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on October 26, 2015
Numbers are super easy to read outdoors in the bright sunlight, not so much indoors in low light. But I actually use it when summiting mountains...so I couldn't be happier with how it performs. Temp readout is pretty much useless since it picks up your body heat and I don't like taking it off and setting it down away from me for 20-30min to not be affected by my body heat. The altimeter is really accurate at tracking elevation gained and lost, but you need to do occasional resets if you want the elevation to be accurate at any given point.

My only real complaint is how uncomfortable the strap is. There are lots of sharp edges and holes on the underside of the strap, so it was super annoying to wear until I took a dremel tool to it and sanded off all the sharp edges and made them more smooth. I really wish I could use a NATO-style strap on it but the design of how the case and strap connect makes that impossible. If I could use a nylon NATO strap with this watch it would probably be my FAVORITE watch that I would wear everywhere instead of the watch I only wear when I am in the mountains and need to track things like elevation, barometric pressure and direction.

UPDATE: There are adapters so you can switch out the factory band to a 22 to 24mm nylon NATO-style strap! The 12 o'clock adapter part number is 10310531 and the 6 o'clock part number is 10320753. I just ordered them for $2 each from Pac Parts (the authorized West Coast Casio parts suppliers). The East Coast supplier is American Perfit Crystal. I plan on ordering a 24mm nylon strap because the Internet forums I checked said that size works, but will wait for the adapters to arrive to double-check the measurements.
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on December 4, 2015
I rarely leave review on products, but felt the need to do so with this watch - considering how excellent this deal is for this Pathfinder. If you're hesitating because of negative reviews about the visibility of the screen, stop hesitating. At most viewing angles, I have no trouble with seeing all the indications on the screen. I've attached a photo (pretty much the angle I would use to look at the watch). The black body with green accents is very nice. The watch feels sturdy and is relatively lightweight. Functionality takes a little study to understand, but the watch is very feature packed. A great buy!
review image
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on March 29, 2015
I knew that this was going to be a great watch- my only hesitation due to other reviews was the "glare" issue that some seem to experience. I'll say that there is a little bit of glare on this model (the model with an orange theme which I heard had better contrast was $35 more at my time of purchase and I didn't feel like paying more) but not enough to concern me. Honestly, turning my wrist a few degrees doesn't bother me a bit, especially with the other features that make this watch so attractive.

It takes a few minutes to learn the layout and get everything set up (home city, lat and long for sunrise and sunset data) but I'm very impressed and pleased with the unit overall. I can't speak to using the altimeter and barometer yet but once I do I'll update the review. Compass was very accurate when compared to a nondigital compass.

Watch "feels" great and is a nice big face, not too big but might be a bit much for a smaller wrist. Though it is large it doesn't feel heavy. Buttons are easy to access and depress, illumination is good. Overall, for $125, this is a great watch. I'd buy it again. It came on "M" (medium) charge when received and after wearing around for a day in the sun, it's back up to "H" high battery level. Based on my experience with solar watches, it probably won't dip into "M" for a while! Also, the manual is very helpful unlike many others. Hope this helps!
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on December 29, 2015
I was trying to choose between this model and a newer on called the prg 07 I think, but I settled on this one as it had better reviews and im glad i chose this one over the newer one.

It's solar powered and has many features, and its low temp resistant. It's really comfortable to wear and the screen is easy to read. I don't understand why some reviewers are complying about it being hard to read. It's not a negative display, unlike some of the newer model (thus its easier to read), and the only time I've ever had trouble reading it is when there is glare in direct sunlight, but that's pretty much the same no matter what watch you get. The auto backlight function works very well too and you can change how long the screen is aluminated.

The compass, barometer and alitimeter also function very well and are as accurate as can be expected from a watch. The thermometer is only really useful when its been off of your wrist for awhile because your body heat affects the reading.

The amount of features packed into the awesome but can be overwhelming at first.But if you read the manual for a little while you can get it set up pretty easily and accurately. After I read everything in the manual it became easy to figure out, and now I don't even need the manual anymore. The only thing I wish this watch had is an atomic timekeeping function, then it would be even better, but even that's not a big deal. This watch has become one of my favorites and I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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on October 25, 2014
This watch is a leader in its class. Compared to the Suunto its equal. The sensors are accurate. I am in the military and have fine tune all 4 sensors. The book teaches everything about this. I love this watch and the display. Some say the display is difficult to see...maybe in a darkened environment with out the light function, sure. Just click the light? When I am in the sun its super clear and bright. The watch looks amazing and has great detail put into it. This is my favorite watch from Casio...bonus....ITS SOLAR!!!
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on May 14, 2016
This watch is pure excellence. I have only had it for about three months but this will be a keeper. The watch was originally recommended by a friend who has owned one for about 4 years with zero failures. The features are nice for outdoor work like hiking, and other expeditions in the wild. Great visibility in almost all lighting conditions, and these solar powered batteries have been known to last decades. If you are tired of replacing batteries on your other tactical/field/outdoor watch, this would be the one to pick up. BOTTOM LINE: it is well worth the money for features, durability, and longevity.
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on April 7, 2014
I was pleasantly surprised to see that this Pathfinder is made in Japan. Other Casio watches I've seen were made in the Thailand or China. Not that it matters much to many people, but it has been my experience that Japanese electronics hold their value better than those made in other parts of the world.

The watch looks great on my wrist. I was worried about the lime green backing shown online, but in person it's not nearly as bright, and not noticeable at all. I actually like the green used, it contrasts great with the black.

The Pathfinder is slightly flatter than my Mudman G-Shock.

It's very comfortable. The resin band holds the watch still, but not too tight.

The barometer is very cool, it shows a little graph so you can watch trends and predict changes in the weather.

The compass works great, once you adjust it for magnetic declination for your location.

I have no use for the altimeter and can't comment on it.

I do have 2 problems with the watch - the compass ring and the clarity of the display when indoors.

The compass ring (plastic piece that rotates around the display) is held still by friction only, and not much at that. It's not that big a deal, but it is constantly moving around.

When outside, and most of the time inside, the display is crystal clear and easy to read, but sometimes, indoors, it is almost unusable. I guess this is the price paid to have black digits on an olive background. It's worth it too, the watch looks great because the coloring isn't as "loud" as some.

This watch is great for outdoors use, or even just for travel. There's been a few times, just in the past few weeks, where I pulled my car over to use the compass to verify which direction I was going at night.
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on April 25, 2016
i love it so far. strap is easy to get on and off. display is great to view outdoors in sunlight... a bit tricky to see indoors with this version, but i don't mind that. i like the green theme. functions are easy to operate and it is high quality. battery is charged easily in light. mine says it's made in thailand instead of other reviews i saw where they were made in japan. i think this thing will last a very long time and am very happy with it!
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on September 16, 2015
Love the watch, style, size and features. The only thing I'm wondering is why the time is hard to read at certain angles? I have another watch list this and don't seem to have the same issues? I have even looked through the manual and it also says the display maybe hard to read. Just wondering why?
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on January 26, 2016
Great watch compass works very well had previously bought a timex that the compass always had to be re-calibrated and was usually still off. All features of this watch work very well. For accurate temp reading i recommend taking it off your wrist other than that flawless
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