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on June 28, 2013
Bought the Casio Unisex MRW200H-4BV Neo-Display watch to be a beater watch that can go from the gym to somewhat nicer event (in a pinch). Happy with the purchase. The analog hands and orange lettering makes the watch (IMHO) appear higher end than a comparably priced black plastic LCD watch. Unlike another reviewer, I have had no issues setting time, day or date.

- The watch is neither excessively large nor thick.
- The orange lettering stands out nicely from the black face and is quite legible.
- The day / date are also large enough for me to read without reading glasses.
- The bezel turns smoothly (there are no "click" detents).
- 100M water resistance means that you don't have to worry about it getting submerged when on (for example) a white water rafting trip.
- The plastic band is quite long, so if you have larger wrists it can accommodate you.

- The photos give the impression of a thick, rugged band. That's only from the front. After the first three ridges, the band turns flat and thin. A little disappointing, but not that big a deal, as the watch costs less than $20. But don't expect the band to last very long if you don't regularly wash sweat off the band.

- No electro-luminescent backlight; just some phosphor on the hands. The phosphor needs to be in the light for a while to "charge". You need to be in a very dark room to see the hands glow, and even then, it's not overly bright. Only the hands glow, NOT the numbers. E.g., this is NOT the watch to have with you if you think you'll be in a dark place for a long time and will need to know the time.
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on September 20, 2016
I wore this watch while on vacation for 9 days - snorkeling, cliff jumping, and swimming - it worked perfectly!
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on November 21, 2016
I love this watch! Have beat the hell out of it for three years so it has a nicely worn patina. Mine is the orange dial with orange numbers version. The hands are luminescent, but not very brightly so - don't buy it for that. Very easy to read in normal lighting conditions - just the right amount of contrast.

The size is large at 43mm, but not gaudy-huge like some watches. I'd say it looks just tough enough and is about the right thickness.

About 6 months ago I replaced the battery - very simple with 4 tiny Philips head screws and no need to remove the band to do so. It uses one of the most common and inexpensive watch batteries, the 377.

My dilemma? The band is finally cracking (I'm kinda hard on bands - thats part of my use case for this watch, not worrying about it). So I'm guessing even if I find a band that is a good match for this one (ideally would be the same Casio band), the cost is going to approach the cost of simply replacing the watch. Nostalgia for my well worn watch brings hesitation...
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on September 3, 2014
What a deal for the $$. I set the time when I first unpacked this watch. 5 1/2 months has gained 7 seconds!!! OUTSTANDING!!! This watch compares to a Luminox that costs at least 13 × more. This Casio however is NOT luminous. In all other regards it is comparable. I would add that although you cannot read it in the dark without external light is very easy to read in daylight up until dusk...which my series 3200 Luminox (stainless and stainless face) is not. Too much reflection. I own several watches...all more expensive than this Casio, some quartz, some mechanical...but none are as accurate. This is a great watch.
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on March 21, 2016
I replaced the awful band with a NATO strap. Not a straight forward task since the lug width is not 20m, but narrower.

1. I used a heated blade to the parts of the case body where 20mm lugs would go.

2. I used short metal pins instead of lugs. I heated the metal pins so they can pierce the plastic body.

3. I installed RAF style NATO strap.

Watch looks awesome at a distance. On closer inspection though, you'll see imperfections because of the mod.

All in all, a great watch for <$20 including the new strap. Best watch you can buy at this price.
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on March 11, 2017
This watch does it all. It tells the time. It tells the date. It tells the day of the week.

It resists the camouflage paint that you strategically apply to your toned, bronzed torso as you prepare to infiltrate a South American drug-lords hidden island command center. You don’t need a shirt, it will just get in the way.

It is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it failing as you wrestle a shark while leading the drug-lords tenacious and attractive captive girlfriend to the escape boat you have been hiding in the bay on the other side of the island. You have enough on your mind at the moment.

