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on January 12, 2011
I went crazy when I saw this watch online, I'm active duty and any thing black smacks me in the face and makes me want to buy it, so I just had to have this watch. I loved it at first its all matt black pretty big face nice strap pretty spec ops looking. After a few weeks when I really started to get down to using it, I realized it was not as good. The dial light is orange and it does not really light up the entire face as well in the dark it kind of casts a shadown over the dial which sucks when you're training at 0230 in the woods with nothing around.

The digital layout is the worst its in the negative format which is black all around and the numbers are light grey. Its not flushed with the watch dial so whe to illuminate the dial light you just cannot read the digital time it's always black. When doing PT in the mornings in the dark you need to see the seconds display and its too black to see any thing, if the hands happen to be over the digital display it makes it ever worse. Now being military I have some unusual circumstances so it does not really work out for me, BUT I adapt and over come! Over all it still looks good its pretty light and is a nice big watch which I like, time format can be set to 24hr too, it's just the stop watch function and the light on this watch sucks, I'm going to get the one in red and black it does not have the black digital display and is easier to read in the dark. I hope this helps my peps!!!

Over n out!
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on January 8, 2018
I have what I would consider decent knowledge when it comes to watches. I work for a company that specializes in Luminox, Traser, Suunto, Bertucci ans Szanto. Ive always found the Casio G-shock to be a very attractive watch, especially for the price. The fact that this watch is waterproof to 200M (660 ft) at a $100 price point is incredible. Other "tactical watches" such as Luminox which is also waterproof to depths of 200M start at $395. The one downside to this watch is the crystal. Im unsure what its actually made of but I don't believe it to be mineral and its certainly not a sapphire.
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on August 25, 2017
I'm a mechanical watch guy. I love tool watches. I owned one of the first generation G-shock back in the 80's. I put that watch through hell and it laughed at me. Great product. When I saw watch this in passing, I gave it a second look and really liked the design, the features and the ana/digi layout was cool. With the price so reasonable, it was a no-brainer purchase. I thought it would be more of a toy or beater watch but it quickly earned my respect as a true tool watch. I usually wear an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch so this is a big change for me. I've had this on my wrist for about 5 days and I'm happy to say that it is a dead nuts accurate watch. The features are useful and easy to learn. The hour chirp, alarm functions, stop watch and world time are just great. I work with folks all over the world every day so the world time feature is very useful.
Setup was relatively intuitive. The manual is a must though. While I LOVE the blacked-out appearance, that's also, unfortunately, the watch's Achilles heel. The LED light is lame. I can't put it any other way. A backlit feature for the digital readouts and Trinite/Tru-glo/Tritium for the hands and dial pips would be a much better way of telling time in the dark. You can't see any of the digital functions in the dark. Only the time. It's just not up to usual Casio quality standard and more like a cost cutting measure. That really is my only complaint though. The rest of the watch is fantastic. A light, comfortable, rugged, handsome, competitively priced tool watch. Fix the lame-o LED and this watch is 5 star perfect in my book. As is though, you are getting a great quality, do it all watch for the active person. You could do a lot worse.
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on December 20, 2010
.. And not only does it blend perfectly with my ACU's(Uniform) , but off duty in civilian clothing i can wear it where ever. Stylish yet simple. Hi-Tech with a futuristic, hard ass.. bad boy look and feel to it depending on your point of view. Love it. A MUST BUY! Yeah the LED doesn't illuminate the digital time, but what other watch illuminates when its pointed at your face at night? What other watch this reliable, shockproof, magneticproof, shockwave proof, water proof, has a speedometer! plus the analog hands move automatically(thought that was cool). But the manual takes some time to figure out. a small price to pay for this Hi-Tech watch. A must if you are in the Military.

-got it as a early xmas gift from a friend back in the states. love it.
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on July 24, 2017
I have read some reviews regarding this watch, but one review, in particular, influenced my decision to purchase the watch -- that being to overlook criticisms of not being able to read the digital date and time due to being either too small or too dark. The bright white hands make the time very visible, even under low-light conditions. Because the 'minute-second' markings are subdued, it difficult to see the minute-second markings or use the various digital features programmed into this watch in low-light conditions. The major plusses? I love the bright hands, easy time setting, plus, Casio's durable "G-Shock "™ quality and reliable accuracy. The "icing on the cake" is that this watch is light weight and stays in place on my wrist, rather than tries to roll away from me, as do other watches, especially, the heavier brands and models.

My review supports a featured contributor who replied that the dark face was a minor issue, simply because, We CAN read the digital display without any problem in certain lighting, such as fluorescent-type. The type of lighting you're under, when viewing, will play a major factor regarding the visibility of the digital window data. Another point, the broad hands sometimes get in the way when observing the digital windows, making it difficult to rely on the available data and/or programmed features. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the broad bright visible hand design on this watch, but I'm just saying there is a "trade-off that each prospective owner should consider.

Recapping, I would say the basis of a purchaser's decision to purchase this watch is going to depend on the frequency-priority of viewing the digital display. If you need constant assurance about what day it is, or if you want to constantly read the digital display features, I say buy a digital watch and save yourself the frustration. If you're on the go, such as a delivery person, or doing housework, subject to occasional rough conditions and you want to frequently glance at the time with "no-nonsense" reliability, I highly recommend considering this model. The watch has a stealthy look which I think is simplistically attractive in our modern times.

