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on December 30, 2010
I'm a watch nut but this particular watch is my favorite. It has a big face but since the metal band is titanium, it is ultra light. Time keeping is perfect. I've had this watch for several weeks now and even though it is not an atomic clock, I have checked it with my atomic clock and it is right on the exact second. It's a fun watch, looks absolutely great and I would rate it a 10 out of 10. It is a solar watch so you'll not have to ever worry about batteries. It's fun to watch the way it works - when you sleep (at night), it sleeps with you. When I put it on every morning the face is blank but as soon as there is just a little amount of light, the digits all appear. It also has an Indiglo style back light if you need to see the time in the dark. Great watch I would certainly recommend it.

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on December 8, 2016
First off: of all the ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) watches, this is one of the most reasonable priced units for what you get. Titanium banding stays warm when it's on your arm, so even in cold weather, it's not freezing your wrist off.

The *only* flaw I've found is the altimeter. Altitude is calculated off of barometric pressure on this watch, so it can jump around quite a bit. Calibrating it before big hikes seems to help with the accuracy, just keep in mind that you should always have a reference altitude when doing any sort of climbing anyways.

All the other functions (there are so many!) are great! Sunrise/sunset is fantastic, timer, alarm, thermometer, etc. This watch is packed with features, and is built to take a beating. The band can be adjusted at home, utilizing a paperclip, pliers, and about 5 minutes.
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on August 8, 2016
This is a great watch with a major flaw in the band. As others have explained, the titanium clasp on the band is simply folded over. It is very flimsy. My watch fell off my arm yesterday while wearing it due to this breaking! I have only had my watch for a little over a year and am extremely disappointed in the watch band. BTW, it is not covered under warranty so buyer be ware.

The watch face has functioned flawlessly. I wish they would go back to previous designs that have a stronger band.
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on November 8, 2014
I love my Casio Pathfinder watch! I bought this last year during an amazing sale on Amazon. I've long been a fan of Casio watches and I've absolutely fallen in love with the solar models. It all started one horrible afternoon when I took my older G-Shock into RadioShack and watched in horror as the girl behind the counter spilled its insides out onto the counter before telling me she had no idea how to put it back together again. It was traumatic. I still have nightmares.

I'm by no means a watch snob, but I am very proud to show off my Pathfinder to anyone who seems to enjoy watches. I've also had countless compliments from strangers. It's a great watch that works well in many situations. It's dressy enough to pull off on date nights and formal dinners, while still being a great watch for camping and hiking with the kids. The rugged titanium design is metal detector safe - meaning I don't have to take it off when I pass through security checkpoints at work or the airport, a huge plus! I consider myself fairly active and rough and tumble at times, but this watch hasn't suffered a single scratch in the seven or eight months I've had it. And, like I mentioned before, I don't take it off when I get my hands dirty.

Definitely a keeper and a watch I would highly recommend without hesitation!
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on January 30, 2014
Prior to purchasing this watch I never wore one. I don't like to carry my phone everywhere with me but I wanted to get a watch that could earn its keep. I took it off once and couldn't find it for a week but It's not coming off again!
The barometer is great and seems to stay accurate, I check it about once a month just to make sure it is still on.
The thermometer is nice to have although not accurate unless you are submerged, or you take the watch off for several minutes.
The compass feature is great. I never really have to use it in the field (although I do check it from time to time) but I use it in large cities and in the large buildings on campus that I usually get lost in.
The altimeter is also great and seems to stay accurate within 10 feet on most of my endeavors (I also check this feature about 1/month)
I really enjoy the sunrise/sunset function and find myself checking this more frequently than I'd thought I would.
It has the ability to record certain datum but I have yet to use this feature although I'm sure it works just fine
The watch also has a function to tell world time and although I only used this feature once, it was nice to know and everyone was impressed that I could tell on my watch without having to look it up on a smart phone.
The stopwatch and Timer features are great and it is worth noting that the Timer function can time up to 23hours 59 minutes and 55 seconds.
There are 5 alarms to program on the watch which is great because I usually have 2 set for every day, and the others can be set for specific events when I need them. It is also very easy to turn the alarms on and off and scroll through them without much effort.
On the alarm setting you can also set the watch to beep every hour on the hour
on the main screen, you have the option to view a track of barometric pressure, Year, or day of the week
the light is easy to find in the dark but also not easy to activate on accident, and also has a feature to light up when you look at your watch--a feature that works much better than I expected.
One of the best things about this watch is that it charges by exposure to the sun and even indoor light! I don't think being indoors really does that great if you want to use the features or light function but with a lifestyle that takes you outdoors for even a couple hours per day I'm sure is more than enough. Some days the watch is covered up under clothing all day and still I have never seen the battery charge level drop below high.
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on March 15, 2016
Very nice watch good quality and pleasantly surprised on how light it feels while also keeping a rugged and durable feel to it, which I thought wasn't possible. I am loving the watch it has become my edc and I am not going back any time soon. Now if I had to put a con it would be that I press the barometer button to often when I bend my wrist so it switches and then I look and it's 29.15 but it's changed back with a simple press of the mode button and the light turns off in about 3 seconds so not huge downsides but something casio may want to look into in the future. Overall I love the watch have already recommended it to a few people and very happy with the buy!
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on January 22, 2016
In the past, I've owned older generation Pathfinders. I've sold them and got this model because it was very appealing and price. The watch is beautiful and gives you that outdoorsy look. I would have given it 5 star but there are some downside to this watch. First, PROS: very lightweight due to titanium band, ease of navigation and adjustment. CONS: Alarm sound is so low that any background noise, you won't hear it plus it's only on for 3-4 seconds. Second grip, the adjustment and light buttons are recessed and hard to press. In the dark, its' even more difficult to locate, never mind pressing it.
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on July 15, 2013
Revisiting my original review I am severely disappointed with this watch.

