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on August 19, 2017
-I really like the color contrast between the hands and between the strap and the watch housing. It doesn't stand out too much like other G-Shocks around this price tag or be too plain like other color variants of this model.
-Since it has both a digital display and analog display I am able to both quickly see the time and roughly measure lengths of time left before I have to do something.
-A good walk on a sunny day will charge it fully.

-It is sometimes hard to sync to an atomic clock if you live in a city. One sync a month or maybe a year will do anyways since it's a quartz watch and you can always manually adjust for daylight savings time.
-The hands sometimes block out the displays as expected. A bit annoying if you need date or day of the week.
-Useless glow in the dark(or brite light as they say) hands. They glow for a good amount of time if the environment around you suddenly goes dark. But you do need the LED light if you wish to see the time after you stay in the dark for quite a while. The displays are hard to read with the LED light. I don't mind this since I don't need a watch that much in the dark.
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on July 27, 2015
***UPDATE 5/31/17***
2 years later and I still love this watch. It still functions wonderfully. I've never had the power reserve drop below High after I initially got it up there. I still wear it a fair amount, often for working out, swimming, yard work, etc. The time usually syncs at night, but I don't check it every day to see if it did, there are definitely times when it doesn't sync. Sometimes it doesn't sync just because I didn't leave it on the home screen at night. The band has held up well, there are not any scratches on the screen. The lum on this watch is fantastic; sometimes I wear it to bed and I'll wake up in the middle of the night, and be able to read the time without hitting the light. I am still happy I bought this and I would still recommend it to a friend.

I have had this for almost 2 weeks now. So far I haven't had any problem. Really I think my only critique so far is the illumination. The watch has 1 yellow LED at the 6 o'clock position that shines across the face, which as you likely know, means that the digital dials are impossible to use in the dark. The analog hands are easy enough to read however when using the LED in the dark. For me, losing the functionality of the digital dials in the dark is not a big deal, not enough to drop a star. I think using those functions with only the 1.5 or 3 sec illumination would be too much of a pain anyways.

Now to what I like about the watch. Pretty much everything. After a quick read though the manual, it is pretty easy to the hang of the functions, pretty straightforward for the most part. I love the Tough Solar aspect, I look forward to never running out of battery. That and the Atomic Time synchronization are two of the main reasons I bought this model. After spending some time outside for a few days, my power reserve hit the high level (came in the medium range). Also, the watch has been syncing every night while I wear it as I sleep, or throw it on my dresser. The day I got it, it hadn't been synced since March, but I had not luck syncing during the day, the auto at night has no problem though.

I also like that it is sleeker, less bulky, than many of the other G Shock series, and the dual analog-digital system was a cool idea for me. The watch is super light, the band stays in place, easy to see the analog and digital dials, and not that I plan to need to, but the bands on G Shocks are replaceable. The World Time Mode is great, I plan to travel more internationally in the future, and this mode makes it easy to check another timezone, or switch your zone preference. The calendar is full auto through 2099, and the DST has auto/on/off modes depending on what you want for where you live or travel etc.

When looking at the specs, the dimensions seemed huge, it is not that big, Here are my rough measurements. Width 46mm from 9-3 at widest point. Glass Face 27mm across. Depth, about 16mm.

Yes I would buy again, but hopefully will never need to and yes would recommend to a friend and you.
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on July 19, 2016
I'm a pretty certifiable watch nut, and own quite a few. I've had G-Shocks in the past that I've either returned or sold for the simple reason that they're too big and bulky for my wrist. I'm a Casio fan, but these were just too much (mainly too tall) for my smaller wrist. I'm not a big guy, and the general problem is that they are too tall to fit over a long sleeved shirt. Yes, I use a 200m Ironman for swimming and diving, and own several Citizen Eco 200 meter watches for the same, but they don't make my wrist look like something a Star Trek crew member would be wearing. And the Timex isn't solar; I'm getting more and more spoiled with the idea of not having to pay $20 for a battery for a $60 watch anymore.