One more plus is the fact that you set the time, digitally, first, and the analog hands will respond to the digital setting. Love it! You don't have to mess with trying to match the separate times of the analogue-digital displays.

Would I buy this watch, again? To be 'punny', "In a second"!
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on November 7, 2017
I got mad at my 5th Ironman, so I tried this. The analog is great if that's what you miss in a digital world, and I do. White hands on black are real easy to read even in low light. The digital readout is only visible in direct light, and even then, once an hour it is not due to the hands covering them up. The timer can only be set for minute increments, not seconds. This is pretty lame for a sports watch. The night light is good for the hands, useless for the digital readouts. The alarms are quiet (I've slept through them), and cannot be set for individual days, weekdays, or weekends, unlike the Ironman. For me, the 24 world times are a useless novelty that has to use up a ton of computing space. It's a sports watch, not a jet setters business dress watch. The band is good and sturdy, and doesn't come undone constantly like the Ironman does. The tach needle is another useless novelty for me. The watch itself is bigger, but just as light or lighter than an Ironman, very comfortable on the wrist, and it doesn't shift around. In summary, it's not better than an Ironman, but it is different. If I could combine the two, I'd have what I need. From my research, this is the best, and cheapest Casio option in the G Shock range. I love the blacked out design, the analog function, and the timers work well enough for me, but I use them constantly all through the day. But when this one poops out, I'll be looking for another kind that's exactly what I need. Another minus for Casio's is that they are heavily (and very craftily) bootlegged--my first was an indistinguishable boot that crapped out after a week. I was real lucky and got a refund from the seller. Only buy from dealers on Amazon that are recognized by Casio.
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on October 23, 2017
Watch seems like a quality piece right out of the box, and I have been wearing for about a week now. All functions work as should and watch is lightweight enough so you don't feel/look like you're wearing a toaster oven. The band seems strong and flexible while still feeling comfortable. Can be worn over coat sleeve or plain wrist, many adjustment points. Back-light is an orange-ish glow, tried to show in pictures. Will update after several weeks of wearing, which will include laborious tasks. Time will tell, and I will tell you how well it still tells time. Pictures provided (apologies for quality), banana for scale. Feel free to ask any questions!

An honest and unpaid review,

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on May 2, 2017
1st time GShock owner here, and I gotta say this watch is awesome looking! It feels nice on my wrist not heavy at all for the size of it. I really wanted something nice not expensive and somewhat minimal look but sharp; This met all my expectations. I looked into smart watches but I didn't want to charge something daily (already do that with the phone), pay $100's and be worry I damage it, plus smart watches really are just an extension of your phone for somethings dont really care for them.
People complain that they cant see the time that's true to a degree, it is very dark but I can read the numbers fine. If you tilt it towards the light you can see them fine but i think it adds to the black look even more so I don't mind it. I think it would be better if the light instead of being on top like that, that the LCD portion would illuminate.
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on February 26, 2017
If you need a good looking watch that can take a beating and be functional at the end of the day there is nothing better than a G-Shock!

The very first thing that you will notice it's that this one retains the classic profile of the G-Shock line of watches but go for a total military/tactical style, not bright colors, not white and red fill on the lettering of the bezel and same goes for the text printed on the face of the watch (text is greyish silver on color), the only 3 elements that stand out on the watch are the 2 main hands and the small one that it's used to calculate speed when using the stop watch function, all the information displayed on the LCD parts are presented on negative and while it's hard to read on low light situations there is really not too many circumstances where you will need to see what day of the week or month it's right now (maybe if you get trapped on a cave and you are not sure how many days have you being down there... but that will be a very, very unfortunate event).

Some people maybe will wonder if the hands on the watch are iridescent (glow in the dark), Nop they are not, there are just super pure gloss white on color and that is enough to create a extreme contrast between the background and the hands when using the auto illumination feature of the watch (of just pushing the button), the amber light will come on for a couple of seconds if you rotate your wrist around 45 degrees, the manual recommends to turn off the feature to don't get distracted while driving or riding but honestly it's not that bright or last on long enough to represent a distraction, if you get distracted by the small LED on the watch you probably shouldn't even be driving because something like the glare of the lights on the dash of the car/bike are way more bright and will make you look away from the road!

Overall I love the watch, can take it to the beach, work, backyard, shooting range, doctor appointments... maybe not fancy enough for formal events, but I don't go to fancy dinners that often!!!
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on February 2, 2013
Law enforcement - I use this as an every day-er. Good watch. Not too bright to light up (good thing) and its light-weight. I like G Shock products for work and this one holds the reputation well. People who complain about the not being able to see the date with the light at night...really? First off, by night time you should know the date...second, if you cup your hand around the top half of the watch, should see it fine. I agree its not for nigh time stopwatch use. Simply cant see it well enough...but you could try the alternative: "One- one thousand..Two -one thousand.. Three- one thousand" method.. It should get you close enough. :)

Had the watch for several months now...flawless and durable. Time has been accurate. No complaints. Good watch.
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