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on November 10, 2014
I've always been a watch wearer. I'm the type of watch wearer that once I put it on, I will never take it off until it breaks.
From when I was young it was so. I'm also not gentle with them. What I mean is, I don't take note of the watch, it becomes a part of my wrist and it will be knocked against surfaces - like opening doors, showering, washing dishes, playing sports - I don't take it off and I don't try to evade contact because a watch is on my wrist.

Now with that said, I've been wearing this watch for months and it's holding up VERY nicely. I didn't take it off when doing any of the above. I also spent a month helping my dad renovate a store and wore it as I painted, hammered, and sawed wood.The watch is still working perfectly and no scratch on the face of it.

I also have to mention, that due to past issues with me having to get new watches: battery dies, it breaks, or not keep time. I also stopped wearing a watch for 7 years since the last one broke.
When I finally decided I should wear a watch again... I wanted a tough watch, I wanted to make sure not to have those issues again, mostly the battery running out.
So, I picked this watch with that in mind. It has the solar charging, which helps a lot. This also updates time every night so that it'll always keep time, not to mention auto daylight saving adjustment due to that time update feature. Waterproof... well water resistant enough to wash dishes and swim with. My parents do not use the dishwasher.

It is a great watch and Casio will always be my choice from now on. I even bought one (different model and design) for my dad's birthday. This little guy had worked well for me and I hope to wear it for many years to come.
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on March 13, 2015
I have always had expensive watches. I own several Rolex's and others. This has become my main watch that I use everyday. Actually my favorite watch was a Swiss Army that my kids gave me for fathers day many years ago. But its battery runs out and I got tired of taking it yearly into a watch shop and having the battery replaced for 30 or 40 bucks.

My wrist is small, so I prefer smaller watches. I am not really into the giant watch syndrome. This watch is medium in size. Fits my wrist perfectly, and does not appear ostentatious at all. The Solar/Atomic aspect of this watch makes it a no worry tool that always runs and is on time with no input from me at all after it is initially set up. Meets my criteria that I have finally come to after many many years to a T. (I am over 65 years old) As long as it runs, I will not buy another watch. Maybe wear the Rolex once or twice a year for a more fancy setting.
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on December 16, 2016
Fantastic watch! I bought this to hopefully put an end to my long line of 20$ Casio watches and this definitely did that. After much research I settled on this watch for a multitude of reasons.

First its utility. I am an Air Force aircraft mechanic and commonly work in situations where I am at risk of something like a watch getting struck from working in tight spaces and from coming in contact with various fluids (Jet fuel and engine oil). I needed something pretty durable to accommodate this. For the most part it did stand up to the task except when I accidentally spilled fuel on it while overseas. In my line of work this sort of thing is unfortunately very common. So how did the watch stand up? Initially not well. I tried my best to remove the fuel as quickly as possible but some must have made it into the case as the backlight kept flashing on and off every time I moved the watch. Eventually the fuel did evaporate though and the watch is usable again.

Secondly its understated good looks. I had to pick something that was not flashy because I have to be able to wear it in uniform and the AF prefers black. The brushed bezel has a brilliant finish; the solar panel in the face of the watch is as gorgeous as it is functional and its layout is simple without too much going on.

The last thing I'd like to mention is the solar panel. I tend to wear sleeves, especially in uniform, but I definitely like this feature the most. The biggest thing for me is I wanted a watch I didn't have to think or worry about someday replacing. While I do slightly abuse it, with something like a solar panel to recharge the battery that will hopefully elongate this watches life.

I'll admit that I should probably not wear a watch for some of the stuff I do, but I'm glad I didn't because the durability of this G-Shock watch continues to amaze me. Was it worth upgrading from buying a 20$ Casio every 8 to 12 months? Definitely.
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on May 30, 2017
My husband initially liked it, then didn't, then he did and basically because of the feature-set and price point- impossible to dismiss and can't be found anywhere. What Casio should have done--hope you're reading this Casio Corp--is maintain the analog G-Shocks with medium-sized dials and make them thinner (shorter) with a brighter LED that covers most of the dial at least. Here, the backlight is rather dim but not completely useless. In any case, solar, radio sync, and G-Shock properties in an analog package with a decent amber backlight at less than $100 is a great deal. If you like G-Shock and want a smaller version of their usual watches, this may be for you.
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on August 19, 2017
-I really like the color contrast between the hands and between the strap and the watch housing. It doesn't stand out too much like other G-Shocks around this price tag or be too plain like other color variants of this model.
-Since it has both a digital display and analog display I am able to both quickly see the time and roughly measure lengths of time left before I have to do something.
-A good walk on a sunny day will charge it fully.

-It is sometimes hard to sync to an atomic clock if you live in a city. One sync a month or maybe a year will do anyways since it's a quartz watch and you can always manually adjust for daylight savings time.
-The hands sometimes block out the displays as expected. A bit annoying if you need date or day of the week.
-Useless glow in the dark(or brite light as they say) hands. They glow for a good amount of time if the environment around you suddenly goes dark. But you do need the LED light if you wish to see the time after you stay in the dark for quite a while. The displays are hard to read with the LED light. I don't mind this since I don't need a watch that much in the dark.
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on August 25, 2016
I've been looking at this watch for a long time. My birthday arrived and I was gifted with some cash so I bought it. It is better than I had expected. The auto battery save function works just as advertised. The watch receives the atomic signal when I'm in town. (I live in the mountains so signals don't always come through) and does show on the digits that it was received. The battery meter shows charged by the solar power. If had any complains it would be the instruction booklet. Print was too small for these old eyes.
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on February 10, 2015
Got the watch few days ago and is already my everyday watch. Easy to set up, easy to read and feels tough.
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on March 28, 2017
Just received this watch and it came in the official package with all the warranties,etc. This watch is exactly what I wanted: a watch for travelling. I never have to worry about damaging it and it has many cool features to it. The atomic time keeping is awesome and it's even more amazing that it adjusts automatically to cities around the world (perfect when travelling). I have very small wrists and was slightly afraid that it would look obnoxious on my wrist (like some kid's toy), but it looks perfect! It doesn't stick out too much and the diameter is amazing. I highly recommend this watch to anyone looking for a daily watch that is super sturdy with many functions and still looks good. I am very impressed with all the abilities for the price. And the fact that it is solar powered is the cherry on top. No maintenance on the watch is required ever. Highly recommended!
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on July 20, 2017
Yet another brilliant Gshock! I own a couple digital solar atomic Gs and was hesitant at exploring the ana-digital line as they can be too stylized and large for my taste. This however is none of those things, this is a little rugged analog reader with alot under the hood. Fully lumed hands (ok just the tips of the hands) and markers, lcd windows tell you the date, day of the week and month and manage to not block analog functions. Still offers the typical array of digital functions (stopwatch, timer, alarms). Great watch in person; very little lettering on the dial, combination of black resin and steel buttons and inner ring feels solid. This watch would be perfect if the lcds were lit up in any way. The only illumination (aside from the dial lume) is an led that casts light on the hands; it's adequate to read the analog time but you cannot see the digital windows. Far too much love for this watch for that to bother me, after all, I wanted an analog, and this juggles the analog/digital balance just right.
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on November 14, 2016
I had it near a window for 2 days but it won't pickup the time signal to set it.
I have other atomic clocks in the house and all of them set the time.
I'll give it one more day and return if it does not set.
Must have a poor receiver or antenna, not well made over all, also hard to read numbers, date, etc. Has a shiny reflective dial.
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