I've been looking for a solid solar battery watch with atomic timekeeping I could use on an upcoming trip to Europe. I needed a watch that would pick up the signals from Germany while I'm there. Despite my earlier prejudice against the Gs, a couple of the reviews made me decide to give this one a shot.

I couldn't be happier. This watch does the trick. If you're new to Casio, you have to get used to the microscopic manual, but the instructions are fairly easy, though I now have to adjust the home city to accommodate signals from other countries. Think I can handle it.

Reasonable height and weight. Not too tall, not too wide. Fairly normal sized watch unless you're one of those masochists who like 52mm Invictas.
Band is lightweight which adds to the "less bulk" asset, though I worry about long term endurance.
Attractive design for a G. The analog face with the smaller subdials make this watch look like a real watch rather than a dive computer.
Buttons: As opposed to another review, I LIKE the subdued buttons. They fit in the case nicely and are still easy to operate.
Value: If experience is any guide, this is the watch you want to dive a coral reef with rather than that $600 Citizen or $900 Tag Heuer you brought along to impress the ladies on your dive trip. Under $100 is a good deal for a watch that can take 200m.

Lighting: Still the cheapo Casio backlight, which works minimally but is no match for the Timex Indiglo system.. But the illumination of the hands is good, so it's readable at night without using the backlight.
Alarms: Again, a Casio trait of too-quiet alarms. I don't use this feature, but if you're a non-millennial who doesn't use his phone as an alarm clock, you might find this annoying.
Digital display: A caveat here. I'm nearing 60 and use reading glasses. I can still make out the small digital displays without them, but it isn't easy. Otherwise, you should be fine.

Overall, I really like this watch and am happy to come back to a G-Shock I can actually wear. I've already road tested the signal reception and was able to get a manual reception early in the evening from Fort Collins (I'm in Phoenix). I will update this review after water exposure if necessary, but rarely have a problem with a G in the water. Great watch for under $100.
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on April 20, 2017
So I've had this watch for about a week now. I read all the critical reviews about the dial not being easy to read at night, but decided to go for it since it had a free return guarantee. Well, I don't have any problems with this watch; in fact, I love it.

At first the dial was a little smaller than I expected, but I quickly got used to it and grew to like it. The red hour hand, which some people say makes it hard to read the time, adds a lot of class and makes it look like a much more expensive watch, and I have no trouble whatsoever telling time with it. The lack of a second hand here is a good thing, since that might cause visual confusion, and thankfully the seconds are displayed in the bottom LCD display.

Also, there was a lot of griping about the light. Yes, it would have been nice to have the LCDs backlit in blue at the same time the main light illuminates the dial, but what piece of information do you really need at night? The time, not the seconds, date, or day of the week. I find the amber light to be of a very classy color and amply bright to tell the time in the dark. And of course the hands are phosphorescent so in the pitch dark you can tell the time even without the light.

I won't buy anything except atomic solar watches (once you've had a watch that never needs batteries and never needs setting you won't go back), and even with the black resin band this is a very, very classy watch and looks even better IRL than the pictures. I'd have no problem wearing this watch with a suit, but the cool thing is you can wear it anywhere.
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on March 16, 2017
Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. He's very picky about watches and sorely misses his old one, but it is no longer being produced. He found this one as an alternative and he wears it at all times. The glow in the dark features work especially well!
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on July 18, 2017
Automatic, Atomic, Solar, Lighted time keeping. Multi zones multi function. Not a dress watch but acceptable for casual. And great for real work.
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on March 20, 2017
Exactly as expected
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on August 5, 2017
Great, multi-functional gift for my AFROTC cadet/future USAF Officer.
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on April 24, 2017
enjoy wearing the watch
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on November 11, 2017
Most of the dial data is hard to read; it's either blocked by the clock hand or too small. The red dark coloring scheme of the hour hand kind of camouflage against the dark watch dial background making it hard to see even in daylight. At night, the very dim dial light combined with the dark background/dark clock hand pretty much rendered the watch useless. The radio receiver seems to be less sensitive than previous generation of Casio watches. It seems like the whole dial face is covered with solar cells so that is an improvement over the older Casio watches which just had a small solar window on the wrist band.
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