Customer Reviews: Casio Men's WS210H-1AV
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Price:$23.99 - $75.96
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on April 11, 2012
For the price, I think this is one of the best watches Casio makes. Here's why:

The watch looks better than the pictures you see here. The blue highlighting on the case is darker and more subtle. The black part of the case has tiny embedded metal flakes and a luster that makes it look more like ion-plated metal than plastic. The backlight lights up the entire face with a soft orange light that has great contrast and won't ruin your night vision. The case measures 43 mm, but the cutouts for the pushers, and the bezel styling, make it look smaller. It doesn't have the bulky, overwhelming look of the G-Shocks and the low weight means it rides lightly on your wrist.

The tide function is improved compared to older Casio tide watches. Older models required you to enter the "lunitidal interval" for your location if you want an accurate tide readout. This watch only needs the time of the first high tide of the day, then it calculates the lunitidal interval and stores it internally for all subsequent calculations- it's a one-time setup. Also, unlike older Casios, this watch displays the relative height of the tide, indicating higher tides near the new and full moons. Note that the tidal model used by this watch is fairly simple and its accuracy depends on how complex the tides are at your location. It is more accurate for the east coast of the US, and less accurate for some locations on the west and gulf coasts. Check the tide graphs on and compare them to what the watch is telling you before relying on it.

Other features I like are: a stopwatch that measures a full 24 hours, dual time display that shows foreign and home city simultaneously, five alarms (a little louder than usual), and a 24 hour countdown timer. The solar charging function easily keeps the battery full, and avoids the expense of battery changes, and breaking the watertight integrity of the case to perform those changes.

Overall, I think this is a great value in a watch. It's hard to believe how much functionality you get for the price.
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on September 24, 2011
Very comfortable and pliable band. Easily read face at a glance. I own a couple Casio watches with tide functions, but this one accounts for spring and neap tides by changing the shape of the wave display. A very cool feature when I debate which area of shoreline to launch my kayak from because of what an extreme low tide may expose. Better yet, when setting the tide for your area, you just input the tide times from the internet or newspaper from that day and the watch calculates the rest. No setting locations from a tiny map in the back of the instruction book like on older models. Bravo Casio!
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on October 26, 2011
This watch is very light and comfortable to wear. Its size is perfect and is not too thick like the G-shock series. I have had it a couple of days and the battery meter has always been to high. I live in a tropical country where there is always sunlight.

I use this watch when I snorkel/freedive and it works great. I chose the Tough Solar as there is no need for a battery replacement which causes the seals to leak after opening the back and reseating.

Setting the Tide was a bit tricky as my city was not on the list. I chose Santiago, Chile which has a code of (SCL) and is GMT-4 which is my
time zone. I don't have DST so I turned this off. I checked on the internet for tide tables for my country and I entered the next high tide in the settings. Voila the tide and moon information is quite accurate and very handy.

Update: I have had this watch for more than 2 years and its still going strong. I am in the sea at least once a week and this watch takes a good beating. Sometimes the currents push me against hard rocks and the watch takes a good hit. It works really good.

The manual however is written in such a tiny font that it is difficult to read. I went to the Casio site and downloaded the pdf manual. I can only read it on the computer because when you print it it comes out really tiny. If you increase the magnification of the pages, it prints with parts missing.

I am very happy as I use this Casio Tough Solar as an inexpensive diving watch. It has loads of functions which I am yet to read up on and is built pretty solid and is quite good looking. This watch might last 20 years for all I know, the only weak-point would be the rubber seal under water pressure. Time will tell. I had one casio that lasted 10 years.

