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VINE VOICEon May 21, 2017
G-Shock watches are great timepieces, especially if you are in a job where you tend to beat and bang on stuff...such as construction, warehousing, etc;. They hold up very well to abuse because of the case wrapping around the watch. This is my second, the other lasted a long time, and I would still have it, but I wore out the band and decided to purchase a new one. With the price at a very reasonable level, I chose this one. For those of you mentioning the size, it is larger...but not as large as some. The trend seems to be leaning towards this size now than what I would call a normal watch size. While this is sort of a ' black-out ' watch make no mistake it is not...simply because if you were trying to move about in a stealthy manner and you didn't want your position revealed, this watch won't cut it. The face is extremely reflective and with light shining on might as well be carrying a flashlight. Having said that, it is hard to read the digital part EXCEPT in other words it is very dark without direct light on the face or using the internal light which is a amber color. The hands are white. With those few exceptions it's a great watch.
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on July 24, 2017
I have read some reviews regarding this watch, but one review, in particular, influenced my decision to purchase the watch -- that being to overlook criticisms of not being able to read the digital date and time due to being either too small or too dark. The bright white hands make the time very visible, even under low-light conditions. Because the 'minute-second' markings are subdued, it difficult to see the minute-second markings or use the various digital features programmed into this watch in low-light conditions. The major plusses? I love the bright hands, easy time setting, plus, Casio's durable "G-Shock "™ quality and reliable accuracy. The "icing on the cake" is that this watch is light weight and stays in place on my wrist, rather than tries to roll away from me, as do other watches, especially, the heavier brands and models.

My review supports a featured contributor who replied that the dark face was a minor issue, simply because, We CAN read the digital display without any problem in certain lighting, such as fluorescent-type. The type of lighting you're under, when viewing, will play a major factor regarding the visibility of the digital window data. Another point, the broad hands sometimes get in the way when observing the digital windows, making it difficult to rely on the available data and/or programmed features. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the broad bright visible hand design on this watch, but I'm just saying there is a "trade-off that each prospective owner should consider.

Recapping, I would say the basis of a purchaser's decision to purchase this watch is going to depend on the frequency-priority of viewing the digital display. If you need constant assurance about what day it is, or if you want to constantly read the digital display features, I say buy a digital watch and save yourself the frustration. If you're on the go, such as a delivery person, or doing housework, subject to occasional rough conditions and you want to frequently glance at the time with "no-nonsense" reliability, I highly recommend considering this model. The watch has a stealthy look which I think is simplistically attractive in our modern times.

One more plus is the fact that you set the time, digitally, first, and the analog hands will respond to the digital setting. Love it! You don't have to mess with trying to match the separate times of the analogue-digital displays.

Would I buy this watch, again? To be 'punny', "In a second"!
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on May 2, 2017
1st time GShock owner here, and I gotta say this watch is awesome looking! It feels nice on my wrist not heavy at all for the size of it. I really wanted something nice not expensive and somewhat minimal look but sharp; This met all my expectations. I looked into smart watches but I didn't want to charge something daily (already do that with the phone), pay $100's and be worry I damage it, plus smart watches really are just an extension of your phone for somethings dont really care for them.
People complain that they cant see the time that's true to a degree, it is very dark but I can read the numbers fine. If you tilt it towards the light you can see them fine but i think it adds to the black look even more so I don't mind it. I think it would be better if the light instead of being on top like that, that the LCD portion would illuminate.
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on October 3, 2015
This is a great watch at a great price. It has an extensive amount of capabilities. The only downer is that the light doesn't shine on the digital portion of the watch. However, all you need is to know how to read an analog watch and you'd be fine. That fact takes away extremely little of the watches pure awesomeness.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on October 3, 2017
I have an extensive watch collection with many high end watches. I rotate and wear a lot of them. For some reason I favor this watch over other more expensive watches (Luminox, Citizen Navyhawk, Suunto). I finish is smooth and soft, the hands are super easy to read. I like the clean all black look on the face. The functions are similar to any G-Shock so you have your basic tools if you need them.

