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on May 25, 2015
One of the major problems purchasing this watch were the large number of reviews that were negative - because the purchasers aren't knowledgeable in technology or skilled in land navigation. Two complaints kept popping in in various posts, that the compass wasn't accurate and the temperature readings off.

First, It has to be acknowledged that you are strapping a compass and thermometer to your arm where it will have direct contact with your skin, and using it in areas that affect it's performance. The most basic source of error is the fact that magnetic north isn't at the north pole - it can and is up to 15 degrees or more in error by its physical location hundreds of miles away. And that we are trying to measure a natural line of magnetism at a very low level in built up human habitation. We use a lot of electricity, it creates fields, and it's part of our construction which can be largely steel.

Bluntly, being ignorant of that is the source of most of the complaints. The watch works fine, in fact, it's a great watch with features lifted directly from models priced $100 more and up. The compass works IF you bother to set the declination and then use it within its mechanical limits - such as keeping it level to the earths surface when activated. No compass using earths magnetic lines can find north if it's tilted up to any significant degree - but that is how we typically look at a watch. And no thermometer will read air temperature strapped in direct contact with our body - it will read skin temperature.

What we have are customers who are buying an affordable Pro Trek grade watch who don't have the training and education to understand it.

Aside from that - the reverse backlight functions appropriately, those who wish for a longer timed duration need to accept the compromise that leaving it on extensively consumes battery power - it doesn't solar recharge. That being said, solar charging isn't all that when you work nights extensively and are forced to sleep days. I choose battery power precisely because it can be changed and is reliable under negative lighting situations. The reverse illumination isn't particularly good at being used as a flashlight - which it wasn't intended to do. That technical fad has it's disadvantage when you don't need to wake your spouse checking the time at Oh Dark thirty - especially when the illumination of a Dive rated watch was already distractive with it's Superluminova treatment. With the Casio you get the time in the dark a lot less obtrusively.

The nylon woven band is working fine, I'm more than aware that fabric bands can and will absorb sweat which will eventually build up and cause odor. They ALL do that and the problem is to treat them with silver or anti bacterial properties - but that costs money. If this was a tactical grade watch over $200, it should be demanded, under $50, what do you expect?

Again - the price level brings on consumers who's expectations go beyond technical and economic feasibility. If anything, it appears as an orchestrated chorus to demean the design, because it isn't in the same class with identical features of watches priced $100 more. Well, it's not - there are some tradeoffs - but none that create any desire for me to spend the money when this does just fine. Most of the higher priced watches aren't that superior on a feature per cost basis, it's social rank that is being purchased.

If you need to look like you have an expensive watch, look elsewhere, plenty incorporate all the styling elements and the extra digit placeholder in the price to impress others. Otherwise, this model performs, and well - if you understand what you are asking of it. It's a tool in that regard, are you a skilled tool user? If not, then the results are apparent.
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on March 29, 2014
I looked around a lot for a watch like this, and read a lot of reviews before buying it. I wanted a good, dependable EDC (every day) watch that could time me on runs, hikes, and help me out on the trail with some general direction, all for less than $75. I actually ordered the comparable TIMEX (Expedition Trail T49612) version of this watch and sent it back. The TIMEX was huge, hard to read, and just didn't look good (greenish markings on huge black rubber case). I seem to keep coming back to CASIO because they seem to just "get it right" for me.

What's the difference between the SGW100B-3V (this watch) and the SGW100-1V, you ask? It's the same watch, as near as I can tell, except the 3V has a high-quality nylon wristband and the 1V has a rubberized sports band. I chose the 3V because I have not had good experience with rubberized wristbands. They aren't too comfortable, either. I wore a G-SHOCK for a few years until all the eyelets in the band tore into one, long slit. This didn't hold my watch on too well, and I lost it in the ocean. The nylon on the 3V is great. It is durable, looks better than the rubber wristband, and is comfortable. It doesn't pull on my arm hairs like the rubber always did.

Now, for the watch itself. Great readability and functionality. I like the how the seconds are displayed on the line under the hour and minutes, so your eyes instantly fall on the 4-digit time. The ILLUMINATOR feature makes all the digits shine, but not the face. This makes the watch extremely readable in the dark, but you're not going to be able to use it like a mini-flashlight. The 4-button controls are easy to master. Here's a pro-tip for you: Rather than straining your eyes to read the tiny operation manual, look up the PDF online from Casio and use the zoom to read it like normal text.

