Customer Reviews: G-Shock AWGM100-1ACR Men's Tough Solar Atomic Black Resin Sport Watch
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on August 23, 2012
Have had this watch about 2 weeks and it is working perfect. The watch updates every night first time at 12:04 AM. The watch will update 6 times a day if needed. All updates take place from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM. Once it gets a update the watch will not update anymore that day. If the watch does not update, it will try up to 6 times till 5:00 AM. This is how all atomic watches work in the United States. The watch charges either by outside sun or inside lights. The AWGM100 is pretty easy to setup, I even have it set to chime every hour. The watch displays both digital and analog time, the best of both worlds. The watch wears great, and I forget I even have it on. The light seems to work good and I have no problem seeing the time at night with the push of a button. You can even set the light to auto and it will automatically come on with the turn of the wrist. The AWGM100 has 5 alarms and you can set it to see other times around the world. If you travel the updates can be set to receive anywhere in the world to the correct time. Once you set the watch to your time zone you will never have to do any thing to the watch again, it even changes back and forth from daylight savings time automatically. There is only one thing I can say about the AWGM100-1ACR "SWEET".
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on May 29, 2013
I didn't purchase this watch online but in a store, being the compulsive shopper that I am. I paid the full retail price of 150.00 at a mall in town, but I have no regrets at all because this is a great watch!

I am fairly active, with hobbies that include surfing, biking and running and wanted a watch that could withstand constant immersion in water as well as occasional abuse from mountain biking. I have owned various G-Shocks in the past and was looking for one that was durable, classy in appearance, and wasn't too big in size. This definitely fit the bill.

1)I like the feature where the hands of the watch will move out of the way if they obscure the lcd displays.
2)The volume of the alarm is what I have come to expect of a Casio watch so I have no issues with this.
3)This is my first atomic calibrated watch and have noticed that it will update at least every other day. I have never had an issue with Casio watches being out of excessive time calibration, so we shall see how this feature works out for me.
4)I like the countdown timer function and was surprised that it was lacking in other models of Casio watches.
5)I like the rating for 200 meters because of the water sport that I enjoy. I had an analog watch that was rated to 100 meters and moisture did get inside the crystal, which affected the luminescent hand of that watch.

The watch band does seem a little stiff and I do wonder about how it will hold up to the ocean water. I won't categorize this as a dislike, because only time will tell how it holds up.

Dislikes/room for improvement:
1)Like many of the previous comments stated, the light is useless for viewing the lcd displays at night but does aid in reading the time from the analog hands.
2)The lcd displays are a little on the small size for far sighted people with short arms like myself. I am having a "magnifier" installed on the watch crystal to fix this problem. The magnifier is a little glass "bubble" that will magnify only the lcd located at the 9 o'clock position (date position). I believe that a slightly bigger lcd display would remedy the situation. Of course, it is not fair to fault Casio for my inability to read small font without prescription glasses, but this is just an observation for those of you in the same boat as myself.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this watch and would recommend it to anyone. I believe that the sub $100.00 price tag makes this watch a definite must-have.
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on December 17, 2012
I was torn between this and the black version of the same watch. This one was nearly half the price of the black version and reviews indicated that the digital parts of the black version were difficult to read (which they are not on this version). I chose this one and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It looks great and is easy to set-up. I have never liked the watches with cluttered faces and this one is so simple. I set mine up with the date on one digital face, the day of the week on another, and of course the seconds on the other digital reading. That's all I need in a watch, as well as the analogue dial. I don't use at night so the light problem of possibly being difficult to read with the light (reported by some other reviewers) doesn't worry me. This watch looks classy for a g-shock and is near normal watch size, not massively bulky like some others. I went for the g-shock because I have broken 2 expensive watches in 2 weeks. I needed something that could take my lifestyle. A bonus was that it arrived in Australia in the fastest time any item has ever arrived. What a great deal.
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on November 10, 2014
I've always been a watch wearer. I'm the type of watch wearer that once I put it on, I will never take it off until it breaks.
From when I was young it was so. I'm also not gentle with them. What I mean is, I don't take note of the watch, it becomes a part of my wrist and it will be knocked against surfaces - like opening doors, showering, washing dishes, playing sports - I don't take it off and I don't try to evade contact because a watch is on my wrist.

Now with that said, I've been wearing this watch for months and it's holding up VERY nicely. I didn't take it off when doing any of the above. I also spent a month helping my dad renovate a store and wore it as I painted, hammered, and sawed wood.The watch is still working perfectly and no scratch on the face of it.

I also have to mention, that due to past issues with me having to get new watches: battery dies, it breaks, or not keep time. I also stopped wearing a watch for 7 years since the last one broke.
When I finally decided I should wear a watch again... I wanted a tough watch, I wanted to make sure not to have those issues again, mostly the battery running out.
So, I picked this watch with that in mind. It has the solar charging, which helps a lot. This also updates time every night so that it'll always keep time, not to mention auto daylight saving adjustment due to that time update feature. Waterproof... well water resistant enough to wash dishes and swim with. My parents do not use the dishwasher.