The light is a complaint of a lot of people because it only highlights enough to catch the time on the hands, not enough to see the digital readout, but if you are truly going for a stealth watch (not sure why you would want to unless you are in the military or law enforcement) you would want the light to be minimal, not a blinding beam that highlights the entire face.

I have other atomic solar G shocks that probably function a little better overall, or if you ever needed one watch that never needed batteries would be a better choice, but for everything this watch it, I love it and have been wearing it every day, it is too sharp to keep in the watch case.
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on November 2, 2016
First let me say I am 100% dedicated to the g-shock line of watches. They're rugged, stylish and incredibly reliable. That said, there two things that are issues for me with this watch: visibility and the background "light". Specifically, I can't read the digital display to save my life. I've tried and just given up. As for the orange display "light" - I say "light" because it's really not a light in the sense that it shows anything, just faintly shows the digital display in the dark. Long story short, it's a sweet looking watch and the analog display is accurate, but don't buy this thing if you don't have night vision... .Go with one of the other models instead.
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on August 6, 2017
Don't know which I now love
more, my Rescue GShock,
or this dark horse beauty!
It's gothic as can be,
sleek, tough, aviator-styled,
and basically a one-setting
world time setup, it's a
fully automated dig.-analog
Only complaint is yes,
the light does not really
illuminate the digital
screens on face,
mainly it just lights
up the main dial
and hands portion
and that's it.
But, this is modeled
on a real military
blackout watch,
like a Luminox
or whatever.
The backlight
could have been
better thought
out, but then,
it wouldn't be
as stealthy-looking!
I'm liking it!
Setting it up
was a cybernetic
joy: select your
city, DST, and
watch this baby
set itself, precisely,
as the hands spin
elegantly into
place. It was SCARY
simple. Lean, mean,
Blackout sleek time
machine is what this
GA-100 is. Large
case, but quite
comfortable to
wear. Looks low-key
but striking.
But don't buy it
if you need a sports
watch with high-power
illumination, or don't
like the negative digital
displays. Casio makes
other versions like this
one, with those features,
I believe. If you're a
nightclub DJ, this is
NOT the watch for you!
But it is a fabulously
attractive, simple to use, yet
and durable watch.
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on January 18, 2016
I got this as a gift for a fellow police officer who works night... Let me say this, it has been a trooper through some of the things it's been submitted to already. The "too dim" issue that some people speak of is actually a bonus for him. You can't have a watch that's going to light up and entire room if you bump into a wall after clearing a building- that'd be a HUGE issue. I have a Casio watch myself and have been contemplating transitioning to this one due to how effective it has been.
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on August 25, 2017
I'm a mechanical watch guy. I love tool watches. I owned one of the first generation G-shock back in the 80's. I put that watch through hell and it laughed at me. Great product. When I saw watch this in passing, I gave it a second look and really liked the design, the features and the ana/digi layout was cool. With the price so reasonable, it was a no-brainer purchase. I thought it would be more of a toy or beater watch but it quickly earned my respect as a true tool watch. I usually wear an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch so this is a big change for me. I've had this on my wrist for about 5 days and I'm happy to say that it is a dead nuts accurate watch. The features are useful and easy to learn. The hour chirp, alarm functions, stop watch and world time are just great. I work with folks all over the world every day so the world time feature is very useful.
Setup was relatively intuitive. The manual is a must though. While I LOVE the blacked-out appearance, that's also, unfortunately, the watch's Achilles heel. The LED light is lame. I can't put it any other way. A backlit feature for the digital readouts and Trinite/Tru-glo/Tritium for the hands and dial pips would be a much better way of telling time in the dark. You can't see any of the digital functions in the dark. Only the time. It's just not up to usual Casio quality standard and more like a cost cutting measure. That really is my only complaint though. The rest of the watch is fantastic. A light, comfortable, rugged, handsome, competitively priced tool watch. Fix the lame-o LED and this watch is 5 star perfect in my book. As is though, you are getting a great quality, do it all watch for the active person. You could do a lot worse.
review image
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on May 12, 2015
Looks great! Stealthy all black military looking watch. The negative display is easy to read and if you don't want to turn the light on it does have auto light and the hands for the clock are pretty easy to read being white as well! I have to give this a 4 because I'm all about solar powered..I have a few solar g shocks but love this all black.
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