saw this one in my local retailer, where I paid about $6 more than what it goes for here on Amazon.

After looking at it, I decided I liked it enough to pay the difference.


-5 Alarms! 5! You can set them to go off once or daily. Awesome!
-Local time for over 35 cities across the world, plus an easy to change feature that makes any of them local time at the press of a button. (The ability to change home time at the touch of a buttom....awesome. Will come in handy when I travel to the west coast later in the spring.)
-Countdown with anything between 24 hours and 1 minute.
- Stopwatch with dual finish split time for measuring two finishes.
- Date accounts for leap years and built in month changes up to 2099.
- Breathable strap and lightweight design.
-Water Resistant up to 100M


- Would have liked to see the backlight illuminate the whole screen when the button is pressed, as other cheaper Casios and Timex watches do. Small thing to nit pick at as you can change the light from one second to three seconds to conserve battery life.
- Have to manually change DST. Not a big deal to change twice a year but still. Would be better if it had it built in, but again, a small thing to gripe about.

The bottom line. This is a great watch for the price for anyone who's looking for a sports watch, world time watch, watch with multiple alarms or even someone just looking for a digital watch. It's a nice looking design, lightweight and to be honest, with the features it has, I'd imagine it could be even $10-15 more.

Pick one up. You won't regret it.
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on March 8, 2015
I set this watch 16 days ago and began wearing it. Since that time, it has gained nearly :04 seconds. The small analog display on the top right is next to useless. As another reviewer suggested, the advertisement display had to have been digitally enhanced because the the extremely thin lines indicating the clock hands are just barely visible. This makes the feature virtually useless to me except, possibly, in highly ideal light conditions. The very small world map display is even less useful. I cannot distinguish the zone delineation without a magnifying glass. Overall, having the black displays on a gray background is poorly planned.

Due to the many features of this watch, setting it is somewhat complex. The buttons are sensitive, and unintended pressure against your wrist as you move your hand will sometimes change the display; that has proven to be annoying. If you are in dim light, or need to use the illumination button, the viewing angle is very restrictive. Overall, this device is not particularly user friendly, in my opinion.

Take note: The description speaks of a 10 year battery life. This is FALSE. To explain, I will post the following quote from the included manual.
"Battery: lithium battery Type CR2025. Approximately 10 years lifespan based upon 10 seconds of alarm operation and 1.5 seconds of illumination per day.

review image
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VINE VOICEon April 8, 2013
This Casio World Time Illuminator offers a lightweight, multifeature and inexpensive device that's great for travel.

Planning a trip to Europe including Dublin, Rome, and various countrysides. I want a watch that gives me the different times including home, is easy on my small wrist, lights up, has a stopwatch a/o timer, and I'm not afraid to lose it, i.e., not expensive. After much research, this one fits the bill.

It features a tiny world map(best seen in a bright light) which shadows out chosen time zone. One can program in four city zones or cities. I chose Denver, home base, Chicago, a transfer point, London, for Dublin, and Rome. Chose daylight savings time for each zone and also 12 or 24 hour clock. No matter what time one displays, a small circular clock with seconds shows home base always.

One can chose from 5 different alarms, a timer, and a stopwatch. I find timers helpful for running or hiking. Or when playing a game or entertaining the kids on the plane. It shows that the alarm is on and of course, the date.

There are 4 buttons on the side of the piece to do all this, and, in general, I hate reading through the instructions manuals for elecronics(a fact of life in this age), but I found this one fairly easy, and once I did it, I remembered it.

The watch is all plastic expect for the thin back. It states water resistant to 100 meters. I haven't tested it- definitely don't push the buttons if under water!

