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on July 30, 2013
Summary: This Waveceptor has almost no features and is too delicate.

I own several Casio watches including the metal band version of this model and this Casio Waveceptor is my second least favorite...the metal band version of this watch is my absolute least favorite.

I would not dare get it wet or use it in any environment where it might get slightly bumped. It's plastic case is clearly not meant to survive more than a night at the opera. Granted, I am used to wearing G-shock Casios most of the time but I have other models of fancy style types that are more for aesthetics than functionality and they are fine. This one has too little of either style or function.

The operation is just awful. All my other Casios that are solar powered and atomic clock synching work great. They go into RC mode in the middle of the night and voila! they keep perfect time year round without me having to do anything. If I go into a different time zone for a period long enough to worry about changing the watch, changing the time zone is simple to figure out -- even without the manual -- and again, voila! everything works great.

This watch's interface is not intuitive at all nor is it easily deduced through trial and error. And the analog portion synching with the digital watch NEVER works without having to manually set the analog hands. The second hand will not go to the 12 position for no apparent reason and then nothing automatic works after that.

I have both the metal and resin band version of these watches and they both stink at functionality. Both have the problem of the analog hands not synching. The time zone setting and automatic atomic clock synching only work occasionally also -- and it has squat nothing to do with reception. I am very close to the transmitter and have a dozen watches and clocks that all synch beautifully.

The time zones that you can use this watch with are VERY limited. It is North America -- except Newfoundland -- and Mexico and that's it. Go to Europe and you're out of luck. Go to South America and you're screwed.

The worst part of this watch is that you cannot display time and date digitally at the same time -- unlike all my other Casio watches. But that was my fault, I should have studied the manual before buying it.

Got it, took it out of the box set the time zone, exposed it to the full amount of light long enough to ensure it was fully charged, put it by the window with the other Casio atomic-synching watches and ... nothing happened. In the morning the digital display was off as was the analog and the second hand no longer zipped around to the 12 but stopped on the 4 position.

After a couple hours of manually setting everything, it seems to now reset the digital clock. The analog still does not synch. But meh...

I don't know who wants this watch. It barely has any features and it's not that fancy looking and it kinda works but not satisfactorily. And it ain't cheap. It's the first Casio I regret buying and I got stuck with two! (Shows how much I used to trust Casio!)
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on December 30, 2013
I'm very pleased with this watch. It has all the features I want, plus extras like multiple alarms, hourly chime (if desired), and stop-watch. I don't really need the dual-time capability but that's nice as well if ever I travel. I really like how the digital and analog stay in perfect sync. I was impressed with how it immediately sync'd up the analog settings as soon as I took it out of the box and it sensed light. The digital display and back-light are good enough and I have no complaints. I expect it may be challenging when the time comes to find a replacement band without having to go back exact replacement. I'm very impressed with the features, detail, accuracy, and fit/finish when compared to the price. I lean more towards practicality over design, but this watch accomplishes both very well. There is a little bit of a learning curve (aka, spend some time reading the manual) but once you're done playing around with the buttons and gadget abilities, you'll realize it does all you need without touching a button. My wrist is slightly small, but this watch fits well with plenty of adjustment either way.
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on November 27, 2013
I've had it for a couple of weeks now. Initial setup is somewhat complicated. You have to go from page to page in the little instruction book, pushing buttons in sequence. The watch appears to be dead-accurate, with the signals from the Atomic Clock keeping it straight. The solar power feature should eliminate annual battery replacement.


Accurate to the second
Many advanced features


No stem for setting the minute hand 5 minutes fast. Has to be done by menu, and pushing buttons to advance hand 20 seconds at a time.

Alarm clock function needs to sound louder. I'll have to tape it to my ear for it to wake me.

I wish the hands were a little wider and had more phosphorus. They don't show up that well in the dark.

Band replacement might be a problem because it looks Casio-proprietary. Doubt aftermarket bands will fit well if at all.

The rigid part of the band extends 1/4" past the sides of the case, making it a little tight under shirt cuffs.
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on March 27, 2013
Quite simply, this is one great watch!

It is a perfect combination of accuracy, looks, comfort, and being worry-free. Since it is solar-powered, it keeps itself charged by just being worn with normal use. Maybe if it crosses my mind I will set it on a window sill or in front of a lamp to make sure gets a little charge, but I really don't even worry about it at all. In fact, I turned the Power Save Mode off, and switched the LED backlight-button's illumination-time option from the 1.5 second default to the max 2.5 seconds. Just don't use the backlight button 50 times a day and throw the watch on a window sill or under a lamp for a little bit if you do. The charge stays just fine.

The watch syncs-up fine overnight with the atomic radio signal from Fort Collins, CO to here in Tampa, FL just by being near a window. You can also manually sync it, which usually only takes about two or three minutes. Remember, however, that the radio signal does travel better overnight, so if you do want to manually sync it during the day I would recommend doing it outside. It has never been a problem letting it sync itself inside overnight, though. Having that accuracy is awesome!

People have complained on here about the manual. It is not that big of a deal. I would recommend getting the PDF file from the Casio website, as it is a little easier to read being fully laid-out. It is not that long. I'm not going to say that I've memorized everything in it and know exactly how to get to every single setting off the top of my head. I did look over the PDF manual to just familiarize myself with it a little and have the basics down before the watch even got here.... and, of course, again after it arrived. It is not that complicated.

I did take the advice of one other reviewer and purchased a 31 mm ZAGG invisibleSHIELD. That seems to be a good product and I'm glad I have it on the watch. It gives me a little extra piece-of-mind in terms of potential scratches.

My only complaint is for people with thin wrists, such as myself. I suppose it is good since it will fit all different sizes of wrists, but the band seems to be very long. If you have a thin wrist and size the band inside the last 3 notches, the end of the overlap of the band can go pretty high-up on the watch... close to all the way around to touching the watch itself on the last 1 or 2 notches, leaving a little flap hanging out.

I am very happy with this purchase, and would recommend this watch to anyone who wants a great, accurate, worry-free, and good-looking watch..... especially for those who want to spend less than $80 to have something that I think will last for many years!!!
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on December 6, 2013
As with previous reviewers, my watch has very low alarm volume, so I have to knock it down by one star because of that. I suspect it to be a manufacturing defect, and I am thinking about returning it now to avoid possible problems in the future. But the main reason I bought this watch was for the solar and the atomic functions, and so far it's met my expectations. If you need the alarms, then you probably should consider a different watch.
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on April 10, 2013
Great watch, right out of the box. The first watch I've even owned that synchronizes hands with the digital timer. Attractive design. I especially like the automatic setting of the watch by radio signal. Well worth the price!
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