It is a great watch and Casio will always be my choice from now on. I even bought one (different model and design) for my dad's birthday. This little guy had worked well for me and I hope to wear it for many years to come.
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on April 14, 2015
I was brought up using a watch without an owners manual. This watch does so much that without the manual they give you, you would not know what it can do. What really pulled me to it was the solar charging capabilities. I doubt that I will go under 60 meters of water but I will be covered if I ever do. An alarm, a timer, the date and day -- without a manual as a reminder, I might forget what it can do. It even has a light that functions. People even comment that it is a sharp looking watch. Oh, and the dial even glows in the dark. If you are looking for a sporty watch that does a lot of things, look into this as a choice.
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on July 27, 2015
I have had this for almost 2 weeks now. So far I haven't had any problem. Really I think my only critique so far is the illumination. The watch has 1 yellow LED at the 6 o'clock position that shines across the face, which as you likely know, means that the digital dials are impossible to use in the dark. The analog hands are easy enough to read however when using the LED in the dark. For me, losing the functionality of the digital dials in the dark is not a big deal, not enough to drop a star. I think using those functions with only the 1.5 or 3 sec illumination would be too much of a pain anyways.

Now to what I like about the watch. Pretty much everything. After a quick read though the manual, it is pretty easy to the hang of the functions, pretty straightforward for the most part. I love the Tough Solar aspect, I look forward to never running out of battery. That and the Atomic Time synchronization are two of the main reasons I bought this model. After spending some time outside for a few days, my power reserve hit the high level (came in the medium range). Also, the watch has been syncing every night while I wear it as I sleep, or throw it on my dresser. The day I got it, it hadn't been synced since March, but I had not luck syncing during the day, the auto at night has no problem though.

I also like that it is sleeker, less bulky, than many of the other G Shock series, and the dual analog-digital system was a cool idea for me. The watch is super light, the band stays in place, easy to see the analog and digital dials, and not that I plan to need to, but the bands on G Shocks are replaceable. The World Time Mode is great, I plan to travel more internationally in the future, and this mode makes it easy to check another timezone, or switch your zone preference. The calendar is full auto through 2099, and the DST has auto/on/off modes depending on what you want for where you live or travel etc.

When looking at the specs, the dimensions seemed huge, it is not that big, Here are my rough measurements. Width 46mm from 9-3 at widest point. Glass Face 27mm across. Depth, about 16mm.

Yes I would buy again, but hopefully will never need to and yes would recommend to a friend and you.
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on October 27, 2013
I returned this watch. I took it on a bike ride in about 40 degree weather and the inside of the crystal fogged up. In my opinion, a new watch especially one that is supposed to be water resistant to 200m should not do this.
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on January 22, 2016
I bought this watch on August 9, 2013. I have not taken it off but once a month wash the device. It charges in the sunlight, and has wonderful durability features.

HOWEVER, after two years, almost to the day, the watches analog and digital times did not sync. After exploring every troubleshooting option, I called Casio to resolve the issue. Casio told me to send the watch to them, and they might be able to fix it. Might. AND they would send an estimate for the resolutions they MAY be able to provide.

Customer service was extremely unhelpful, and almost reluctant to help. Taking every opportunity to transfer me.

In sum, it's a good watch. For two years. ig anything goes wrong, you can rest assured the company will not work to resolve the issue. Which sucks, because I've bought five as gifts in the two years i had a functional device. I will no longer be purchasing Casio watches.
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on February 10, 2015
Got the watch few days ago and is already my everyday watch. Easy to set up, easy to read and feels tough.
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on December 25, 2012
I love the styling of the watch. It is nicely loaded with features but not overcluttered or heavy at all. It arrived at medium charge & went to full charge within 3 hrs. in direct sunlight. It recieves the atomic time update at midnight with no problem except when I'm at work. I work Graveyard so it won't receive the update inside the building but it's OK. It still keeps accurate time. I can update it once a week at home when off work. I compared it to my atomic clock / weather station & it was exact to the second once it received its first update to PST. I think this is way cool. I don't know yet how well it will do in water. I don't dive but I do Windsurf & Kayak so it will get tested soon. I have high expectations since it is rated at 20 bar or 200 meters. It has the basic features I want such as date & day which I need at work. I like the automatic daylight savings. I also like that I don't have to replace a battery which would break the water proof seal. That bothered me about other watches in the past. I would have given it 5 star except that I do get a little bit of a glare from lights which sometimes I have to take a moment to carefully read what's in the digital format. This is a minor issue. Also if the hands are blocking the digital read out then they can be temporarily moved out of the way easily & return to normal position wen finished with digital functions. I think that is real cool. Like others that have mentioned, I downloaded the manual to my computer & it was not too difficult at all to do my settings from the instructions. It took me 1/2 hr. to customize my personal settings. I would reccomend the watch.
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