It is durable enough to withstand inevitable scrapes and scratches that will happen as you fight to the death with the drug-lords head of security as he tries to reclaim the top secret documents they paid millions for with the hope of destabilizing the governments of the West.

It is good looking enough to not deter the attractive girlfriend from kissing you, her hero, as you safely pilot the boat into the sunset as FBI choppers escort you to safety.

All of this for under $20.

It is my favorite watch and I will always have one just like it.
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on August 15, 2015
Right off will give 4 stars. as problem is in the day/date change. Don't the days change at 12am? 12:01? That's what I learned in school. Ok. give or take. But upon waking up morning following date of delivery at 1:00, The date still hadn't changed , and the day looked like it had moved a bit.
By 2:00(as I re-read directions of changing or resetting the day/date feature. That it shouldn't be done between 9pm-5am, or one or other detail may not respond- understand now) So takes 4-5 hours for complete change-over of day/date? Though most may be alsppe during that period, So this is just an observation, and not vital. Unless you actually be up during those hours and are easily agitated by trivial things.
I'll return after a while for rating of day to day performance of this watch. I did buy it exclusively for gym class ( work-out with trainer at gym) is like gym class, as the lame phys.ed. teachers make you do ludicrous body movements, that thank goodness I wasn't a "porker" like some of the over-fed rats in class. I was a runt, slim guy, and those those leg-lifts were calf killers, I thought I was weak, but some of the guys could barely keep their legs up that high, or wanted to raise them higher. That was easier. 6 INCHES!!! Don't know how they determined that to be the point of optimum resistance or muscle-work, but were effective. In respect, yers upon years later when I enrolled in a martial arts....
Casio sure has come down in price since those day. My fist watch was a digital. cool enough, push of botton for time, another push for date another push and something detonates across the globe somewhere. Red LED on black screen inlaid to a gold-tone rim,
This one, I bought the orange analog to match my new orange car. But again primarily for the gym. Has it been 30 minutes yet, Mr. Trainer. Your're killing me. And so I could leave it on to shower to time that as well. How long should you spend in a gym shower. All you have to do is rinse of the excess perspiration. Go home to primp. Though did buy some neat travel squeeze bottles to carry shampoo /soap. But again, just a quick rinse is all that's needed after a work-out. If you're going on a date immediately after, you should have timed better or maybe s/he'll love the after-scent of your "burn".
Writing this, so at 2:25 time has advanced to the foreign day of sat- (sab). As I expect, that should change to Sun, by 5, along with the date.
A 4 hour time-laps is not exactly a "A-performance" feature. And though this is/or appears to run in 12 hour time. 1-12, with smaller font numbers from 13-24, setting the time, I noticed the date does change after second sweep of 12, noting the watch function in 24 hr mode.
So if in an area of day-light savings where your setting clocks back, you may need to advance fully through 24 hr shift, and re-set day/date feature accordingly. It int written in instruction, but I wouldn't recommend merely sweeping hands backwords, " You cant turn back time." Watch me.
it's my watch.
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on September 5, 2014
On my first try of this watch (white numbers), the plastic broke by the band, so I had to replace. But the watch worked fine for a year and the price was right. Decided to replace with the orange model. Orange #1 lasted one day before the dial fogged up. Got it replaced quickly by Amazon and Orange #2 second lasted 10 days before fogging. I have used Casio watches all my life for jogging and cycling; this is the first watch to be a major disappointment. Not recommended.
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on December 13, 2016
Bought this as Christmas gift for my brother perfect for him it's water resistant since he love swimming and we live nearby the ocean, I personally like it, now I don't know if I still want to give it to my brother hahaha!
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on September 5, 2016
Great watch for any environment where your watch gets beat up daily. This is the 4th watch I have bought my husband and they seem to last about 6 months (he works on machines). If they haven't broken by then, they start to lose time (currently 10 minutes). The biggest disappointment with the orange watch is the face does not "glow" in the dark like the blue and green versions do. The smaller face is good though and does not hang over his wrist bones so it won't get caught when he is repairing a machine.
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