Update 28-Feb-2016: I have had this watch for over 4 years and it is still going strong. I go out into the sea at least once a week.
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on February 13, 2011
Works perfectly. Keeps accurate time. Moon phase and tides are why I bought the watch as I surf and They are accurate too once set up correctly. OK to do if you follow the owners manual. Watch easily stays fully charged under indoor lights. Light on the wrist and fits well... Just a great product; Feature-full at this low price point!
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on November 18, 2010
Great features and value, including tide info... and no batteries since solar powered! Tide indication is a little rough, but it gives you a relative idea.
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on June 18, 2011
It's tough, well built, tells me the moon phase and tide so I know the best times on the water for jetskiing, fishing and taking a walk to the beach. Best of all it's solar powered, so I never have to change a battery and it always stays fully charged after the first week of wearing it. BTW - the "H","M","L" on the right is the power indicator, High/Medium/Low. If this watch has an indiglo blue light I'd give it a 5 star rating, but I knew going in it has the old style amber light, which is just as effective but I prefer the indigo. It's really not that big of a deal, but just lost 1 star for a lower cool factor.
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on July 7, 2013
I have had 2 of these Solar Powered Casio watches the past two years and both have failed without warning! I thought the first one was just a problem with the watch, but when the second Solar Powered watch went to no display and just moisture appearing in the lens, I knew it was a problem with the watch! They are warranted for one year and I plan on notifying Casio of this problem, but Amazon will not take a return as of April 2013! Ordered in March 2013 and the watch failed on July 6th, 2013! Really a problem! Stay away from this type watch and maybe even Casio!

Update: 7/11/2013: I just received this from Casio Elite Repair Service in New Jersey - and this watch is still under warranty!:
Action Model Repair Cost Shipping Cost
Option 1
Approve Repair
(Please be aware that your product may be repaired or replaced with same or similar model.) #W-S210H-1AV $35.00 $8.95
Option 2
Decline - Ship back
(If replacement is not an option, please choose this Option) #W-S210H-1AV $0.00 $8.95
Option 3
Decline - Recycle #W-S210H-1AV $0.00 $0.00

So Casio wants at least $8.95 to ship back or $44 to repair/replace it!!!!!

Update: 7/18/2013: I did call Casio Elite Repair Service and was told by the agent that the unit's seal was broken and an attempt to replace the battery was made. I denied either situation and told the agent that the watch just stopped working and then produced moisture on the lens making it unreadable. The agent took my number and said she would pass up to senior management and an opinion would be relayed to me in 24-48 hours. Well, no call was made but did receive new Casio Solar Powered watch today and am very happy with the decision that Casio made! I have to admit that there was no notice to me, but Casio produced great customer service once I got in direct touch with them! Thank You Casio!!!
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on November 27, 2011
I originally bought this watch because my other watch, a Casio Wrist Remote Controller watch, broke. I have had this watch for several months now, and I am still very satisfied with the purchase. The best parts about this watch are its solar power, its rugged design, and its simple style. It comes with all of the usual features you want on a sport watch such as a timer, stopwatch, alarm, and light along with a few extra features such as tide data and solar power. With the low price and great features of this watch, which are simple to operate, you will not be disappointed.

Note on the solar power feature of this watch for those buying this product: The watch screen goes blank after not using it for a while (most likely to save power). To get the regular screen back up, simply hit the light button. (Strangely enough, I thought this meant the battery was dead and so I needed to put it under a light source.)
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on August 8, 2011
This is my first Casio watch. I never owned a resin and/or plastic watch before and was curious about a watch with tide and moon phase display so I ordered the watch. Amazon had the lowest price I could find at the time with free shipping. I received the watch quickly. Once I opened it, my first impression of the watch was it looked and felt like a child's watch. It has a mineral crystal and stainless back cover which is a plus. The watch has a nice look to it though the face is smaller than I would have liked. I followed the instruction manual to set the watch up which was easy enough and then let the watch sit under a 100 watt light, it charged up quickly. To be frank, I was not that impressed by the watch at first but after a while I did see its merits for I am at the shore a lot and the tide display will be helpful. When wearing the watch I hardly notice it for it is very light. It has some functions I may never use but is nice to know I have them if needed.

I went to the shore and the tide display said high tide and it was. i watched the tide display during the afternoon and it was pretty much on the money. The moon phase looks close and the display light is bright enough to see the display at night. I like the idea of a solar powered watch where I won't have to replace the battery for a while.

Overall, the watch for under $30 was a good buy. I am impressed enough to be considering buying one of the more expensive Pathfinders
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on August 23, 2011
Bought this watch to wear at work for a week now. Very satisfied. Very light.
Nothing fancy, but all the functions you need are there & it gets the job done.
Solar-powered is a plus, knowing that you don't have to worry about battery for years to come (although Casio also has watches that come with 10-year batteries).
My last Casio survived many years of beating and is still functioning so I do recommend this brand over many others. If you are looking for a basic, multi-functional watch and do not like the bulkiness of the G-Shock series, this is a good buy consider its price.
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