The digital thermometer is just as others have described. On my wrist, it usually shows about 85 degrees (no matter what the air temp is), but it is accurate when the watch is unworn for 30 minutes or more. The temperature is factory calibrated, but you can check it against another thermometer and adjust it by a few tenths of a degree if you wish. I think the thermometer function is helpful for waking up in a tent or bivouac with your 3V next to you and checking the temp before you crawl out of your bag.

The digital compass is excellent. I have checked it against several other commercial and mil-spec compasses and it's readings are pretty dead on. Even though CASIO says it's not meant for accurate land navigation, but more for general direction, I feel it could hang in there for some basic land nav. There are 16 directional arrow indicators around the outside of the face for indicating North, so your arrow is less accurate than your digital compass degree reading (360 degrees). The compass needs to be user-calibrated something like every 100 days. This means spinning your watch 360 degrees while it is taking readings. I'm really not sure what the purpose of this is--it might have something to do with ensuring the magnetic sensor has not become inaccurate due to ambient magnetism or a bad bearing. There is also a declination adjustment (look yours up online by ZIP code) so that your watch can show you true North. I play a little "game" with the compass when I'm bored. If I'm somewhere I've never been, I'll mentally guess which direction is North and check myself with the watch. I know; I'm a nerd.

The world time feature is great with plenty of city time-zones and a DST toggle. If your friend is overseas and you want to know if it's too early/late to call, it's literally ONE button-push away to check. I keep mine on LON (London) time so I can quickly see UTC.

Standard stop watch. Elapsed, split time, and two-finisher capabilities. The buttons are pretty easy to push, and this helps with reliable start and stop. We've all been there, with our thumbnail on a tiny metallic button, when we tell our friend, "Ready... Set... Go! Wait, I mean, Go! Now!"

Standard timer. Keeps going when viewing other modes.

Four alarms WITH snooze function. Not bad!

Overall, the watch just looks good. I would say it gives off a hiker or possibly military-type look. The different colored markings on the case and the silver/grey bezel kind of catch the eye. You can tell it's not a cheap drug-store watch just by the look of it (which is more than you can say for some of the CASIO styles). If you're not used to a large watch, you'll think this is pretty big. It's fine for me. I do have to lift it slightly up on my arm when getting into the front-leaning rest position (push-ups) or else it digs into the top of my hand, so that's something to consider.

I have three minor nit-picks of the watch, but not enough to dock a star-rating on a stellar watch:
- You can only scan through the time-zones in WT mode in one direction.
- I can't remember which mode this was, but at one point I was adjusting a value on the watch and the positive (+) button was lower right and the negative (-) direction was upper right. This seemed backwards to me.
- The wristband is attached the case by a pin which is held in place by a small steel buckle that is hinged to the case. Most other CASIO cases have a giant protrusion that encloses the strap and pin. It makes me wonder if the connection is a little weaker than on other CASIO watches; but time will tell.

Overall, this is a great watch. The 200M rating is reassuring for any aquatic activities. The strap is comfortable and the watch itself is surprisingly light. I bought this watch thinking I would only put it on when wearing jeans, work clothes, or clothes for hiking, but I've ended up wearing it every day since I bought it. I would not wear it with coat and tie, however--that's kind of where I draw the line.
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on September 19, 2012
Some great reviews out there but I thought I would do a thorough review of the pro/con's.

*** Pro: ***
Large face
Nylon band (last longer)
World time
Dual Time
Stop watch/Timer
Compass (w/ declination)
Temperature (w/ calibration)
Back Lit
Protected Face (recessed)

*** Con: ***
Alarm too quiet
Compass time too short
Back Light time too short
Temperature reads body temp

First off I got this watch for world traveling. Reading the reviews I did not see anyone mention that it has the capability of doing Dual Time. Basically you can have your "Home" time zone on top and "Current Location" on bottom. This is great and was exactly what I was looking for. Once you set-up your home time then you can flip through world cities while traveling. It also has Day Light Savings mode for the Dual Time in case certain cities that you travel to do not have day light savings.

Some people claim that the compass is inaccurate. Well first off I calibrated it, then I set my declination. Many people failed to mention this in their review. There is a feature where you can adjust for your location. My home city's current declination is 16deg. That is huge, so you have to adjust it for this. I am sure many people did not even realize this feature. Finally I measured my casio compass with a real compass. I would say it is about 1-3 degree's off of my real compass.