Ok, the cons: the light isn't that bright, one can adjust it to stay on up to 3 seconds, but it'll use your battery up quicker with lots of use; the world map is tiny; the alarm sounds quietly; it's plastic. One reviewer said it looks cheap. I'm not buying it to be a jetsetter and to impress someone; however, I like the look of it- very sporty and travelish. I barely notice it on my wrist, and by golly, I won't be crushed if it gets crushed or scratched or pickpocketed on a Roman bus. I'll just buy another.
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on November 21, 2011
Sometimes, well most times, you get what you pay for and that's exactly the case with this Casio watch. When my old Timex Ironman watch need to be replaced I opted for this Casio based in part on my experience with my G-shock watch; its not a fair comparison.
Yes, this is a cheap watch, less than $20 but honestly, for less than another $10 you can get a solid and much better Timex Ironman. The issues with this watch begin with the display. Because Casio is intent on cramming as much information as possible on the screen you can't read much of it. The display is cramped and small. The world map is essentially pointless as is the faux sweeping hand dial, while the digital display is too small to really be of value. The other problem is that yes, while the watch features multiple alarms they are all of the "all or nothing" variety, by this I mean that the alarms are all daily, there is no way to set separate weekday and weekend alarms like you can on an Ironman. That's a major flaw in my opinion. Another issue is the "Illuminator" feature, again, based on the G-shock I thought that this would be an even backlighting, instead you end up with a 1980s like single light source in the lower left hand corner of the display that is very uneven, in other words, cheap and disappointing.

Finally, speaking of disappointing, the band, really, this is a very cheap and low quality band, my expectation is that it would surely fail quickly, especially compared to the G-shock or Ironman bands that I am used to. In a sense that's exactly the problem, when compared to better watches its immediately apparent that this is an inexpensive watch that is in many ways disposable but to that end, why bother? I would much rather pay the difference and get a watch that works better, feels better and will likely last longer and that's exactly what I did. I returned this and got another Ironman.

If you want the least expensive watch and don't mind it being cheap then sure, its an ok watch but if you have any expectation of quality, buyer beware, you will get what you pay for.
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on October 24, 2014
review image
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on February 13, 2013
I was a little hesitant to buy this watch at first as it looked like it might require a PhD to change the settings. Not so. I love the light with a button touch and the 4 time zone settings. It is light and easy to read. A great watch for the bucks.
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on April 23, 2016
I bought Casio AE-1000W-1AVDF and also this model. The one difference between these 2 models are the dial color but the difference is not noticeable unless I closely look at it side by side.

Coming to the review, I would say this is a mini computer and I keep wondering how could they put these many functions inside this small watch and offering it for 15 dollars. I'm blown away by this wonderful product and this is my favorite watch all the time and I rarely wear my other watches.

Isn't this amazing that it got the time for close to 50 cities and I can select 4 of them in T1(Home City), T2, T3 and T4 to easily flip through using the bottom right button. This functionality helped me a lot during my 2 international trips through multiple transits. Before the departure I select all the Cities that I'm transiting through so that I can easily flip to that time zone when I land in that airport and I do not need to rely on airport clock or internet to know the time and calculating the time left for catching my connecting flight. I love this watch especially for this functionality.

While scrolling through the time zones for selection the tiny world map in the watch will blink the specific geographical area for that time zone. The capabilities of this watch does not end here, It has lot more to offer.

We can program 5 daily or one time alarms into this tiny piece. Stopwatch, Counter, 12 or 24 hour time format, Day light saving ON or OFF which simplifies the time setting when the DST switches. We can set it to signal a beep for every hour.

There is digitally displayed manual clock at the top right corner which will display your home country time stored in the T1 timezone. When I go on an international trip, I flip the digital display to local time(T2-T4) and will refer the home city time(T1) in the manual clock.

The watch is really durable, light weight, stylish, sporty, water proof, 10 years battery life and comes with a detailed instruction for setting up each and every functionality of this watch.What more can I expect for a 15 dollar watch.

My impression to buy this watch happened after seeing one my friends wearing it. I bought one for me and 3 more for giving it as gift. My friend lost it twice and bought the same watch 3rd time which proves how much he also likes it.

The last thing that I want to say is, I don't like the fancy brands which charge their customers just for the sake of their brand name or fancy packaging and offer noting more than a normal brand offers. I always prefer quality over show off so I picked this Casio watch. I really appreciate that CASIO believed in quality and functionality and not on fancy packaging.

I feel really bad that I'm writing this review after 1.5 years of my purchase and I should have done it long back. I highly recommend this watch for everyone and I'm sure you will never be disappointed.
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on May 27, 2015
Like other reviews stated, setting the right time can be quite tedious. Despite the minor settings annoyance, I do like this watch even though it feels a bit cheaper than previous Casio purchases. Im not sure how well the olastic buckle will do, Ive only had it for a day so we'll see how well it holds.
review image review image
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