1) it is not accurate with regard to compass, altimeter, or thermometer. They all have such a huge error factor that you end up just using this as a watch.
2) The sunrise and sunset feature is especially inaccurate and for those of us who hunt or fish and need to know the official sunrise and sunset time this tool is useless. The sunrise in San Francisco is not the same as it is in the high Sierras for example.
3) As a watch it is not bad, but the "Titanium" is paint on a plastic watch and it scratches off very easily and the watch quickly looks like a beat up piece of junk in no time.
4) I broke the watchband by catching it on a table as I bent to pick something up and the cost to replace the watch band is 2/3 of the price of a new Pathfinder -- you can't find a leather or plastic band to fit this model (or at least I couldn't).

I cannot justify the cost to buy another of these, even if I could end up lost in the woods where even an inaccurate compass might be handy. I guess I'll go back to carrying a magnetic compass in my backpack.

I went back to wearing my 15-year-old G-Shock - it looks better and its plastic wrist band is more comfortable too.
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on March 8, 2014
3-15-2014. Success! I received the new (actually was new and never opened before) Casio Men's PAG240T-7CR "Pathfinder" Triple-Sensor Multi-Function Titanium Watch in two days and scheduled a call from CASIO Customer support for resolution of the "Sunrise-Sunset" reversal issue for Friday evening between 5-7 PM, but they never called. Today(Sat),I further examined the Casio Instructions for this watch and determined that I failed to understand how the functions worked correctly. At manufacture the Latitude and Longitude are set for Tokyo which is configured EAST of GMT (UTC) Greenwich, England. My time zone is NYC which is WEST of GMT. The watch Latitude and Longitude must be changed to match NYC, not TOKYO. The instructions do not clarify that change is required and lead the user to believe that by changing the WTC location to NYC the correct Latitude and Longitude will be entered into the watch memory. By entering the correct Lat-Long combination and making sure that it's WEST(in my case), the Sunrise-Sunset time now correctly display on the watch. The original watch was NOT defective; just the instructions confusing. I have now fully tested all the many features of this watch and they work as promised by Casio.

Features: All the features are useful, but you have to read the instructions that generally explain any restrictions (see my explanation above). For example: The temperature reads the temperature of the watch case, so if it on your wrist it will show body temperature. You need to take it off your body and let it sit in the environment you want to measure for about 30 minutes to get a reading of that environment. That's logical, when you think about it. The instructions are lengthy and I recommend reading them on a computer from if you want to understand the features before investing in this watch. has once again proven to be a great supplier of products and excellent customer service.

3-9-2014. Sadly (see correction above), I returned the watch (postage paid by Amazon) due to a suspected malfunction of the sunrise-sunset display. This unit had previously been opened and returned to Amazon. Amazon promptly refunded my money. I reordered another Casio Men's PAG240T-7CR "Pathfinder" Triple-Sensor Multi-Function Titanium Watch. The price had reduce to $159. This is a 2011 model from Casio, but a great tool.