I have been trying to calibrate my Temperature gauge. I have a home digital temp and my casio reads about 0.4 degree higher than my wall temp gauge. Of course I am not even sure if my wall temp is that accurate. To me 1/2 a degree is not bad for a watch. Mind you that this is calibrated with air temp, not on my wrist. I will try wearing the watch and then recalibrate with my body temp. I am not sure if that will work correctly.

Another small nice feature is the double beep once you hit the main Time screen. That means you can quickly change modes without looking to get back the the Time mode.

A few very minor things that casio should have adjusted on this watch:

They should have made the compass feature delay longer. I think it is set for 10 seconds. But by the time 10 seconds has passed I have only been able to adjust my body to the direction. Then I have to push it again to get another reading. I see no reason to have it delayed at 20-30 seconds. And then push a button if you want to see the clock.

The alarm needs to be louder like others have pointed out.

The back light needs to be at least 5 seconds. Not 1-2 seconds.

The watch face is a tad large, however that is the IN thing right now with watches.

Finally it would be nice if the bezel would rotate so you can adjust it for the compass.

Overall for the price and features I have not found another watch that is better. I did a lot of research on every brand and prices. I wanted a watch where I would not be heart broken if I lost it.
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on May 31, 2017
This is a very "Casio" like watch. Packed with features, solidly built. They take a bit of time to get familiar with, however, when you're there, you'll be impressed with what this device has to offer for just over $40. I routinely get my friends asking me how much I paid for them, when they discover that this watch, with other features, includes Digital Compass and Thermometer. Speaking of which:
- Digital compass works within error margin of 10 degrees, after I carefully calibrated the watch. It appears to, sometimes, be quite precise, but other times, it's off by 8-9 degrees. I'm not going to knock on it too much - it's quite possible that I haven't figured out something here. So, it will provide a general direction for you out and about, but I would not rely on it in global circumnavigation.
- Thermometer is very precise. Judging by my other home thermometers this one comes to within .1 - .2 degrees F.
It takes about 20-25 minutes to provide an accurate measurement (air) and 10-15 min in the water.
All the other features are on point and exactly what I'd expect from Casio. The wrist band feels a bit too cheap, especially the loop.
Overall, for the money, this is a solid, feature packed watch with some very minor quality knocks. Well worth the money.
Update as of 6/19/17:
I really liked the watch, however, over the weekend, both thermometer and compass functions seized working. Instead, when this function is selected, ERR is displayed. Tried a couple of different things - same result. All other functions seem to be working just fine.
Returning this watch today. Thought about getting a replacement, but will look for something different.
Update as of 8/9/17:
So after all, I decided to give this watch another try and got a replacement 6/29/17. It worked for about a month and now the digital compass simply does not work. I mean it shows some direction, but it's completely inaccurate. And yes, I did calibrate it a handful of times.
Such a disappointment. Tried it twice with the same result.
So, the 2 main selling points of this watch - Thermometer and Digital Compass are both obsolete within 2 months. What a joke.
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on March 1, 2016
I've had Casio watches for the last 15 years and this one is pretty good. The compass is surprisingly accurate and all of the other features work as expected. The timer goes well beyond what one really needs (up to 20 hours?) and there's the usual set of alarms. The light feature is very cool as it illuminates the digits so they look glow-in-the-dark.

A couple of knocks: The wristband and the overall quality of the watch. The wristband is a strange material as it's called "resin" yet feels somewhat like cloth. It's comfortable but it just doesn't seem like it will last for years like my last Casio's plastic band.

The quality is also suspect as it's already "glitched out" on me one day. By this I mean the digits were all whacked out just out of the blue. I changed modes and everything seemed to reset but I've never had a new Casio "trip out" so early in its lifetime.

In conclusion, the price made this watch well-worth purchasing, but I am sort of "holding my breath" in regards to longevity.
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on January 28, 2018
Really love this watch!
- Compass works great. Just hold it level and it works well.
- Thermometer works. Just take the watch off for 5 minutes to let it adjust to room temperature.
- The instruction manual is VERY hard to read. The text is super small and hard to follow. I found a YouTube video that explained the features far better than the manual.
- The watch is lightweight and the backing does not grab any hairs from my wrist.
- The countdown timer is nice. I have it preset to a 5-minute countdown
I would recommend to anyone out hiking and wishes to have another compass available.
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on April 9, 2017
Solid watch. I can't comment on the compass or temperature stuff, but in reading the manual, those topics and their use and requirements are covered there. They are not intended as any sort of navigational aid or as a strict temperature gauge. Having read a lot about that in the previous reviews, I find the whole thing silly. It's a watch, not magic.

