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on August 19, 2017
-I really like the color contrast between the hands and between the strap and the watch housing. It doesn't stand out too much like other G-Shocks around this price tag or be too plain like other color variants of this model.
-Since it has both a digital display and analog display I am able to both quickly see the time and roughly measure lengths of time left before I have to do something.
-A good walk on a sunny day will charge it fully.

-It is sometimes hard to sync to an atomic clock if you live in a city. One sync a month or maybe a year will do anyways since it's a quartz watch and you can always manually adjust for daylight savings time.
-The hands sometimes block out the displays as expected. A bit annoying if you need date or day of the week.
-Useless glow in the dark(or brite light as they say) hands. They glow for a good amount of time if the environment around you suddenly goes dark. But you do need the LED light if you wish to see the time after you stay in the dark for quite a while. The displays are hard to read with the LED light. I don't mind this since I don't need a watch that much in the dark.
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on August 25, 2016
I've been looking at this watch for a long time. My birthday arrived and I was gifted with some cash so I bought it. It is better than I had expected. The auto battery save function works just as advertised. The watch receives the atomic signal when I'm in town. (I live in the mountains so signals don't always come through) and does show on the digits that it was received. The battery meter shows charged by the solar power. If had any complains it would be the instruction booklet. Print was too small for these old eyes.
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on October 24, 2017
The watch arrived with working conditions and have medium battery indicator status. For the features it has with this price is good. It's easy to see time since have analog clock. Digital time is accurate once I switch to my home city Singapore, but analog clock not show correct time with analog. It's very complex to operate even have manual, end up I called Casio tech support to resolve my issue. Over the watch is great, have drop new times to the ground no issue found, go swimming pool swim also water resistant.
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on October 1, 2017
I bought this for my 10-year old son to replace his old watch which is about to stop working. The old watch is digital and has stopwatch, timer, alarm functions which he likes to play with. I myself have a Casio Pathfinder which has tough solar, atomic clock sync among other things in it which I love a lot. The fact that you don't have to ever set your clock or worry about replacing battery is something that I love tremendously.

I was looking for the same features but smaller watch face diameter for kid his size. I was unable to find one for a while till my wife stumbled into this one. She was mainly looking for a smaller watch face diameter not caring too much about the tough solar or atomic clock sync features. When I showed this to my son he immediately loved it. He initially liked the black one (yes this watch has 4 color selections) but I told him that the black has dark digital screen background which would make it somewhat harder to see so he decided to get this one.
Now as far as my son, he loves this watch so much that he read the manual from end-to-end to learn about all the features and how to use it. For sure he likes the world-time feature, something new to him.
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on November 30, 2017
Casual enough for every day use, but looks good for date night, too. I love the self-charging (solar) process. For dress-up, I have a MUCH more expensive Citizen watch that uses light to charge itself by - no battery. It's a lot more complicated to maintain and to make adjustments than this G-Shock, and that was actually one thing that almost kept me from buying it. Self-maintains really well with the no-battery process, however - my hesitation was unfounded. Very pleased. Highly recommend.
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on July 27, 2017
I bought this watch for my son's 13th birthday. The size is perfect for his wrist. Looks great. Not too big or small. His wrist is 6 3/4" - 7" around. Measure your wrist with a cloth measure tape or use a string and then hold it up to a ruler or regular tape. It is smaller than the regular G-Shock but not a girls size :) The manual is not as hard to follow as people say. Nice table of contents. I needed cheater glasses to read as it is a very small manual but packed with what you need to know and well illustrated. My son swims, showers and sleeps with it on. He's happy as well. I'm glad I made the choice on this watch.
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on March 16, 2016
Great price on Amazon for a good watch.

I wanted a rugged analog watch. This watch is rugged and not bad looking. The manual is small so I downloaded the PDF from the Casio site for easier reading. I live in eastern Washington, and leaving the watch on a windowsill has resulted in it syncing with the clock in Denver every night. It also automatically adjusted for DST, which just happened. The small windows are very easy to read, except at night as they aren't illuminated very well by the light. Easy to set, and once you learn the processes, the functions are easy to access and use. The resin/rubber bumpers extend above the height of the crystal which should reduce bangs and scratches a bit.

If you are looking for a rugged analog watch with some other cool features like multi alarms, easy to change time zones, etc., this is worth a look.
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on December 3, 2015
I have owned this watch for over two (2) years now. At first, I purchased the identical version of G-Shock that is all blacked out. I liked the understated look in the photos. But I found out that the three (3) small LCD displays were not legible at all, it was hard to tell time in general due to the colors, and the watchface looked a little "off" because it was dark brown, not black. So, I returned that version and bought this one. I am very happy with my decision.

This watch looks great. The pictures don't always do justice. I wish it was a little bigger - I don't have thick wrists, but this watch looks a bit small for me and bigger watches are in vogue apparently. The brushed aluminum bezel looks awesome, and the rubber casing gives it rugged good looks. The red hour hand adds style to the watch - that's my favorite "feature" actually. . . .

My skin is allergic to the nickel in stainless steel, but the battery lid of this watch does not bother me. I also have not gotten rash from the rubber strap of this watch, like I often do with other watches. When I used to wear a much more expensive watch (stainless steel), I would cringe every time my lower arm would brush something in day-to-day life. With this G-Shock watch, I don't even care if I bang it into anything - very liberating.

The atomic clock time setting feature is great. The watch grabs the atomic signal around 2 a.m. every night, and keeps the true time. It's great knowing that you always have the correct time. When I first got the watch, it would not sync with the atomic clock signal. I had placed the watch on a window sill facing the open sky per the instructions . . . and nothing for two days. I finally forgot to take it off one night and fell asleep with the watch on my wrist. In the morning, it was synched! Never had a problem since, I just keep the watch on my wrist. Try that if you are having trouble synching.

The solar charging feature is nice. You'll forget about it sooner or later, and that says volumes about this great feature. Mine has been on "high" charge level at all times since I got the watch, after the initial charge period.

All in all, I am perfectly satisfied with my purchase. This watch presents an exceptional value.
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on August 4, 2017
I have owned a few watches in my 50 years. The first was a Timex Mickey Mouse watch my grandmother gave me when I was 5 years old. The second was a Seiko that she gave me when I graduated high school. Both watches still run like a top today. I've owned others but none are worth mentioning. I bought this G-Shock about a 2 years ago. It lasted maybe 10 months. I was intrigued that it was solar atomic. I didn't have to set the time or change the battery (at least for a long time).

Nevertheless, this piece of junk lasted about 10 months and just stopped. I put a new battery in it and nothing. When I opened the back, I was surprised to see all the plastic crap that came out. I'm cutting my losses and moving on. Now my eight year old son wears my Timex Mickey Mouse watch, I still wear my Seiko and I just ordered a new Timex watch from amazon.

Buyer beware! Never again, Casio!
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on August 25, 2017
Great G-Shock for those who want a men's watch that's smaller in size. It's small enough for a teenager, so that's who I bought one for. After receiving it, I liked it so much that I bought one for myself. It receives a signal from the nearest atomic clock (Denver) and it adjusts the time as needed. With a quartz movement, such daily adjustments are usually less than a second. It's comfortable and stylish. Being a G-Shock, it's extremely durable (will withstand being dropped 30 feet and keeps running).
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