3-8-2014. I don't collect watches but have four working ones (two are Casio). I chose the Casio Men's PAG240T-7CR "Pathfinder" Triple-Sensor Multi-Function Titanium... as my everyday watch for several reasons.
1. My Casio AE2000W-1AV model ($25) has performed well for numerous years and withstood well my moderately rough treatment.
2. I have friends in the jungles of the Amazonas (Venezuela)with Casio G-Shock models and they find them very sturdy and perform well.
3. The basic features of most Casio digital models are easy to read and similar, while the extra features are often very small and difficult to view without a magnifier, but can still be useful and functional.
4. The metal bands have held up well (I do not use the resin or leather bands - personal preference) but are only available on a few Casio models similar to the Casio Men's PAG240T-7CR "Pathfinder" Triple-Sensor Multi-Function Titanium.
5. The weight of the Casio is fairly light compared to others I have: 1) Elgin analog 5.4 oz; 2) Armatron digital 4.5 oz; 3)Casio AE2000W-1AV 3.7 oz; and 4) Casio Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR is 3.9 oz.
6. Case and display module dimensions of the Casio models are similar. The Casio Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR case is 5 mm larger but the display module is almost identical in size. The added case size is occupied by the compass dial and sensor buttons.
7. The Casio Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR digital display numerals are easier to read as they are 3 mm wide vs. 2 mm wide on the Casio AE2000W-1AV and Armatron units, with the Elgin being analog.
8. The extra features on the Casio Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR are something I wanted but had not been previously willing to purchase out of concern that they would fail easily. The durability of the Casio modules has changed my mind.
9. The Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR has an 8.5 inch wrist size capability metal band with adjustment to 8.0 inches without removing links. My wrist is 8.0 inches.
10. The User Manual of instruction for the Casio Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR is available on-line. The printed manual that comes with the unit is in three languages (English, Spanish, French) and exceptionally small (1 mm) print. Viewing the manual on a computer display where it can be enlarged is very beneficial as the instructions, while correct, are complex. If you want to read the printed manual I recommend a 3x or 5x magnifier, unless you have Eagle eyes and can read 1 mm printed characters (I can but with difficulty).
11. The printing on the Casio Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR display dial ring around the display are less than 1 mm and really need a magnifier to read easily. However, once you know what they represent you can easily reference them without much problem.

Enjoy the watch.

1. If your wrist is larger than 8.5 inches in circumference, then DO NOT buy the Casio Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR as it will not fit you without purchasing extra links from Casio. The maximum adjustment on the bracelet is 10 mm. If you need to remove a link, the links are 10 mm wide. A total of six links can be removed.
2. The band uses 0.7 mm pins to hold it together and that requires special pin remover tools. You can buy the tools from, which I did because of the higher quality of steel pin punch, or get less expensive ones on
3. The sensor features (compass, barometer, altimeter, temperature) increase the cost of the watch ($175 for Pathfinder PAG240T-7CR vs. $25 for Casio AE2000W-1AV). However, if you want those functions, they don't come cheap, but can be very useful.
4. This is not a Rolex, so don't expect to impress the local jeweler or your friends. Although Casio units do keep more accurate time then my Rolex that I gave to my son after 30 years of use (I had it rebuilt and was like new).
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on March 22, 2017
I received this in the mail yesterday from Amazon. I got a great deal on it. First Let me tell you this. I am a big Gshock collector. I have 30 Gshocks and 4 Protreks watches. I also have the same watch with the resin band. The pag 240
-1cr Pathfinder. Which is an excellent watch. So l decided to get this one. Because I Love the looks with the the titanium band.l Love this watch. I took it to a friend of mine who owns a jewelry shop to adjust the band. Now it fits great. I have a 7 inch wrist size. And it looks great. I have all kinds of Gshocks. I have the Rangeman gshock. The King Gxw56-1bjf gshock which is a big watch but very compfortable. I have 4 Mudman gshocks 2 Gulfman gshocks the gwm5610-1 Gshock and the Gsteel smoke dial gshock. And the GA 1000-1 Aviation watch and way to many more to mention. I love Protrek watches for the Large Display. I have the prg 270-1 protrek the prw 3500-1 .I'm a big Casio gshock and protrek Collector. I've been wearing gshocks for almost 34 years since the first one came out in 1983. This watch is absolutely great it's Solar never needs a battery. 100meter water resistant and very durable. I think this will be my daily watch for a while. Don't listen to the negative reviews. Some people say it resets iit sell do different times. First thing you have to make sure you are in the right time zone. From where you live. I live in Florida. So you have to use the NYC. That means New York City. That is the east coast. Remember to Read the manual. Remember I have a lot of experience in Casio watches. The watch is perfect for anyone who wants to hike, ride Mountain bikes swimming, camping. Fishing hunting. The watch is a perfect. For anyone who Love's the outdoors. This watch you can wear for casual or Formal. Take it from a gshock collector buy this watch you won't be sorry. Buy it at amazon and save money. Enjoy this watch or any other gshock or protrek watch you buy.Remember the best watch is the one on your Wrist. Thanks and good luck.
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