I bought this because I needed a plastic watch for work. Metal cases are not allowed. This suited that purpose, had a comfortable nylon band/strap, and some extra features to boot. It sits comfortably on my wrist, and I've been wearing it for a couple of months now. Plenty of strap for my wrist, which is not particularly big, but has enough strap for much larger ones than mine at 7 3/4" circumference, if memory serves.

Chimes and such are not excessively loud, but have enough volume to be heard in most environments. I work in a factory with a whole lot going on, so I can't hear them. It isn't loud enough to get past a dull roar, but I can hear it fine outside of work in environments where people are talking and there are more basic sound levels. This is good, as I find watches tend towards this median or are so loud as to be bothersome in normal conditions.

Mostly I enjoy the watch because of it's clear display, easily read, and the light up numbers that are easily read in the dark without being a glowing beacon, and the strap being comfortable for me. The case isn't too large, though it isn't a slim watch, and is big enough for me read everything without having to squint. Perhaps a bit much for someone who is more petite than I that still has good eyes.

Much has been said about this watch, but as far as digital watches go, this is a pretty good buy between price and features with aesthetics that acceptable. I'm more of a analogue watch person, but this does it's job well. Time, date, and even world time can be moved forwards and backwards on my sample, so they have apparently updated the software in that matter. I don't really use that function much, but it does ask you to establish your time zones.
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on September 18, 2017
The perfect watch for me.
All of the functions I need, including compass and temp with 5 alarms and countdown timer.
And NONE of the bulk! And it has a clear and uncluttered display as well!!
I won't make the mistake of getting this one wet if I don't have to though. It seems they don't make watches the way they used to back in the 90s.

I swear, this is the "lowest profile-highest function count" watch that I've ever owned.
Doesn't get hung up on my clothes when dressing, doesn't get caught up in my gear when I'm getting suited up. Doesn't feel heavy on my arm or throw off my aim like the last watch did.
review image
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on August 11, 2014
Amazing watch. I was camping this weekend and went swimming, canoeing, sailing, and sat in rain. This watch never came off my wrist. Looks brand new still. Very well made. The compass on the watch did come in handy on a few hikes with maps only. I never calibrated the thermomitor due to everyone stating how it isn't effective. Plus I don't care to know the temperature. I can tell if its hot or cold and what I need to wear. I don't plan on going to everest and need to know if hypothermia is going to be kicking in. Overall this watch and all the features are great. I did use 2 of the 3 alarms and that was vert handy. I didn't want to use my phone at all for anything (even time) It was there strictly for emergency. I wanted to go with as few electronics as possible, This watch was as close to tech as I got besides a flashlight. I recommend this watch to anyone. It looks great, the band is well made and doesn't make my wrist sweaty like plastic bands do. It is light and easy to operate.

Pros: Easy to read, comfy, easy to set up and operate, indiglo is bright, compass is accurate, band is extremely comfortable, stylish (to me), well made, durable

Cons: Indiglo should stay on for a longer time period (stays on for 1 second, makes it hard to read the compass when in the woods and sun is setting) I'd say thermometer from reviews but i haven't tested it.

Thats about it. I love this watch and recommend it!


2 Years Later and A Lot of Swimming, mountain climbing and other beat me up stuff has been happening with this watch and it still runs like a Champ!!! Actually still looks new after each swim :)
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on March 9, 2014
I purchased the Casio 3157 SGW-110B in December of 2008. I have worn it nearly every day for 5 years and I don't have major complaints, in fact it has outlasted and outperformed any other watch I've had (including battery life). I've worn it on three continents during snorkeling, kayaking, rough hiking/camping and boating as well as street wear. As expected, the temperature feature is essentially useless since you have to take it off and let it set for over 20 minutes to get a near accurate reading. The compass is OK, but I would not rely on it exclusively for navigation in fog or if boating offshore. It is not bad for estimating general directions, after (all too frequent) calibration. The 10 second compass display is insufficient. The world-time, count-down, stop watch, alarm and regular time functions are acceptable, but overall operation is too complex. I still have to refer to the manual (available online of course).
It came with an olive green nylon and black leather band. I would prefer the nylon to be black rather than olive green but this does not appear to be an option. The black leather portions have become worn and ratty looking (but remain functional). However, replacement cost of just the band is more than half the price of a new watch....which I expect will need a new battery soon anyway. I suspect replacing the battery might compromise its waterproofing, but have not tried yet.

So maybe the watch and band combination should be considered a five year disposable investment. That's less than $10 per year, which is a not bad for the quality.
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